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Storage Lot


2024-02-06:The practice golf net will be closed in the storage area on Wednesday until we replace the pads . Probably two or three days.

Frank Tewell,     SEPO Board


2023-08-31: It has come to my attention that one of your SEPO Board members, Frank Tewell, has been very busy sprucing up the Sunshine Storage Lot Roadbed. I'm not sure who, or how many, helpers he had, but thanks to all of you as well.


As I'm not physically in TX at this time, I had asked Frank to send me some pictures, which he has done. And knowing lots more of you aren't there right now, I wanted you to get a view of this improvement as well.


Thank you Frank for the great job you have done with the roadbed. I have posted the pics you sent me below.


Beth Parrish

SEPO Communications Mgr


  • The Can Cottage (previously called) the Can Shed underwent a fantastic Facelift in May/June 2021.

  • This 'cottage' is where all of the cans that you might throw in your trash should go instead.

  • Proceeds from the cans collected here go to help the upkeep of the Woodshop.

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