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Quilting: Killer Bees


(2021-04 Newsletter) From the Killer Bees - 

Continuing with the “new normal”, the Killer Bees (a quilting group that isn’t like your grandmother’s quilting group) are still meeting via ZOOM each Thursday morning at 9 AM. If you'd like to "ZOOM" with us at 9 AM most Thursdays, let Jan Baethke ( know and she'll email you the link. Our ZOOM meetings cover conversations about what's happening with the Covid-19 issue, and some “Show and Tell” of what we've sewn in the past week. Sometimes we'll have a quilt-related demo. I AM getting our new schedule together...with fingers crossed that we WILL be meeting in person at Retzlaff Hall next Fall, Thursday mornings at 9 AM. Here's a few of our activities for next winter: A No Sew Star Tree Ornament; Making fabric from your fabric scraps called Mile-A-Minute; a chopped fabric landscape; always a fun Mystery Quilt project; and maybe something with Jelly-Rolls!! You just have to come and see what that we do with Jelly-Rolls!!  Hope to "see" you Thursday mornings. If you have any questions, call or text 956-357-2218 (Be sure to let me know in a text who you are).


Jan Baethke

(2019-12-01 Newsletter) KILLER BEES - 

Come and see what the Thursday morning quilting group - The Killer Bees - is busy doing! FYI...We are not your "Grandmother's quilting group!!  Coming up in December we will be sewing a Poncho using fleece. We don't sew every Thursday, but we do have a very busy schedule with lots of fun and interesting projects to try. We start at 9AM in Retzlaff Hall with a very casual and short meeting reviewing what's coming up on our schedule, and then have “Show and Tell”. If we do have a day of sewing, we usually sew into the early afternoon. Any questions??? then call Jan Baethke or Diane Tewell.


Event: Quilt Show (via Cart, Car, Bike or Foot)

Date: 04-13-2020

Day: Monday

Club: Killer Bees Quilters

Details: See details and pictures below.


YOU'RE INVITED: Outdoor Quilt Show

On Monday, April 13 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, the Killer Bees will try to bring some cheer to Sunshine Estates. We will be having an outdoor, drive-by (walk-by, bicycle-by) Quilt Show.  
Please keep in mind that this is for Estates residents only and please keep in mind social distancing. With the new Cameron County rules, face masks are needed if you are outdoors.

Also, keeping safety in mind, PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE QUILTS
Even if you have not registered with us, you are welcome to join us by hanging a quilt on your porch, etc.

Below you will see just a FEW of the beautiful quilts that were on display. Click HERE to see many, many more.

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