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Pool - Hot tub - Pavilion

The open air Pavilion next to the Pool and Hot tub plays host to many

neighborhood gatherings and parties.

The pool is always available to Swimming, Sunbathing and Just enjoying the company of Friends & Neighbors.

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Email Sent 2024-01-19: pool update - 

A quick update on the pool situation!!


A new heater has been ordered------because of the weather all over the country, they are in demand!!  We have one coming in from Phoenix and should be here by Wednesday. We will try to have it installed as quickly as possible, so hopefully it will be up and running by the end of next week.   


Thank you for your patience and the way this weather has been, haven’t noticed a line of folks trying to get into the pool. Hot tub is working Great!!!!!


Will keep you up to date.

- Jim Kennedy,     SEPO Board

Email Sent 204-01-18: pool heater - 

Just a quick note to let everyone know the heater for the pool is giving us some problems. The pool temp might be a little chilly for the next few days. Will be taken care of a quickly as possible.

- Jim Kennedy,     SEPO Board

Email Sent 2023-09-16: pavilion floor - 

Hi!    Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!!  Starting next Monday. September 18th, the Pavilion will be closed because we are going to refinish the floor. This should take most of the week and again thank you for your patience. Something to look at when you all (Y’all) return!!

- Jim Kennedy

Email Sent 2023-07-17: Pool Jets - 

Hi pool users. Need your help!! The jets in the pool are adjusted to make the skimmers work more efficiently. They steer any floating objects like leaves towards the skimmers. If you try adjusting these jets it just cuts the way the water is moving towards the skimmers. We would like to ask you to leave the jets in the position they are in now. Thank you and your cooperation is much appreciated.

- Jim Kennedy

Email Sent 2023-06-30: Pool Update - 

Hi Everyone!


Quick update on the pool area. As of this afternoon the new equipment will have been installed. This involves a new, and much needed heater for the hot tub. The old one was not reliable so this should solve our problem and give us even heat in the hot tub. Also, there will be a new sand filter for both hot tub and pool. Sand will give us a better filtering system and be more efficient. This will not only give us a better filtering system, but make the chemicals do a better job. Lalo did his usual great job in the installation. Pat him on the back when you see him!!!

Everyone have a Safe 4th!!!!!!!     - Jim Kennedy

Email Sent 2023-05-20: Pool Update (Saturday May 20) - 

Hi: A Saturday morning update on pool. Pool is ready to use---Enjoy!! The hot tub can be used, but the jet are off! The motor that runs the jets is the one that has parts ordered. Hopefully by Monday!!! Thanks everyone for your patience.     - Jim Kennedy

Email Sent 2023-05-19: Pool Update - 

Hi: Quick progress report on pool and hot tub!! There was a tear in one of the filters and that has been ordered. Lalo has worked his tail off switching filters to get things in line as quickly as possible. To get things done the “right way” – let’s put off using the pool for another day. When I get the green light, I’ll let you know. Hope it will be worth the wait!!! Thanks again for you patience.     - Jim Kennedy

Email Sent 2023-05-19: Pool Update - 

FYI - Jim sent this to me yesterday at 4 PM but I was unable to get it sent out. Beth


Hi: Because of weather and some glitches that have popped up with filters and pumps, am sorry to say the pool and hot tub will not be open Friday. The good news is that both the hot tub and pool look great! With the addition of some chemicals and tender care everything should be soon back to normal. Thank you everyone for your patience while this is being done!!!!!     - Jim Kennedy

Email Sent 2023-05-09: Pool and Hot Tub Closed - 

Pool And Hot Tub will be Closed for Cleaning


Pool and Hot Tub Is going to be completely drained and cleaned with Acid Solution next week Mon-Thurs May 15-18. We will update you on Thursday with the status of Maintenance. Thank you     - Jim Kennedy

Email Sent 2023-03-06: Pool Cleaner - 

Good Morning: We have acquired a Robotic Pool Cleaner. We gave it a test run early this morning and it looks like it is going to do a great job. The cleaner will run when no one is in the pool. Therefore, it will do its’ work in the middle of the night. The cleaner will be set up and put in the pool at approximately 9:00 pm. It is OK to be in the pool at this time, just be careful of the cords. At about 4:00 am the cleaner will start and run for about 2 ½ hours. Lupe will then be here to remove the cleaner from the pool. During that run time, please stay out of pool. Thank you very much for you cooperation. This does not involve the hot tub, so that can be used as usual. It is in the plan to give the hot tub a special cleaning, and you will hear more about that later. Thanks again

- Jim Kennedy


Attention to all Residents:

The above is a reminder that is posted in the area of the swimming pool and pavilion. There are to be no glass containers brought into this area. This is for obvious reasons. For your safety and others, this is a rule that MUST be followed.


If glass drops and shatters, which it does, and you are barefoot, you will very much regret stepping on it. It is almost impossible to completely clean up and if it goes into the pool or hot tub, they must be drained and cleaned. Known offenders will be made accountable.
- SEPO Board

Email Sent 2023-03-01: Pool Closure this Saturday - 

As you all know, the Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament starts Thursday morning and concludes Saturday evening with a Happy Hour (HH) in the pool/pavilion area followed by an awards dinner in Retzlaff Hall.


Starting with setup for the HH and until everyone has entered the hall for dinner, the pool/pavilion area will be closed to only those participating in the tournament festivities. We are looking at a closure from 3-6 PM Saturday.


Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.


- Tony Tramel,     GNDGT Chairperson

See the result of Pool Shower renovations.


What a calm soothing place to be at night.

Pool-Hot tub-Pavilion at night

Pool-Hot tub-Pavilion at night

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