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The Board voted at the 09-12-2022 Board Mtg (Reg) to discontinue the use of this Process & Form.


Request Process & Form for non-Board members to Speak at Residents' Meeting


“Request Process & Form”
for non-Board members
to Speak at Residents Meetings

(as of August 31, 2021)

- View/Print Form HERE -

The first Residents meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 11, 2021 at 1 PM CT as a Hybrid meeting.

  • BACKGROUND: The purpose of this process and form is to give residents the opportunity to speak about proposed Board meeting agenda items “prior to” the Board discussing/acting upon those items. There will also be an item in the Residents meeting agenda that would enable residents to discuss 'prior Board meeting agenda items.

  • MOTION: Beth moved we approve this document as it stands – try the process in the upcoming Residents meetings – and revisit it if it’s not working. Larry Keller seconded it.

  • DISCUSSION: Various directors voiced concerns and that we needed to do a good job of communicating this to the SEPO residents. Beth will ensure the entire process, including an example Residents meeting agenda and examples of form submittals, will be available to the community soon.

  • VOTE: Yes = Lenore, Larry and Beth. No = Mecca and Lyn. Abstained = Jean. The motion passed.

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