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Here you will find E-Mails that have been sent to the SEPO Community in Feb 2019. 

Sent 02-28-2019: Men's Golf Tournament - 

Due to the impending nasty weather on next Monday and Tuesday ( 3/4 & 3/5), the Men's Golf Tournament Will be postponed until the following Monday and Tuesday (3/11 & 3/12). The regular Tuesday Men's Golf will be available for those hearty souls that wish to play on March 5th.     Mark Owen


Sent 02-28-2019: 2020 Rental Needed - 

Residents, we have sold our home here but would like to rent a place for the months of Feb & March next year. Please call us at 713-239-1327 if you have anything available. Thanks, Linda & Russell Abernethy


Ballots cast: 266
Covenants proposals:

  • Annual Assessment Change: 85, failed

  • Golf Course Fence : 175, failed

  • C.A.R.E. : 55, failed

  • Gate proposal: 81, failed


  • Jerry Utterback, 140, elected

  • Mark Owen, 134, elected

  • Frank Tewell, 134, elected

  • Larry Keller, 115

  • Grace Clark, 85

  • Tiffany Prater, 68

  • Marian Young, 62

  • Roy Robbins. 59

John Chajec (Board Secretary)

Sent 02-28-2019: St. Pat's Day Party - 

Mark Your Calendar! You are all invited to attend the St. Pat's Day Celebration on Sunday, March 17. Be sure to have your Green on. The fun starts at 4 PM in the Pavilion. Please bring finger food to share with your friends and neighbors. Liquid refreshment will be provided (until the well runs dry!). Hope to see you there.     Derek McFee

Sent 02-27-2019: LOST CAT HAS COME HOME - 

WHEW - Bosley came walking up our driveway looking like he just woke up from a nap. Only he knows where he was! Thanks to everyone who was out there looking with us.     Mike and Nancy Garrett
Sent 02-27-2019: LOST CAT IN  SUNSHINE -

LOST CAT, Mike and Nancy Garrett, gray cat got out of house, please keep an eye out for him, no collar, gray thin old cat. His name is Bosley.     Thank you....816-797-4937


Sent 02-27-2019: W. Montana Road Closure - 

On Thursday, February 28th, the City of Harlingen will have W. Montana Ave. closed for the entire day for construction at 2016 W. Montana. Ave. This will prohibit thru traffic on W. Montana Ave. The city has assured us that the work will be completed in one day. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.     Larry & Lehua Keller

Sent 02-26-2019: Casino Night Thanks you -

Well, another successful Casino night has come and gone! We would just like to thank everyone for their support of this event, not only this year but over the past 6 years!
We never knew that Casino night would grow into such a popular event, but we are sure glad it did. Without the large number of volunteers it takes to run this event, our success would not have been possible. We are so grateful to all who have volunteered their time, effort and financial support to our Casino night. As well as to all of our Sponsors and all who attended our event and helped to make it one fun and exciting evening!
Thank you as well to all who sing our praises, it is very much appreciated but humbling. Because it really does "take a village" and what a village we have here in Sunshine Estates. Please keep supporting the Women's Club events, as well as all the other events that make our community so fun and vibrant!
See y'all around Sunshine and thanks again!
Most sincerely
Dale Hopfner & Sherri Gardner
Past Casino night co-chairs

Sent 02-26-2019: SEPO Mar 2019 Newsletter - 

This Newsletter can be found on the Web site here.

Sent 02-26-2019: BIBLE STUDY/MOVIE GROUP - 

As announced last evening, our next meeting will be Monday night March 11th, NOT NEXT WEEK Mar 4th. I will post notices and e-mail regarding the meeting on March 11th.  
QUESTIONS CALL   Warren 314 719 6532

Sent 02-26-2019: In Memoriam pages on Web site - 

Today I finally got around to 'starting' the "In Memoriam" section of the Web site

It's taking longer than I had anticipated so I'm calling it quits for tonight. I do have the years 2017 to 2019 out there and plan to add names back to 2009 as was listed on the previous Web site that Stan Nelson had maintained. If you see anyone missing or anything else that might need corrected, please let me know.
Beth Parrish


Sent 02-26-2019: Names of Deceased - 

Please make a note everyone of the fact that Valerie in the office will be keeping the names of all residents or former residents that we lose during the year. So if you know of anyone who dies, please notify Valerie.
Thank You     Dick Shelton   SEPO Board President


Sent 02-25-2019: CORRECTION: Crafty Creations Class Signup on Web Site - 

Hi - This is Beth. In my haste to help Heidi get her reminder e-mail out, I inadvertently had a typo in the Web site address where the details are listed. It should have been

( Scroll down the page to view the details.
You know what they say "haste makes waste". Sorry about that.     Beth Parrish

Sent 02-25-2019: REMINDER: Crafty Creations Class Signup - 

Just a reminder that signup for the Crafty Creations Class started this morning at 9 AM in the Library. All the info you need to make your craft choice is posted there and on the Web site ( Sign up early as class size is limited.
We're going to have LOTS OF FUN !!     -Heidi Dill :0]

Sent 02-25-2019: March Newsletter Deadline - 

Residents, it's that time again to get your items to me for the March Newsletter. Please have them to me by the 26th at Once I have received your articles I will send a message back to you so that you know that I have in fact gotten it. This will be the last issue for this season.
Thanks, Linda Abernethy, Editor

Sent 02-24-2019: Men's Golf Tournament - 

The Men's Golf Tournament is Monday and Tuesday, March 4th and 5th. There is a sign up sheet on the Men's Golf bulletin board. If you are planning to play in the tournament, please place a check mark beside your name by the end of the day on Friday, March 1st.     Mark Owen   President   Men's Golf

Sent 02-24-2019: GUYS and DOLLS GOLF TOURNAMENT - 

     GET READY -- on Friday and Saturday March 22nd and 23rd there will be a GUYS and DOLLS   golf tournament. Teams will be made up of --    guess      -- yes, one male and one female.
     Play will follow typical scramble format, although rules will be published to avoid any confusion.
     Three sign-up sheets for golfers will be posted in the lounge on March 5th.

  1. One, for a Guy and a Doll (a team) who already know they will play as a team, and fees will be tendered. (cash)

  2. Another, for an unmatched GUY.

  3. And, a third, for an unmatched DOLL.

     These last two lists will include space for phone numbers so that teams can be arranged by the individuals. Fees will not be paid until a team is established and the main list is signed, and names scratched from the individual lists.

     Dinner and awards for CTP and score will take place on Saturday, early evening. The food served, (pre-plated buffet style) will be provided by Dave's BBQ on Commerce street. The $20 golf fee includes the dinner. Residents who wish to come for the ‘dinner only’ are certainly welcome for a cost of $11.
     This is what we know so far. Keep your eyes on the Bulletin Boards in the Library and other Community News sources for further details.
(Questions?  Gus Elliott 618-377-2813)

Sent 02-24-2019: CORRECTION: Craft Creations Club (Class Info) - 

Hi All -  When helping Heidi send out her info earlier about the Crafty Creations Club first class I goofed on the first class DAY. It is:
•    First Class: Monday, March 18 from 1-3 PM
•    Second Class: Friday, March 29 from 10 AM to Noon

I have also corrected the Web site pages referred to in the previous e-mail - see below for those links. Heidi currently has the info on the easel in the Library with the signup beginning at 9 AM on Monday, Feb 25. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused. She hopes for a great turnout for this new venture. Please come out and support her.    Beth Parrish


Sent 02-23-2019: Casino Night Tickets for Sale - 

2 tickets to tonight’s Casino Night event for sale. Call Lehua at 615-260-0426


Sent 02-23-2019: Craft Creations Club (Class Info) - 

Hello Sunshine Peeps!!    I’m starting a new club in our Estates, called Crafty Creations!

It’s for all those interested in maybe learning something new, or for those who just need to get your “craft fix”!!

There will be two classes to create your first Craft - 

  • First Class: Monday, March18 from 1-3 PM

  • Second Class: Friday, March 29 from 10 AM to Noon

Our first project will be a Clay Pot Lighthouse. Since our e-mail system can't forward attachments it is posted on the Web site under UPCOMING EVENTS ( and under Amenities ( The picture is of the large model of the Lighthouse. You will choose the size you wish to create. The poster containing additional information i.e. signup, costs etc. is also displayed.

Sorry, each class is limited to the first 25 people who are registered and paid (cash only). If you do not pay immediately when signing up the next person on the list takes your spot. Registration opens at 9 AM on Monday, Feb 25 in the Library. Hope you will join us!!!     -Heidi Dill :0]


Sent 02-22-2019: Squares/Bars for Casino night -  

To all the ladies that have volunteered to make squares/bars for Casino Night, please remember to please make something that is not too sticky and needs no refrigeration. It's really helpful if you line the pan with parchment first, so much easier to get it out of the pan when your doing 18 pans. Please bring to Retzlaff Hall between 9 & 10 am tomorrow. If I'm not there when you deliver, please mark your name on the pan so I can keep track. Thanks to you all, Linda Abernethy

Sent 02-22-2019: Big Can Collection for Loaves & Fishes - 

Can we build a pyramid of cans in the Library? Loaves & Fishes gratefully welcomes our donations of gallon size cans of fruit & vegetables. Please bring your cans to the Library February 25th – March 22nd.
Thank you in advance for your generous donation.     Lorraine Lewis & Eileen Anderson


Sent 02-22-2019: 2-Page Activity Sheet - 

You wouldn't think that the Sunshine 2018-2019 winter season 2-page Activities List would be volatile at this point in the season would you? But, OH CONTRAR, it is changing daily. So Valerie and I have been making updates and we believe we have finalized everything we have been informed about.

She will have copies available in the office soon if you absolutely need a printed copy. I have posted the updated 2-page document on the Web site. You can find it on the Activities Overview page
Scroll down to the “Daily / Weekly / Monthly Activities & Meetings Overview” section and click on the Activities File. If you DON'T see the Quilt Show and you DO see the Craft Creations Classes & the Guys & Dolls Golf Tournament, you have the correct list. Watch for more info soon concerning these new activities. The 'key' has also been updated so you know where the various activities are taking place.

This is hot off the press, so throw away any previous lists you may have accumulated over the season as they are now defunct (spelling?).   Thanks     Beth Parrish and Valerie Basaldua

Sent 02-21-2019: Ticket sold - 

The one casino night ticket I had is sold, sorry.     -heidi dill 😁

Sent 02-21-2019: One casino ticket  - 

I have one casino night ticket available if someone would like to buy it. Text me at 307-272-2440 

-heidi dill 😁

Sent 02-20-2019: House SOLD -  

Russell & Linda Abernethy at 4324 N Missouri St. have sold their property to a couple that are current renters here.     Linda Abernethy

Sent 02-20-2019: Casino night tickets Sold - 

My two tickets for the Casino Night event have been sold.  Thank you for your interest.     Hollie Pickett


Sent 02-20-2019: Birding and Nature Field Trip -

Just a reminder:

  • The Sunshine Birding and Nature Club has invited everyone on a field trip/picnic. Our destination is Estero Llano Grande State Park. There is no charge from Sunshine, but the park has a $5 entry fee per person. They, also, rent binoculars for $3 if you forget yours.

  • Our seasoned club members will be there to lead groups on short or longer walks. This is a wildlife area, so sturdy shoes are recommended (no sandals).

  • We will leave from the library at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, February 25. Carpooling is encouraged. Please, bring your own lunch, drink, binoculars, perhaps a lawn chair as seating is limited at the park. A sign up sheet is in the library.  You're welcome to come even if you forget to sign up.

Jean Burgoine


Sent 02-20-2019: Casino Night Tickets for Sale -

We are unable to attend Casino Night on Saturday, and are selling our tickets. Please call Hollie at 6082932348 if you need tickets for this event.     Hollie Pickett

Sent 02-20-2019: SEPO BOARD ASSIGNMENTS 2019 -

Dick Shelton, President 
Lyn Swonger, 1st Vice President
Frank Tewell, 2nd Vice president
Mark Owen, Treasurer
John Chajec, Secretary
Frank Tewell: Director of Common Area 1

  • Offices & Lounge

  • Pavillion

  • Pool & Hot tub

  • Retzlaff Hall

  • Sun Burst Bldg

Clint Wunderlich: Director of Common Area 2

  • Drainage and Irrigation Ditches

  • Streets and Grounds

  • Texas Ave

Jerry Utterback: Director of Common Area 3

  • Storage & Shop Area

  • Shuffle Board Court

  • Tennis Court

Lyn Swonger: Director of Golf Course

  • Golf Course

  • Equipment

  • Irrigation Maintenance

  • Maintenance Area

From SEPO Board (2019-2020)

Sent 02-19-2019: Bible Study/Movie Group - 

On Monday Feb 25th at 6;00 p.m. in Retzlaf Hall we will be showing two selections from ------

" The Living Christ "     Movie series:- 

                 The Beginning of the Life of Jesus:-      and,   Escape to Egypt 

Questions, call Warren Hertel  314 719 6532                      

Sent 02-19-2019: Joe Millsap Memorial - 

Just a reminder, the memorial for Joe Millsap will be held at 11 A.M tomorrow, Wednesday, February 20th, in Retzlaff Hall.     Karen Baase and Mary Dronen   Memorial Luncheon Committee Co-Chairs


Sent 02-18-2019: Board Meeting Minutes from January 7, 2019 - 

The Jan 7, 2019 SEPO Board Meeting Minutes can be found here.



The Practice session for the 19th has been cancelled. The practice session for February 20th will be 2:30 and 6:30. See updated Schedule below.

  • Monday 2/18/19         1:00

  • Tuesday 2/19/19          Cancelled

  • Wednesday 2/20/19    2:30 and 6:30

Sorry for any inconvenience.  Carolyn 309-253-5543

Sent 02-18-2019: Casino Dealers Reminder - 

Practice sessions are posted in the library. Please try to attend at least one for a refresher and to get instructions for the night of the event.

  • Monday 2/18/19        1:00

  • Tuesday 2/19/19         3:00

  • Wednesday 2/20/19   7:00

Looking forward to seeing you. Any questions please call. Thanks for volunteering.
Carolyn Anderson 309-253-5543

Sent 02-17-2019: Casino Night - 

Casino night is almost here!! This Saturday Feb. 23rd @ 5:30 sharp, the south side pool gate will open. Please remember to bring your tickets for entry!

We will enjoy beverages and dinner in the Pavilion, so dress for the weather!

At 6:30 sharp the Casino doors will open, where you will receive a voucher for  your complimentary $500.00 playing chips. Find yourself a place to sit and redeem your voucher for playing chips from your dealer.

Beverages, dessert bar & popcorn will be available in the Casino all evening.
You will also need to bring some extra cash to purchase 50/50-share the wealth tickets, as well as tickets for our Grand prize raffle. A chance to win either -

  • $500.00 cash - donated anonymously by some of our generous community members

  • $500.00 Estes Park, Co. -  Wildwood Inn gift certificate - donated by Lucille Younglund

  • SPI Getaway - 2 night stay donated by Holiday Inn Express & Suites SPI
    plus complimentary meals at Yummies Bistro & Lobo Del Mar Café

There will also be BINGO in the Library with a new exciting format!!
Once you are done playing (or 9:30 when the tables close), cash in your chips with your dealer for tickets. Then place your tickets in the corresponding basket of the gift you hope to win! Most of these gifts have been donated by some of our generous community members!
The draws will then start, so have Fun and Enjoy your evening!
Thank you to all who donate and volunteer, we can't do this without you!!
Dale Hopfner & Sherri Gardner - co-chairs and our wonderful Casino night Committee


Sent 02-17-2019: Saturday Garage Sale - 

Dear Friends, Great turn out for yesterday. Hope you sold all your treasures - and bought some. 
Apologies for those who may not have made the proposed pick-up from the local Church. I received notice they had to come earlier than expected. I rode around Sunshine a little after 12n trying to give notice but may have missed some of you.
On the other hand, many folks had sold out and had their stuff at curb side. We picked up all that was out about 1:15 pm.
Lenore J Combs   956 245 1276

Sent 02-16-2019: CASINO DEALERS - 
Practice sessions are posted in the library. Please try to attend at least one for a refresher and to get instructions for the night of the event.

  • Monday 2/18/19        1:00

  • Tuesday 2/19/19       3:00

  • Wednesday 2/20/19  7:00

Looking forward to seeing you. Any questions please call. Thanks for volunteering.
Carolyn Anderson   309-253-5543

Sent 02-16-2019: Lost GPS - 

A friend played in the Ladies Invitational this past Wednesday. Contacted me last evening stating she had lost her Golf gps here on the course. It's a small black golf gps. Stated she thought it was a Bushnell. If anyone finds it, please leave it at the office. Thanks     Judi Cripple

Sent 02-16-2019:

There will be a Memorial Service for Joe Millsap on Wednesday, February 20th at 11 A.M., in Retzlaff Hall.     Karen Baase and Mary Dronen   Memorial Luncheon Committee Co-chairs

Sent 02-15-2019:

Dear Friends - THE NEW CODE IS NOT IN OPERATION. Please use the current code as it is. We shall defer the new code until further notice. Humble apologies mucho. Reminder - Neighborhood Watch meeting this Monday 3pm  18 February 2019 in Retzlaffl Hall     Lenore J Combs  956 245 1276

Sent 02-15-2019: Garage Sale Ad - 

I am joining Lenore and John Combs with my own sale items in their garage at 4137 N Minnesota on Saturday, February 16th.  After many years, I am trying to thin out our collection.  I am selling my Raleigh multi speed bike which was used very little and is in great condition, a tandem bike (built for two), two Skill Stop Machines with custom table and many small items.  Saturday, 8 a.m. To 3 p.m.

Share Nelson   309 269 0686

Sent 02-15-2019: Casino tickets for Sale - 

Carol Holman has 2 tickets for sale for casino night 816 520 9107.

Sent 02-14-2019: Major Sunshine Web site Update - 

Today I have made what I consider a 'major update' to the Sunshine Web site ( which I hope will please many of you. Now, after you have obtained the "Resident's Only" Password you simply come back to the Web site and go to the "Password Required" Tab which is under the "Residents Only" tab. After you enter the Password one time, you will have access to all of the Resident Only information from that page.

Questions - Comments - Issues: Please contact - 

Beth Parrish
Sunshine Country Club Web site


Sent 02-14-2019: STAINED GLASS CANCELED - 

Stained glass is canceled this Thursday, Valentines Day, because I have a date. See you next week.  

Cathy Chajec

Sent 02-13-2019: Lost Keys Turned in

Golf cart and mail key were tuned in this morning found at #4.     Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager

Sent 02-13-2019: Casino Night Tickets for Sell by Praters - 

We purchased 2 Casino Tickets @ $20 apiece that we are not going to be able to use. If anyone is interested please contact us at 956-264-0355. At this time we would prefer to sell both of them at the same time. Thanks for your consideration.     Tiffany and Wade Prater


Sent 02-13-2019: House for Sale (Hoffman) - 

We have decided to sell our home and move up north to be closer to our children. Our home is at 1904 W Iowa Ave. Please contact us at 405-627-9508 for more information.     Curtis and Naomi Hoffman

Sent 02-12-2019: BIBLE STUDY/MOVIE GROUP - 

  On Monday Feb 18th at 6:00 p.m. we will be showing a presentation of:--  

                      "HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD"       by Louis Giglio.     What holds us together ??          

This presentation could be of interest to the bible study group studying Psalms.

Questions:-- Warren Hertel     314 719 6532 


Sent 02-12-2019: Women’s Club Meeting - 

The February Women’s Club meeting is this Friday, the 15th at 9:00 am. Coffee and “sweets” provided.

Remember to wear your name tag.     Linda Almond, Secretary.

Sent 02-12--2019: A Special Thanks - 

A special Thanks to the team of Volunteers who came out this dark overcast morning and made short work of removing the badly rotten, dead Cottonwood tree. It's always dicey taking down a rotted tree but with enough experienced hands, it worked out well. It was down and cleaned up in half an hour.  The resident Rat will now have to find a new home. Again - Thanks to the Volunteers for a Job Well Done. 

Pat Harvey - Birding & Nature Club VP

Sent 02-12--2019: Minnesota Get together -  

Minnesota residents residing in Sunshine Estates are invited to attend the annual Minnesota Get Together at the Golden Corral Thursday February 28th @ 1:30 PM. The event will include a dinner at a cost of $11.00 each. Meal tickets can be purchased from Duane and Mary Eich  at 4316 N. Minnesota St. Telephone # 651-341-5004.


Sent 02-10-19: Volunteers needed - 

Next Tuesday morning (2/12/19) at about 9:00 the Birding & Nature club will be taking down a mostly dead Cottonwood tree near the Gazebo. It'll be 60 degrees with a nice north wind to help us. We've got the saws, tractor and trailer lined up but we need volunteers to help with the project. All you need to bring is yourself and probably a pair of gloves. We look forward to seeing you there and Thank You.   

Pat Harvey   Birding & Nature club VP.

Sent 02-10-19: Sunshine Nature and Birding Club Field Trip - 

  • The Sunshine Nature and Birding Club would like to invite everyone on a field trip/ Picnic!

  • Our destination is Estero Llano Grande State Park.   There is no charge from Sunshine, but the park has a $5 entry fee per person.  They also rent binoculars for $3.

  • Our seasoned Nature and Birding Club members will be there and available to lead  groups on a short or longer walk.  This is a wildlife area so wear sturdy shoes for uneven ground.

  • More  information can be found on their website.

  • We will LEAVE FROM the library AT 9:00 a.m. SHARP, on February 25th, Monday. Please bring your own lunch, drink and you may want to bring lawn chairs as seating is limited at the park.

  • A sign up sheet will be in the library soon.

  • If you have questions feel free to call Club secretary, Irene 214 549 3993.  If I don't know the answer I will find it.    We hope you can join us!

Irene Phillips

Sent 02-09-19: Good Neighbor Golf Tournament Banquet - Additional Details - 

Drinks Before Dinner Tonight for GNGT -  
Drinks that would have been available to you today had we played golf will be available beginning at 4:30 PM in the Pavilion area, prior to opening the Retzlaff Hall doors, at 5:15 PM for the Good Neighbor Golf Tournament Awards dinner.     Tony Tramel   GNGT Chairperson​


Sent 02-09-2019: Good Neighbor Golf Tournament Rounds for Saturday are Canceled - 

The scheduled 3rd day of the Good Neighbor Golf Tournament has been canceled due to weather conditions. It is too cold and wet today. The Awards Banquet is tonight at Retzlaff Hall for those who played and their paid guests. Doors will open at 5:15pm and serving is scheduled to begin at 5:30pm. As you enter the hall please select a seat where you want to enjoy your meal in order to ensure the place settings are maintained. We will have a full house tonight. We have had two great days of golf, (well maybe just one weather wise), and we will finish off with the Awards Banquet tonight.  Tony Tramel   GNGT Chairman

Sent 02-08-2019: Womens Golf Guest Day - 

Just another reminder to ladies living in Sunshine Country Club Estates. We welcome all ladies to play in our Golf League Guest Day Tournament on Wed. Feb 13th. Sign up sheet will be on bulletin board in Lounge until noon on Monday the 11th. $2 per person. Always a fun time so come and join us.    Donna


Sent 02-08-2019: GNGT Pelican -

During the GNGT play in the PM on Thu this beautiful pelican graced us with it's presence on Hole #8. It swam around the pond for quite a while before taking a stroll around the pond's edge. Thank You Lehua for this beautiful shot.  Beth Parrish

Sent 02-08-2019: Garage Sale update - 

Dear Friends, I have had several inquiries about the garage sale. It is not an "official" SCCE sale, however, several of us have placed an ad in the "Bargain Book". You are welcome to jump in. Garage Sale  multiple family, etc etc Saturday 16 Feb 8a 3p - will be posted on the 13th. The Methodist Church will do a pick-up at 4pm on Saturday - just leave your treasures at curbside in bags. If you have large items for pick up we need to know in advance so they can have sufficient help. You may sign up with your comments in the Lounge or call me with your intentions. I will request a random NW patrol all day..     Lenore J Combs  956 245 1276

Sent 02-06-2019: Javelina - 

Just a heads up for folks walking near the pond on Minnesota—a javelina was sighted behind Lassey Dahlstrom’s house today.     Laurel Becker



CORRECTION for Monday night  Feb 11  at Retzlaf Hall at 6:00 p.m. The movie that will be shown is:-  " RUTH"  not Esther as previously published. Sorry for this miscue. Ruth is from a stage production of Sight and Sound. 
Question  Warren Hertel   314 719 6532


Sent 02-06-2019: Dumping in the Storage Area - 

It has been brought to our attention that the dump area in the storage has bee improperly used. That area is solely for brush and tree limbs , no wood or any other unauthorized material. Thank you so much and have a blessed day!!     Valerie Basaldua Office Manager


Sent 02-05-2019: Casino tickets - 

There are a couple of Casino tickets left if anyone is interested. Call Deb Robins @ 956-230-3115 while they last, as we will NOT be selling in the Library tomorrow. Thank you for your support!     Casino Committee

Sent 02-05-2019: BIBLE STUDY/MOVIE GROUP -  

On Monday Feb 11th at 6:00 p.m. in Retzlaf Hall we will be showing the movie:   "ESTHER"
 The compete stage production by Sight and Sound Theater     Questions:-- Warren Hertel   314 719 6532

Sent 02-04-2019: Casino night tickets - 

There are a few Casino night tickets left. They will be sold tomorrow, Tuesday February 5th in the Library  from 10am - noon, $20.00 each.     Casino night committee

Sent 02-03-2019: Casino night dealers - 

DEALERS  for CASINO NIGHT---Tickets go on sale tomorrow and Tuesday.  Tickets for dealer and spouse/guest are set aside for you. When purchasing your tickets let them know you are a dealer and they will check your name on the list. Practice sessions will be set up the week prior to the event.  Dates and times will be posted in the library. Your volunteer participation is sincerely appreciated and helps to make this event fun and successful.
Thank you, Carolyn Anderson 309-253-5543


Sent 02-03-2019: SEPO Jan 2019 Financials on Web - 

Depending on which e-mail system you use you may not be able to view clearly the three SEPO Financial Reports that I just sent out for John Chajec (SEPO Treasurer). If you would like to view the 'document' version of this information it is now available on the Sunshine Web site ( under the 'Residents Only' tab. I have added a new Tab called 'SEPO Financials: By Year'. If you have any questions about the Web site don't hesitate to contact Beth Parrish. Questions about the data in the reports should be directed to John.
Beth Parrish   E-Mail:   314-960-6710


Sent 02-03-2019: E-mails containing SEPO Jan 2019 Financials - 

The following reports:




can be found by following the instructions detailed in the e-mail above this one entitled "SEPO Jan 2019 Financials on Web"  Beth Parrish 314-960-6710 

Sent 02-03-2019: Sue Trahan - 

Dear Friends, With sadness, I report that Sue Trahan died peacefully yesterday, the 2nd of February. There will be no service.     Lenore J Combs

Sent 02-01-2019: Updated Resident & Renter Confidential Documents Now on Web site - 

I have updated the following documents and they can now be found on the Web site under the ‘Residents Only’ Tab (

  • Directory – Residents

  • Directory – Renters (still in the process of being finalized, so if you have any updates get them to both Valerie and I)

  • E-Mail Address – Residents

If you still need the password to access this information, just follow the instructions on the Web page I pointed you to above. If you see ANYTHING in ANY of these documents that isn’t accurate, please notify me ASAP at and I will get it corrected and synced with Valerie. I hope everyone gets some benefits from utilizing these documents ongoing.     Beth Parrish

Sent 02-01-2019: LOST KEYS turned in to Office - 

A SET OF KEYS WERE TURNED INTO OFFICE     Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager

Sent 02-01--2019: Garage Sale Saturday 16 February 2019 8am 3pm - 

Dear Friends, You are invited.......

John and I are having a Garage Sale on Saturday the 16th of February from 8am til 3pm.

Millie Noonan and I will plan for a Church pick-up at 4pm for most unsold treasures.  All you do is bag or box up your unsold stuff and leave it at curb side.  If you have large things such as a couch etc.,  let us know ahead off time for these special arrangements.

Neighborhood Watch will have a random patrol all day and HPD/Combes PD will be asked to do a ride about as well.  

Lenore J Combs  956 245 1276

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