Web site Sale/Rent Guidelines
(Updated October 30, 2020)

There is currently a For Sale/Rent Web page on the Sunshine Web site. It is located HERE.

If you have a home in Sunshine that you would like to see listed on this Web site please do the following:

  • Send an e-mail to sunshinecountryclubweb@gmail.com containing - 

    • Whether you are Selling or Renting.

      • If you are Renting, what timeframe is the home available to be rented.

    • Address of home (# and Street)

    • Contact info - phone, e-mail and/or other

      • If the contact is a Realtor, list the name of the Realty Company and how the Realtor can be reached.

    • Description of home (optional)

    • You may send up to '15' pictures to post.

    • No Sale/Rent prices will be posted.

  • Key things to remember about this process is - 

    1. You need to keep the Web Administrator informed when your home needs to be removed from the listing page. Do this by sending an e-mail to sunshinecountryclubweb@gmail.com.

    2. Inform the SEPO office you are renting your home by sending an e-mail to sepo.office@gmail.com and providing the Office Manager with the following information for the Renter Directory:

      • Home Addr (# and Street)

      • Last Name (Renter)

      • First Name (Renter)

      • Phone (Renter)

      • E-Mail (Renter) (optional)

      • Time Period home is being rented

      • Last Name (Owner)

      • First Name (Owner)

      • Phone (Owner)

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