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 (Dec 23, 2022) 

Your SEPO Board does NOT sanction the Facebook page titled "Sunshine CCE Residents". And it was NOT created at the request of the Women's Club. It is a private group created and controlled by a resident.

The Board is looking at developing something, i.e., a Facebook page, to meet Sunshine residents needs of announcing social events in and around Sunshine. And to wish your friends Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary etc. A fun place to post.

A few days ago, the SEPO Board created a new area on a bulletin board in the library where offsite activities can be advertised, and signup sheets displayed. It is located just to the right of the Women's Club activities signup area. Each offsite item posted must include who is organizing the event, location, cost, date and telephone number of who to contact for more information.


As a final Note: Any new communications channels DO NOT take the place of current SEPO communications channels; emails, Web site and Newsletter (see above).

Stay tuned for more to come concerning this.

SEPO Board

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