Neighborhood Watch & CERT


  • Contact: Lenore Combs

  • Meets: 3rd Monday of Month @ 3 PM in Retzlaff Hall

  • Location: Retzlaff.Hall

  • Purpose:

    • Security and safety are part of our daily lives albeit not necessarily convenient.  The SCCE Neighborhood Watch is a volunteer program and you are cordially invited to support it. There are no fees or dues - just asking for your time and talent for our projects. There is a complete description of our mission and projects posted on the NW bulletin board in the Library. Patrols can always use volunteers.

  • Goals & Objectives:

    • To assist with development and support of our NW

    • To promote public awareness and increase resident participation in crime prevention

    • To contribute to crime prevention practice and build a stronger Sunshine community

    • To promote community cohesion and increase confidence in local policing

    • To act as a forum - coordinate resources and partner with local Law Enforcement Agencies

  • The CERT Team - Community Emergency Response Team:

    • Volunteers trained in accordance with the Harlingen Fire Department "to hold down the fort until professional help arrives". We formed after Hurricane Dolly in 2008. We hold our annual Disaster Preparedness meeting each April. Everyone invited. The volunteer Harlingen CERT Team meets monthly at Station 8.

  • Many of us also are members in the Citizens Police Academy Alumni and meet with HPD monthly. Sgt. Michael Brooks and Officer Alicia Garcia are CPA liaisons and meet frequently with our NW.​

  • The NW - CERT Welcome Letter 2019 -2020 edition is available HERE.



From: SEPO Community <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2019 1:09 PM
Subject: on Calling 911

There was a discussion concerning calling 911 at the April 15 NW-CERT meeting. No matter where you live it's definitely worth the read to assist you if you ever need to call 911.

Per Beth - Since attachments can't be sent via the e-mail system that Sunshine uses, the document can be found HERE.
-- Lenore J Combs


From: SEPO Community <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2019 1:38 PM
Subject: NEXTDOOR – a social networking service

Dear NW-CERT Volunteers and Friends, Reference:  NEXTDOOR – a social networking service.

Please read the document found HERE in order to clear up some issues/questions concerning the NEXTDOOR Web site. Thx

-- Lenore J Combs


From: SEPO Community <>
Sent: Sunday, June 9, 2019 1:27 PM
Subject: NW - CERT "How to Safeguard Your Home Against Crime & Burglary"


Dear Friends,

You can find a general list of suggestions from Sgt. Michael Brooks HPD by clicking on this title How to Safeguard Your Home against Crime and Burglary etc.

SCCE has Operation ID already in place.  Information and Inventory Lists are on the NW bulletin board in the Library. Along with a "property list", it is advised to make a photo CD of your stuff - the Insurance people will luv it.  Call me for further info.
Report All Suspicious Activity  956 216 5940
This is a non-emergency phone number to the Police Department.
You will speak with a person - so please have your details ready.
What - where - when - how - why etc.
If you have an emergency or crime in progress call 911
Crime in progress: who - where - what - any weapons etc. DO NOT INTERVENE!
Medical emergency: what- are they breathing, are they conscious, are they bleeding
     know your location - any other pertinent info. 
Also - a word about weather.....  June - November = Hurricane Season
According to a 30 year average prediction, there are 14 named storms, 6 predicted hurricanes including 2 major.
There are Disaster materials in the Library for you. - Be Prepared!
By the way, while on Patrol, your Neighborhood Watch became aware of lots of potential "flying stuff" laying around - especially in the Storage Lot.  And is your shed tied down according to standards?
Please be proactive and be prepared. 😊
Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276
NW - CERT Coordinator


 (Sent 2019-12-27:Newsletter) Neighborhood Watch – CERT Team - 


Sunshine Neighborhood Watch – CERT Team (Est. 2008)

(Est. 2008)

SCCE - Harlingen’s premier NW & CERT Team.

Lights On -- Lock Up and Look Out for each other!


Lenore J. Combs, Coordinator   956 245 1276


Dear NW-CERT Volunteers, Residents and Friends,


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and holiday season and we are “looking” forward to the 2020 New Year for another successful, healthy year.  Perhaps a New Year’s resolution to ponder would be to consider becoming a volunteer.  Offering your time and talent is a valuable asset.  Giving back is among the most important and valuable things a person can do.  You all have a great capacity to accept challenges and volunteering is a win-win for everybody.  Helping others makes you feel good.  Fulfilling a responsibility makes you happier and it is a fact that happier people give back more and giving makes more people happy.


Participating in a community event or a neighborhood organization builds a sense of community and provides valuable services to us.  We all want Sunshine to be a safe place to live.  Getting to know your neighbors also increases a sense of personal security and connection to those around us = critical support.  A proven fact - giving and being unselfish can protect your health and prolong your life.  Every day that goes by without helping another is an opportunity missed. 


So, our next NW-CERT meeting will take place on Monday 20 January 2020   3pm    Retzlaff Hall.

Coffee’s always on.  Our Sunshine community is always invited and especially the Board.  An open line of communication is a 2-way process that establishes trust by listening, sharing and supporting.  Please mark your calendars. This meeting will be committed to orientation and principles of practice of the NW-CERT Team.


As a reminder, the City of Harlingen will be having their Winter Texan Appreciation Day at the new Convention Center over by Sam’s Club – that program will just get you all warmed up for NW at 3pm.


Thanks again to each and every one who has made the Sunshine Neighborhood Watch and our CERT Team Harlingen’s premier group.  Two of our residents and NW volunteers – Jerry and Larry just completed the 40-hour class for Citizen’s Police Academy at the Harlingen PD.  Congrats to them.


Maybe it’s time to change the Front Gate Code - start the year off on a safe and secure note.




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