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SEPO Community E-Mails: July 2021

Sent 2021-07-30: MARKETPLACE: House For Sale - 

Please go to the Sunshine MARKETPLACE to see the below add posted today.     Sharon & Jim Schaub

  • 1940 W Indiana Circle (New Listing 07-30-2021)

    • Home Owner: Jim & Sharon Schaub

    • Contact: 956 744-8981

    • Description​​​​

      • 2 bedroom 2 bath Brick Home

      • Texas Room

      • Office

      • Work Room

      • On the Golf Course

      • 2 car garage

      • New Roof 3 years ago

      • Whole house remodeled in 2019

      • Tile throughout House

Sent 2021-07-30: MARKETPLACE: For Sale - Household Items: Armoire & Fridge -  

Please go to the Sunshine MARKETPLACE to see pictures of the items listed “For Sale” Below.     Kady Pohlmeyer
"FOR SALE" - Armoire - (Added 07-30-2021) ​

  1. Contact:

    • Kady Pohlmeyer

    • 956-642-6003 to set a time to come by

  2. Description:​

    • Large wooden 2-piece armoire

    • Fits a 42 inch TV

    • Beautiful piece of furniture

  3. Pricing:

    • Make Offer

"FOR SALE" - Refrigerator - (Added 07-30-2021) 

  1. Contact:

    • Kady Pohlmeyer

    • 956-642-6003 to set a time to come by.

  2. Description:​

    • Large side by side

    • Beige colored

    • Great condition

  3. Pricing:

    • Make Offer

Sent 2021-07-29: Community Alert: Sunshine Meetings/Activities/Events - 

As meetings/activities/events start ramping up again at Sunshine, this is a reminder to the Sunshine Community, as stated on the Sunshine Web site HERE.

We encourage you using your personal decision regarding mask use / attendance at meetings and other activities. We believe each person has to be responsible for themselves. Please do what YOU feel comfortable doing.

Not everyone in our community is vaccinated. So when deciding whether you should attend community functions, please do what you feel is best for you.

SEPO Board

Sent 2021-07-27: Dog Found: Is he yours? - 

If anyone in Sunshine Estates is missing a wonderful German Shephard dog, we have it at lot 102 in Encore Sunshine RV Resort., He is very well behaved, but has been running free in our park for a couple days. Animal Control is supposed to be coming for him, but if he belongs to someone over there, we’d like to get him home.
Sandra Atkinson,     Lot 102   309-236-5959   Sunshine RV Resort

Sent 2021-07-27: Found glasses - 

I found a pair of sunglasses the other day in front of my home at 1957 Iowa. They are dark tinted and bifocals. If someone wants to claim them they can call me at 906.290.6777. please leave a message if I don't answer.
Larry Lindberg

Sent 2021-07-27: It's Time For A Potluck! - 

Hey Everyone - Start thinking about what to bring to our next Summer Potluck.  Bring a dish to share with others. Coffee, tea, and ice will be provided as well as plates, napkins, and utensils. If you wish, you may bring your own plates, drinks, etc.
Date: Thursday, July 29, 2021
Place: Retzlaff Hall
Time: Social Hour 4:30, Eat at 5:00
This is a chance to meet all of the new residents, and visit with your neighbors. 
Any questions, call me 719-468-4556     Thanks, Marian Young

Sent 2021-07-27: Hot tub - 

After delays due to defective parts and the heavy rains that threw off the water chemistry, the hot tub is back in operation.  The water is currently heating up and you are welcome to use the hot tub.  Thanks for your patience.
Jean Burgoine

Sent 2021-07-26: Updated ACC (Architectural Control Committee) Process and Form (as of 07-14-2021) - 

Please refer to the Sunshine Web site HERE and click on ‘Architectural Control Committee’ OR go directly to the ACC page HEREPLEASE NOTE: The ACC Process and Form have been updated. Please read this information/form very carefully and follow this ongoing. You can download the new form from the Web site or obtain it from the SEPO Office. The previous ACC Form will no longer be accepted by the Office.
If you have any questions about the updated process or form, please contact one of your ACC Committee Members.
If you have any questions about the Web site, please contact the Web site Manager (Beth Parrish).
ACC Committee

Sent 2021-07-24: Calling All Dogs and Cats - 

Hey everyone - If you need Sandra's nail trimming service for your pet, she will be here next Friday, will start at 1:00 pm, and she will come to your home.

  • Date: July 30th, 2021

  • Call: Marian Young to set up an appointment

  • Phone: 719-468-4556

  • Cost: $10

Thanks, Marian

Sent 2021-07-23: Neighborhood Watch meeting notes (19 July 2021) - 

These meeting notes are available on the NW Page HERE.

Sincerely,     Lenore J. Combs 956 245 1276   Coordinator NW-CERT

Sent 2021-07-21: UNAPPROVED: SEPO Board Meeting Minutes, July 15, 2021 - 

The UNAPPROVED SEPO Board Meeting Minutes from July 15, 2021 are posted on the Sunshine Web site and can be viewed/printed from HERE.

Respectively Submitted,     Beth Parrish   SEPO Board Secretary


Sent 2021-07-21: Garage sale - 

Garage sale at 4224 N Minnesota St. Friday and  Saturday  July 23 & 24 from 8 am till 2 pm. 
Stan and Sylvia Nelson

Sent 2021-07-17: MARKETPLACE: Free - decorative river rock and red pavers - 

The Sunshine MARKETPLACE has been updated with the below.

 "FOR FREE" - decorative river rock and red pavers - (Added 07-17-2021) ​​

  • Contact:

    • Rick Trout

      • 303-588-9625

      • 4348 N Kansas St.

  • Description:​

    • We have decorative river rock and red pavers in our front yard that is free for the taking. If we are around and available, we can help you load up the rock.

  • Pricing:

    • FREE

Sent 2021-07-17: Do you have any Paper that needs Shredding? - 

Hello Homeowners - The office is going to have a company come out and shred paperwork. I am offering the homeowners a chance to get your shredding done at the same time. 
The way it will work is as follows:

  • Bring boxes to the office between 9am and noon on July 21.

  • Price is $7.00 per copy paper size box. Larger boxes cost more.

  • Pay when dropping off and we will handle the rest.

  • Nothing excepted after noon as I must give a number of boxes to the company.

I hope that this is helpful.
Thanks,     Mecca Henry     Treasurer   SEPO   (469) 766-4255

Sent 2021-07-16: Video of Special SEPO Board Meeting held on July 15, 2021 - 

The Special SEPO Board meeting held on July 15, 2021 @ 1:00 PM was a Hybrid meeting. Retzlaff Hall was open to Board members and those residents and renters who wished to attend in person. This meeting was recorded and can be viewed directly from HERE. This same file can also be viewed from the Board Meetings page on the Sunshine Web site HERE. The minutes from this meeting will be published soon. If you have any questions about this video or issues with viewing it, please let me know.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Board Secretary   314-960-6710


Sent 2021-07-14: Removal of SEPO Property - 

It has come to the Board’s attention that a false rumor has been circulating in Sunshine concerning materials and properties located within the SEPO Storage Lot shed area, which is located north of W Iowa Ave. Some of the materials stored in this area are sand for our golf course bunkers, rocks, lumber used to create forms for our golf cart pathways and other stone and brick materials. These items are all SEPO property used by the Board Director in charge of the golf course to operate and maintain our Par 3 nine-hole golf course.
Recently a resident donated several stone-like concrete blocks to SEPO for use on the golf course. These blocks were placed in this storage area for future use. We were informed someone removed these blocks from the storage area and placed them in their yard. When they were approached, the resident said it was ok to do so because they had been told by other resident(s) that anything in the Storage Lot shed area could be removed and used by any resident. The resident was informed this is not true and the blocks needed to be returned.
In conclusion, this is a friendly reminder (or maybe you are hearing it for the first time) that the materials located in the Storage Lot shed area are not available for use by SEPO residents at their home. This material is owned by SEPO and should not be removed.
SEPO Board

Sent 2021-07-14: Neighborhood Watch - CERT meeting Monday 19 July 3pm Retz Hall - 
Dear Friends - Whether you are a volunteer or not, please come to our meeting.  We will have a great show 'n tell and meet some special guests that I know you will enjoy.     Refreshments served    Coffee's on.  😊❤

Watch – CERT Team  (Est. 2008)
SCCE - Harlingen’s premier NW & CERT Team.
Lights On --  Lock Up  and Look Out for each other!


       Lenore J. Combs,  Coordinator  956 245 1276

Invitation Reminder to SCCE:
           Monday 19 July  3pm  Retzlaff Hall
Meet n Greet,  Fellowship,  Refreshments and… 
Special Guests:
Harlingen Police Department:

  Assistant Chief of Police - Miryam Anderson,
  Sgt. Charles Fechner – Special Services District Representative, NW Liaison
Harlingen Fire Department – CERT Team  (Station 8)
Admin Staff and 109 Firefighters are responsible for Fire & Rescue Services
City of Combes Public Safety – Police Department

Chief of Police - Patrick Quill
South Texas EMS and Paramedic Service 
Pete Moreno, Director of Support Services & Training 
Our Neighborhood Watch – CERT Team members take this time to invite all of Sunshine to enjoy this visit.  Please come for a short time to meet and welcome our heroes who serve and protect us.  They also are staunch supporters of Sunshine’s premier NW-CERT Team.  Prior to COVID-19, we had many an interesting meeting with them, classes, practical demonstrations and other joint opportunities such as National Night Out.  Let’s take this opportunity to reunite friendships and begin a new start.
Great refreshments to be served.  Coffee’s always on.  You won’t regret this time.
We shall also set up a walkaround educational table for Neighborhood Watch, CERT, Citizens Police Academy and more.  John will have the AED out, Hands-Only CPR info, First Aid, the STOP- THE - BLEED Bag and other educational information available.
Lenore J. Combs 956 245 1276
Coordinator NW-CERT


Sent 2021-07-12: TIME SENSITIVE: pool closure - 

The swimming pool will be closing at 9:00 tonight only.  It will reopen tomorrow morning in time for exercise classes.  Chemicals will be applied tonight.
A new part has been ordered for the hot tub to replace the defective one we received about a month ago.  It worked well for 3 weeks.  Plans are to get the hot tub up and running as soon as possible.

Jean Burgoine

Sent 2021-07-12: AGENDA for Board Meeting on Thursday, July 15, 2021 @ 1:00 PM CT - 

Later today you will be able to view/print the agenda on/from the Sunshine Web site by clicking HERE.

Valerie will also be posting it outside her office and on the poolside door to Retzlaff Hall this morning.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Board Secretary     314-960-6710

Sent 2021-07-11: SEPO June 2021 Financials - 

Fellow Homeowners, Beth has posted the June Financials on the Sunshine Web site HERE. Please let me know if you have any question regarding the information. Thanks 
Mecca Henry     Treasurer   SEPO   (469) 766-4245

Sent 2021-07-11: MARKETPLACE: Sunshine Home for Rent - 

This listing has also been posted on the Sunshine Web site HERE.


Now available: prefer a lease for 6 months or more, $$ contingent on length of stay
4332 N Minnesota Street
Contact: Marlene @ 641-351-9973 or Nile @ 641-351-8996, email:

  • 2 Bedroom, Brick Home

  • 1 Large K size bedroom, 1 full size bed, closets in both bedrooms

  • 1 ½ bath (walk in shower plus toilet and sinks located between bedrooms) (1/2 bath off of main living area)

  • Open concept of spacious L.R., Dining area, Kitchen

  • All tile floors

  • 55 inch TV

  • Laundry in roomy 1 car garage attached

  • Carefree outside maintenance provided

  • Fully furnished Kitchen cookware, dinnerware, Dining room table and chairs, 2 large sofas

  • Possible golf cart rental available by the month

  • Walk in ready home to enjoy all the events and attractions (golf, pool, tennis, pickleball, shuffleboard, exercise equipment, cards, …)

Pictures available via phone request for those seriously interested.     Marlene Hall

Sent 2021-07-11: MARKETPLACE: Sunshine Home for Sale - 

This listing has also been posted on the Sunshine Web site HERE.

House for Sale: 4224 N Minnesota St


Owner Stan and Sylvia Nelson 


Phone 956 440 8110

  • 2 bedroom 2 bath brick home

  • 1625 Sq. Ft.

  • Plus texas room

  • Screened in patio

  • Oversized garage 

  • New roof 3 years ago

  • Kitchen remodeled 3 months ago

  • Wood tone vinyl floors throughout 

  • Never been flooded

Stan Nelson

Sent 2021-07-07: HELP: Need Sump Pump to prevent house flooding - 

My house is in danger of flooding if we get the additional rain that is predicted. Does anyone have a sump pump that I could borrow? If so, please call me at 972-567-8665.     Mark Owen

Sent 2021-07-04: MARKETPLACE: For Sale - 2019 stihl Gas Powered hedge trimmer - 

See the Sunshine Web site for a new item added to the MARKETPLACE. Pictures Included.

  • Contact:

  • Description:​

    • 3 yr old gas hedge trimmer, with blade scabbard and user manual.

    • Perfect condition.

    • No more hedges, so don't need

  • Pricing:

    • $100.00


Sent 2021-07-04: UPDATED: Sunshine Directories - 

It's been a while since the Sunshine Directories have been updated on the Web site. Our community has had several comings and goings since the last update. So please check out the updated directories, dated 06-30-2021, HERE.

The 2021 New Resident photo page has also been updated.

If anyone has any corrections that need to be made, please let me know. Thx

Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin     E-Mail:     314-960-6710

Sent 2021-07-04: AGAIN - VOLUNTEER NEEDED: Women's Club SEPO Newsletter Editor - 

I thought I would send this again to inform you that I haven't heard from anyone concerning taking over as Sunshine Newsletter Editor.
What I’m proposing ongoing is that the Primary Newsletter Editor:

  1. Prepare the SEPO E-News e-mails to send out for –

    1. the initial e--mail notice (sent on the 17th) that Newsletter articles are due by the 24th of the Month.

    2. the final e-mail notice (sent on the 23rd) that Newsletter articles are due by the 24th of the Month.

      These e-mails generally don’t change much, if any, from month to month.

  2. Once the editor receives an article ensure the sender is notified within 24 hrs that it was received. This is a canned reply to the sender's e-mail.

  3. Review the article for content and accuracy of data and work with the sender to get the article finalized.

  4. Combine all of the finalized articles and format/create the Newsletter.

  5. Send the ‘final’ newsletter document to the SEPO Communications Manager (Beth Parrish) for publication.

  6. The Primary Editor will also be responsible for maintaining the Newsletter Guidelines on the Web site.

The next steps I’m proposing is that I, Beth Parrish, (as the Secondary Newsletter Editor & SEPO Communications Mgr):

  1. Review the final Newsletter sent to me by the Primary Editor.

  2. Add any applicable Web site links or anything else that may be applicable (i.e. attachments).

  3. Send out the Newsletter to the community via SEPO E-News e-mail prior to the first of the following month.

  4. Send the Newsletter to the SEPO Office to be printed and posted in the Library.

  5. Post it on the Sunshine Web site HERE.

With all of that said, I will be willing to work with the new Primary Editor for as long as it takes for that person to feel comfortable doing her tasks on her own. The first e-mail that needs to be sent soliciting articles doesn’t need to go out until September 17. I would love to start working with a volunteer by September 1, 2021 at the latest.
Please feel free to call me at any time with questions. I look forward to working with one of you ladies on this.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Newsletter Editor     E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-07-02: MARKETPLACE: For Sale (as priced or offer) - 

We have several items for sale. They are viewable in the Sunshine Marketplace HERE.

Contact: John or Donna Magyar

Sent 2021-07-02: UNAPPROVED: SEPO Board Meeting Minutes, June 24, 2021 - 

The UNAPPROVED SEPO Board Meeting Minutes from June 24, 2021 are posted on the Sunshine Web site and can be viewed/printed from HERE.

Respectively Submitted,     Beth Parrish   SEPO Board Secretary


Sent 2021-07-02: Former Resident Passing - 

I have been informed that former resident, Jane Gilvin, mother of current resident Terry DeBackere and grandmother of current resident Paula Janson, passed away last Monday, June 28, 2021.     Bonnie Fransene

Sent 2021-07-02: Hot Tub - 

Sorry Folks.   The hot tub will not be hot for a awhile.  You can still sit in the tub and enjoy the bubbly water.  The part we ordered last time is defective.  We are in the process of returning it and getting another.  The pool is fully operational.     Jean Burgoine

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