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Activities: Special (2018-2019 Winter Season)

Additional Details



Woodshop Cleanup: (01-02-19)  COMPLETE

(From SEPO E-News)

This coming Wednesday, Jan. 2nd at 8 am is our monthly shop clean up day. Hope you an make it. Thanks, Cathy


Birding and Nature Annual Bird Count: (01-05-19)  COMPLETE

From Newsletter (Jan 2019):

The annual Christmas Bird Count will be held on Saturday, January 5 this year. The bird count is held throughout the U.S. It is an attempt to monitor the numbers and types birds found in the United States. Our club has been assigned a specific area to monitor. We will assemble in front of the Warner's house (4117 N. Minnesota) at 7 a.m. to divide into groups. A knowledgeable birder will be assigned to each group. He or she will need a notetaker, and counters to assist. There will not be lots of walking in this activity. Join us if you are interested.

From SEPO E-News (01-03-19):

If you are interested in joining us for the Annual Bird Count, meet at the Warner's house (4117 Minnesota) at 6:45 on Saturday, January 5th. We will divide into groups and head out to count all the birds in the area. Each group will consist of an expert in identifying birds, spotters and counters, and a recorder.  No expertise required in 3 of the four positions. We hope to see all of you at the pot luck. Results of our bird count will be reported.


Birding and Nature Potluck: (01-07-19)  COMPLETE

From SEPO E-News:

There will be a community wide pot luck supper hosted by the Birding and Nature Club on January 7.  Our speaker at this event will be Ranger George Garcia from Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Center.  He is featured in an article on page 2 of today's (Dec. 16) Valley Morning Star.  He should be an interesting and informative speaker.  This event was not planned as a fund raiser although donations will be accepted.  Plates, plastic eating utensils, tea and coffee will be provided.  There will not be a sign up sheet.  We want everyone to come for an evening of fellowship and to learn about the wildlife of South Texas. Just show up with your covered dish.  Doors open at 4:30.  Dinner at 5:00.

From Newsletter (Jan 2019):

Everyone is invited to the Birding and Nature Club's annual potluck dinner on Jan. 7. Doors open at 4:30 with the meal being served at 5 p.m. There is no need to sign up ahead of time and there is no cover fee. Plates, plastic utensils, tea and coffee will be provided. We request that you bring a dish to share. Ranger George from the Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge will be our guest speaker. His topic should be Wildlife Native to the RGV. Please, join us for an informative evening. Later in the spring, we will take a field trip to Laguna Atascosa.  

Our regular meeting time is the first Monday evening of the month at 7 p.m. in the library and is open to all Sunshine residents.

From SEPO E-News (01-03-19):

Just a reminder: The Birding and Nature Club is hosting a community wide Pot Luck on Monday, January 7. Doors open at 4:30 and serving begins at 5.  A brief program will follow the meal. We hope to see all of you at the pot luck. Results of our bird count will be reported.


Woodturning: (01-09-19 & 01-16-19)  COMPLETE

(From SEPO E-News)

Don’t Forget the Great Opportunity to Learn How to Turn Wood!!

On January 9 and 16, there will be a wood turning class given at the SEPO Woodshop from 6:30 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. There is no need to sign up; simply show up. These classes present a great opportunity for SEPO residents to take on a new hobby that will amaze even the woodworker! Hoping to see you on January 9.  We’ll send out another reminder for the January 16 class.

Suzie Sawyer


Woodworkers' Spaghetti Dinner: (01-29-19)  COMPLETE

  • Location: Retzlaff Hall

  • Time: 4:30 - 6:00 pm, Woodworkers' Spaghetti Dinner

  • Contact: Cathy Chajec

  • Tickets went on sale Friday Jan.18. Only 250 tkts available, sells out fast, get your tickets early. $7 per ticket. Tkts available from your friendly Woodworkers. Carry outs and delivery available.


Woodworkers’ News

It’s nice to welcome back the late-comers who finally found their way to the Rio Grande Valley.  Weather here certainly is better than it is in the northern states.  And, business sure has picked up at the Woodshop.

It is also amazing how supportive the people living in our development are of the woodworkers’ group.  The Woodworkers’ Spaghetti Dinner on Tuesday, January 29, is going to be a SOLD OUT event once again.  Our thanks to everyone who purchased tickets.  The woodworkers look forward to serving you dinner on Tuesday. 

The woodworkers have held orientation classes for new woodworkers, refresher classes for monitors at the woodshop, and turning classes for people who want to make their own bowls, vases, and anything else that can be made on a lathe. 


The woodworkers have two meetings a month on the second and fourth Friday at 1:00 p.m. at the woodshop.  February’s meetings will be held on the 8th and 22nd.  Feel free to join us to meet a lot of great guys and gals, now that more women are getting involved.  If you have visitors at your house, feel free to bring them to see woodshop because we believe SEPO has one of the best woodshops in the Rio Grande Valley!


Again, thanks to everyone for ensuring that the Woodworkers’ Spaghetti Dinner will be another great success.


Suzie Sawyer, President



Ladies' Golf Good Neighbor Golf Tournament Lunch (03-07/08-2019)  COMPLETE

(From SEPO E-News) Sent 01-31-2019: Good neighbor golf helpers - 

Next Wed Feb 6th I will need 4 or 5 kitchen helpers (after Women's Golf League) to help prep for our lunch stand during the GN Tournament.  Please give me a call if you can give an hour of your time.  309 714 4743. Thanks in advance...Terry D.


 Sunshine Estates Good Neighbor Golf Tournament (GNGT): (02-07-19 thru 02-09-19)  COMPLETE

(From SEPO E-News and Newsletter; Jan 2019)

Just a quick reminder of the Good Neighbor Golf Tournament scheduled for Thursday Feb 7th through Saturday, February 9th, 2019. 

NOTE: The information concerning dates of registration was in error in the Jan 2019 Newsletter, so please see the corrected dates below.

The cost to register is $50. This includes three days of play at our golf course, liquid refreshments during the event, door prizes, which include gift baskets and golf equipment prizes, golf tournament cash prizes and a great Awards dinner on Saturday evening. 

One of the best deals in the valley!

Besides getting your registration money in early, players will be required to have a fun time. 

This will be the 34th annual Sunshine Estates Good Neighbor Golf Tournament (SSEGNGT). 

Please register early. Registration will commence on Thursday, January 10th through Saturday January 12th from 9:00am until 1:00pm daily in the library.
Hope to see all the SEPO golfers participating in this fun event.

Tony Tramel
2019 Chairperson for Good Neighbor Golf Tournament 
Cell 337-693-6344

(From SEPO E-News 01-10-19Sign Up Tomorrow We Only Have a Limited Number of Spots Left)

Today was the first day to register, (from 9:00AM to 1:00PM,) for the Good Neighbor Golf Tournament in the SEPO Library.
The golf tournament is scheduled for February 7th, 8th and 9th here at our golf course.
We had a great day. We had 137 registrants today. The maximum number of golfers for the tournament is 160 players. That means there are only 23 spots left!

After we reach our maximum of 160 players, we will create a standby list of players, in case someone is unable to play on the days of the tournament. Historically this has occurred on more than one occasion.

This is a first come, first serve registration. Hope to see you at 9:00 AM tomorrow, Friday, January 11th, in the Office/Library area, if you wish to play / register for the GNGT.
Tony Tramel    Chairman of GNGT     Cell 337-693-6344

(From SEPO E-News 01-11-19: 160 Player Roster Full BUT Standby Requests Remaining)

We have completed registration for the 160 player event today. We are, however, accepting “standby requests”. The Standby list will be used to fill cancellations before the day of the event, and/or as substitute players during the tournament.

Contact Jerry Wetherbee via email  or phone to get on the Standby List.


Cell: 425-418-3345

Tony Tramel     Chairperson for GNGT     Cell 337-693-6344

(From SEPO E-News 01-31-19: Good Neighbor Gift Baskets)

If you have a gift basket or draw prize to donate, please deliver them to:
    Janis McFee, 2028 W Michigan Dr., (Lion House), Ph# 651-271-8264 or call for pickup

(From SEPO E-News 02-06-19: GNGT is a GO)

The Good Neighbor Golf Tournament for 2019 will commence as scheduled for Thursday through Saturday. The Good Neighbor Golf Committee considered delaying the event. After discussions, however, of the pros and cons of delaying the event, there was a consensus, we may be able to get most, if not all, of the scheduled play in despite the uncertain weather forecast. The event is on ! Please get those great golf shots and putts tuned up. You will be required to have fun.The golf pairings are posted in the Library. Hit them long and straight. 
Tony Tramel   2019 GNGT Chairperson 

(From SEPO E-News 02-09-19Good Neighbor Golf Tournament Rounds for Saturday are Canceled)

The scheduled 3rd day of the Good Neighbor Golf Tournament has been canceled due to weather conditions. It is too cold and wet today. The Awards Banquet is tonight at Retzlaff Hall for those who played and their paid guests. Doors will open at 5:15pm and serving is scheduled to begin at 5:30pm. As you enter the hall please select a seat where you want to enjoy your meal in order to ensure the place settings are maintained. We will have a full house tonight. We have had two great days of golf, (well maybe just one weather wise), and we will finish off with the Awards Banquet tonight.  

Tony Tramel
GNGT Chairman

(From SEPO E-News 02-09-19: Good Neighbor Golf Tournament Banquet - Additional Details)

Drinks Before Dinner Tonight for GNGT
Drinks that would have been available to you today had we played golf will be available beginning at 4:30 PM in the Pavilion area, prior to opening the Retzlaff Hall doors, at 5:15 PM for the Good Neighbor Golf Tournament Awards dinner.
Tony Tramel
GNGT Chairperson


 Womens Golf Guest Day (02-13-19)  COMPLETE

(From SEPO E-News)  Sent 01-31-19: Guest Day - 

The Women's Golf League is hosting their annual Guest Day Tournament on Wednesday, Feb. 13.  There is a sign up sheet in the Lounge. If you are a member of the golf league and have a guest sign up for both of you. If you do not have a guest, sign up and we will match you  with someone. Those of you who are not active League members are to sign up in the guest column and we will match you with a member. Sign up and pay $2 per person in provided envelope and put in Golf Box. Make sure you put your name or names on the envelop and amount enclosed.
This is a fun day for all involved. The format will be a 4 or 6 person scramble team depending on how many sign up. We encourage all women golfers in our community to join in this event. We really do have a great time. I really encourage all of you who do not play in our league to come out and join us for this event.
Meet in lounge at 8:45 for hole assignments, coffee, and treats. Play will begin at 9:30. There will be a salad luncheon following play in the Hall at 12:30. Members are providing the salads, desserts, or finger foods.  
If you have any questions call Donna Myers at 956 245 0188.

(From SEPO E-News)  Sent 02-08-19: Womens Golf Guest Day - 

Just another reminder to ladies living in Sunshine Country Club Estates. We welcome all ladies to play in our Golf League Guest Day Tournament on Wed. Feb 13th. Sign up sheet will be on bulletin board in Lounge until noon on Monday the 11th. $2 per person. Always a fun time so come and join us.    Donna



 Sunshine Nature and Birding Club Field Trip (02-25-19)  COMPLETE

The Sunshine Nature and Birding Club would like to invite everyone on a field trip/Picnic!

Our destination is Estero Llano Grande State Park.   There is no charge from Sunshine,

but the park has a $5 entry fee per person.  They also rent binoculars for $3.


Our seasoned Nature and Birding Club members will be there and available to lead  groups

on a short or longer walk.  This is a wildlife area so wear sturdy shoes for uneven ground.

More  information can be found on their website..


We will LEAVE FROM the library AT 9:00 a.m. SHARP, on February 25th, Monday.

Please bring your own lunch, drink and you may want to bring lawn chairs as seating is limited

at the park.  A sign up sheet will be in the library soon.


If you have questions feel free to call Club secretary, Irene 214 549 3993.  If I don't know the answer

I will find it.    We hope you can join us!

Irene Phillips


From SEPO E-News (02-20-19)

Just a reminder:​

  • The Sunshine Birding and Nature Club has invited everyone on a field trip/picnic. Our destination is Estero Llano Grande State Park. There is no charge from Sunshine, but the park has a $5 entry fee per person. They, also, rent binoculars for $3 if you forget yours.

  • Our seasoned club members will be there to lead groups on short or longer walks. This is a wildlife area, so sturdy shoes are recommended (no sandals).

  • We will leave from the library at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, February 25. Carpooling is encouraged. Please, bring your own lunch, drink, binoculars, perhaps a lawn chair as seating is limited at the park. A sign up sheet is in the library.  You're welcome to come even if you forget to sign up.

Jean Burgoine



 Men's Golf League Tournament (Rescheduled to 03-11-19 & 03-12-19) (Yearly on different dates)   COMPLETE

  • Contact: Mark Owen

  • Date(s): Rescheduled to March 11 & 12, 2019 (due to weather)

  • Time: See posting in Library for your times of play

  • Location: Sunshine Golf Course

  • Details:

    • There is a sign up sheet on the Men's Golf bulletin board.

    • If you are planning to play in the tournament, please place a check mark beside your name by the end of the day on Friday, March 1st.

(From SEPO E-News 02-28-2019: Men's Golf Tournament)

Due to the impending nasty weather on next Monday and Tuesday ( 3/4 & 3/5), the Men's Golf Tournament Will be postponed until the following Monday and Tuesday (3/11 & 3/12). The regular Tuesday Men's Golf will be available for those hearty souls that wish to play on March 5th.     Mark Owen   President   SCCE Men's Golf



 Men's Golf League Awards Banquet (03-15-19) (Yearly on different dates)  COMPLETE

  • Contact: Mark Owen

  • Date: March 15, 2019

  • Time: 5:00 pm - to last man standing  

  • Location: Pavilion (if nice), Retzlaff Hall (if bad weather)

  • Details:

    • For all Men's Golf League Tournament Members

    • Food & Drink will be provided at no charge

    • Tournament awards will be presented.




 St. Pat's Day Party (03-17-19) (Yearly)  COMPLETE

  • Contact: Derek McFee

  • Location: Pavilion

  • Time: 4 PM

  • Details:

    • Please bring finger food to share with your friends and neighbors.

    • Liquid refreshment will be provided (until the well runs dry!). 

    • Have Fun !!!

From SEPO E-News (02-28-19):

Mark Your Calendar! You are all invited to attend the St. Pat's Day Celebration on Sunday, March 17. Be sure to have your Green on. The fun starts at 4 PM in the Pavilion. Please bring finger food to share with your friends and neighbors. Liquid refreshment will be provided (until the well runs dry!). Hope to see you there.     Derek McFee

From SEPO E-News (03-08-19):

REMINDER - You are all invited to attend the St. Patrick's Day Celebration on Sunday, March 17th starting at 4 PM in the Pavilion. Be sure to have your Green on. Sue-Bob Swidryk is furnishing a keg of beer. After that you are on your own concerning drinks. Please bring finger food to share with your friends and neighbors. Hope to see you all there !!!     Derek McFee

From SEPO E-News (03-17-19):

St Patty's Party - Due to weather, St. Patrick’s party will be held in Retzlaf Hall. Come at 4:00. Beer and margueritas (while they last). Bring “happy hour“ type foods. WEAR YOUR GREEN and let your inner LEPRECHAUN loose!!

Janis & Derek McFee


 Big Can Collection in Library (02-25-19 to 03-22-19)  COMPLETE

From SEPO E-News (02-20-19)

Can we build a pyramid of cans in the Library? Loaves & Fishes gratefully welcomes our donations of gallon size cans of fruit & vegetables. Please bring your cans to the Library February 25th – March 22nd.
Thank you in advance for your generous donation.
Lorraine Lewis & Eileen Anderson

This was the Pyramid as of 7 PM Thursday night, Feb. 28. Come on Everyone -

We can do better than this !!!

Look - the Pyramid has grown. This was as of March 10.

I think we can still do better than this !!!

From SEPO E-News (03-19-19):


Time is running out on building the pyramid of  cans for Loaves and Fishes. Wednesday, March 20, is the last day. You’ve done well. Let’s top it off.     Lorraine

From SEPO E-News (03-30-19):

A big thank you to the generous people that gave to the BIG CAN drive to benefit Loaves and Fishes. Also thanks to Frank Tewell for arranging for Loaves and Fishes to come and pick them up.  We had between 85 to 100 cans.  

Lorraine and Eileen 





 Guys & Dolls Golf Tournament (03-22-19 & 03-23-19) AND Dinner (03-23-19)  COMPLETE

  • Contact: Gus Elliott

  • Location: Sunshine Golf Course & Retzlaff Hall

  • Time:

    • For Golfing - TBD

    • For Dinner - TBD

  • Details:

    • Teams will be made up of --    guess      -- yes, one male and one female.

    • Play will follow typical scramble format, although rules will be published to avoid any confusion.

    • Golf Fee is $20. Dinner Only is $11.

    • Three sign-up sheets will be posted in the lounge on March 5th.

      • A team list, for a Guy and a Doll who already know they will play as a team, and fees will be tendered immediately upon signup. (cash)

      • A second list, for an unmatched GUY

      • A third list, for an unmatched DOLL.

      • And, a fourth list, for any Sunshine residents who do not play in the tournament but wish to attend the dinner only.

The second and third (unmatched) lists will include space for phone numbers so that teams can be arranged by the individuals. Fees will not be paid until a team is established and the ‘team’ list is signed, and names scratched from the ‘unmatched’ lists.


Dinner and awards for CTP and score will take place on Saturday (March 23), early evening. The food served, (pre-plated buffet style) will be provided by Dave's BBQ on Commerce street. The $20 golf fee includes the dinner. Residents who wish to come for the ‘dinner only’ are certainly welcome for a cost of $11.
Keep your eyes on the Bulletin Boards in the Library and other Community News sources for any further details.
(Questions?  Gus Elliott 618-377-2813)

From SEPO E-News (03-12-19):

GUYS and DOLLS Golf Tournament -----Hurrry up -

Hurry UP !!  In just a few days registration for the Guys and Dolls Golf Tournament will end !!!!!

Last Day to sign up is Friday March 15th before 7:00 p.m.

Sign up in the Lounge. Please remember--Cash only, and please print clearly on the envelope.

Warren Hertel

From SEPO E-News (03-22-19):




 Crafty Creations Club Class: Lighthouse 

 (03-18-19):  COMPLETE

(03-29-19):   COMPLETE

  • Contact: Heidi Dill

  • Location: Retzlaff Hall

  • Time: There will be two classes to create your first Craft - 

    • First Class: Monday, March 18 from 1-3 PM

    • Second Class: Friday, March 29 from 10 AM to Noon

  • Details:

    • First project will be a Clay Pot Lighthouse. The picture below is the large model. Cost is $50. You may also create a smaller model for a cost of $40.

    • Signup begins in the Library at 9 AM on Monday, Feb 25 and ends Friday, Mar 1.

    • Each class is limited to the first 25 people who are registered and paid (cash only). If you do not pay immediately when signing up the next person on the list takes your spot.

Hope to see you at the class.

From SEPO E-News (02-25-19):

Just a reminder that signup for the Crafty Creations Class started this morning at 9 AM in the Library. All the info you need to make your craft choice is posted both there and here on the Web site. Sign up early as class size is limited. We're going to have LOTS OF FUN !!     -Heidi Dill :0]

From SEPO E-News (03-01-19):

Hey there! Thanks so much to all those who have completed your form and prepaid for the Clay Pot Lighthouse class! We still have room for more students. Therefore, I have extended registration to continue until  Monday, March 4th at 4:00pm. Don’t wait!!!     Heidi Dill


Hi All - This part of the e-mail is from Beth. Heidi sent me a picture of the Small Lighthouse in Aqua. So I added it to the Web site ) Please go take a look at it. It is soooo cute. And when I get my project finished I can only hope it looks half that good. Come on out and support Heidi and her new Crafty Creations Club. I know lots of you women raised your hands at the last Women's Club meeting that you wanted her to start this up. Thx.     Beth Parrish

From SEPO E-News (03-11-19):

Crafty Creations Club - Additional Class Info for March 18 -

Hey there! So excited to begin our first class for Crafty Creations by heidi! We will be making the Clay Pot Lighthouse.


I have ten people registered for Monday, March 18th @ 1-3pm:

Beth Parrish, Marian Young, Jan Baethke, Cathy Richmond, Linda Braden, Karen Peterson, Casey Wood, Bonnie Fransene, Mary Hendrickson, Nancy Garrett and Connie Robertson.


Please arrive at Retzlaff at 12:45pm. (We only have a short amount of time to get set up and cleaned up so please adhere to our set time period) Please note that it is also very important to devote your undivided attention to instructions for this project. You will be completing your basic lighthouse at this class. You may wish to add embellishments on your own.


Wear old clothing or apron as we may get messy! Wear comfy shoes too. You are welcome to bring a snack and/or something to drink.


Thank you all for supporting this new endeavor.  See you next Monday!     -heidi dill

From SEPO E-News (03-19-19):

Only a few more spots to join this craft!

Hey there!

The first  class for Crafty Creations by heidi took place today and  absolutely magnificent Clay Pot Lighthouses were made!!! Watch, pics coming soon!!  Thank you to each one who attended! I hope you all enjoyed the class as much as I enjoyed teaching you!


Please wait to retrieve your beautiful creations until Tuesday, March 19th after 4:00 pm to allow them to set well.


For those who would like to join the next Clay Pot Lighthouse class scheduled for Friday, March 29th, @ 10:00-1:00, here’s your chance! You will need to hurry, beings there are only a few spots left!!!

Contact me at 307-272-2440 (call or text 9am-5pm).

The second chance to sign up will end this Friday at 10:00am.

Anyone is welcome to join this new crafting club.


-Heidi  :0]




Easter Sunrise Service and Breakfast Potluck: (04-21-19)  CANCELLED

  • Contact: Looking for a volunteer chairperson (If interested, contact Ladonna Harvey: 956-412-6132.)
    If no one volunteers to chair this event it will be cancelled.

  • Location: Gazebo (Service) & Retzlaff Hall (Breakfast Potluck)

  • Time/Details: CANCELLED

From SEPO E-News (04-04-19):

The Easter Sunrise Service at the Gazebo and the Potluck breakfast following the service has been cancelled

Ladonna Harvey.


Tool Orientation Class: (04-04-19)  COMPLETE


  • Contact: John Chajec (708-280-8940)

  • Location: Woodshop

  • Date: April 4, 2019

  • Time: 4 PM

  • Details: 

    • A one time attendance is a requirement for use of the wood shop.

    • The shop will be closed during the class.

    • All residents are invited to attend. No signup is necessary.

    • This will be the last class for the season.



Birding and Nature Social: (04-08-19)  COMPLETE

  • Contact: Jean Burgoine

  • Location:Pavilion

  • Date: April 8, 2019

  • Time: 4:30 PM

  • Details: 

    • The Birding and Nature Club is having their end of year social get-together on Monday, April 8 at 4:30 in the Pavilion. This event is open to all members and helpers. So if you helped with the log project or the cutting down of the dead tree, please, come. Spouses are welcome, Remember to bring your drink and a "finger food" dish to share.

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