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Event: Golf Cart Parade

Date: 04-19-2020

Day / Time: Sunday / 6:30 PM

Details: See details and pictures below.


YOU'RE INVITED: Golf Cart Parade

Let's have a Golf Cart Parade on Sunday 4/19 at 6:30. I’ve been told that the temperature is going to be 101 on Sunday so we are starting at 6:30, hoping for a cooldown with a slight breeze! I hope this works for everyone and hope to see you at the front parking area in front of the office around 6:30. Should be fun and a way to get out and see our neighbors without breaking the social distancing rules.  Wear your masks!!     Kay Sluyter

I think everyone should be able to view this video. If you can't please contact Beth (314-960-6710)

 See Participants Here 

 (Spectators are after Participants) 

 See Spectators Here 


Event: Quilt Show (via Cart, Car, Bike or Foot)

Date: 04-13-2020

Day / Time: Monday / 4 to 7 PM

Club: Killer Bees Quilters

Details: See details and a few pictures below.

Pictures: Click HERE to see all of the pictures sent to the Web site Admin



YOU'RE INVITED: Outdoor Quilt Show

On Monday, April 13 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, the Killer Bees will try to bring some cheer to Sunshine Estates. We will be having an outdoor, drive-by (walk-by, bicycle-by) Quilt Show.  
Please keep in mind that this is for Estates residents only and please keep in mind social distancing. With the new Cameron County rules, face masks are needed if you are outdoors.

Also, keeping safety in mind, PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE QUILTS
Even if you have not registered with us, you are welcome to join us by hanging a quilt on your porch, etc.

Below you will see just a FEW of the beautiful quilts that were on display. Click HERE to see many, many more.

REMEMBER: Click HERE to see all of the pictures sent to the Web site Admin


Event: Shrimp Boil and Mardi Gras

Date: 03-13-2020

Day: Friday

Club: Women's Club

Co-Chairs: Cathy Chajec & Linda Jones

Shrimp Boil Poster.jpg


Event: Goofy Golf & Picnic

Date: 11-18-2018

Day: Sunday

Club: Women's Club

Co-Chairs: Janis & Derek McFee

Watch a video of some of the Goofy Golf efforts.


Event: Saying Goodbye to the Tree on TX Ave

Date: Dec 2018

Day: Monday

Organizer: Pat Harvey



Event: Casino Night

Date: 02-23-2019

Day: Saturday

Club: Women's Club

Co-Chairs: Dale Hopfner & Sherri Gardner

Thanks to all of the great volunteers and especially the Co-Chairs, who helped make this Another Successful Casino Night!


Event: Crafty Creations by Heidi (Lighthouse)

Date: 03-18-2019 & 03-29-2019

Day: Wednesday & Friday

Club: Crafty Creations by heidi

Chairperson: Heidi Dill




Currently all other Lighthouse pictures can be found by clicking here.