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In Memoriam

Please note that the SEPO Office will be keeping a list of names of all 'Residents' or 'former Residents' we lose during the year.


If you know of anyone who passes, please notify Valerie in the Office @

Memorial Candle

To see a list of the persons who will be missed by their many friends and family click on the Years below.


Also please remember that the


is in charge of the

"Gift and Memorial Fund".

When either a Current or Former resident of Sunshine passes, everyone has the opportunity to donate funds in their memory. You will find everything you need in order to do this in the Lounge area of the Office Building - on the left as you exit the front door.

The Purpose of the Sunshine Gift & Memorial Committee is defined in the SEPO ByLaws. The below is a synopsis. 

  • All funds accumulated shall be administered by a committee of five members appointed by the Board of Directors. Duties of this committee include the keeping of detailed records of contributors and the amount given.

  • The committee shall act as advisories to the Board of Directors in the use of these funds.

You can view addition details about this committee and it's members HERE.

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