This section of the Web site contains information that is proprietary to

'only' SEPO (Sunshine Estates Property Owners).

In other words - RESIDENTS ONLY.

It contains the following information:

  • Directory: Owners

  • Directory: Renters

  • E-Mail Addresses: Owners & Renters

  • SEPO Financials: By Year

  • Front Gate Code

  • Fitness Room Keypad Code

  • Non-Compliant Fences

  • Flood Information (June 2019)

    • Pictures

    • SEPO E-Mails

In order to view this information you are required to have a PASSWORD.

All Residents must request this password by sending an e-mail that contains your

Name & Sunshine address to

Once you have been given the password:

  • Come back to this page on the Web site and EITHER:

    • Click On the "Password Required" Tab which is under the "Residents" tab

    • Simply click  HERE  (easiest method)

  • After you enter the Password one time, you will have access to all of the Residents Only information as long as you stay in the same browser session.

  • Please do not give the password to anyone outside of your immediate household.
    You wouldn't want your 'private' information available to just anyone, would you?

If you have questions, please contact Beth Parrish.


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    Fax     (956) 425-1420


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Information in this site is authorized by Sunshine Estates Property Owners Association (SEPO) and its residents. This Web site is in it's design stage. Therefore, the information is fluid and constantly being updated at this time. 

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