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 SEPO Community News Sources 

GUIDELINES for the various SEPO News Sources can be found HERE.

If you missed any of the Community News you can access it here by clicking on the links below for the 'type' of news you are looking for.

 SEPO Community Enews Email  

E-mails are sent to the community year-round. Each email is posted HERE within 24 hours of being sent. Residents can send information they want forwarded to the community to

 Sunshine Newsletter 

Published by the Newsletter Editor by the 1st of each Month - Sept thru Mar. Residents should send their articles by the 24th of the previous month to   (Editor, Beth Parrish: 314-960-6710)

 Sunshine Country Club Website 

Updated all year as information becomes known. Send updates, corrections etc. to     (Website Admin, Beth Parrish: 314-960-6710)

 Sunshine Country Club Facebook Page 

  • Facebook

The SEPO-Sanctioned Facebook Page is now up and running (03-23-2023) - 

At the request of SEPO Board, a SEPO-sanctioned Facebook (FB) page for the Sunshine community has been created.

Sunshine Country Club Estates Official Group

It is 'private' to residents. In order to post, you will need to join the "Sunshine Country Club Estates Official Group" or be invited to join by one of the current members.

Any resident and all Sunshine Clubs/Groups can post announcements themselves or find a friend to help post them. I am also available to help anyone who has issues with or questions about posting.

There are already lots of super posts out there.

- Pam Adams

 SEPO Board/Residents Meetings Agendas & Minute

Available for each SEPO Board Meeting - Oct thru Mar (and throughout the summer if meetings are held). Published by the Board Secretary. Minutes are always approved by the Board at the following meeting.

 Women's Club Meeting Minutes 

Available after each Women's Club Meeting - Oct thru Mar. Published by the Women's Club Secretary. Minutes are approved by the Women's Club members at the following meeting.

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