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Activities: Special (2023 Summer)
Additional Details


Pool & Hot Tub Closed (May 15-19, 2023 COMPLETE 

Sent 2023-05-20: Pool Update (Saturday May 20) - 

Hi: A Saturday morning update on pool. Pool is ready to use---Enjoy!! The hot tub can be used, but the jet are off! The motor that runs the jets is the one that has parts ordered. Hopefully by Monday!!!

Thanks everyone for your patience.

- Jim Kennedy

Sent 2023-05-19: Pool Update - 

Hi: Quick progress report on pool and hot tub!! There was a tear in one of the filters and that has been ordered. Lalo has worked his tail off switching filters to get things in line as quickly as possible. To get things done the “right way” – let’s put off using the pool for another day. When I get the green light, I’ll let you know. Hope it will be worth the wait!!! Thanks again for you patience.     Jim Kennedy


Sent 2023-05-19: Pool Update - 

FYI - Jim sent this to me yesterday at 4 PM but I was unable to get it sent out. Beth


Hi: Because of weather and some glitches that have popped up with filters and pumps, am sorry to say the pool and hot tub will not be open Friday. The good news is that both the hot tub and pool look great! With the addition of some chemicals and tender care everything should be soon back to normal.


Thank you everyone for your patience while this is being done!!!!!

- Jim Kennedy

Sent 2023-05-09: Pool and Hot Tub Closed - 

Pool And Hot Tub will be Closed for Cleaning


Pool and Hot Tub Is going to be completely drained and cleaned with Acid Solution next week Mon-Thurs May 15-18

We will update you on Thursday with the status of Maintenance

Thank you
Jim Kennedy

Pool & Hot Tub (2023-04-15 thru 19) COMPLETE
Calling All Dogs and Cats (PERIODIC)


Calling All Dogs and Cats too! (May 16, 2023)  COMPLETE 

Sent 2023-05-11: Calling All Dogs and Cats too! - 

Hey Everyone,

Sandra Delaunay will be coming to the Estates on Tuesday, May16th, 2023, to take care of your pet's nails. She will be starting at 11:00 am. The cost is ten dollars per pet.

Please text Sandra and she will schedule your appointment. Sandra's number is 956-226-9919. Sandra will come to your home.


Marian Young

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