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SEPO Community E-Mails: November 2021

Sent 2021-11-30: Thursday happy hour (moved from Retzlaff) - 

Thursday happy hour will meet in the card room at 4PM as the hall is being used to set up for the bake sale and craft show.     Kathy Richmond

Sent 2021-11-30: Hot tub and packages - 

The electrician finally paid us a visit today.  Apparently, electricians do not work over the Thanksgiving holiday.  A replacement part has been ordered.  I will keep you informed. 


Delivery services did work over the holiday.  Our package room has 23 items waiting to be claimed.  When the postal services deliver on Sunday, notices are not put in the mailboxes.  If packages are delivered during the week, a notice may or may not be put in the mailboxes.  If you are expecting a package, don't wait for a notice in your box.   With the Christmas package rush upon us, receiving notices isn't likely to improve. Thanks

Jean Burgoine

Sent 2021-11-30: Pool closure - 

The pool will be closed for routine monthly cleaning from 3 o'clock on Nov. 30th till noon on December 1st.  Thanks for your understanding.

Jean Burgoine

Sent 2021-11-30: Golf Course Closure for Spraying- 

The Golf Course will be closed on both Wed and Thu this week from noon until 3 PM each day due to insecticide spraying.     Lyn Swonger   Golf Course Director

Sent 2021-11-29: Missing Amazon package - 

We have received a notice that the post office delivered a package (larger box) Sunday morning.  However, it was not delivered here, and it isn't in the package room.  It came from Amazon and was sent to me (Su McCurdy), 1920 W. Indiana Circle.  Would others please check to see if they have my package.  Thanks.
Su McCurdy

Sent 2021-11-29: MARKETPLACE: House for Sale - 4344 N Minnesota St (Pictures Added) - 

Pictures have been added for the house "For Sale" at 4344 N MN St. 
Cindy Shriver, Broker     Dream Valley Properties, LLC   License #0571818   Cell/text: 956-970-0449

Sent 2021-11-29: APPROVED: SEPO Board Meeting (Special) Minutes, November 26, 2021 - 

This is the official announcement (see the Nov 26, 2021 Board meeting minutes linked to below) that the vacant SEPO Board Treasurer position has been filled by the Board appointment of Mark Owen. Mark has been sworn in and he will serve as Treasurer until the expiration of Mecca Henry's term - which was Feb 2022.

The minutes can be pulled up directly from HERE or on the Board Meetings page HERE.
Please call with any issues or questions.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Board Secretary   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-11-28: MARKET: Sunshine Home for Sale - 

Please go to the Sunshine Market to view details about our home that is for sale - 2029 W MI Dr.
Bill & Laurel Becker

Sent 2021-11-28: Christmas Caroling - 

Randy Davis and Pam Lacy (me) are organizing a Christmas Caroling event. It’s is in the early stages of planning. But to know how to proceed, I need to know how many great, fabulous voices (or not) would like to participate. 


Our purpose is to bring joy of the season to those who can’t get out or those at home that would like the group to drop by.


At this point, we would like to know how many eager singers are wanting to join in the fun. We will have one practice before we share are hearts and talents. Please, text or phone me at 218-443-341 to signup.

Pam Lacy

Sent 2021-11-25: SUNSHINE NEWSLETTER: Dec 2021 - 

Please Note - I wanted to get this Newsletter to everyone asap since there is lots of information in it about 'new' upcoming events and also some 'changes' to events that were previously upcoming. I encourage everyone to read it so they are familiar with the goings-on here at Sunshine.

I encourage everyone to view the file either from the Web site HERE or directly from HERE.

For those who want to read a paper copy prior to next Monday, I will place, within the hour, ONE copy (for reading in the library only) since Valerie won't be returning until Monday. At that time, she will place multiple copies, for anyone to take, in the Newsletter slot as she always does.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Newsletter Editor   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

XMAS_Toys for Tots.png

Sent 2021-11-25: Toys For Tots - 

Dear Friends,

We briefly spoke about this at Women’s Club the other day – so as a reminder:

Toys For Tots – is the premier community action program sending a message of hope through the gift of a new toy to help bring the joy of Christmas to the less fortunate children.

The mission is to collect new toys each year and distribute them as Christmas gifts to these children in our community. The Harlingen Police Department becomes familiar with these families, and is currently collecting toys and hereby requests if anyone at Sunshine can please donate a gift ($10.00 or so).

There is a “Toys For Tots” box in the Library

They are waiving the “unwrapped” part since the Harlingen PD is most familiar with us and wrapping would be handy – just put GIRL/BOY and AGE __yrs. on the gift – on the bottom.

The Officers will pick up the boxes in the next 2 weeks. THANK YOU

Lenore J. Combs 956 245 1276
Resident and member of the Hgn. Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association

Sent 2021-11-25: Employees Time Off - 

The e-mail system SEPO uses (Send-In-Blue) was down for a while yesterday so this e-mail didn't get sent out. Our employees will be off for holiday (per the Employee Handbook) on Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after, returning next Monday, Nov 29.
Beth Parrish (for the SEPO Board)

Sent 2021-11-25: Hot tub still not working - 

I haven't heard from the pool guy so it looks like the hot tub will not be heating this weekend.
Valerie Basaldua     SEPO Office

Sent 2021-11-24: No Golf Course closure on Friday, Nov 26 - 

Please take note that the Sunshine golf course will be OPEN ALL DAY LONG this Friday (Nov 26) for any and all residents, renters etc. to play golf. As an FYI, I was not aware that, the scramble mentioned in the earlier e-mail about closing the course for a very short period of time this Fri, has taken place in the past without any issues. The scramble group simply played without any disruption to others who might be playing golf. I apologize for any questions or issues that seem to have surfaced. If anyone wants to discuss this any further, please contact myself (contact info below) as that e-mail had been sent at my request.
Beth Parrish     SEPO Board Secretary   314-960-6710


Sent 2021-11-24: Hot tub issue - 

Hot tub is down till further notice. An electrician has been called. Jean Burgoine

Sent 2021-11-23: SEPO Complaint: Covenants Violation - 

I'll have to admit it - the Board is a little behind on getting to resolution on a couple of the SEPO Suggestion/ Complaint/Idea forms that have been submitted lately. However, be assured we have been receiving them and will continue to work to their resolution.

That said, the purpose of this e-mail is to inform you that two different form submissions - both involving SEPO Covenants violations - were completed formally today when e-mails were sent to the submitters by myself for president, Tony Tramel.

They have both been added to the Web site HERE. Look for the two items pertaining to Covenants Violations with a completion date of today. As you will see, we are not allowed to divulge any more information about these items due to the nature of their content.

Beth Parrish    SEPO Board Secretary & Governing Documents

E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-11-23: CORRECTION - AGENDA for BOARD  (Special) Meeting on Friday, November 26, 2021 @ 3:00 PM - 

In my haste to get this agenda out by the deadline, I see I made several goofs - my bad. Here's the correct info.

The agenda for the Nov 26, 2021 SEPO Board meeting at 3 PM CT is HERE. Valerie has posted it already so I will get her to repost the amended document tomorrow.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Board Secretary   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-11-23: MARKET: Bike For Sale - 

Go to the Sunshine MARKET under FOR SALE: Vehicles to see the add for a 'Raleigh model SC200 DX mans bike'. Pat Harvey (selling for Dave Preter)

Sent 2021-11-23: 'FINAL' REMINDER: DEC 2021 Newsletter Articles Due by End of Day on Nov 24, 2021 - 

This is the 'FINAL reminder' that articles for the Dec 2021 Newsletter are due by End of Day, Nov 24, 2021 at the latest. This is your chance to let the community know what’s upcoming for them to participate in and enjoy, so please take advantage of this great communication tool.

The articles need to be submitted to The Newsletter Guidelines, which were updated on Sep 14, 2021, are posted on the Web site HERE. Please call with questions.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Newsletter Editor   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-11-23: Golf Course Closure for a short time - 


Sent 2021-11-20: STORAGE LOT GATE remains in open position - 

Dear Friends - The Storage Lot Gate remains open - Do not know why. It will be fired on Monday. Please be advised to keep an eye on your stuff in the meantime.

Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276, Storage Lot Director

Sent 2021-11-20: WC: Thanksgiving Dinner Signup - 

Signup for the Thanksgiving Dinner ends on Monday November 22nd at 10 am. We are looking for a final count to plan our dinner. Please don't miss an opportunity to share a meal and fellowship with your friends and neighbors. Thank you,     Bev McIntosh

Sent 2021-11-20: UPDATED: SEPO E-News E-Mail Guidelines - 

These updated guidelines are on the Sunshine Web site HERE. Let me know if you have any questions.
Beth Parrish     Sunshine Country Club E-News   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-11-20: UNAPPROVED: Women's Club Minutes from 2021-11-19 - 

The minutes below, can be found on the Web site under the Women's Club Meetings tab HERE or directly from HERE.     Glenda Wetherbee

Sent 2021-11-19: Former Resident Passing - 

Ellie Gannon, former resident, Passed away on Oct 19, 2021.     Debra Warner

Sent 2021-11-19:  Resident Passing - 

I was informed today that Linda Hurst passed away on Oct 7, 2021.     Beth Parrish

Sent 2021-11-19: FOUND - lost ring of Caroline Cochran - 

Dear Friends - THANKS bunches for all your help. Caroline has her ring      Thank God and thanks again to all.

Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276

Sent 2021-11-19: Lost keys - 

I lost my keys - several keys on ring. Has two small pictures of my two daughters In sq plastic frames, when they were little. I wish I had a clue as to where I lost them. The last place I remember having them was outside the Woodshop. I keep checking with Val, so far not found. When people are golfing, walking Sunshine etc, please keep a look out for them. Thx     Nancy Lyne 308 870 4286

Sent 2021-11-19: Calling All Dogs and Cats - 

Hey Everyone, Sandra Delaunay will be coming to the Estates to trim our pet's nails on Tuesday, and will come to your home.

Date: November 23, 2021

Time: Appointments begin at 1 pm

Text or Call: Marian at 719-468-4556 to set up an appointment

Cost:  $10


Thanks, Marian Young

Sent 2021-11-19: WC: Bake Sale & Craft Show - Dec 3, 2021 - 

Women's Club Bake Sale & Craft Show will be Fri Dec 3rd from 8 am to noon at Retzlaff Hall. All are encouraged to get out your recipe books and make your favorite goodies to donate. Whatever your specialty...pies, cookies,  homemade candies, jam...anything yummy...Drop off of your goodies will be from 4 to 7 on Thursday Dec 2.

Also available will be homemade rolls & coffee to enjoy with your neighbors.
Kathleen Sumner is in charge of the raffle table and drop offs.
Crafters...tables will be available to display your wares for a fee of $5.00 per table.

Call Terry DeBackere to save your table.

Terry - 309 714 4743

Sent 2021-11-19:  WC: Goofy Golf on Nov 21, 2021 (golf course closed during event) - 

This is a reminder that the Women's Club Goofy Golf will be taking place on the Sunshine Golf Course this coming Sunday, Nov 21 from 1:30 to 5:30 PM. Therefore, the golf course will be closed to all other play until this event has completed. Your cooperation with this is greatly appreciated.
Janis & Derek McFee     Co-Chairpersons

Sent 2021-11-18: SEPO Board Member Resignation Announcement - 

Mecca Henry, Board Treasurer, has resigned from the SEPO Board effective November 17, 2021. The Board has the responsibility of appointing someone to fill the vacant position. See excerpt from current (Feb 17, 2017) SEPO Bylaws.

Number and Tenure

4.02a  ….. Vacancies of the Board of Directors of the Corporation, occasioned by death, illness, resignation, removal or disqualification, or any other valid reason, shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining Directors. Such appointment shall continue until a successor is duly elected at the next Annual Meeting. 


The Board is confident we will be able to serve the community’s interests ongoing until our 2022 Board elections early next year.
If you wish to be considered for the vacant Treasurer’s position, please contact a Board member. We obviously wish to have a candidate appointed to the Board who might have a background in finance for the Treasurer position.

Sent 2021-11-18: Resignation - 

My Fellow Homeowners,   I have decided that I am no longer able to serve on the Board. It as been my honor to serve you for the 21 months. I am sorry that I am not able to complete my term. I am sorry that I am letting you all down.  thank you for all your support. 
Mecca Henry     (469) 766-4245


Sent 2021-11-18: Long Time Renter Passing - 

Donna Brooks, long time renter in our community passed away Tuesday night. Donna is the sister of current resident Kitty Olson.     SEPO Office

Sent 2021-11-18: MARKET: Sunshine Web site cleanup - 

In a effort to clean up the Sunshine Market, unless you tell me you want to keep items I posted for you prior to Oct 1, 2021, I will be removing them from the site. Some items have been out there since 2020. Thanks for helping with this effort.
Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin     E-Mail:     314-960-6710

Sent 2021-11-17: Women's Club Meeting - 

Hello Ladies, Our next meeting will be held on November 19, 2021 at Retzlaff Hall. Doors will be open at 8:30, and we will start the meeting at 9:00 am. If you've never attended one of our meetings, come by and see what's going on in our community. We serve coffee and doughnuts too! It's a great way to get to know other women who live here. Remember to wear your name tag so you can be in the drawing for a door prize. 

Hope to see you there!     Marian Young, President

Sent 2021-11-17: Neighborhood watch Minutes November 2021 - 

The minutes from this meeting are posted on the Web site HERE. Lenore Combs

Sent 2021-11-17: REMINDER: DEC 2021 Newsletter Articles Due by End of Day on Nov 24, 2021 - 

If you have an article you would like published in the Sunshine Dec 2021 Newsletter, the article needs to be submitted to by End of Day on the 24th of the current month.
Newsletter Guidelines are posted HERE. Please call with questions.
Beth Parrish     SEPO Newsletter Editor   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-11-16: Resident Passing - 

Jan Salemi passed away on Nov 15, 2021.     SEPO Office

Sent 2021-11-16: WC: Thanksgiving Dinner - 

Signup sheets for Thanksgiving Dinner are in the library.     Bev McIntosh

Sent 2021-11-15: Sunshine Talent at Last Saturday's Karaoke Event - 

I was out for a walk last Saturday late afternoon and passed by the Pavilion during the Karaoke event. I was intrigued by what I heard from a distance, so I popped in. Of course, I had my phone (with the video feature) with me. And wouldn't you know, I caught a couple of our talented residents singing. And you will see in the videos that I've linked to below, there were quite a few folks enjoying.

I want to personally thank Jerry Rash for putting on this event. Deep in my heart I feel it's exactly what our community is needing right now - Fellowship and Fun. Hopefully, Jerry will do it again soon.

Here are the three videos I took, each less than 30 seconds. And, believe it or not, the voice quality sounded even better in person. ENJOY!

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-11-15: Web site Update: SEPO Board Nominating & Election Committee Pages - 

I have added some things to the Sunshine Web site so that you can keep track of all of the information (from e-mails, newsletters etc) that will be going out to the community during the next couple of months prior to/concerning the 2022 SEPO Board Election.

The first new page is designed specifically for the upcoming 2022 election.

The second page is an 'index' of information from both the current committees and two years previous. This second page also contains a link to the Nominating Committee Guidebook, which was just accepted by the Board at the Nov 9, 2021 Board meeting.

All of the above can be found under the Rules/Officers Tab on the Web site. Questions etc. contact me.
Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-11-15: CORRECTION - Why Become an HOA Board Member - 

If you are undetermined as to whether you would like to serve on the SEPO Board, please ask yourself the following:

  • Do you have great ideas about how your community can be managed more efficiently?

  • Would you like to become more involved in your HOA’s daily operations?

  • Do you have the time, dedication, and enthusiasm to regularly volunteer your skills for the benefit of your community?


If so, then you’re a perfect Candidate to run for a seat on the SEPO Board of Directors. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to run, here are three reasons you should take the leap and “Become a SEPO Board member”.

  1. You’ll help to protect your investment.
    Board members are tasked with making important decisions on behalf of the homeowners’ association.  These decisions have a major impact on the future of the community.

  2. You’ll make your community a nicer place to live.
    In addition to administrative and operational tasks board members can act to enrich community life through events and activities offered to the residents.

  3. You’ll bring valuable skills to the table.
    Your life skills and interests may be a good fit for the Board. Social skills, hobbies and training you have received all may be used in your role as a Board member to benefit the community.


Running for a seat on your Board of Directors is a major decision. Before making a commitment, attend a few Board meetings to get a sense of how they operate. Reach out to current or past Board members and ask about their experiences and what they have learned. Also from them you can get a run-down of what would be expected of you in your new role.
If occupying a seat on the SEPO Board of Directors sounds like a fun and challenging opportunity, please reach out to the Nominating Committee and they will assist you with the steps to take to get started.
Cathy Richmond     SEPO Nominating Committee Chairperson

Sent 2021-11-15: SEPO Board Nominating Committee Roster - 

The members of the SEPO Board Nominating Committee are made up of:

  • Cathy Richmond (Chair)

  • Jerry Drost

  • Share Nelson

  • Nancy Steele

  • Kathleen Sunders

The purpose of this committee is to identify and recommend SEPO Residents who would like to serve on the SEPO Board of Directors. There are three (3) positions to fill for the forthcoming SEPO Board election in February 2022.

If you would like consideration and possibly be recommended by the Nominating Committee as a SEPO Board Candidate, please contact any member to set up an interview.

Cathy Richmond     SEPO Nominating Committee Chairperson

Sent 2021-11-14: Sunday Night Music @ Retzlaff (starting Nov 14, 2021) - 

Sunday Night Music - w/Ice Cream @ Intermission


  • Music - Roy Ridlon

  • Coffee & Ice Cream - Marian Young (Women's Club)

  • Location: Retzlaff Hall


  • Sunday Evenings

  • Nov 14, 2021 thru Mar 12, 2022

  • 6 PM to 8 PM



  • Music -

    • Classic Country Music for listening/dancing.

    • Special guests will join the band throughout the season.

    • This is NOT a Jam Session.

  • Coffee will be available for Free throughout the evening.​

  • Ice Cream Bars will be available during the Band's intermission for $1.00

Sent 2021-11-14: FINAL APPROVED: SEPO 2022 Budget - 

I inadvertently forgot to attach the FINAL APPROVED SEPO 2022 Budget to the e-mail with the Minutes from the Nov 9, 2021 Board Meeting. They have now been added to the Web site HERE.
Beth Parrish (for SEPO Board)

Sent 2021-11-14: MARKET: Household Items For Sale - 

Please go to the Sunshine Market to view several pieces of MAYOLICA POTTERY that I have for sale.
Deloris Pearcy

Sent 2021-11-14: UPDATED: SEPO Policies & Procedures - 

The SEPO Policies & Procedures with updates approved at the Nov 9 Board Meeting are now on the Sunshine Web site.     SEPO Board

Sent 2021-11-13: Party Bridge: Come Play and Have FUN! - 

Bridge players wanted for Monday's at 1 pm in the Card Room.  If you would like to learn, we will teach you.  Remember this is party bridge.  We are there to have fun!!!!!!  Call Mary at 651-239-2307.

Sent 2021-11-13: UPDATED: House for sale (4344 N MO St) - 

Pictures and Pricing have been added to the For Sale add for 4344 N MO St.     Tiffany Prater

Sent 2021-11-13: NW - CERT Meeting Monday 15 NOVEMBER 2021 - 

Dear Friends - We will have our Neighborhood Watch - CERT meeting Monday at 3pm. Everyone is welcome. The agenda is HERE.     Lenore J Combs 056 245 1276   NW-CERT Coordinator

Sent 2021-11-13: THANKS to our Employees - 

Dear Friends - A number of projects are occurring and although we appreciate all our Employee support and workmanship, my Director's area has had some attention lately.  Thanks to Lalo for his attention to the Doggy Park and for painting the Storage Lot Doggie Park benches, for repairing the Gazebo, for repair work and painting of the Shuffleboard benches etc and last but not least is the work intended for the Golf Practice Tee. Valerie helped me order it today. And to Lupe for being a 'Jack of all trades".      Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276

Sent 2021-11-13: Thank You for a wonderful Veterans Day - 

Dear Sunshine Residents - Thanks to all for Thursday's tribute for Veterans Day.  They say "It takes a village" and to have a program our guests are the biggest plus.  Yes, the worker bees have a task with the supporting role but the payoff is enjoying the enjoyment.
Behind the scenes are the Potluck providers with scrumptious goodies and then there are the other pieces, such as preparation to cleanup, the program and the partners.
Marian always is there and several others for the Potluck - THANKS
And for Thursday -
THANKS to:  Anita and Spencer for leading the Golf Cart Parade and to the participants and the audience.
THANKS to Wade, Tiffany, Spencer and Anita for providing the sound for our National Anthem, the Canadian National Anthem and the Veterans Tribute with the Military Marching songs.   And to John, Drill Sgt and our MC.  Last but not least were our Veterans proudly carrying our Flags. THANKS.  And THANKS for Dan for reciting "In Flanders Fields" - bringing back thoughts of the price of war and hoping we never have to return to it.
God Bless you and God Bless the USA.     Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276

Sent 2021-11-13: UNAPPROVED: SEPO Board Meeting (Regular) Minutes, November 9, 2021 - 

These minutes can be pulled directly from HERE and on the Web site HERE. Please call with any issues or questions.     Beth Parrish   SEPO Board Secretary

Sent 2021-11-12: MARKET: Sunshine Home for Sale - 

Please go to the Sunshine Market to view details about a home that is going up for Sale by Wade & Tiffany Prater - 4344 N MO St.

Sent 2021-11-12: WC: Goofy Golf - 

Our annual Goofy Golf Tournament WILL once again take place on Sunday November 21 at 2:00 pm. 

It is a "fun" scramble for golfers and non-golfers. Each hole will have a different sports theme-you may be hitting tennis balls with a hockey stick, for example.

We can have four (4) players per team, and two (2) teams per hole, plus an activity on the putting green.
Therefore we can only sign up 80 players. But we will also have a spare list in case of cancellations.

The fee is $5 per player.

Following the scramble, players and guests are invited to bring a picnic lunch to Retzlaff Hall at about 4:30. Iced Tea, water and cups will be provided, and cash prizes awarded. Bring your own individual picnic lunch ,or plan a shared picnic with a group of friends. Remember to bring your plates, cutlery etc.

Signup sheets are now in the library. Sign the sheet-put money in the Goofy Golf envelope-write your name(s) on the envelope and drop it in the collection box. Deadline is November 17. Team lists will be posted in the library on November 19.

Golfers bring your clubs and balls. Non-golfers bring a few golf balls.

Plan for a day of laughs and goofy antics!!

For questions or info, call Janis or Derek McFee at 651-271-8214

Sent 2021-11-11: EXPLANATION: What is a Golf Course Improvement Fee & Why - 

This is being written to, hopefully, clear up questions some of our newer resident golfers may have concerning the reinstatement of an annual Golf Course Improvement fee, before they have the need to ask them.

In the prior e-mail sent earlier today about some of the SEPO fees being increased for 2022, it states:
We have reinstituted the Golf Course Improvement Fee (formerly known as a Trail Fee) for 2022. It will remain at $25.00.

Previously these 'Trail Fees' were being collected in order for the Golf Course Director to complete the golf cart path throughout the entirety of our golf course. Once that project had been completed the existing Board 'at that time' voted to eliminate these fees. The current Board revisited this item over the past summer and voted to reinstate this fee - but to repurpose it. The following change to the Policies & Procedures was implemented in August 2021 and exists there today.

August 31, 2021
(All previous Policies & Procedures are replaced by this Update of August 31, 2021.)


  1. Anyone wishing to use a riding golf cart to play golf may do so by paying an annual Golf Course Improvement fee. A sticker must be purchased each year and placed in plain view on the windshield of the cart.

  2. All Golf Course Improvement Fees collected shall be used for the construction/continued maintenance and repair of:

  1. future/existing concrete golf cart pathways/trails,

  2. water features on the golf course, including, but not limited to, masonry walls of the golf course ponds and aeration pumps/fountains,

  3. water irrigation and pond lighting improvements.

All of these improvements shall be located within the limits of the golf course.


In addition to this explanation, note that “Only mechanical powered golf carts with a paid annual permit are permitted on our golf course."

Hope this explains things.   Thanks     SEPO Board

Sent 2021-11-11: SEPO New/Adjusted Rates for 2022 - 

Hello Sunshine Homeowners - 
This is to inform you of any new or adjusted rates for 2022, approved by the SEPO Board of Directors at the November 9, 2021 Regular Board meeting.
The HOA Assessment Fee for 2022 will now be $1,365.00 for the year. This is a total increase of $45 over the prior year amount, which the Board is permitted to approve per the SEPO Covenants. NOTE: If you pay in full between now and Jan 19, 2022, you will receive a 2% discount, which will lower this fee to $1337.70 for the year 2022.

The Storage Lot rates are as follows:

  • Lots that were $100.00 are now $165.00.

  • Lots that were $110.00 are now $181.50.

  • Lots that were $140.00 are now $231.00.

  • Lots that were $150.00 are now $247.50.

  • Lots that were $160.00 are now $264.00.


We have reinstituted the Golf Course Improvement Fee (formerly known as a Trail Fee) for 2022. It will remain at $25.00.
We will be charging a fee for any Resale Certificate produced by the SEPO Office. TX RE law requires this certificate be provided prior to the sale of all homes that have mandatory assessments. This fee, which has up to now been done at no charge for SEPO home closings, will now be $250.00. This fee can either be paid by the seller or often paid by the buyer.

This information will also be posted outside the SEPO Office.

Thank you.     SEPO Board

Sent 2021-11-10: Video from Board Mtg (Regular) on 2021-11-09 - 

The video from the Nov 9, 2021 Regular Board meeting is now available for viewing HERE.
Beth Parrish     SEPO Board Secretary

Sent 2021-11-09: Residents Mtg Video from Nov 8, 2021 is now Available - 

The Video from the Residents (formerly known as Informational) meeting on November 8, 2021 @ 1:00 PM CT is available HERE.

As listed in the agenda, this was an opportunity for those leading the various Sunshine Clubs/Committees to provide information about what's currently going on with their organizations. After these updates were given, there were two non-Board members who requested to speak at this meeting concerning agenda items for the Nov 9, 2021 Board meeting.

AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE - There are no plans to publish minutes from this meeting or any of the ongoing Residents meetings. The only exception is whatever was discussed during the 'speaker' portions of the Residents meetings will be incorporated into the minutes from the Nov 9, 2021 Board meeting.

So please view the video (which is around 35 minutes in length) to hear all of the 'details'. If you have any questions about this video or issues with viewing it, please let me know.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Board Secretary   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-11-09: REVISED: WC Veterans Day Tribute - 

There's been a slight change in plans for the Veterans Day Tribute this coming Thu, Nov 11. We are going to simplify it somewhat, but still pay a deserving tribute. See the poster below for the updated details.

Hope to see lots of you there.     Lenore Combs

SCCE Veterans Day 2021 poster(2021-11-09_bp).jpg

Sent 2021-11-09: Karaoke Singing - 

Come join in on the fun, Saturday November 13th Karaoke singing from 3:00pm until 5:00pm at the Pavilion. Everyone is welcome. You can sing or just come and listen to the singers. Bring your own CD if you have a favorite song you would like to sing. Or we have several songs to choose from.
If you need more information call 956-428-3741 Jerry & Phyllis Rash

Sent 2021-11-07: MARKETPLACE: LOOKING FOR - Golf Cart to Buy - 

Please go to the Sunshine Marketplace to see information concerning a resident looking to purchase a Golf Cart.
Max and Linda Dabney

Sent 2021-11-07: MARKETPLACE: FOR SALE - Frigidaire Refrigerator Freezer - 

Please go to the Sunshine Marketplace to see information and pictures concerning a Frigidaire refrigerator freezer which is For Sale.     Marlene Hall

Sent 2021-11-07: WC: Thanksgiving Dinner - 

REMINDER - Women's Club: Thanksgiving Dinner

The Women's Club will be sponsoring a Thanksgiving Day Dinner again this year in Retzlaff Hall on Nov 25, 2021, but there will be changes from how we’ve done it in the past. Rather than the Women's Club providing the meat, stuffing, gravy etc. and residents bringing the sides, desserts etc., for everyone in the hall to share, here’s the plan for this year. Due to Covid-19, in order to social distance, we will be setting up ten (10) tables in the hall. Each table can seat 8 to 12 people. We are looking for a host to ‘sponsor’ one (1) of each of the ten (10) tables. The host signup sheet is currently on the Women's Club Committee Signup Bulletin Board in the Library.

Responsibilities of the host are defined later in this e-mail.

I would like to have a meeting in the library with the hosts prior to putting the residents/renters signup sheet on the WC easel in the library. Anyone not signed up as a host is also welcome to attend this meeting, ask questions and then maybe volunteer to be a host. This meeting is planned for Friday, Nov 12 at 1pm in the library. The resident/renter signup sheet will go up on Nov 15, ten (10) days prior to the Thanksgiving dinner. When this signup sheet goes up residents/renters can signup for the table they wish to sit at.

The hall will open at 12:30 pm on Thanksgiving Day for pre-dinner socializing. Plan to eat at 1 pm.

Host Responsibilities - Each host will be responsible for meeting with the residents/renters who signed up at their table to decide on the following:

  • Decorations (if any wanted). The Women's Club can supply decorations if you wish to use them or you can use your own. The hall is reserved on Wed, Nov 24 @ 4 pm for those wanting to decorate their tables.

  • Place Settings (Does the table want to be uniform, or everyone bring their own?)

  • Food and Drink. (What will be prepared and served at each individual table and who will bring what?)

  • Table cleanup. (Each table will need to be cleaned when you are finished, by those sitting at that table.)

We encourage you to signup 'now' to be a host and invite your friends and neighbors to share this most wonderful holiday together with you at your table. We would like to see all the tables full.
For any questions or anyone wishing to know more, please contact Bev McIntosh at 989-397-7482.

Sent 2021-11-06: UPDATED: AGENDA for BOARD (Regular) Meeting on Tuesday, November 9, 2021 @ 1:00 PM CT - 

First off - Note that the Agenda for the Hybrid Residents Meeting on Nov 8, 2021 at 1 PM CT has not changed and we hope to see you and get a lot of participation at that meeting.

However, the Agenda for the Regular Board Meeting on Nov 9, 2021 at 1 PM CT has been updated to include all of the attachments that were not previously available when this agenda was originally sent out.

Due to the length of and the detail in this updated agenda, please go to the Web site to view/print it or pull it up directly from HERE.

If you have any issues getting to this updated agenda, give me a call.
Beth Parrish     SEPO Board Secretary   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-11-06: CORRECTION: SEPO - Oct 2021 Financials - 

This is Beth. I inadvertently sent out the wrong documents earlier for the Oct 2021 Financials. The correct docs from Mecca Henry are now on the Sunshine Web site HERE.

Sent 2021-11-06: Reminder for Veterans Day program this Thursday 11 NOV 2021 -

Refer above to 'final' Veterans Day program details sent on Nov 9, 2021.

Sent 2021-11-06: UNAPPROVED: SEPO Board Meeting (Special) Minutes, November 4, 2021 - 

The 'unapproved' minutes from the October 12, 2021 Regular Board Meeting can be pulled up directly from HERE and on the Web site HERE. Please call with any issues or questions.
Beth Parrish     SEPO Board Secretary   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-11-05: Board Mtgs: Approved Minutes (10-12) & Video (11-04) Available - 

The following from two separate Board meetings are both available on the Web site HERE.

They are also directly available by clicking on these links:

  • Approved minutes from the Regular Board meeting held on Oct 12

  • Video from the Special Board meeting held on Nov 4

Beth Parrish     SEPO Board Secretary   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-11-05: SUNSHINE GARDEN CLUB - 

If you like or find gardening interesting come join us Tuesday, Nov. 9th, 7:00pm in the library.  All residents/renters are invited. Topic of evening is container planting. Looking forward to fun, prizes and desserts.

Susanne Ulrich     Garden Club

Sent 2021-11-03: MARKETPLACE: House for Sale - 4344 N Minnesota St - 

Go to the Sunshine MARKETPLACE to see details about a house for sale at 4344 N Minnesota St.

Cindy Shriver, Broker
Dream Valley Properties, LLC
License #0571818
Cell/text: 956-970-0449

Sent 2021-11-03: MARKETPLACE: House for Sale - 1905 W Michigan Dr - 

Go to the Sunshine MARKETPLACE to see details about a house for sale at 1905 W Michigan Dr.
Dave Bussian

Sent 2021-11-03: AGENDA for BOARD  (Regular) Meeting on Tuesday, November 9, 2021 @ 1:00 PM CT - 

The agenda for the Nov 9, 2021 SEPO Board meeting at 1 PM CT is on the Sunshine Web site HERE and can also be viewed/printed from HERE.

Please let me know if you have any issues with getting to the document.

Valerie will also be posting this agenda outside her office, on the poolside door to Retzlaff Hall and by the Mailboxes by 1 PM on Wed, Nov 3, 2021 at the latest.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Board Secretary   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-11-03: AGENDA for RESIDENTS Meeting on Monday, November, 8, 2021 @ 1:00 PM CT - 

The agenda for the Nov 7, 2021 SEPO Residents meeting at 1 PM CT is on the Sunshine Web site HERE and can also be viewed/printed from HERE.

Please let me know if you have any issues with getting to the document.

Remember to fill out a 'Request Form to Speak' at this Residents Meeting. See instructions and form HERE.

Valerie will also be posting this agenda outside her office, on the poolside door to Retzlaff Hall and by the Mailboxes by 1 PM on Wed, Nov 3, 2021 at the latest.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Board Secretary   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-11-02: Upcoming pool and hot tub closure - 

The pool will be closed on Tuesday, Nov 2 at 3 p.m. until Wednesday, Nov 3 at noon. Chemicals will be added to the pool at 3 p.m. They need some time to have the maximum effect on the water.

Both the pool and hot tub will undergo normal shocking on Wednesday, which is routinely scheduled for the first Wednesday morning of each month.
The hot tub will remain open Tuesday afternoon and evening.  It will be closed Wednesday morning.
Both the pool and hot tub will reopen at noon on Wednesday.
Jean Burgoine

Sent 2021-11-01: UPDATE: All Sunshine Directories - 

It's been a long time coming but as of 10-31-21 all of the following:

  • Residents Directory by Name

  • Residents Directory by Address

  • E-mail Directory (Current Residents & Renters)

  • Renters Directory

  • Residents Pictures Directory (and the Pictures themselves)

have been updated on the Web (Password Required).

The first four bullets above are HERE.
The Pic Dir and Pics are HERE.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin     E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-11-01: MARKETPLACE: Household - China Cabinet - 

Please go to the Sunshine Web MARKETPLACE To see details about an Ornate China Cabinet that is currently for sale.     Anita & Spencer Smith

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