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 Activities: (2020: Summer

 Additional Details 

 GARAGE SALE (Fri, Sat & Sun - October 1-2-3, 2020)  COMPLETE


 Sent 2020-09-30: Garage Sale in Sunshine - 

Dear Friends - Several familieS are planning a Garage Sale - Thurs  Fri  Sat  1 - 2- 3 October   9am - 3pm 
I would like some volunteers for Neighborhood Watch Patrol during this time. Contact me for questions, Thanks
-- Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276   Coordinator SCCE NW - CERT

Garage Sale (2020-10-1/2/3)

 GARAGE SALE (Fri & Sat, September 25 & 26, 2020)  COMPLETE


 Sent 2020-09-24: Neighborhood Watch Patrol needed for Garage Sale this weekend - 

Garage Sale (2020-09-25/26)
Garage Sale Need NW Volunteers.jpg
Labor Day Golf Cart Cavalcade (2020-09-07)




Dear Friends,

We have permission for a tribute for labor Day. Everyone is invited. Hopefully we will have a great turn-out. Covid-19 restrictions prevail.

This notice will be posted on the usual areas: White board at Office, Pool Doors, Women's Club Bulletin Board by the Mail Box, the Package Pick-up room, exercise Room and Card room. etc.

Call me for concerns.
Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276  😷❤

SCCE Labor Day Parade 2020.jpg
July 4th Golf Cart Parade (2020-07-04)

 July 4th Holiday Parade (Saturday, July 4, 2020)  COMPLETE


 Sent 2020-07-03: July 4th Holiday Parade Saturday 7pm - 

Dear Friends -  🎼       😊
We shall have a July 4th Celebration Parade in honor of Independence Day.  
Golf Cart Line up at Office 7pm    🕖    
Covid rules are in order   *social distance,  have *masks available
Corvid - 19 has challenged our lifestyle but not our spirit.  Independence Day is an important holiday and a symbol of patriotism.  Its most common image is our American Flag and the accompaniment of our National Anthem.  
George Washington issued double rations of rum to all his soldiers to mark the anniversary of Independence Day but we will savor a virtual Hot Dog and Root Beer Float    🌭🍧   yum  yum
God Bless America  --     Lenore J Combs  956 1276

Memorial Day Program (2020-05-25)

 Memorial Day Program (Monday - May 25, 2020)  COMPLETE


 Sent 2020-05-23: Memorial Day 2020 Monday 25 MAY at 3pm sharp - 

Dear SEPO Friends, You are cordially invited and most encouraged to join us on Monday at the Flag Pole by the SEPO Office.  Help get the word out, please.
We shall start our brief Memorial Day remembrance at 3pm sharp. Come as you are - in a golf cart or lawn chair.  Upon arrival, simply park in your social space and enjoy the ceremony.  Dress for the heat and have a cool beverage handy.
Social distancing is paramount. Masks are encouraged.  SEPO rules are in effect for Corvid19.
Randy Nicholas, John and I will lead a brief program honoring our deceased Veterans and our recently deceased SEPO friends.
Memorial Day (Decoration Day) is a somber day to honor our military fallen and because of recent Covid restrictions, we shall also remember our SEPO family and friends who have passed this year. 
This National Moment of Remembrance at 3pm is to remind us and future generations about the real meaning of this holiday.
Call me for questions.
Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276.
John & Lenore  US Air Force Veterans
Randy Nicholas  US Army Veteran


 Sent 2020-05-18: SCCE Memorial Day plans Monday 25 May 3pm - 

This document outlines a Memorial Day Program for SCCE. This ceremony will be held next Monday, May 25 @ 3PM either by the Gazebo or the Flag Pole (depending on weather and mosquitos). All Social Distancing rules remain in effect. Please contact me if you have any issues viewing the program information.

--  Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276

Golf Cart Parade (2020-04-26)

 Golf Cart Parade (Sunday - Apr 26, 2020)  COMPLETE


 Sent 2020-04-22: The Next Golf Cart Parade - 

We had so much fun last Sunday we're going to have another Golf Cart Parade this coming Sunday 4/26 at 6:30. Gather in front of the office - same as last week. Social distancing and the wearing of masks rules still apply. So come on out and join us.     Kay Sluyter


PS from Beth: Since last Sunday I have added a video and some pictures of the parade spectators to the Web site HERE. Thank you to Spencer Smith.

Golf Cart Parade (2020-04-19)

 Golf Cart Parade (Sunday - Apr 19, 2020)  COMPLETE

 Sent 2020-04-22: More Parade Pictures/Video - 

Since last Sunday I have added a video and some pictures of the parade spectators to the Web site HERE. Thank you to Spencer Smith.     Beth Parrish

 Sent 2020-04-19: Golf Cart Parade Pictures - 

I would say the Golf Cart Parade traveling throughout Sunshine this evening, organized by Kay Sluyter, was a success. I took several pictures and have posted them on the Web site. It appeared to me everyone was having a fun time even in this heat. If anyone has any other pictures I can post, please get them to me. Thanks Kay and the pictures are HERE.     Beth Parrish (314-960-6710)

 Sent 2020-04-16: Golf Card Parade - 

I recently put a message out on FB about a golf cart parade on Sunday 4/19 at 4:30. I’ve been told that the temperature is going to be 101. So I talked to a few people about changing the time to 6:30, hoping for a cooldown with a slight breeze!  I hope this works for everyone and hope to see you at the front parking area in front of the office around 6:30. Should be fun and a way to get out and see our neighbors without breaking the social distancing rules.  Wear your masks!!     Kay Sluyter

PS from Beth: Bring your cameras to take pictures for the Web site so that our friends who aren't here can enjoy the parade with us - just digitally.

Beth Parrish

SEPO Web site Admin



WC - Resident Photos on Web

 Women's Club Activity 

Resident Photo Directory - Web site (Summer 2020)  COMPLETE

 Sent 2020-04-16: YAY - Resident Photos on Web site - 

Well all - I hope you are as excited about the final product as I am. I will have to say I learned a lot about the Web site during this process. One thing is  - I did find there's lots of Shapes, Sizes, Color etc that I can change if anyone wants to make constructive suggestions to anything I've done with the photos.

I have uploaded all of the Resident Photos that were included in the 2020 Photo Book. This page also includes:

  • any New Homeowners who were not yet our neighbors when the book was being created

  • any Homeowners who have either sold their homes in Sunshine since there picture was taken or have passed away.

I also created a page of ONLY new Sunshine Residents during 2020, provided to me by the Office Manager Valerie.

For ease in finding these pages, I have included the direct links above. Ongoing these pages can be found by going to and following the links provided.


If you need assistance with anything at all concerning this, please give me a call.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions on the format, etc of these photo pages. And again, I hope you like them. ENJOY

Beth Parrish
SEPO Web site Admin


 Sent 2020-03-14: Resident Photos on Web site - 

Today I got copies from Debbie Robins of all of the resident photos that were put in the Photo Directory. My intent is to eventually get them on the Web site - somehow. With that said I will be working on this endeavor over the summer and will let everyone know when I have completed it. I'm just too pooped to work on it now and I want to do a good job with it. Thanks for your patience.

Beth Parrish

SEPO Web site Admin



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