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Golf Course

The large beautiful common areas of Sunshine include a par 3, 9-hole golf course.

(See Pictures at Bottom of Page)

 Sunshine is the Home of the Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament. 

It is free to play to all Residents and their Immediate Families.

Guests can play for a nominal fee.

There are both Ladies' and Men's Golf Leagues.

Men play on Tuesday mornings.

Ladies play on Wednesday mornings.

Several Golf Scrambles are played on multiple Days & Times.

Various Golf Tournaments are played throughout the year.

 Information below contains excerpts from the SEPO Policies & Procedures 



The term ‘Common Area’ refers to all real property contained in Sunshine Country Club Estates and includes the golf course.


  1. The golf course may NOT be reserved for private parties. It may only be reserved for SEPO events, with SEPO Board approval.

  2. Sunshine Country Club Estates’ guests (not qualifying as immediate family members of owners) as well as ENCORE residents are required to pay green fees before starting play. ENCORE residents must wear their RV name badges and display the green fee tag on their golf bag.

  3. All golfers are required to have their own clubs and bag or other appropriate carrier.

  4. Foursomes are suggested when the golf course is busy except during league play. More than five should never play at one time.

  5. Play is required to start at the number one tee at all times from October 1st through April 30th. However, persons may join players already in progress as long as it is agreeable to those players and does not make more than a foursome.

  6. Use of a tee is required at all times when teeing off.

  7. Practice is not allowed on any part of the golf course except on the putting green by number one tee box.

  8. Keep riding carts on cart paths when teeing off and 20 feet from greens when possible and practical.

  9. Replace divots on tee boxes and fairways. Repair ball marks on greens.

  10. Do not trespass upon owner’s property at any time except to retrieve straying golf balls. Never hit the ball out of an owner’s yard.

  11. Do not rake for balls during active play.

  12. Everyone is required to wear appropriate clothing including shirts at all times on the golf course.

  13. No bicycles or motor scooters are allowed on the golf course.

  14. Anyone wishing to use a riding golf cart to play golf may do so by paying an annual Golf Course Improvement fee. A sticker must be purchased each year and placed in plain view on the windshield of the cart.

  15. All Golf Course Improvement Fees collected shall be used for the construction/continued maintenance and repair of:

    1. future/existing concrete golf cart pathways/trails,

    2. water features on the golf course, including, but not limited to, masonry walls of the golf course ponds and aeration pumps/fountains,

    3. water irrigation and pond lighting improvements.
      All of these improvements shall be located within the limits of the golf course.

  16. When the golf course is closed because of excessive rain accumulation or for maintenance procedures, signs will be posted in front of the Office and at the number one tee box. At times when the course does remain open there may be posted restrictions on the use of riding golf carts even though walkers are permitted. If in question, you should check the office area before proceeding to the first hole to play, in the event you are not starting on the number one tee in league play.

  17. The golf green fee for a temporary guest as defined under GUESTS is $2.00 to play in scramble for nine holes, which includes tournaments and guest days. The green fee for a temporary guest to play nine holes is $5.00. These fees are paid at the office.

  18. The golf green fee for an incidental guest as defined under GUESTS is $10.00 for nine holes and $15.00 for eighteen holes. This same fee will apply to residents of ENCORE.

  19. You may only enter or exit the golf course by means of a cart path, never from your backyard or a neighbor’s back yard. There are cart paths leading from each street to enter and exit the course. The course is for playing golf. It is not a shortcut from one street to another.

  20. The SEPO golf course is restricted during Men’s and Women’s Golf League play as follows:

    1. During the months from April 1 thru September 30 the SEPO golf course is restricted for:

      1. Tuesday Men’s League play from 8:30 to 10 AM.

      2. Wednesday Women’s League play from 8:30 to 10 AM.

    2. During the months from October 1 through March 31 the SEPO golf course is restricted for:

      1. Tuesday Men’s League play from 8 AM to Noon.

      2. Wednesday Women’s League play from 9 AM to Noon.

    3. If you are not participating in the Men’s or Women’s scheduled Golf League play, you must wait until the entire League play is completed before gathering to play. Golfers who wish to play ‘after League play has completed’ are requested not to stage at Hole #1, as this has shown to prevent League players from using the cart paths to advance on the course.

    4. Non-League golfers should gather on Michigan Avenue, away from the cart path, in anticipation of League play completion, in order to reduce congestion on Hole #1 tee box

  21. “Feeding ducks on the golf course is prohibited.” Per the TX Parks & Wildlife, it is an offense to feed or offer any wildlife or exotic wildlife unsecured in a manner that makes food available to wildlife or exotic wildlife unless specifically authorized. The feeding of birds can be permitted using feeders that contain food in a specific area.


  • Guests other than immediate family shall pay green fees for golfing.

  • ENCORE (Sunshine RV Park) residents wearing their badges may use the golf course during open hours by filling out a green fee tag, displaying it on their bag and depositing the correct green fees in the mailbox used for collection located at Number One tee. All outdated green fee tags must be removed from their golf bag. Use of the golf course by ENCORE residents will be reviewed at least annually by the Board of Directors and will be restricted or eliminated if the Board finds the course is overcrowded or such restriction is needed for any other reason.

  • Organizers of approved golf tournaments shall be allowed to invite persons other than owners to enter and play golf in tournaments subject to paying the appropriate green fees. In the event an Owner is the single owner/occupant of a home, then he or she is allowed to invite one guest to accompany him or her in the use of the common facilities at any time.



  1. An incidental guest is defined as not being a member of your immediate family and who resides within a 50 mile radius. Guests who wish to play golf must be accompanied by the host resident and no more than three (3) guests may play with the resident. Such incidental guest is limited to no more than two occasions per year of use of the common facilities. Private party guests in Retzlaff Hall or the Lounge, Sunburst and the Pavilion are excluded from this rule. Greens fees are set forth under GOLF.

  2. A temporary guest is defined as not being a member of your immediate family and who resides outside of a 50 mile radius. Such temporary guest includes those staying with the owner in his home or elsewhere while visiting. If the guest is staying outside the resident’s home, the resident must accompany the guest while playing. This temporary guest is limited to use of the common facilities for no more than thirty consecutive days per year. Greens fees are set forth under GOLF.

  3. A badge is no longer required for in-house overnight guests who are entitled to use all facilities in the common area. All children under age 16 years must be accompanied by an adult. If your in-house guest wishes to play golf you must obtain a yellow tag which must be displayed on the golf bag. The tag must be returned to the SEPO office. If an owner wishes to pay for their house golf guest they may do so by keeping track of the number of times their guest plays and pay the proper amount after the guest leaves.


Pets are never allowed on the golf course.


  1. No placement of any type of enhancement on the golf course area (flagpole, bird house, tree, shrub, flower, etc.) is allowed without approval of the SEPO Board.

  2. In order to control water pressure for the golf course, owners are prohibited from watering their own yards using Resaca water between the hours of 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. Noncompliance may result in the capping off of the Resaca water to their property.


Smoking will be allowed on the Golf Course but no cigarette butts may be discarded on the grounds. Consideration should be given to nonsmokers if riding in the same golf cart. Extinguished cigarette butts may be placed in the cup holders used for broken tees.



2024-02-03: Golf Course Cart Path -

If you see this on the golf course cart path, it’s an indication that you’re 50 yards from the center of the green. The one pictured is on # 4, but we’ll be adding more holes later this week.

- Randy Davis: SEPO Board (from Facebook)

2024-02-03: Golf Course Cart Path -

If you see this on the golf course cart path, it’s an indication that you’re 50 yards from the center of the green. The one pictured is on # 4, but we’ll be adding more holes later this week.

- Randy Davis: SEPO Board (from Facebook)

2023-08-12: Golf Cart Street Crossings - 

We have added golf cart street crossings on Indiana Circle (from hole 4 to 5) and Michigan (from hole 5 to 6). Street signs have been ordered.

- Randy Davis,   SEPO Board Golf Course Director

2023-07-19: Sunshine Golf Course Improvement: New Fountain - 

New water fountain on the number seven pond. Hopefully, this will help with the algae situation.

Randy Davis

2023-05-23: Golf: Aerating the Greens - 

It appears the weather will cooperate this week to allow us to begin aerating the greens. We will start around Wednesday noon and should be completed by Friday afternoon. The course will be open, but please play around the workers. - Randy Davis,   Golf Course Director

2023-04-20: Golf Course Maintenance - 

All of the following information is contingent on the weather (rain, wind conditions, etc.):

At noon Wednesday, April 26, we will begin aerating the greens. We will be completed Friday afternoon. The course will be playable, but the greens will be rough and you will need to skip holes that are being actively worked.

Throughout the next few months, on Thursday mornings (while it’s still dark), we will be spraying turf management solution. This is purchased at Home Depot over the counter. It helps with our grass and as a side by-product helps kill mosquitos where they breed. It does not affect ornamentals, roses, flowers, shrubs, trees, fruits, citrus, and vegetables. If you don’t drink it, it’s safe for humans and pets. It has a smell to remind you to be extra aware for you and your critters.

Also as needed, there will be periodic spraying to kill clover and encroaching carpet grass in small sections of the course. Thank you for your patience. - Randy Davis     Golf Course Director

2023-01-16: Golf course bridge closure - 

This is to advise that Wednesday (1/18/23) at noon, the bridge from the # 1 green to the # 2 tee box will be closed. You will be directed to go in front of the # 3 green and up # 2. The bridge will be reopened Thursday morning. - Randy Davis,     Golf Course Director

2022-11-17:  2023 HOA Assessments - 

The Golf Course Improvement Fee of $25.00 for Golf Cart Permit will remain the same for 2023. - SEPO Board

2022-10:  SEPO Newsletter - 

The course is shaping up nicely. Manny and Joe have done an excellent job of maintaining the area, especially during long drought times and lack of irrigation water. Each time you play, think about leaving the course nicer than you found it. All of us, golfers and non-golfers, should want a nice course to see and play. Any help you bring will be appreciated. Any questions or concerns, please let me know.

- Remember, a good golf partner is one who's always a little bit worse than you are.

- Randy Davis, SEPO Golf Course Director

2022-08-15: Golf Course: Looks Great - 

Manny and Joe have done a great job at keeping our golf course green. It’s a beautiful thing and great to play on!     - Randy Davis   SEPO Board - Golf Course Director

Golf Course condition.jpg
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