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WC Activity Directory Responsibilities

(Updated January 1, 2022)

  1. Set a ‘next season’ Event Planning meeting date within the first 10 days in February each year.

  2. Reserve a meeting room/area for 20-25 people for 1½ to 2 hrs.

  3. Select a committee of planners. The more people, the more ideas for the next season.

  4. Send out invites to those selected. Ask them to come to the meeting with event ideas. The attendee list should include:
    a.  Women's Club Officers
    b.  Women’s Golf President
    c.   Past Chairpersons of events
    d.  Those you feel would contribute
    e.   This is also a good time to start involving New Homeowners.


  5. Have a blank calendar available to hand out to all participants.
    a.   List any known events on the calendar -
           1)  SEPO has priority with:
                a)  1st - Board & Residents 

                  b)  2nd - Good Neighbor Golf Tournament

             2)    Women’s Club Activities have the next priority

                  a)    You should try and work around the following –

                         i)  Harlingen concert series (Lassey may be able to help with this.)

                         ii) Sunshine RV Park (Encore) Concerts (check with Encore Activities Director)

                        iii) Sunshine RV Park (Encore) Events (Lenore Combs may be able to help with this.)


 6. Women's Club By-laws require one event every month from October through March.


 7.  At the meeting:

a.  Get ideas for every event. If a theme is required/desired for an event (such as the New Homeowners’          Party) it is the Chairperson(s) choice to determine theme.

b.  Set dates for every event.

c.  Try to get Chairpersons finalized at the meeting or get suggestions of Chairpersons to follow up with.

 8.  The Women's Club President must submit the Events with their Dates to the SEPO Board (by the deadline          the board specifies, which is normally the March Board Meeting) for approval.

 9.  After approved –

a.  The Activity Director puts the events in:

             i.  a SEPO Community E-Mail (

            ii.  the SEPO Inside Sunshine Newsletter (

b.  The SEPO Web site administrator posts the information on the web (

 10.  When the Chairpersons have volunteered, give them each a copy of the Women's Club Activity
        Committee Guidelines & Checklist documents

 a.  Copies of these are available in the Women’s Club file cabinet in the SEPO office and on the SEPO             Web site Guidelines & Checklist page.

 11.  Be sure to attend each event’s first committee planning session and as many meetings after that as you feel         necessary.

 12.  Committee Signup Sheets (in the library) -

         a.  Current season’s sheets -

               i.  Leave all sheets posted until after the last event of the season.

              ii.  After an event is complete, put an ‘Event Completed Successfully’ sign over the committee signup                        sheet.


              iii. After the last event of a season take down the original sheets and -

                  1)  Put the original sheets in each event’s documentation folder in the Women's Club File                                        Cabinet.

                  2)  Put one copy in each event’s documentation folder maintained by the Activity Director.

                  3)   Give one copy to the Historian for her records.

   b.  Next season’s sheets -

                i.  Create the sheets as soon as events/dates have been approved. (LaDonna Harvey is usually                               willing to create these.)

               ii.  Post them in the library as soon as the current season’s sheets are removed and send an e-mail to                       encourage volunteers to sign up.

              iii.  Update information on the sheets as called for (changes in Chairpersons, Themes etc.)

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