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Media System Use Guidelines - 
Retzlaff Hall

(Revised January 26, 2020)

  • If you are going to use Retzlaff Hall for an event, it must be reserved ahead of time through the SEPO Office Manager so as to avoid event conflicts.

  • Any event utilizing the Retzlaff Media System must be open to the community to attend. No personal or private party use allowed.

  • Information about events must be:

  • The Media system consists of:

    • ​​2 TVs

    • A DVD player

    • Surround Sound (a sound bar and a floor speaker)

    • An antenna for local TV stations

  • ​Remotes:

    • The two TVs run off the same remote.

    • Sound (via the sound bar) has its own remote.

    • The DVD player has its own remote.

    • You need to make sure you are close enough to the piece of equipment you are wanting to turn on or off.

    • The remotes will be on the shelf along with the Sound Bar. They will be stored there, but if they are abused, we will look at a "sign-out system" for future users.

  • ​To help you get acquainted with the system, a very simple guide has been created and is posted in Retzlaff Hall by the Media System and can be found on the Web site HERE. The Media committee members (Deb Robins, Roy Robins and Wade Prater) have also volunteered to go over it with any resident if needed.

  • There should be no need for the equipment manuals. However, they will be stored in the office.

If you would like to print a copy of these Use Guidelines, click on the icon below.

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