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Large Mail Package Pickup

  • Contact: SEPO Office

  • Location: Special Purpose Room (between Pavilion and Fitness Room)

  • Details:

    • For your convenience SEPO has converted the Special Purpose Room to an overflow package pick-up area due to COVID-19 issues. Previously, mail was delivered to the Office. You may access this Special Purpose Room using the keypad (find code HERE) installed for security and concerns of package theft. This room is available to residents 24/7.  Please be sure to close the door securely as you leave.

    • A recent survey from the U.S. Postal Service has revealed that consumers now make 51% of their purchases online and that 26% receive a package once a week.

    • The mail carriers servicing Sunshine usually leave you a notice in your mailbox indicating there is a package for you. Please try to pick these up in a timely fashion. SEPO does not provide a designated staff member to accept and store packages. If you have experienced a mis-delivery of items, please notify Valerie in the Office.

    • Maybe a concerned resident could volunteer to pull some “Package Handler” time daily just to sort and call.

    • Porch Pirates:

      • Since some packages get left at your doorstep, an infuriating trend has developed. A disturbing statistic bears out that close to 40% of persons have fallen victim. The Porch Pirate targets a special area so they can maximize their reward.

      • A Ring Video Doorbell device may be a solution or ask a neighbor to look out and grab your package.   There is also a Package Guard – a nifty device with a weight sensitive stand on which the delivery drivers place your package. Should a Porch Pirate be interested and try to swipe your box, the Package Guard sounds a very loud alarm and the Bad Guy takes off.

      • Tracking Notifications – this helps you to know there has been a delivery and you can check online or by receiving e-mails or texts.

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