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 Activities: Women's Club  "LEGEND"


(Winter: 2024-2025)

Sent 2024-02-14: Women's Club activity planning meeting - 

This is a final reminder of the upcoming Women's Club activity planning meeting. It will be this Friday, February 16th following the Women's Club meeting in Retzlaff Hall. Please come help plan a fun and exciting new season of activities here in Sunshine Estates. We already have a lot of great ideas, but your input is always valuable and wanted. Hope to see many of you there!

- Jill Ventrello,     Women's Club Activities Director

Sent 2024-02-08: Women's Club planning meeting: Activities for 2024-2025 Season - 

Just a reminder of the upcoming Women's Club meeting next Friday the 16th @ 9:00am in Retzlaff Hall. And following that meeting is our annual Women's Club planning meeting. This is your opportunity to have a say in what activities and events you would like to see scheduled for the 2024-25 season. Come and share your ideas!     - Jill Ventrello,   Women's Club Activity Director

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