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 SEPO Newsletter Guidelines
(updated August 23, 2022)

The purpose of the SEPO Newsletter is to provide information, including dates, about Sunshine Meetings, Activities and Events, including those related to the SEPO Board. Information in each month’s Newsletter should pertain to what will be taking place during that same month. You can also provide information about meetings/activities/events planned for future months. There is a section at the beginning of each Newsletter for the SEPO Board to address/update the community. SEPO Communications-related information about SEPO e-mails, the Web site, etc. may also be included.

If you have a question about whether an article can or should be published, please contact the Newsletter Editor for verification.

 No personal opinions or commentaries will be published. 


The Newsletter will be published monthly from October thru March each year, on or before the first day of those months.


The Newsletter Editor will e-mail a "Newsletter Articles Due Reminder" twice a month for articles to be published the following month. The first e-mail will be sent on the 17th and the final e-mail on the 23rd, stating the deadline for articles to be included in the next month’s Newsletter is End of Day on the 24th of the current month.


Articles to be published in the Newsletter should be e-mailed to the Women’s Club Newsletter Editor at before "End of Day" on the 24th of each month (September through February). The editor will notify the sender that his/her article has been received by replying - Received For Newsletter to the sender. If you do not get this reply within 36 hours, please contact the Newsletter Editor via phone call. Once an article is received, the editor will review it, and work with the sender (if required), to make any necessary updates or corrections before it is published.

When it is ready to be published the Newsletter editor:

  • Will send it to the SEPO Office (, where copies will be printed and made available in the Library.

  • Will send it to the SEPO Enews E-mail Manager (, who will send it in an e-mail to everyone on the SEPO e-mail distribution list.

    • NOTE: This list contains both current Residents and Renters of Sunshine property who have supplied an e-mail address to the SEPO office.

  • Will send it to the SEPO Web site Manager (, who will post it on the Sunshine Web site HERE.

Newsletter questions can be addressed to the Newsletter Editor or the Women’s Club President.

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