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Here you will find E-Mails that have been sent to the SEPO Community in Nov 2019. 

Sent 2019-11-30: Packages in Office - 

I was just in the Office area and there are five packages (various shapes and sizes) on the table. I saw the names Parker and Bredvick but am unsure of the others. So go get your goodies.     Beth Parrish   314-960-6710


Sent 2019-11-29: Bridge - 

ALL Bridge players - We will again be playing bridge on Wednesday. (Continuing on Monday as usual). As many of you are aware we have been going to another park on Wednesday so we would have enough players during the summer. But we now have enough players to restart here on Wednesday. You don’t need a partner or be concerned about how great a player you are. We start at 1:00 in the Card Room. Bring five nickels and play Party bridge.
Jean Fredericks

Sent 2019-11-27: Change to what can be put in e-mails - 

Hi All - I'm sending this info today and will resend as a reminder next week. Last summer I asked for a volunteer to send SEPO e-mails for a few days while I was unavailable. Pat Harvey was very quick to volunteer. Thanks again Pat. He will be sending the e-mails for me from next Thu (Dec 5 thru Dec 16). So when you send him articles to distribute to the community they need to be 'TEXT ONLY'. He won't be able to send any attachments or link to anything on the Web site. I want to thank everyone for your cooperation with this in advance.
Beth Parrish   SEPO E-mail Admin (   314-960-6710

Sent 2019-11-27: Sunshine Newsletter: Dec 2019 - 

HERE is your December 2019 Sunshine Newsletter. Valerie will also have printed copies in the library.

 Beth Parrish   SEPO E-mail Admin (   314-960-6710


Sent 2019-11-26: SEPO Microphone Policy - 

For scheduled events, microphones must be checked in and out in the office a day prior to event to avoid any inconvenience.     Valerie Basaldua   956-425-1420

Sent 2019-11-26: Office Hours over Thanksgiving Holiday - 

For those of you who are expecting packages during this time period, Marian Young will be in the office Dec 2 from 9am - 12pm to make them available for you.     Valerie Basaldua   956-425-1420

Sent 2019-11-26: Breakdown of SEPO Yearly Fees - 

As stated previously: Golf Cart, Storage and HOA fees are now being accepted in the SEPO Office.

Here is a breakdown of the various fee amounts for 2020.

  • Golf cart Trail fees are the same - $25. 

  • Storage fee have stayed the same as well. Fees range from $100-160 depending on the location of your lot. Availability can be discussed with myself or Mr. Utterback. 

  • HOA Fees

    • Annual HOA fee payment before January 20 is $1294.

    • After January 20 the annual assessment is $1320.

    • You can pay quarterly ($330), but it must be paid at the beginning of each quarter (not the end).

    • Monthly payments are $110.00 (A late fee will be added if not paid by the end of each month).

​Valerie Basaldua 956-425-1420

Sent 2019-11-24: Pickle ball - 

We will be playing pickle ball tomorrow at 10 am after tennis if anyone is interested.     Dave Pickett

Sent 2019-11-24: Crafty Creations for January 2020 - 

Hey there!     Due to the holidays, sign-ups for January's class will begin on
     Wednesday, Nov. 27th and end on Friday, Dec 6th.

NOTE: The information has been put on the Web site for you to view/download. You can also see the poster and sign-up using the form in the Library.

  • Poster of items you can make in January is HERE

  • Registration Form is HERE.

Thanks oodles!!!                      Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to All!!!                        -heidi dill =0]

Sent 2019-11-24: Crafty Creations Club Explained - 

For those of you who might not be familiar with Crafty Creations:

  • The SEPO Board approved the startup of this club in early 2019.

  • It is a not-for-profit SEPO club. All of the money that is collected from those attending the class is spent on purchasing the supplies for the class.

  • It is necessary to close signup two weeks before each class in order to have time to purchase all of the needed supplies.

  • This winter season's classes feature the following:

    • The larger signs cost $50 each and can be made at any class. See examples:

  • The cost of each Dangler is $10. Each month there will be 3-4 danglers available you can pick from that depict something seasonal from the month the class is held. You can make 1 or more - you choose. For example, in December we will be making Christmas danglers. Some of the various designs available for this season are shown here.


NOTE: If you have crafted one of the larger signs with a knob, the danglers can be hung from the knob and are, therefore, interchangeable throughout the various seasons.

-heidi dill =0]

Sent 2019-11-24: Help with trees - 

We will be decorating the Christmas trees in Retzlaff Hall and the library on Friday the 29th at 10 am. If you have a little time to spare please come help us.  It will surely get you into the holiday spirit.     Terry DeBackere

Sent 2019-11-24: REMINDER: Sunday Night Music - 

This is a reminder for those of you who like to listen/dance to good Classic Country music, you have the opportunity to do that every Sunday evening, from 6 to 8 PM in Retzlaff Hall. Roy Ridlon (resident), Chuck Penn (renter) and Jim Collins (Lakeside) provide the musical entertainment. They will also be having special guests join them throughout the season. The Women's Club provides Ice Cream for $1 during the band's break around 7 pm. So come on out and support this new Sunshine Activity.

Beth Parrish (for Roy Ridlon)

Sent 2019-11-23: FINAL REMINDER: Dec Newsletter Articles Due by End of Day on Nov 24th - 

The is the FINAL reminder that if you have an article you would like published in the Dec 2019 Sunshine Newletter, the article needs to be submitted to by End of Day on the 24th of this month. I've only received four articles as of yesterday: The Gathering, Wall of Honor, Birding & Nature Club and Bible Study/Movie Group. If anyone else has sent me an article and it isn't listed here, let me know ASAP.

The Newsletter is one of the best forms of communication we have at Sunshine. So please get that info to me so the entire community knows what's happenin'.

Newsletter Guidelines are posted here. Please call with questions.

Beth Parrish

Sunshine Country Club Newsletter Editor

Sent 2019-11-23: Birding & Nature Club - 

The Birding and Nature Group will be meeting on Monday, Dec 2nd at 7p.m. in the library. The meeting is open to all residents. Hope to see you there.

We will be discussing our upcoming events - - including our community wide pot luck dinner on Tuesday, January 7th. Be sure to reserve the date. A speaker from Laguna Atascosa will provide the program. A field trip to Laguna Atascosa will follow in February.

If you want to help with the Annual Christmas Bird Count, please, attend the meeting on Dec. 2nd. The Christmas Bird Count is conducted throughout the U.S. on the same date. This census information is used to determine bird population trends in our country. Birding identification skills are not needed. An "expert" leads each group. Help is needed to spot and count the birds.

Jean Burgoine

Sent 2019-11-22: NEEDS & INFO: Christmas Bake & Craft Sale and Raffle - 

The Christmas Bake & Craft Sale and Raffle are rapidly approaching (Sat Dec 7th in Retzlaff Hall - 8 am to 11am).

Sweet Rolls: Those of you who have eaten the sweet rolls at this event in the past know what good bakers we have here at Sunshine. We are requesting residents to step up and do some of that great baking again this year. Please contact Terry DeBackere (309-714-4743) to let her know if you will be baking and how many rolls you can make so she can get a count.

Vendor Tables: There are still spots open for Vendors to set up a craft table ($5 each table). Contact Terry.

Raffle: Anyone wishing to donate new or gently used items for the Raffle contact Marian Young (719-468-4556). She will be glad to pick up your items OR you can bring them to Retzlaff Hall Friday, Dec 6, between 6 and 8 pm.

Bake Sale: Donations are appreciated for the bake sale, i.e. baked goods, candy, snacks, jams etc. Please have them wrapped in clear plastic wrap (with a bow or other Christmas decoration on them if you wish) and price them for sale. Please note any nuts of other allergens. Drop off your donations in Retzlaff Hall Friday, Dec 6, between 6 and 8 pm.

A poster reflecting all detail for this event will be available in the Library in a couple of days. No signup is required. Just come and enjoy - buy baked goods/crafts - win a raffle drawing.

Thank you Terry DeBackere and Debbie Robins (Co-Chairpersons)


Sent 2019-11-21: HOA, Storage Lot & Golf Cart Fees - 

HOA, Storage Lot & Golf Cart Fees for 2020 are now being accepted in the SEPO Office. All checks will be cashed and deposited immediately.     Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager   956-425-1420

Sent 2019-11-20: Thursday Morning Coffee & Donuts in the Library - 

Everyone is invited to come to the Library on Thursday mornings, 7:30 AM to ?? to enjoy Coffee & Donuts and friendly conversation with your friends and neighbors. Donuts are $1 each. Questions should  be addressed to Valerie in the Office.     Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager   956-425-1420


Sent 2019-11-20: Bell Ringers (Backups Needed) - 

Thanks to everyone who signed up to "Ring the Bells" for the Salvation at WalMart  the day after Thanksgiving. We have all of the timeslots filled - BUT - would like to have some backups on call in case anyone on the sheet is not able to make it at their appointed time. If you haven't received the scheduling sheet so you know your time/door and who is before & after you, please contact either Lorraine Lewis or Arv Russell. Also contact either of them if you could be a backup on call. Thanks again.     Lorraine Lewis/Arv Russell


Sent 2019-11-20:  Women's Club Meeting Minutes: 11-15-2019 - 

Please take note: Although these minutes are being distributed to the community today, they are the 'unapproved version'. These minutes will be officially approved at the next Women's Club meeting. They are available on the Sunshine Web site HERE     Respectfully submitted,     Linda Almond, Secretary


Sent 2019-11-20: Women's Club - 

To better manage the Women’s Club monthly meetings, please notify me the Monday prior to the monthly meeting to be added to the agenda. You can call or text me with your request at (507-317-0296).

Also, when making a motion & a second please stand when doing so. This will help us to identify you.

Thank you,     Eileen Anderson   President   507-317-0296


Sent 2019-11-20: Directory (Owner/Renter) Directories & E-Mail Address List - 

Hi All - Some of our friends have been leaving us this year. And other folks have been moving in so that they can become our new friends. (At least I'm speculating that is their intention!) What this also means is that there have been many, many updates to all of the directories we use - Resident Directory, Renter Directory & E-Mail Address list.

Valerie (SEPO Office) and I have been working diligently to keep these documents updated based on your input. I have just reloaded the latest ones to the Web site: ( The should all be dated 11-20-2019.

If you see anything in any of them that needs to be added/changed please let Valerie ( and myself ( know and we will get them fixed.

Oh - I almost forgot. John Chajec mentioned at last Monday's Resident meeting that even though the date on the printed documents in the library (the directory and 2-page activity sheet) hasn't reflected the current date, be assured, the data is correct. The date should be correct ongoing.

Thx so much to all of you.

Beth Parrish
SEPO Web site Admin (


Sent 2019-11-20: SEPO Sprinkler System Timing - 

The sprinkler system in the common area near the SEPO office is set to go off every day at 12 noon and 4 PM. If you have your golf cart or other vehicle parked near the area at either of these times, it is very possible it will get wet. Sincere apologies to anyone who may have gotten wet recently.     Valerie Basaldua   956-425-1420


Sent 2019-11-20: Thanksgiving - 

Dear Friends and Neighbors:     Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow.  We would love to have you join us for our annual Thanksgiving dinner on the 28th.  I need to have a count on who would like to attend by Monday at noon.  I will need time to shop and plan table set ups. All are welcome, including family and friends from outside.  The cost is $6 and includes white and dark meat turkey, ham, dressing, gravy and coffee, tea and water.  You supply a dish to serve 12 that will enhance our meal.  BYOB of course. This year, the turkey breast will be fresh and not processed.  Last year we had some people who did not like the processed turkey.  Sorry, it was an oversight by the committee.  We try our best to make the holiday special for everyone attending. Social hour begins at 1 and dinner will be ready at 2 p.m. Please sign up before Monday if you care to join us.  Sign up sheet and envelopes are in the library for your payment and space for what dish you will bring. The committee and I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving, no matter what you choose to do. Any questions, please contact Cathy Chajec at 708-280-8910. Thank you

Sent 2019-11-19: Crafty Creations for Dec: Deadline for registration - 

Just a friendly reminder that registration for the Dec 4th class ends on Tues, Nov 19th. (I need to get all of the supplies ordered ahead of time.) HERE is the info for this class. You can find the Signup Sheet etc in the Library. Hope to see you there.     -- Heidi Dill


Sent 2019-11-17: NeighborhoodWatch - CERT Agenda for Monday 18 Nov 2019 - 

This is an open meeting - y'all are invited - Lots of info to share. See the Agenda HERE.
Lenore J Combs  956 245 1276   Coordinator NW - CERT Team


Sent 2019-11-17: REMINDER: Dec 2019 Newsletter Articles Due by End of Day on Nov 24 - 

This is a reminder - If you have an article you would like published in the Sunshine Dec 2019 Newsletter, the article needs to be submitted to by End of Day on the 24th of this month.

Newsletter Guidelines are posted HERE. Please call with questions.

Beth Parrish   Sunshine Country Club Newsletter Editor   E-Mail:   314-960-6710


Sent 2019-11-16: Bell Ringers needed - 

Sunshine has volunteered to Support the Salvation Army for many years in bringing hope and support to the disadvantaged in our community. And we are doing it again this year.

We need some more volunteers to ring bells. We ring at the Walmart in Harlingen on November 29th (the Friday after Thanksgiving). We do one-hour shifts and need two people each at both the north and south doors. It is a time of joy as families and kids are in a holiday spirit.

Please help if you can be a part of this worthwhile project by signing up on the Scheduling Sheet that is currently posted in the Library.

Call Arv Russell 956 357 7302 or Lorraine Lewis 956 244 2094 if you have any questions. Thanks

Sent 2019-11-16: Christmas Craft Show & Bake Sale Info - 

The Christmas Bake Sale and Craft Show will be Sat Dec 7th in Retzlaff Hall - 8 am to 11am. Donations are appreciated for the bake sale, i.e. baked goods, candy, snacks, jams etc. Please have them wrapped in clear plastic wrap with a bow or other Christmas decoration on them if you wish and price them for sale. Please note any nuts of other allergens. Drop off your donations on Fri Dec 6th between 6 and 8 pm at Retzlaff. Donations for raffle prizes are also being accepted. SWEET ROLLS, LEFSE ( made by the Weatherbees) and coffee will be served for $1.00. Craft tables are available for $5.00. Call Terry DeBackere (309-714-4743) to reserve your space. We look forward to this fun event and hope you can contribute and help out.

Thank you Terry DeBackere and Debbie Robins (Co-Chairpersons)


Sent 2019-11-16: Craft Show & Bake Sale Mtg - 

There will be a planning meeting on Monday at 1:30 in the library for the Craft Show and Bake Sale. Anyone who didn't sign up on the committee signup sheet in the Library or at the Women's Club meeting last Friday is invited to attend. Thanks in advance for wanting to help make this event a fun (and tasty) event for everyone in the community.
Terry DeBackere (Chairperson)

Sent 2019-11-16: OCT 2019 SEPO INCOME & BALANCE SHEETS - 

The SEPO Oct 31, 2019 Income Statement and Balance Sheet have been posted in the 'Resident's Only' section of the Sunshine Web site:  Please review these documents and bring questions/comments to the Resident's meeting on Tuesday, Nov 19 at 1 PM in Retzlaff Hall.

John Chajec   Board President


Sent 2019-11-16:Saturday Golf Scramble - 

Grace and I will start this traditional activity at 9:00 A. M. Saturday, December 7th. The sign-up sheet will be posted Monday, December 2nd and taken down at noon Friday.

All skill levels are welcome and teams are balanced by handicap, as well as possible. Early sign-up helps. The cost is $1 and should be deposited in the Saturday Box in the lounge.

If you need more information, please contact us personally or call 956-792-2931.     The Clarks


Sent 2019-11-14: HELP NEEDED: Do you know if these folks have/use e-mail? - 


The Residents' E-Mail List (in the Resident's section of Web site) contains folks who are NOT currently receiving the Sunshine E-Mails. If you know anyone on this list and can help get them on the e-mail list, please do so. They (or you) can send a request to that contains their name, address and e-mail address and I can add them.

Thanks to everyone for your help with this.     Beth Parrish

Sent 2019-11-14: Resident's meeting & Popcorn - 

There will be free freshly popped popcorn at the next Resident's meeting.  Cathy Richmond



Well, I did it again!

Next week's Resident Meeting, is actually Tuesday, Nov 19th at 1pm in Retzlaff Hall due to a scheduling conflict.

The January board meeting, per the bylaws, must be held during the 1st week in January. Monday, Jan 6th 2020 is the meeting date. That also changes when the nominees must be posted. The new date for the posting of the board nominees is Friday, Dec 27th.

This getting old stuff is a major pain.

John Chajec
SEPO President

Sent 2019-11-13: Garage sale - everyone welcome - 

Friday and Saturday  9a - 2p  or so. John, Share and I will have a garage sale. It is advertised in the Bargain Book. Everyone is welcome to participate. Weather looks good.     --- Lenore J Combs

Sent 2019-11-13: Women's Club Meeting - 

Friday November15th there will be a Women’s Club meeting in Retzlaff Hall at 9:00 am. Please remember to wear your name tag so you can be entered into the drawing. As always coffee & donuts will be provided. All women in our community are invited to attend. Hope to see you there.     Eileen Anderson   President



Just a reminder the November Residents meeting is this Monday, Nov 18th at 1pm in Retzlaff Hall. Hope to see you there.     John Chajec   SEPO President



Please take note: Although the minutes are being distributed to the community today, prior to the Residents' meeting scheduled for next Monday, Nov 18, they are the 'unapproved version'. These minutes will be officially approved at the next director's meeting. They are available on the Sunshine Web site HERE.     John Chajec   SEPO Board President


Sent 2019-11-12: Crafty Creations: Dec 4, 2019 Class Info - 

Hey there!     It's time to sign up for the next Crafty Creations class!! YAY!!!!

It will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 4th, from 1:00-3:00pm in Retzlaff Hall. Please note that you will be required to pre-register in order to take a class.

Registration will start tomorrow, Wed. Nov 13 at 4pm in the Library. It will close end of day Nov 19, two weeks prior to the class date. Payment is due at time of registration.

NOTE: Since the E-mail system SEPO uses can't send attachments, they have been put on the Web site for you to view/download. You can also see the poster and sign-up using the form in the Library.

Poster of items you can make:

Registration Form:

Thanks so very much for supporting me in my creative efforts.     -heidi dill =0]


Sent 2019-11-12: 2020 ASSOCIATION FEES - 

It was determined at today's board meeting that the SEPO association (maintenance) fees and storage fees will stay at the 2019 rate. There will be NO increase for 2020.     John Chajec   SEPO President


Sent 2019-11-12: THANKSGIVING DINNER - 

Dear residents:


Thanksgiving sign-up sheets will go up on the easel in the library this afternoon. There will be a box with envelopes near the easel for your virtual tickets. Tickets will be $6 per person and checks can be made out to SCCE Women's club. Please place your money in the envelope, fill out the information on the front and drop it in the slot on the box. Please also make sure you fill out the sheet on the easel with your information and what you plan to bring to share. Your names will be added to a master list which we will check off at the door.


Doors will open at 1 pm with dinner being served at 2. The menu will consist of the committee making the turkeys, ham, dressing and gravy. Your contributions will round out our meal. We always have plenty of food.


The sign-up sheet will come down by noon on November 25th so we can plan the shopping we need to do.


Visiting family and friends are always welcome. Please make sure to follow the above instructions so we know how much food to prepare. This also gives us a count for table settings.


We are so blessed to be able to share thanksgiving with all our friends and neighbors who do not have family here. Please don't be alone on this special holiday. Come join your neighbors for this celebration, make new friends, and eat till you are stuffed!


Any questions, please contact Cathy Chajec at 708-280-8910.


Sent 2019-11-11: NEED YOUR HELP: Sunshine Activity Details - 

I've been working to finalize the information on the Web site concerning Daily / Weekly / Monthy activities here at Sunshine this season.

Please help me by providing information on the following by replying to

Thank you so much for keeping our Web site up-to-date and accurate.

Beth Parrish
SEPO Web site Admin (


Sent 2019-11-11: Name Tags - 

Here is a list of the Name Tags that are now available for pick up in the office:

Anita Smith, Spencer Smith, Tom Krahmer, Jeanne Krahmer, Dana Weise, Scherrie Pitreski, Roy Ridlon, Sharon Ridlon, Suzanne Gustafson, Robert Crouch, Margo Crouch, Dana Boettcher, Joan Boettcher, Mary Grandy, Lorraine Lewis, Nancy Lyne, Matt Lyne.

Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager   956-425-1420

Sent 2019-11-11: Sunday Night Music Update - 

I wanted to thank everyone who came to listen to me play last night in Retzlaff. It looked like everyone was having a good time - sure hope so.

I know you were expecting a 3-man band and you ended up seeing me do my solo act. That was because the rest of the band isn't in the valley yet. However, my other two band members will be here by this Friday and will be playing with me next Sunday (1-17).

Jim Collins plays base guitar and lives in Lakeside. Chuck Penn does vocals and plays rhythm guitar. He will be renting here in Sunshine this season.

So hope to see you next Sunday.

Roy Ridlon

Sent 2019-11-10: CHANGE OF PLAN: Veterans Day Tribute - 

There is a slight change of plan for the Veterans Day Tribute being held in Retzlaff Hall tomorrow (11-11),

The program will be starting at 3:30 PM (instead of 3 PM). Social time will be at 4:30. Dinner will be at 5.

Also, if you have a picture as or of a veteran you would like to post on the Bulletin Board during the ceremony & dinner, please bring it with you before the ceremony and we'll get it up there.

Please spread the word about these changes as there are quite a few folks who still haven't provided an e-mail to Beth Parrish (e-mail admin)  in order to start receiving the Sunshine E-mails.

Questions - call Lenore Combs


Sent 2019-11-09: Lost Glasses - 

Two pair of Glasses were turned into the office in the past couple of days.

Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager   956-425-1420


Sent 2019-11-09: TAKE NOTE: Weed Patrol - 

Weed Patrol will start Monday November 4th 2019.

If you are a resident that is currently still up north, please contact the person is watching over your home and make sure that it meets the SEPO Covenants guidelines.
 - see below or here:
Have a Blessed Day!!

Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager   956-425-1420





            The OWNER shall keep and maintain his/her yard in good condition and will keep the grass cut and not allow an excessive amount of weeds or undergrowth to grow on the lot.

            In the event the OWNER should fail to keep this condition and covenant, the DECLARANT is hereby authorized to have the grass cut on the OWNER’S lot and the OWNER agrees to reimburse the DECLARANT for the cost thereof.

Sent 2019-11-09: UPDATE: Sunday Evenings - Ice Cream - 

With the start of music on Sunday evenings from 6-8 pm, the women’s club will be having ice cream available during intermission, approximately around 7 pm. The cost will be $1.00 a bowl per person

Denny and Jean Eich will be getting the ice cream on a weekly basis but we need volunteers to:

  • serve the ice cream

  • make coffee

  • do clean up

There will be a sign-up sheet for someone or several people to take a Sunday evening and be responsible for this to happen. This is only a one-time commitment unless you sign up for several Sundays. The sign-up sheet will be available starting this Sunday at the music event in Retzlaff Hall. After that it will be in the library. We hope you will consider this fun event! If you have any questions please give me call.

Vickie Jones, Women's Club Activity Director


Sent 2019-11-08: Wood Shop Orientation Class on Thursday Nov 14th at 4 pm - 

There will be a Wood Shop Orientation Class on Thursday Nov 14th at 4 pm in the wood shop. A one time attendance is a requirement for use of the wood shop. The shop will be closed during the class. All residents are invited to attend. No signup is necessary. Any questions call John Chajec at 708-280-8940.

Sent 2019-11-08: Thanksgiving - 

Dear Residents:

I, Cathy Chajec, have volunteered to Chair the Thanksgiving Dinner on November 28, 2019.  I am desperately looking for volunteers to help make this a wonderful holiday for all those who are staying in the Estates.  With many helpers, it is an easy dinner to put on.  There is a sign-up sheet in the library area where you can place your name and contact number if you choose to help out.  I will be looking for turkey bakers, kitchen help preparing the dressing & gravy, turkey carvers,  decorating help, and clean up. 

If I receive enough help with the preparations, I will post a sign up sheet in the library on November 14th.  Cost will be $6 per person and a dish to pass.  One person, a dish to feed 6; and couple, a dish for 12. Such items as mashed or sweet potatoes, green beans, corn carrots or other vegetables, cranberry relish, deviled eggs, or other relish tray, or pie/dessert.

There will be a women's club box and envelopes to fill out and put your money in.  These are considered virtual tickets and we will have a list made up so we know who and how many are coming.

The menu will consist of Turkey, Ham, Dressing, and Gravy prepared by the committee.

For any new residents, this is a good way to get your "feet wet" and see what it takes to be part of a crew to host a party.

Everyone in the Estates is welcome, as well as those family and friends who might be visiting.  It is a nice way to enjoy Thanksgiving as a community, without having to do all the cooking and cleaning involved in a home party. 

I hope you will consider helping in some way to make this event possible for all of our residents. 

Thank you for your consideration.

Cathy Chajec, 708-280-8910  if you have any questions.

Sent 2019-11-07: Thanksgiving (CORRECTED) - 

The Women’s Club is open to all women who live here in Sunshine. This club puts together various activities throughout the year, at least one or more activity each month, October thru March, per Article VI, Section 1 of the Women's Club By-Laws:

Most of our activities are fund raisers. The Women’s Club provides our community with funding of different items throughout the year. Some of the items we have purchased or contributed toward the purchase of are; the pool furniture, the pavillon, tables and chairs, the televisions, benches for the golf course, coffee for all activities, items for the kitchen.....

The activities for the season are posted in the library and we need many volunteers and co-chairs to make each event successful. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we need co-chairs to head up this event. Grab a friend and sign up. This is a way that our residents can have Thanksgiving together as a Sunshine family when we are not celebrating with our individual families. If that is something that interests you, please contact me. Thank you!

Vickie Jones   Women's Club Activities Director   262-689-7068


Sent 2019-11-07:COMBES WATER BILL - 

A little FYI for Combes residents. In the past when I had my water turned on I would start getting bills at my TX address. This year no bill. I checked online, they now have website (, and I owe money. When I went to their office to pay my bill I discovered they were sending the bill to my summer address. or the first time in 14 yrs, I filled out an address change to my TX address. If your not getting a bill when you get back you may have the same problem.     John Chajec

PS by Beth Parrish: Those of you who have contacted 'Gina' in the past at Combes Waterworks, note - she is no longer there and there is a new person in the office. Sorry, I cannot think of her name right now.

Sent 2019-11-07: Veteran's Day - 

This Monday, November 11th there will be a Veteran’s Day Program in Retzlaff Hall at 3 pm. Following the program there will be happy hour at 4:30 followed by a potluck at 5 pm. Everyone is welcome and there is a sign up sheet in the library so we can get a numbers count for setting up of tables and chairs. Come out and honor those who have given so much to make our country the best place to live!

If you are interested in participating in the program on Monday, there will be a planning meeting on Friday, Nov 8th at 3 pm in the library. Lenore Combs will be organizing the program for Monday, but she needs volunteers to help with flags, readings ..... Hope to see you there!

Vickie Jones   Women's Club Activity Director


Sent 2019-11-06: IMPORTANT: Sunday Night Music @ Retzlaff - 

Additional Details & Request for Assistance

Those of you who used to attend the Sunday Night music activity in the past are aware that during the band's break there was Ice Cream (YUM) available for $1. Jean and Denny Eich have agreed, at least for this Sunday, there will be Ice Cream for sale at 7 PM during the band's break. However, if noone steps up to assist the Eich's with this ongoing, this Sunday will be the ONLY Sunday Ice Cream will be served.

If several residents volunteer, that means the duties of having the pleasure of meeting new folks and conversing with others you already know - all while serving them a delicious treat - won't be your responsibility every week. It will only be periodically, that is unless you want to do it every week. LOL

It is my understanding the duties consist of:

  • purchasing the ice cream

  • making coffee

  • serving the ice cream

  • cleaning up the kitchen afterwards

The Ice Cream is a Women's Club activity so please step up and contact the Women's Club president Eileen Anderson at 507-317-0296 if you would like to volunteer.

Beth Parrish, SEPO Communications, (for Eileen)

Sent 2019-11-06: DIRECTORS MTG AGENDA 11/12/19 - 

Below is the agenda for the next Directors Meeting, Nov 12th, 1pm in the general purpose room. As of yet, no one has requested to speak at the meeting. The deadline for requests to speak at the meeting will be Monday Nov 11th, 12 noon. I will try to not make the mistake I made last meeting by allowing open discussion at the meeting, so please submit your requests to speak at the meeting. Thanks,     John Chajec   SEPO President


Roll Call:

  John Chajec

  Mark Owen
  Dick Shelton
  Lyn Swonger
  Frank Tewell
  Jerry Utterback
  Clint Wunderlich
Cathy Chajec  taking minutes

Guest speaker: none

Committee reports:
   Architectural committee
   Memorial committee
   Nominating committee: Neil Moorehead

Previous Directors meeting minutes, Oct 21,  approval or disapproval

Executive Directors meeting minutes, Nov 4th,  approval or disapproval


Officer reports:
    Treasurer: Mark Owen
    Area 1, 2 : Frank Tewell
    Area 3: Jerry Utterback
    Golf  Course: Lyn Swonger


Unfinished (old) business:


New Business:

Sent 2019-11-06: Care of the Gazebo Flower Beds - 

As you enter our neighborhood you are very familiar with the neat, tidy appearance. While we are now fortunate to have Lalo available to do the careful mowing / trimming, the bulk of the maintenance for that area has been the responsibility of the Birding and Nature club / enthusiasts (BNE). Part of that is the care of the flower beds around the Gazebo.

The flower beds are planted with two varieties of material that are quite hardy here in south Texas and require relatively little attention. They do need a little hand weeding and perhaps other TLC from time to time. The beds are covered by dedicated sprinklers, on a timer, so watering is not a problem.

So – If you have a semi-green thumb and a couple of hours a month you would be willing to donate, Please let me know.

Many Thanks for thinking about it.

Pat Harvey – VP BNE

Sent 2019-11-05: PAINT CAN DISPOSAL - 

We have been finding paint splashes on the streets and some residents have paint splashes on their cars.

It has been determined that the paint is being splattered throughout the Estates by the garbage trucks. Unfortunately, the root cause is the way we and/or construction workers are disposing of paint cans.

There will be construction throughout most of the season so please use proper ‘paint can disposal’ methods. Any paint in the can should be allowed to dry by removing the cover. Only when the paint is dry should the cover be put back on and the can thrown in the garbage.

Thank you,
John Chajec
SEPO President

Sent 2019-11-05: Sunday Night Music @ Retzlaff - 

For those of you who like to listen/dance to good Classic Country music, you are going to get your chance to do that starting this Sunday, Nov 10 thru end of Mar 2020, from 6 to 8 PM in Retzlaff Hall.

Roy Ridlon (new resident) and two other gentlemen who play with him will be providing musical entertainment for us here at Sunshine. They will also be having special guests join them in the band throughout the season.

If any other information is provided, I will send it out via e-mail and post it on the Web site:

So come out this Sunday and support this new Sunshine Activity.

Beth Parrish (for Roy Ridlon)
SEPO E-Mail E-News Admin


Sent 2019-11-05: POOL CLOSING - 

The pool will be closed tomorrow (Nov 6) in the morning until noon for cleaning.     Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager

Sent 2019-11-03: HOUSE AD - 

House for Sale, 4340 N Minnesota St - 

  • Contact: John

  • Call: 708-280-8940

  • Description:

    • 2 bedroom, 2 bath, large screen room, roll down hurricane shutters, 2 car garage, CAC 3 yrs old, ceramic tile throughout, remodeled bathrooms

John Chajec


Sent 2019-11-02: Starting Shuffleboard - 

Hello Residents of Sunshine Estates!

This coming Wednesday, November 6th, is the start of shuffleboard night. We will start at 6 pm and play for an hour or more depending on attendance. You don't have to be an expert to join. Everyone is welcome to come and play. The rules are fairly simple and easy to learn. Weather permitting, we will play every Wednesday night. If you have questions my number is 719-468-4556.   Hope to see you there, Marian Young

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