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 SEPO Email Guidelines

Revision 9 - Updated 02-01-2024

Sending SEPO Community Emails is a ‘public service’ to Sunshine residents performed by a SEPO Resident Volunteer. Guidelines have been developed to help everyone know what WILL and what WILL NOT be sent to Sunshine Residents and Renters who are on the SEPO Email Distribution List.

If you, or any other Resident or Renter you know, are not on the distribution list but would like to be, please send the request to be added to this list to both AND Be sure to include your Name, Email address and Sunshine address.

Thank you for your cooperation with this attempt to provide structure to the information that is distributed via SEPO emails. I do believe they are an excellent form of communication to the Sunshine Community.

Please contact me with questions, etc.​

Beth Parrish

Sunshine Country Club Emails



  1. E-mails you would like to have distributed to the Sunshine community should be sent to from your email account and not via a Phone Call or Text.

  2. SEPO emails will generally be sent to the community within 24 hours of receipt. If your email is an emergency, please contact the SEPO Email manager (contact info above).

  3. Emails that CAN BE SENT to the Community:

    • SEPO Board and SEPO Office announcements.

    • Information, reminders etc about Sunshine Events / Committees / Clubs / Meetings etc. that take place on SEPO grounds. These are listed on the Sunshine Web site HERE.

    • Items that have been Lost or Found.

    • Notice of a Garage Sale within Sunshine. You should list:

      • Who is having the sale (Contact Info, etc., Phone # optional)

      • Address of the Sale

      • Days, Dates & Time

      • Type of Items for Sale (optional)

    • ‘MARKET’ emails advertising a Sunshine Home For Sale or For Rent can be sent by adhering to the guidelines listed on the website HERE.

      NOTE: The website pages listing “For Sale or Free Household etc” items and “Looking For” items was removed from the Web site on March 15, 2022. These types of items can be posted on the Bulletin board outside the Office.

  4. Emails that CAN BE SENT to the Community WITH QUALIFICATIONS:
    An email from a resident/renter that states the Board of Directors has ‘said’ or ‘approved‘ something can be sent if it contains the resident’s/renter’s signature and information to ‘prove’ that all members of the Board have approved the email may be sent to the Community.


  5. Emails that CANNOT BE SENT to the Community:

    • Information, reminders etc about events/functions that, even though they may be attended by Sunshine residents/renters, are taking place outside of SEPO grounds. (Example – An event taking place on South Padre Island.)
      Note: In 2023 a SEPO Facebook page was established for advertising non-Sunshine functions. Guidelines for this page are HERE.

    • Emails that do not contain the signature of the composer.

    • Personal opinions.

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