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 Activities: SEPO-Sanctioned Facebook Page 

Read below about the use of the new SEPO-Sanctioned Facebook page.

Click on the Facebook ICON to be taken to the page.

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Sent 2023-03-22: SEPO-Sanctioned Facebook Page is now up and running - 

At the request of SEPO Board President, Share Nelson, I have created a SEPO-sanctioned Facebook (FB) page for the Sunshine community.

Sunshine Country Club Estates Official Group

It is 'private' to residents. In order to post, you will need to join the "Sunshine Country Club Estates Official Group" or be invited to join by one of the current members.

Any resident and all Sunshine Clubs/Groups can post announcements themselves or find a friend to help post them. I am also available to help anyone who has issues with or questions about posting.

There are already lots of super posts out there.

- Pam Adams 

Sent 2023-03-22: SEPO Communications & the New SEPO-sanctioned FB Group - 

I want to personally thank Pam Adams for getting the SEPO-sanctioned Facebook (FB) Group up and running (so I didn't have to worry about doing it - HA) !!!

And she is right, there are lots of great pictures and information out there already. Hopefully, this will provide a spot for those of you who are wanting to get the word out about things outside of the Sunshine borders, that are non-SEPO Club/Group related.

A couple of things; although I would be overjoyed if this FB page would mean I no longer needed to do SEPO Communications, that is not the case.

  • All residents are not on Facebook and those who aren't, won't see these postings.

  • Non-Sunshine residents won't be able to join the new FB group and, therefore, they won't see the postings either.

  • The original intent of the Sunshine website, above and beyond keeping residents informed, was to entice potential buyers to come check us out and possibly buy in Sunshine.

  • If you want the entire current community to be kept up-to-date about what's going on here in Sunshine AND also entice potential buyers, you will need to continue utilizing the SEPO Communication processes - emails, website updates and (during the winter seasons) the newsletter.

Thanks again to Pam Adams.

- Beth Parrish, SEPO Communications, 314-960-6710

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