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If you've never been inside the Woodshop,

here's what the excitement is all about and what you're missing.

General Info

  • Officers: 

    • President - Chuck McEvoy

    • VP: Neil Moorehead

    • Secretary: Nancy Lyne

    • Treasurer: Cathy Chajec

  • Contacts: Please contact Chuck McEvoy or John Chajec with any questions.

  • Hours:

    • Normal (Winter Seasons) - Woodshop is open for use (as long as a 'monitor' is available) Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to noon AND 1 to 4 pm.

    • In fairness to the Monitors, if there is little activity, they may close early, so if you wait until 5 minutes before closing time you may be disappointed. If you have a crisis need, you can contact any Monitor to find a time other than the above. Enjoy the summer.

  • Orientation: Woodshop orientation for new residents, contact John Chajec, 708-280-8940.

  • Meetings: Woodworker Meetings are the 2nd Friday of every month beginning October through March.

  • Cleanup: Woodshop cleanup is the first Tuesday of the month at 8 AM.

  • Details:

    • No fee (most HOAs, RV resorts charge a fee).

    • Shop is open to members year around.

    • Shop is a 40' by 60' building.

    • Woodworking building holds the latest and some of the best woodworking tools around. The lathes are used often.

    • Members can work with power equipment after attending a Safety and Information class.

    • Every 1st Wed of the month is shop cleanup @ 8 am.

  • The Woodworkers sponsor a Spaghetti Dinner every winter for the residents.

    • All proceeds are utilized for equipment, supplies etc. in the Woodshop.


General Info
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News & Events (Previous Years)
Woodshop Pictures

Woodshop Pictures

SAWSTOP Table Saws

Woodshop’s SAWSTOP Table Saws

Sent 2020-03-10: Wood Shop: SAWSTOP Pics & Info

In order to promote our Community Amenities on the Web site, I had asked Suzie Sawyer if she had any pictures of the SAWSOP Table Saws that were puchased for the Wood Shop this season. Sure enough, in these pictures you can see our own Vic Hillman hard at work. The woodworkers can work much more safely now. Suzie told me they shut down in a nano-second when flesh contacts the blade! We have 2 of them.

Beth Parrish   SEPO Web site Admin

(FROM Newsletter: 03-2020) Woodworkers' Club Report - 

The Woodshop now has two SAWSTOPs (see pictures below) up and functioning; and both saws are paid for!! Our thanks to the SEPO residents/Woodshop Members who supported the fundraising effort to pay for the second saw after the Woodworker’s treasury paid for the first saw.


Our thanks to Pat Harvey for leading the SAWSTOP effort and his committee members who put in hundreds of hours transitioning from the older table saws to the SAWSTOPs.


Jack Berning, Richard McCorkle, Kelly Kennedy, Steve Valmossoi, Vic Hillman, and Vern Luellen are thanked for helping with the installation of the new saws. Members are finding the new saws easy to use and, of course, safer. Feel free to visit the Woodshop because we’d like to show off the new equipment.


Suzie Sawyer, President

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