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Sunshine Home For Sale/Rent Guidelines

Revision 2 - Updated 12-08-2023

There is currently a MARKET section on the Sunshine Website where

Homeowners can list their homes For Sale/Rent. It is located HERE.

If you have a home in Sunshine that you would like to see listed on the Sunshine website, please do the following:

  • Send an email to containing -  

    • Whether you are or Selling or Renting.

      • If you are Renting, what timeframe is the home available to be rented.

    • Address of home (# and Full Street Name).

    • Owner(s)’ Name.

    • Contact info – phone(s), email(s) and/or other.

      • If the contact is a Realtor, list the name of the Realty Company and how the Realtor can be contacted.

    • Description of home (optional).

    • Asking Price (optional).

    • Pictures (optional).

      • You may send as many pictures as you want or you can send a ‘link’ to pictures you or your agent may have in a ‘cloud’ somewhere.

  • Key things to remember about this process is - 

    • You need to keep the Web Administrator informed when you home needs to be removed from the listing page. Do this by sending an email to

    • If you rent your home to someone, you must also inform the SEPO office and either you or the renter need to go to the office and fill out the ‘Renters Emergency Information’ form. You can view/print the form HERE so you know what type of information you will need to fill out.

  • If you have any questions about any of this, please contact me per my information below.

Beth Parrish

SEPO Website Admin



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