SEPO Directors/Annual Meeting Minutes 

 (2019-2020 Winter Season)  



Please take note: Although the minutes from the Nov 11, 2019 Directors' meeting are posted here, prior to the Residents' meeting scheduled for next Monday, Nov 18, they are the 'unapproved version'. These minutes will be officially approved at the next director's meeting.

John Chajec
SEPO Board President


Sunshine Country Club Estates
Directors Meeting Minutes

November 11th, 2019

Meeting was called to order by President, John Chajec at 12:59 p.m.  The following board members were present: Mark Owen, Lyn Swonger, Frank Tewell, Jerry Utterback, Clint Wunderlich, and Cathy Chajec taking the minutes.  Dick Shelton was absent.

Minutes from the October 21st meeting: Jerry Utterback made a motion to approve the minutes and seconded by Frank Tewell.  Motion passed.


John passed around the minutes from the executive board meeting held on Nov. 4th for approval.  Motion to approve minutes made by Mark Owen and seconded by Lyn Swonger.  Motion unanimously passed.


No guest speakers were present.


Committee Reports:


Architectural Control Committee – no one was present

Memorial Committee – no one present

Nominating Committee – Neil Morehead was not present.  It was mentioned the nominations for 2020 need to be posted by January 2, 2020, which would be 10 days prior to the January 12th Board of Directors meeting.


Officer Reports:


Mark Owen: no report at this time.  Mark and Valerie are meeting with someone from our accounting firm to go over discrepancies from 2017 & 18.  Report to follow.  Mark will also be working on budget for next year.


Frank Tewell made a motion for NO increase in dues for storage and HOA fees for 2020.  Motion was seconded by Jerry Utterback.  Motion passed unanimously.


Frank Tewell: He has ordered a new timer for the front gate.  Right now, Frank opens the gate in the morning and closes the gate every evening.  Frank gave key to grey box on gate to Clint, Lyn and Valerie, in case of malfunction.


Frank also had sprinklers installed up front on Texas Ave.  No need to drag hose anymore.  It was discussed about possibly repairing the road that is eroding away on the access road near Encore’s entrance.  Many of the big trucks are tearing up this road more and more. 


Clint Wunderlich:  Clint has information on Indiana Avenue and the road in front of Encore and will discuss at

Resident Meeting next Tuesday.


Jerry Utterback:  contacted a contractor for bids on paving the storage area entrance from gate to end of golf nets. No info at this time.  Jerry is also checking on lights for the tennis courts and new lighting over the shuffle board area.  He will also look into purchasing new shuffleboard equipment.


Lyn Swonger:  Mentioned a mower needs repair (2 motors) at about $550 each.  A new carburetor kit has been ordered for the dumpster vehicle. Lyn has cut the sprinkling time on course around Indiana Ave. Board will approach the residents about cutting their sprinkling time so Indiana does not always have standing water.  Problem seems better after Lyn cut the sprinkling time, per John who has been monitoring the water on the street.  Frank also mentioned he has cut the sprinkling time on common area by office.


Lyn discussed the concrete work being done to connect the cart path on hole 7.    John Whitley donated to pay the cost for concrete for cart path on 5.


Lyn is also looking to implement some kind of action for those who drive all the way up to the green and between the sand trap and green. This is not allowed and tears up the grass leading to the green.  Discussion was had about a few people who would need to be able to drive up close to the green and tee boxes for health reasons.


Old Business:  Frank is waiting on estimates from Dick & Linda Jones for generators for all the buildings.


Motion was made by Jerry Utterback and seconded by Frank Tewell to adjourn the meeting.  All approved and meeting was adjourned at 1:28 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Cathy Chajec




Agenda for SEPO Board Meeting

Scheduled for November 12, 2019


Roll Call

  John Chajec

  Mark Owen
  Dick Shelton
  Lyn Swonger
  Frank Tewell
  Jerry Utterback
  Clint Wunderlich
Cathy Chajec  taking minutes

Guest speaker: none

Committee reports:
   Architectural committee
   Memorial committee
   Nominating committee: Neil Moorehead

Previous Directors meeting minutes, Oct 21,  approval or disapproval

Executive Directors meeting minutes, Nov 4th,  approval or disapproval


Officer reports:
    Treasurer: Mark Owen
    Area 1, 2 : Frank Tewell
    Area 3: Jerry Utterback
    Golf  Course: Lyn Swonger


Unfinished (old) business:


New Business:


Sunshine Country Club Estates

Directors Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2019 


The meeting was called to order by John Chajec at 1:00 pm and roll call was taken.


Board members present for roll call were:

John Chajec, Frank Tewell, Mark Owen, Lyn Swonger


Absent board members were: 

Dick Shelton, Clint Wunderlich, Jerry Utterback


John Chajec announced the resignation of President Dick Shelton and accepted the position of President. Dick Shelton was nominated for Secretary and Frank Tewell seconded the motion.  In the absence of Dick Shelton, minutes were taken by Marian Young. All reassignments are complete.


Guest Speaker


Stan Nelson spoke about Texas Avenue and the water that is flushed into the street. It's a dead-end water system. It is on record that no water should fill up the retention pond. John Chajec has talked to the city of Harlingen about this and will talk to the City of Combes. A discussion then took place about the water quality and how water filters were filled with sediment. There will be more of a discussion at the upcoming meeting on October 28th, 2019.


Committee Reports


Architectural Committee


Jim Kennedy reported 108 building improvements since February 1st, 2019. Only one application was not approved. Everyone has been complying with the By-Laws. Jim suggested that the board make sure all new residents are aware of the regulations. John Chajec made a motion to accept and it was seconded by Mark Owen.


Memorial Committee


Irene Phillips reported a balance of $2519.80 for the memorial fund and had received around $500 in donations for the Birding Club and the Wood Shop. Irene indicated she would be resigning her position as sole member of the committee. There are a few problems that need to be discussed at a later time. John Chajec thanked Irene for her service, then made a motion to accept the report and it was seconded by Lyn Swonger.


The minutes of the meeting for March 18th have been approved. 


Officer Reports


Treasurer: Mark Owen reported he changed the structure of the financials and produced a 9 month financial and budget.

We have total assets of $1,776,876.06. Common Grounds area 2 was under budget by $43,252.08. This could be due to the money set aside for Indiana Circle that has not been utilized. The payroll taxes are over budget by $16,576.19 year to date. Mark said payroll should be put into the payroll account. John Chajec suggested a 4th column to indicate the yearly budget. Lyn made a motion to table the budget and was seconded by Frank Tewell. 


Common Grounds 1, 2 and 3:  Frank Tewell reported on and all of the repairs made over the summer season. The pool and pavilion area were repaired and repainted. Floors were sanded and sealed. The a/c in the hall was broken twice so Frank replaced the north a/c and had to repair the south a/c. The hall was flooded, the library had a leaky roof, all buildings were sealed and roofs are checked once a month for drainage problems. Both gates are not working well, and we are not getting good service from the installers.  Frank has been comparing prices to find the best for our pool chemicals and paper supplies. The heaters in the pavilion were repaired. 


Golf course: Lyn Swonger reported a busy season for the Golf Course area. A pickup was purchased to haul mud from #4 and is also being used to pick up supplies. T boxes #3, #5, #8, and #9 were leveled and have new sod. New sprinklers were put in on #4, #6, and #9, The large sprinklers were taken out and smaller ones reinstalled due to the water hitting houses. 800 feet of sprinklers were replaced. Work will begin for a cart path by hole #2. A new commercial grade mower was purchased for $6200 and another mower was rebuilt. Two french drains were installed to improve drainage.  


New Business


Volunteers are needed for the nominating committee. Lyn Swonger, John Chajec, Clint Wunderlich, and Dick Shelton first 2-year term will end. There is a two term limit for board members. Frank stated he knew of one person who would serve. 


The board meeting was scheduled for November 11th which is Veteran's Day. John Chajec suggested to reschedule the meeting for November 12th, 2019. Lyn Swonger seconded the motion. 


There were several letters from residents. Three were concerning the board meetings and the residents, one letter was concerning Texas Avenue, and another letter from Linda Jones suggesting a natural gas backup generator in the Sundance Bldg which is the only building built to possibly sustain a hurricane. The board will research the cost of a generator and gas line.


Mark Owen brought up the large duck population on the golf course. Lyn Swonger stated they were working on a plan to take the ducks to a park. 


Resident Dee Novak discussed the ditch behind Minnesota Street. Homeowners are losing land as the ditch grows larger. A discussion took place as to what options we have. The Irrigation District is responsible for the ditch. Resident Jean Fredericks has called the Irrigation District twice with no results. The board will look into the matter.


Mark Owen mentioned his family had a lot of recordings for Karaoke and wondered if the Women's Club would be interested. 


Stan Nelson stated the fountain lights in the lakes were not working.  Lyn Swonger said #8 breaker shorts out but the pump works. They will work on the problem. 


Lyn Swonger made a motion to adjourn and it was seconded by John Chajec at 1:48 pm.


Agenda for SEPO Board Meeting

Scheduled for October 21, 2019

Board Meeting Agenda -

  • Roll Call

  • Board member resignation and reassignment of positions

  • Previous meeting minutes, approval or disapproval

  • Officer reports:

    • Treasurer: Mark Olson

    • Area 1, 2 &3: Frank Tewell

    • Golf  Course: Lyn Swonger

  • Committee reports:

    • Architectural committee

    • Memorial committee

  • Unfinished (old) business

  • New Business

    • Nominating committee

    • Suggestions etc



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