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st Women's Club meeting that you wanted her to start this up. Thx.

     Beth Parrish

Sent 03-28-2019: mailing from "NEXTDOOR" - 

Dear Friends - I have not endorsed this website.😠

It took me forever to try to contact them via a convoluted process and I could not find a phone number.  I did leave a message to take me off this list post haste and to not use my name as your endorsement. Anytime I share info with you is from a trusted source - this is not it..  Thanks --

Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276

Coordinator Neighborhood Watch- CERT


SentT 03-26-2019: NEED REPLY ASAP: I 'GOOFED' on previous 2019-2020 Activities List - 

First off - Discard the previous e-mail as I messed up the COLOR SCHEME.

This is a time when I am asking you to REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL. Also - Any changes made will need to cleared thru Valerie by you, particularly if you are adding anything to the list, it needs to be reserved through the Office. So here goes.

I can't believe it's that time of year already but Valerie (office) has been collecting data from a lot of you concerning activities that will be taking place next winter season (2019-2020). Those items are in
RED. However, there are still quite a few items that are in question. Everything in BLACK needs to be confirmed/updated/removed for next season (dates, description, location etc). And as stated above, NEW items may need to be added.

AND - If the color-coding confuses you - just look over everything !!!

Rather than resending the updates to my document in that horrible format, please review the document I posted on the Web site (

I apologize again for my goof. Thanks in advance for your quick responses.

Beth Parrish - Communications (314-960-6710)


Sent 03-26-2019: NEED REPLY ASAP: 2019-2020 Activities List - 

First off - This is a time when I am asking you to REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL. Also - Any changes to the below will need to be cleared thru Valerie by you, particularly if you are adding anything to the list, it needs to be reserved through the Office. So here goes.

I can't believe it's that time of year already but Valerie (office) has been collecting data from a lot of you concerning activities that will be taking place next winter season (2019-2020). Those items are below in BLACK. However, there are still quite a few items that are in question. Everything in
RED needs to be confirmed/updated/removed for next season (dates, description, location etc). And as stated above, NEW items may need to be added.

Please review all of the line items below very carefully. Due to formatting issues in the e-mail that was sent out I'm attaching the document here for you to review.




Thanks you in advance for your quick responses.

Beth Parrish - Communications (314-960-6710)



Sent 03-25-2019: Open House - 

Larry & Lehua Keller invites SCCE friends and neighbors to their "Open House" at:


2016 W. Montana Ave.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

1 - 3 PM

19Sent 03-25-2019: Propane Tank Missing - 

Propane tank off the gas grill in pavilion  is missing, if someone took to get it filled please return.

Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager   956-425-1420

Sent 03-25-2019: Crafty Creations Club - Class info for March 29th - 

Hey there! So excited for the up-coming class for Crafty Creations by heidi! We’ll be making beautiful Clay Pot Lighthouses at Retzlaff Hall. 

There are seven people registered for Friday,March 29th:

     Nancy Johns

     Linda Jones

     Bertha Fink

     Blanca Hiett

     Meg Taylor

     Bernadette Thomas and

     MJ Manson


—Please note the time change for this class: 9:30am-1:00pm    (Be sure to arrive on time).

We will be completing the basic lighthouse during this class. You are welcome to add embellishments on your own time.

—Wear old clothing or apron as we may get messy!

—Wear comfy shoes too.


You are welcome to bring a snack and/or something to drink.


Many Thanks to each of you for supporting this new endeavor!!! See you Friday!     -Heidi Dill  :0]

Sent 03-24-2019: April Newsletter - 

I have received some articles so I will be publishing an April 2019 Newsletter. Remember, the deadline for submission is End of Day (EOD) this Tuesday, March 26.

Linda A and I have completed turnover. When I get your article you will receive the following reply:
              Your SEPO Newsletter article has been received. Thx


If you do not get this reply within a day or so, please contact me at the phone number below.

Beth Parrish
Sunshine Country Club Newsletter Editor


Sent 03-23-2019: Resident Death - Wally Anderson - 

Our deepest sympathy to Carolyn Anderson and her family on the passing of her husband, Wally Anderson, this morning March 23, 2019. If any more details become available they will be published via SEPO E-Mail.     Beth Parrish


Sent 03-23-2019: Resident/Renter E-Mail List has been Updated - 

The Resident E-Mail list has been updated and renamed to Owners/Renters E-Mail List. I have had some renters requesting to be on the SEPO e-news distribution so I added them to this e-mail list as well. I’ve also attempted to identify folks as renter, owner, new resident etc.

Please review this list for accuracy and contact me if anything needs to be changed. If you know of anyone who has an e-mail address and would like to be added to this list and/or the SEPO E-News distribution list, tell them to send the information to


You can find the updated list on the Web site in the Residents’ Only section (

Beth Parrish

Sunshine Country Club Web site





Sent 03-23-2019: Resident Directory has been Updated - 

Valerie (SEPO Office) and I have made all of the Resident Directory updates you have provided recently. You will see that some addresses have two names listed (both a seller and a buyer). Please ensure the SEPO Office is aware when the turnover has completed so the 'seller' name can be removed.


I also know there are some other buying/selling activities in the works, so please ensure the office is aware of those transactions as well.


I have updated the Web site in the Residents’ Only section ( Please review it carefully for accuracy.

Beth Parrish

Sunshine Country Club Web site





I received the following question and sometimes it's best to send my reply to everyone to avoid any confusion.


Question: Could you please direct me to where in the Covenants it says only two information meetings are required? 

Answer: I can't, this is all I can find in our covenants etc concerning meetings. So please direct me where it says otherwise. In fact, I can't find anything concerning information meetings. These are excerpts from our bylaws concerning mandatory meetings. All board meetings are open to the public, anyone may attend and request to speak at these meetings. Hopefully, by the fall we will have the internet problem corrected and everyone will be able to view at home. 

John Chajec   SEPO Secretary





1957 West Michigan Drive

Harlingen, TX 78550



Annual Meeting


3.01  An annual meeting of the members shall be held on the third Tuesday of February in each year, beginning with the year 1989, at a time set by the Board of Directors, for the purpose of electing Directors and for the transaction of other business as may come before the meeting.  Should the meeting date fall upon a holiday, the meeting will be held the first day after the holiday. 


Special Meetings

3.02  Special meetings of the members may be called by the President, the Board of Directors, or not less than a majority of the members.  The notice of any special meeting shall be hand delivered or mailed to each owner as hereinafter provided, and shall state the time and place of each meeting and agenda thereof.  No business shall be transacted at a special meeting which is not stated in the agenda.


Regular Meeting


4.04  There shall be two required meetings of the Board of Directors.  One shall be held immediately following the Annual Membership Meeting, or as soon as possible at the discretion of the Board of Directors, for the purpose of electing officers for the coming year and for organizational purposes.  The other one shall be held during the first full week in January preceding the next Annual Meeting of the Membership on a date to be determined by the Board of Directors and duly published in advance on the Bulletin Board.  Additional regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held monthly, or more often as needed, upon call of the President, or two (2) or more Directors.  Monthly meetings may be suspended during the summer months.


Special Meetings


4.05  Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by/or at the request of the President, or any four (4) Directors.  Special meetings shall be held at any time or place and shall include conference calls.









AUTHORITY for these policies and rules is contained in Section 2.1 and Section 8.1 of the Covenants and Section 4.1 of the Bylaws which provide that the affairs of Sunshine Country Club Estates shall be managed by its Board of Directors and that the Board shall have the Responsibility and authority to prescribe rules and regulations covering the use of the common areas, streets, utilities and any other portions of the properties.

The items in bold will be added to our Policy and Procedures:

The following motion was brought to the floor regarding Donations to SEPO at the February 11th Board meeting and passed unanimously.

Donations to SEPO:

When an individual, committee or organization purchases “something” for SEPO, then ownership becomes SEPO’s unless explicitly noted otherwise.  Once accepted by SEPO (either explicitly or implicitly), future maintenance, usage, replacement or removal will be SEPO’s responsibility and expense.  If SEPO has ownership, the board will have sole discretion for its usage and whether replacement or removal is in SEPO interest at that time.  There is no guarantee of replacement.  If ownership remains with the donor, then future maintenance, usage, replacement and removal will be the owner’s responsibility and expense, however, SEPO may request its removal at any time for any reason or no reason.

The following motion was brought to the floor regarding trail fees at the February 19th Board meeting and passed unanimously.

Long term residents will probably point out this was the intention when the trail fess were established but has been lost over the years.

All Trail Fees collected will be placed in a designated fund for golf trails (concrete paths) and not placed in the general funds such funds will be strictly used for maintenance or installation of new golf trails.

(Per Beth Parrish - The above has been updated on the Web site ( She has also added printable documents of the SEPO Covenants, By-Laws and Policies & Procedures to the individual Rules pages. Contact her with any Web site questions and me with any SEPO Rules questions.)

John Chajec

Sent 03-21-2019: Is there a need for an April Newsletter? - 

I have been approached by a couple of residents who would like to have articles published in an April Newsletter. If you have anything you would like to publish please follow the same instructions as when Linda A was the editor. Send your articles to by the 26th of March. Linda and I are trying to connect to do the turnover to me, so if you don't get the 'received' notice right away don't panic. I will ensure I get that reply to everyone on or before March 27.

Beth Parrish

Sunshine Country Club Newsletter Editor



Sent 03-21-2019: Sunshine CC Estates Front Gate Code is changed - 

Dear Friends, The Front Gate Code was changed. Call Lenore 956 245 1276 if you have any problems. The new code has been put on the Web site in the "residents only" section if you don't remember what it has been changed to. Valerie will be made aware of the change tomorrow. -- Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276


Sent 03-21-2019: Monarch Butterflies - 

In our new Butterfly Garden at the former log site the Birding and Nature Club planted native milkweed. The photos, displayed on the Web site ( show Monarch caterpillars which have been feeding on the plants. If left alone by people and birds they will become Monarch Butterflies! Hurray!     Mark Warner


Sent 03-21-2019: Women's Golf New Officers - 

Congratulations to our elected officers for the 2019-2020 Women's Golf League!


Bonnie Fransene : President

Terry DeBackere : Vice President

Pam Lacy           : Secretary

Judy DeLeon       : Treasurer


I would like to thank all of the golf ladies for all your help & support this 

2018 - 2019 golf season.  You are truly amazing and I can't thank you all enough.


Joyce Smith: Current league president

Sent 03-21-2019: GUYS and DOLLS---TIMING - 

TOMORROW IS THE DAY !!!   Early tee time  9:00 a.m.   Late  tee time  12:00 p.m.

Please report to lounge 1/2 hour before your start time to get score cards and a briefing on procedures.

 Saturday:      Social begins at 4:30 p.m. on patio

                     Doors open at 5:00 p.m.

                     Dinner served at 5:30 p.m. in Retzlaf Hall


FYI  (second day move your starting hole forward 2 holes)     Warren Hertel







Warren Hertel


Sent 03-19-2019: Result of Men's Golf Tournament and New Officers - 

The Men's Golf League held its Annual Festivities last Friday, March 15. Good burgers, bratwurst and fixin's - all shopped for, cooked and served by Steve Fransene, Dick Parrish and Jim Braden. We all had fun, especially with the party supplies from Holiday Liquor. We also presented prizes for the Annual Men's Golf Tournament, held on March 11 & 12.
Winners are:


1ST Low Gross (119) Jim Braden

1st Low Net (99) Steve Fransene


1st Low Gross (119) Jim Braden
1st Low Net (106) Larry Keller
2nd Low Gross (124) Mark Owen
2nd Low Net (109) Jerry Bressler
1st Low Gross (127) Ron Ciotti
1st Low Net (99) Steve Fransene
2nd Low Gross (128) Jim Foster
2nd Low Net (102) Buzz Sawyer
1st Low Gross (148) Steve Phillips
1st Low Net (108) Wade Prater
2nd Low Gross (152) Bob Auclair
2nd Low Net (110) Bob Harrison
Also, two of our members became winners on our yearly placards in Retzlaff Hall:

  • The Carlson Award (most improved golfer) goes to Dick Shackett.

  • The Banks Award (for the lowest average for the season) goes to Larry Leach.

On a sad note, President Mark Owen retired as President of the Men's Golf League. He will be replaced by Steve Phillips, Vice - President of the Men's Golf League. Other officers will be named soon.
Steve Phillips
President – Men’s Golf League

Sent 03-19-2019: BIG CAN COLLECTION ending soon - 

Time is running out on building the pyramid of  cans for Loaves and Fishes. Wednesday, March 20, is the last day. You’ve done well. Let’s top it off.     Lorraine

Sent 03-19-2019: Only a few more spots to join this craft! - 

Hey there!

The first  class for Crafty Creations by heidi took place today and  absolutely magnificent Clay Pot Lighthouses were made!!!

Watch, pics coming soon!!  Thank you to each one who attended! I hope you all enjoyed the class as much as I enjoyed teaching you!

Please wait to retrieve your beautiful creations until Tuesday, March 19th after 4:00 pm to allow them to set well.


For those who would like to join the next Clay Pot Lighthouse class scheduled for Friday, March 29th, @ 10:00-1:00, here’s your chance!

You will need to hurry, beings there are only a few spots left!!!

Contact me at 307-272-2440 (call or text 9am-5pm).

The second chance to sign up will end this Friday at 10:00am.

Anyone is welcome to join this new crafting club.


-Heidi  :0]


Sent 03-18-2018:  Bill Bonds 97th Birthday Celebration - 

Friendly Reminder for Bill Bonds  97th Birthday Celebration March 20th from 1:30pm – 3:30pm.

Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager


Sent 03-17-2019: Neighborhood Watch night patrol - 

Dear Friends and Neighbors-  
I am working on the McGruff schedule for the summer. I have two openings left & would like for someone new (or just new to the patrol) to consider joining our patrol. The current open days are Thursday (alternating) and Saturday (alternating). The summer patrol runs from 9:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. and consists of a drive around and lock up of all buildings. It will not begin until the end of April (Thurs) or the beginning of May (Sat) and ends at the beginning of October. We can easily make allowances for summer trips (if that concerns you).   Please consider joining us……..just give me a call!
 If you won’t be here for the summer but would like to join in the fall, call me and we can make that happen!
 Linda Jones   573-631-7849

Sent 03-17-2019: St Patty’s Party - 

Due to weather, St. Patrick’s party will be held in Retzlaf Hall. Come at 4:00. Beer and margueritas (while they last). Bring “happy hour“ type foods. WEAR YOUR GREEN and let your inner LEPRECHAUN loose!!     Janis & Derek McFee

Sent 03-16-2019: UPDATE: Retzlaff Hall Media System Guidelines - 

There was an error in the number and use of remotes in the previous guidelines sent out concerning the Retzlaff Hall Media System. Rather than putting them in another e-mail they are available on the Web site for viewing and/or printing ( Issues or questions?
Contact Beth Parrish

Sent 03-16-2019: LOST -

Prescription sunglasses in a red case. If found, please call Lorraine Lewis @ 956 244 2094. Or turn in at the office.

Lorraine Lewis

Sent 03-14-2019: Guys and Dolls update for non-golfers - 

There is still room for a some  non-golfing diners to join in @ $11.00 per person. Sign up in lounge.     Warren Hertel

Sent 03-14-2019: results of Ladies Golf Association Tournament - 

We had a wonderful tournament with each day being a different course!  Wednesday was cold,Thursday was nice but cloudy and Friday was very very windy!  Thank you to the course staff who set the course up for us - Manny and Joe!  Thanks to Lyn for having the course in great condition!  Thanks to the tournament committee - Karen Peterson, Bonnie Fransene, Judy Parker (Handicap  Chair) and Joyce Smith, president for their help!     Cathy Richmond


2019 SCCE Women’s Golf Tournament Results

Champion          Judy Parker

Net Champion    Jean Lawrence

               A Flight

Low gross          Donna Myers

2nd low gross    Val Pickett

Low Net            Anita Woodward

2nd low net       Jane Tidd

               B Flight

Low Gross          Susanne Ulrich

2nd Low Gross   Glenda Wetherbee

Low Net             Tiffany Prater

2nd Low Net      Terry Debackere

               C Flight

Low Gross          Linda Covey

2nd Low Gross   Judy Moffatt

Low Net             Val Hertel

2nd Low Net      Debbie Robins

               D Flight

Low Gross          Joni Daniels

2nd Low Gross   Bette Thompson

Low Net             Cathy Richmond

2nd Low Net      Doris Harrison

Sent 03-14-2019: Garage Sale - 

We will be having a Garage Sale on Mar. 15 and 16, this Fri and Sat from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., tools, computer, computer desk, many misc. items. 2005 W Michigan Dr & 1929  W. Iowa Ave.     Nancy Johns & Virginia Carubia

Sent 03-14-2019: GUYS and DOLLS TOURNAMENT - 

TOMORROW  -----3/15------Last day to sign up for:-- 

GUYS and DOLLS golf tournament, in the lounge

Warren Hertel

Sent 03-14-2019: Lost Key - 

A key was found on the driveway of one of our residents. If you feel it could be yours please stop by Mrs. Dena Stoxens home at 1964 W Iowa.     Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager


Sent 03-12-2019: GUYS and DOLLS Golf Tournament -----Hurrry up -

Hurry UP !!  In just a few days registration for the Guys and Dolls Golf Tournament will end !!!!!

Last Day to sign up is Friday March 15th before 7:00 p.m.

Sign up in the Lounge. Please remember--Cash only, and please print clearly on the envelope.

Warren Hertel

Sent 03-12-2019: Women's Club Meeting - 

Reminder:  Last meeting of this season will be Friday, March 15, at 9:00 am in Retzlaff Hall. Please wear your name tag for a chance to win a gift. Coffee  and “treats” provided. Look forward to seeing you!     Linda Almond, Secretary


Sent 03-11-2019: Crafty Creations Club - Additional Class Info for March 18 - 

Hey there! So excited to begin our first class for Crafty Creations by heidi! We will be making the Clay Pot Lighthouse.
I have ten people registered for Monday, March 18th @ 1-3pm:
Beth Parrish, Marian Young, Jan Baethke, Cathy Richmond, Linda Braden, Karen Peterson, Casey Wood, Bonnie Fransene, Mary Hendrickson, Nancy Garrett and Connie Robertson.

Please arrive at Retzlaff at 12:45pm. (We only have a short amount of time to get set up and cleaned up so please adhere to our set time period) Please note that it is also very important to devote your undivided attention to instructions for this project.
You will be completing your basic lighthouse at this class. You may wish to add embellishments on your own.

Wear old clothing or apron as we may get messy! Wear comfy shoes too. You are welcome to bring a snack and/or something to drink.
Thank you all for supporting this new endeavor.  See you next Monday!     -heidi dill

Sent 03-11-2019: MONTH CORRECTION: SEPO Board & Informational Mtgs Moved - 

The wrong MONTH was listed in the previous e-mail notice. See below for correction. Sorry about that - Beth
The SEPO Board and Informational Mtgs originally scheduled for today and tomorrow have been moved to Monday, March 18 (Board), and Tuesday, March 19 (Informational). This is being done due to the Men's Golf League Tournament having to be moved to this week because of inclement weather last week. The plan is to stream the Board meeting on Facebook as was done by the previous Board.     Dick Shelton   Board President


Sent 03-11-2019: March 2019 SEPO Board & Informational Mtgs Moved - 

The SEPO Board and Informational Meetings originally scheduled for today and tomorrow have been moved to Monday, April 18 (Board), and Tuesday, April 19 (Informational). This is being done due to the Men's Golf League Tournament having to be moved to this week because of inclement weather last week. The plan is to stream the Board meeting on Facebook as was done by the previous Board.     Dick Shelton   Board President

Sent 03-09-2019: CORRECTION: Addr for Al Cathcart Sympathy Cards - 

The address I had been given earlier for those who would like to send condolences/sympathy cards to Al Cathcart's family was incorrect. The correct address is

6 Staxton Lane 
Bella Vista, AR 72714

Beth Parrish


Sent 03-09-2019: Addr for Al Cathcart Sympathy Cards - (see correction above) 

I have been given an address for those who would like to send condolences/sympathy cards to Al Cathcart's family. It is - 

6 Stoxton Lane
Valley Vista, Arkansas  72714

Jan Hinsch

Sent 03-09-2019: REMINDER: Womens' Club Final Event - DANCE/FUNDRAISER - 

Hi All! This is a reminder that on this coming Thursday, March 14, 2019 the Women's Club will be putting on a dance/fundraiser donating to Ronald McDonald House Charities. Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Rio Grande Valley supports our community by providing a "home-away-from-home" for families of critically ill or injured children at local hospitals and clinics. We hope you plan to attend so that you can help them continue with the important work they do! A representative from this charity will also be in attendance. 

In order to supply them with items they need we are asking for everyone who attends this event to either give a $5 donation per person or bring an item from the wish list. Their Wish List is posted in the Library and can also be found on the Web site by clicking on the icon located here (

ALSO - Bring along some extra money so that you have a chance to win one of the many prizes that have been donated and that will be given away/raffled off. Remember, this is all for a very good cause.

The dance is being held in Retzlaff Hall from 7 PM to 10 PM. Music is being provided by the Classics Band (of which Wade Prater is a member). This is a BYOB and snack type of event. AND - You may think the committee isn't aware that this is the normal Thursday Pavilion Happy Hour event day. BUT - You would be mistaken. We'd very much like folks to come out before the dance and join in the fun of the Pavilion Happy Hour. You might even be able to snatch a sizzling hot dog or two off the grill.

NOTE - This is no signup for this event. Just come and get your groove on and enjoy your neighbors and friends. This will be one of the last events (and definitely the last Womens' Club event) before most of us head north for the summer. Thanks in advance for your support.

Tiffany and Debbie


Sent 03-08-2019: Reminder: St. Pat's Day Party - 

REMINDER - You are all invited to attend the St. Patrick's Day Celebration on Sunday, March 17th starting at 4 PM in the Pavilion. Be sure to have your Green on. Sue-Bob Swidryk is furnishing a keg of beer. After that you are on your own concerning drinks. Please bring finger food to share with your friends and neighbors. Hope to see you all there !!!     Derek McFee


Sent 03-07-2019:BIBLE STUDY/MOVIE GROUP - 

The Bible Study/Movie Group will meet on:- Monday, March 11th at 6 p.m. in Retzlaf Hall. We will be showing the continuation of the series:- "The Living Christ" and discussion on the seven feasts. 

Questions call: Warren   314 719 6532

Sent 03-05-2019: Bill Bond Birthday Bash - 

All Sunshine residents are invited to help Bill Bond celebrate his 97th birthday. The party will be on Wednesday, March 20, in Retzlaff Hall at 1:30 PM. Cake and Ice Cream will be served.     Carol Holman

Sent 03-05-2019: Texas Master Naturalist 

Joyce Hamilton of the Texas Master Naturalists will be giving a “BIRDS OF THE VALLEY/SPI” presentation on Thursday, March 7th, at 2 pm in Lakeside Main Room.  Residents of SSCE are invited to attend.  Light refreshments will be served.  Questions can be directed to Ralph Peterson.

Sent 03-05-2019: WOMENS GOLF LUNCHEON & PARTY - 



The annual awards luncheon & party will be held on Wednesday, March 13th, at 11am in the hall or pavilion (weather permitting).  This awards luncheon/party is for all past & current members of our Women's Golf League.  If you are planning on attending, please sign the sheet on the Women's Golf bulletin board so we know how much food we will need.


Cost: FREE !!!!  No need to bring anything. WINE will be served.

Questions:  Call Anita 210-421-7890 or Joyce 507-236-6302


Sent 03-05-2019: Ladies golf tournament - 

The tournament is ON!  Meet in Retz hall at 9am!  We will decide then if we will start at 9:30 or 10. 
Coffee and goodies will be provided.     Cathy Richmond


Sent 03-05-2019: Minutes of the Annual Meeting February 19, 2019 -

You can find these minutes HERE. John Chajec


Sent 03-04-2019: Men's Golf - 

There will be no Men's Golf on Tuesday, March 5th.     Mark Owen


Sent 03-04-2019: Former Resident Death - Al Cathcart -

Valerie (office) notified me just now that Al Cathcart, a former Sunshine resident, passed away today, March 4, 2019. Please keep his family in your prayers.     Beth Parrish


Sent 03-04-2019: Easter Sunrise Service - 

Easter Sunrise Service and breakfast potluck. 

I'm looking for a chairperson for the Easter Sunrise Service and potluck breakfast for Sunday April 21st, 2019.

To volunteer or if you have questions, please call Ladonna Harvey 956-412-6132.



I (Beth) jumped the gun a little too quickly yesterday. But that's just me, always in a hurry to get something done. The tournie committee sent me some additional info/corrections that I missed getting into yesterday's e-mail. Sorry about that. So please read the below.


GET READY - on Friday and Saturday March 22nd and 23rd there will be a GUYS and DOLLS golf tournament. Teams will be made up of --    guess      -- yes, one male and one female.
Sign-up starts on 03-05-19.
Play will follow typical scramble format, although rules will be published to avoid any confusion.
Three sign-up sheets will be posted in the lounge on March 5th.

  1. A team list, for a Guy and a Doll who already know they will play as a team, and fees will be tendered immediately upon signup. (cash)

  2. A second list, for an unmatched GUY or an unmatched DOLL.

  3. And, a third list, for any Sunshine residents who do not play in the tournament but wish to attend the dinner only.

The second (unmatched) list will include space for phone numbers so that teams can be arranged by the individuals. Fees will not be paid until a team is established and the ‘team’ list is signed, and names scratched from the ‘unmatched’ list.

Dinner and awards for CTP and score will take place on Saturday (March 23), early evening. The food served, (pre-plated buffet style) will be provided by Dave's BBQ on Commerce street. The $20 golf fee includes the dinner. Residents who wish to come for the ‘dinner only’ are certainly welcome for a cost of $11.
Keep your eyes on the Bulletin Boards in the lounge and other Community News sources (e-mail, Web site etc.) for any further details.
(Questions?  Gus Elliott 618-377-2813)


Sent 03-03-2019: GUYS and DOLLS GOLF TOURNAMENT - 


GET READY - on Friday and Saturday March 22nd and 23rd there will be a GUYS and DOLLS golf tournament. Teams will be made up of --    guess      -- yes, one male and one female.
Play will follow typical scramble format, although rules will be published to avoid any confusion.
Four sign-up sheets will be posted in the

Here you will find E-Mails that have been sent to the SEPO Community in Apr 2019. 

Sent 04-30-2019: Sunshine CC Estates - Bad Guys big night out - 

From: Lenore Combs     Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2019 2:31 PM
Dear Friends - Last  night (early Sunday)  about 2:30a - 3 am there were 2 males spotted on Missouri not far up from Iowa and Wisconsin messing with a car door and were frightened away.  
Further down past Michigan a home - actually a shed was broken in to and items removed.
Almost to Montana there was intended items left behind a home.
The Bad Guys were chased off. A Police Report for suspicious activity was filed. Combes and Harlingen both responded.
Please check your homes for any involvement. Take a lesson and button up your stuff because the Bad Guys are out earlier than expected.  
There is also a chance that some guy "fishing on the bank" in the resaca off Missouri just up from Michigan Street at about 4pm Saturday could be suspicious. -- male, cauc, no facial hair, maybe 30's, camo hoodie, sitting with his chair and a fishing pole.   
As of now, Encore had no visitors.
Please report any suspicious activity to HPD 956 216 5940.
Be prepared to give them clear details as you know them
--    Lenore Combs


From: Lenore J Combs
Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2019 2:34 PM
Latest info - as of yesterday Paradise Park got hit over the week end - on a long end street in the back (Jasper) -- same description on Bad Guys.
Pankow and I went with Sgt Brooks HPD to Paradise Park to talk w folks about common concerns.
They are considering a Neighborhood Watch - with our help to set it up. 
Encore is beefing up their "gate" on the resaca grassy road across from Crossett Street coming up from the Loop -- (runs along Missouri). Maybe SEPO can take a look at our 2 similar gates (by Iowa and Montana) - think they could also use a facelift.   😊
Want to also express thanks to NW volunteers for their vigilance. You do make a difference! .👏    Linda has the May schedule out  💞   
Remember - observe and report   Report suspicious activity 956 216 5940 or call 911.  Do not intercede.    Bad Guys are using some crazy street drugs these days.👹
--   Lenore Combs


Sent 04-25-2019: SURVEY - NEED REPLIES: Which Web Browser do you use on What Type of Device? - 

I will be using the information I gather from the questions below while processing updates this summer and ongoing to the Sunshine Web site. I would appreciate everyone responding to each of the questions below. I know there are some households who have only 'one' e-mail address in the ENews e-mail distribution list. If that is your case and each of you have different answers to these questions, please list all answers for 'each' of you - even if that means replying to this e-mail two or more times.

Name of Responder: 

On what type of device do you read the Sunshine ENews E-Mails?

  • PC/Laptop? YES or NO

  • Tablet (i.e. iPad)? YES or NO

  • Smart Phone (iPhone, Android etc)? YES or NO

  • Other? YES or NO  (If YES, what is it?)

What Web Browser do you use to view the Sunshine Web site ( (Indicate YES by all that apply to you.)

  • Microsoft EDGE

  • Google Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Internet Explorer

  • If other - What is it called?

Thank you so much in advance for your quick replies. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Beth Parrish   Sunshine Country Club Web site (

E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 04-19-2019: Informational Estates Procedure - 

In the future for security purposes, residents who will be having Estate Sales, please inform Lenore Combes and one of our board members days prior to the sale date.     Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager   956-425-1420

Sent 04-17-2019: Women's Club Mtg Minutes: 2019-03 - 

It was voted on at the last Women's Club meeting to start posting the meeting minutes on the Sunshine Web site. The March 2019 minutes have been posted. Ongoing you will be notified when they are available and you will be able to find them HERE.

Beth Parrish   Sunshine Country Club Web site (

E-Mail:    314-960-6710

Sent 04-17-2019: NEXTDOOR – a social networking service - 

Dear NW-CERT Volunteers and Friends, Reference:  NEXTDOOR – a social networking service. Please read the document found HERE in order to clear up some issues/questions concerning the NEXTDOOR Web site. Thx     -- Lenore J Combs

Sent 04-17-2019: on Calling 911 - 

There was a discussion concerning calling 911 at the April 15 NW-CERT meeting. No matter where you live it's definitely worth the read to assist you if you ever need to call 911.   Per Beth - Since attachments can't be sent via the e-mail system that Sunshine uses, the document can be found HERE.     Lenore J Combs


Sent 04-15-2019: Women’s Club cards for summer - 

Women’s Club Vice President Janis McFee is heading to Canada for the summer. Since mail takes longer from there, I will be filling in for her this summer. Please let me know, by phone 303-990-3730 or email, if any of our members need cards (get well, sympathy etc) sent to them/their families. Thanks so much.     Cathy Richmond

Sent 04-15-2019: NEED UPDATES: Renter Directory Out-of-Date - 

The Renter Directory table (as of April 4, 2019) is OUT-OF-DATE. The table was updated to reflect those owners/renters who never provided a 'vacate' date to Valerie this past winter season. Click here to open the table. Please contact Valerie (956-425-1420) AND Beth Parrish ( with updates as soon as possible.

I am also aware that some owner's have already rented their homes for the next winter season and possibly over the summer. If you could provide that information to Valerie and Beth (see contact info above), that would be great. And, if you are aware of anyone who is renting or plans to rent and doesn't receive this e-mail, please help SEPO out by providing this info to them.

I'm sure everyone wants to be diligent in keeping this information up-to-date since it is now available on the Web site ( and in paper form in the Office for everyone to refer to.

Thank you in advance for your rapid replies.


Beth Parrish   Sunshine Country Club Web site (

E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 04-15-2019: - Resident Directory & E-mail Updates - 

There's been lots of buying/selling houses in Sunshine in the last couple of months. The Resident & E-mail Directories have been updated as of April 13, 2019 and posted on the Web site in the Residents Only section (

NOTE: The E-mail Directory indicates if an owner is new, former etc. If you see anything in either document that is not accurate, please contact Valerie (office) and Beth Parrish (

Beth Parrish     
Sunshine Country Club Web site (

E-Mail:   314-960-6710


Sent 04-14-2019: Neighborhood Watch - CERT meeting Agenda - 

The Agenda for the Neighborhood Watch - CERT meeting tomorrow 3pm Retz Hall is available on the Sunshine Web site here.     Beth Parrish for Lenore J Combs

Sent 04-14-2019: Neighborhood Watch - CERT meeting tomorrow 3pm Retz Hall - 

Dear Friends,  
Two main things - Emergency Utility Ride (golf cart) AND Review plans for the summer
Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276   Coordinator NW-CERT

Sent 04-10-2019: Potluck for April - 

Our First Potluck this Summer will be THURSDAY, APRIL 25.  There has been some confusion in getting started this year and some notification may have gone out showing the date as Friday the 19th. I am very fortunate to have had Mariam Young offer to share the load this year.  Thank you so much Marian.     Jean Fredericks

Sent 04-05-2019: Women’s club checks - 

Does anyone have a new package of women’s club checks? I have not received them but the bank says they were delivered to the office! Please let me know if you have them. Thanks     Cathy Richmond   303-990-2730

Sent 04-04-2019: Out of Pocket for a few days - 

Hi All - Well it's that time of year again for the Parrish's to head back up north. Therefore, I will have limited internet access to send out your e-mails from Fri morning (when I have to return my modem down here) thru next Mon. If you have something that is an emergency please call me at 314-960-6710 and I will do my best to get it out, but it probably won't be until the evenings. Once I get up north I'll be available all summer whenever you need information sent out. And I'll continue to work on the Web site this summer as well. Thx for your understanding. See you next fall.     Beth Parrish

Sent 04-04-2019: Birding and Nature Social - 

The Birding and Nature Club is having their end of year social get together on Monday, April 8 at 4:30 in the Pavilion.  This event is open to all members and helpers. So if you helped with the log project or the cutting down of the dead tree, please, come. Spouses are welcome, Remember to bring your drink and a "finger food" dish to share.    Jean Burgoine


Sent 04-04-2019: Easter Sunrise Service and Potluck breakfast - 

The Easter Sunrise Service at the Gazebo and the Potluck breakfast following the service has been cancelled.   Ladonna Harvey

Sent 04-03-2019: STILL NEED REPLY ASAP: 2019-2020 Activities List still has unconfirmed items - 

Thanks to all of you who have contacted Valerie concerning which Sunshine activities are being planned for next seaon and this summer.

Valerie has updated the 2-page Activities List based on your replies and I have posted it on the Web site (
The items in RED are confirmed for the 2019-2020 season. However, you will see there is an abundance of items that are still in question. Everything in BLACK needs to be confirmed/updated/removed for next season (dates, description, location etc). And new items may need to be added. Remember - Any changes made will need to cleared/reserved thru Valerie by you.     Please review the document I posted on the Web site. Thanks in advance for your quick responses.

Beth Parrish - Communications & Valerie Basaldua - Office Manager


Sent 04-03-2019: 15lb Fire Ant Bag - 

There are a few residents that are helping by applying this product to ant hills, buy unfortunately there has been confusion on how much to apply to each mound. Way too much of this product has been applied to each hill, when as directed you should only put 1 tsp per hill. Please help us out by applying the appropriate amount to each hill.  

Siesta Fire Ant 15lb Bag = $267.58     Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager


Sent 04-02-2019: Resident had a Fall - 

Resident Ann Everett had a fall yesterday broke her hip and is now at Valley Baptist Medical Center. If you wish to send any get well cards Mrs. Sheridan will provide an address as soon as it becomes available. Thank you 

Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager


Sent 04-01-2019: Lighthouse Pics from 03-29-19 - 

Lighthouse pics (from SECOND class on March 29, 2019)
​Crafty Creations Class was a success!!!
 Please check out the beauties posted on the Web site at the bottom of the following page.
(Amenities:Crafty Creations Club -
Heidi Dill

Sent 04-01-2019: Thanks (Big Can Collection) - 

A big thank you to the generous people that gave to the BIG CAN drive to benefit Loaves and Fishes. Also thanks to  Frank Tewell for arranging for Loaves and Fishes to come and pick them up.  We had between 85 to 100 cans.   

Lorraine and Eileen


Sent 04-01-2019: Ozzie Rognes Death (more Info) - 

[Globe Gazette] Oswald (Ozzie) Rognes -     Cathy Richmond

I know that he would have been 97 following the day that he died.     Lorraine Lewis

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