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Neighborhood Watch & CERT
Info Oct 2021 thru Sep 2022

Sent 2022-07-29: NW-CERT info/invite: National Night Out - 

Dear Neighborhood Watch and Sunshine Community
                               NATIONAL NIGHT OUT
Mark your calendars and join us for a special evening in Harlingen.  
                            Tuesday 2  August    6p - 9p 
Lon C Hill Park on 1217 Fairpark Blvd (just up from the Police Dept)
Among many safety  & security ideas, various Police  and Crime related agencies (Court etc,) find us and join us to learn & discuss solutions for this concern.  Lock your doors, turn on your outside lights and spend an evening with us, the Harlingen Police Department and many neighbors with similar thoughts on the problem.  . 
Sgt Rebrcca is assigning us a spot probably with CERT down by the area of the Boys & Girls Club 
Bring your chair & sit a spell - you'll enjoy it.
NNO is designed to heighten your awareness about crime and drug prevention and generate support for and participation in local anti crime efforts etc.
Call me for questions  956 245 1276
-- Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276     Coordinator NW - CERT


Sent 2022-07-23: Notification: Break-ins at Encore last night - 

- Dear Friends
Please check your vehicle for stuff - change,phones, etc  and homes - porches and anything else around your place such as golf carts , chargers and etc,  lawn stuff
Let me know if there has been a problem here..
The Bad Guys were out last night and hit Encore.  A Police report was filed by them,
-- Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276     NW CERT Coordinator

Sent 2022-07-23: NW CERT Information July 2022 - 

2022-07-18_NW CERT  Communications

Sent 2022-06-28: Neighborhood Watch - Patrols & other information - 

- Dear Friends


The JULY NW Patrol schedule is out and sorry to say - all Tuesdays and all Saturdays are unassigned. 


If it were not for about 10 to 12 residents - there would be NO COVERAGE.


I am seriously considering cancelling Patrols because it is not fair to these few faithful volunteers who have stepped up each month.


Several of you at the last meeting expressed interest. Please call me and we can do an orientation.  Even if you were not at the meeting, please call me if you can help.    Lenore 956 245 1276


If there are no volunteers enough to cover then Patrols will be cancelled. post haste


Thank you


PS  The Harlingen Citizens Police Academy is beginning on Monday 11 July at 6pm at HPD.  Applications are on the bulletin Board in the Library.  (free and a great learning experience)  Hope you give it some consideration.

-- Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276     NW-CERT Coordinator

Sent 2022-06-03: Neighborhood Watch JUNE 2022 communication -  

- Dear Friends
1.  Our June meeting for NW - CERT:
                  Retzlaff Hall on Monday 20 June 2022 at 3pm
You are all cordially invited  -- yummy refreshments
Topic:  Hurricane Preparedness - Guest speaker

The 'informational notice' can be viewed/printed from HERE.

2.  We need more volunteers for our security Patrol
Please call me  956 245 1276
3.  If you need a Sunshine decal for your vehicle, 
                                 please call me  956 245 1276
4.  There is a Citizens Police Academy beginning..  
Please sign up - you will enjoy it 
At Harlingen Police Dept  1018 Fairpark Blvd.  (close by)
Beginning 11 June  6p - 10pm

I'll be looking for you  😊❤
Applications are also on the NW-CERT bulletin board in the Library.  
Members of the CPA Alumni Assn will be at Market Days on Saturday
Come meet your wonderful Police and chat about the CPA Academy.  
-- Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276     NW - CERT Coordinator

Sent 2022-04-12: Neighborhood Watch - CERT meeting Monday 18 April 3pm Retz Hall - 

Dear Friends
Open invitation to all Sunshine residents -
Please join us for a great trip around Sunshine.  This month is reserved for Disaster Preparedness.where we shall learn about hazards involved in efforts associated with a disaster or weather emergency.
Meet at Retz Hall --  side door --  at 3pm  --  in your Golf Cart.
We will then have an escorted Safety First tour around here for flooding and water shut off valves, utility pads, electric power poles, transformers and lines, our Lift Station (on Montana & Missouri) and home Gas shut off instructions etc.
After a familiarity session on the go, we will head back to Retz Hall for more info and questions & answers. And refreshments.  
The NW - CERT bulletin features some safety articles for your interest and there will be handouts.  
All residents and  Neighborhood Watch - CERT members are invited and encouraged to participate in OUR RULES TO LIVE BY.   
see ya
Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276
Coordinator Sunshine CC Estates NW-CERT 


Sent 2022-02-14: NW report Feb 2022 - 

Sunshine Neighborhood Watch – CERT Team  (Est. 2008)
SCCE - Harlingen’s premier NW & CERT Team

Lights On --  Lock Up  and Look Out for each other!

14 February 2022      SEPO Board Report
Lenore J. Combs,  Coordinator  956 245 1276
Sgt Rebeca Cruz,
Officers Bravo and  Moreno,  NW HPD District Representatives

Dear Sunshine Community,
Our next NW-CERT meeting will be Monday 21 February 2022 at 3pm
                                                         NOT in Retzlaff Hall.
We are going to have a combined Neighborhood Watch meeting at Friendship Hall – over in Encore RV Resort (beside the large parking lot) with the Harlingen Police Department and several other local NW organizations from Harlingen. 
Sgt..Rebeca Cruz is our newly assigned HPD NW liaison and she will be leading the February meeting (21 Feb 3pm) and giving information and instructions.  Sgt. Cruz was promoted as the Sergeant for the HPD District Representatives and is also Liaison for the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association.   The District Officers wish to go over the new Texas Golf Cart laws, now referred to as low speed vehicles. It is an open meeting and it would be great if some of the owners of these vehicles would be present to share their 2 Cents.
We are very lucky to have this group of Officers take our issues seriously and support our Neighborhood Watch,  Please be there. 
The NO SOLICITING sign grew legs and jumped off the Front Gate.  It will be replaced.

Sent 2022-01-26: NW-CERT invitation for Combes 5K Saturday 29 Jan - 

Dear Neighborhood Watch-CERT & other residents who may have an interest - 
HERE is an informational invitation to be safety escorts for a 5K in Combes, Primera and Palm Valley this Saturday the 29th of January. It is a golf cart escort thing and my note should explain most of the story. 
Please call me, 956 245 1276 for any questions etc.     Lenore Combs

Sent 2022-01-17: NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH Meeting 3pm Monday 17 January 2022 - 

Sunshine Neighborhood Watch – CERT Team  (Est. 2008)

SCCE - Harlingen’s premier NW & CERT Team.


Lights On --  Lock Up  and Look Out for each other!

Meeting Agenda – Monday – 17 January 2022 - 3pm - Retzlaff Hall

Lenore J. Combs,  Coordinator  956 245 1276
Officers Bravo and  Moreno,  NW HPD District Representatives

Dear NW- CERT Volunteers, Residents and Friends,
This is an open meeting and we welcome your constructive input.    
Everyone attending this meeting “in person”, by their presence, acknowledges potential exposure to COVID – 19.  Each person is responsible for his/her own choice as it relates to attending NW-CERT meetings.
We wish to get as many helpful hints and opinions as possible.  You matter.  Sunshine matters.  If you cannot attend, please send me your 2 Cents on this agenda.
Linda Jones will be presiding today.
Tony Tramel, Director - SEPO Board is expected to arrive at 3pm to discuss the proposed amendments in the By-Laws and Covenants.  He will provide insight into the decisions and answer questions.   
Coffee & cookies
Pledge of Allegiance
Moment of Silence – Thoughts for your special intentions.
Introductions of Guests, new members and new volunteers
A huge heartfelt thanks to each and every NW – CERT volunteer   
                                                YOU ARE APPRECIATED.
Treasurer’s report:

Bank statement available. 

Old Business:
New Business:

We have a new Police Officer – Rebecca Cruz - assigned to us and she will be at our next meeting. 
NW Evening Patrols:  Linda & Dick Jones

Thanks to Linda for her due diligence on making our Patrol Calendar happen. And thanks to those who help her make it happen.   
Block Captains:
   - We have 9 streets – Depending on the number of homes are there, a Block Captain and Co-Captains play a role is getting out information and sharing it.  How ’bout signing up?
McGruffmobile:  NW Golf Cart     Rich Debackere        
Operation ID – Officer Bravo &  Moreno HPD

Contact Lenore 956 245 1276 so we can make arrangements with you. First, complete your Personal Inventory List then we can set up the engraving process & give you the Operation ID decal.  Additional Personal Inventory Lists are available in the Library next to the NW display.
Vial of L.I.F.E. decals  - 
available.     What about “Who’s Your Buddy” ?
RED Envelope - with current health history.
Complete the health hx, place in red envelope.
If you have a DNR make sure it is in there too.
“Sunshine Emergency Contact”
forms are available in the Office.  Please keep your info current.  Has the Office a spare key or your designate here in case of ???
Refrigerator Magnets 
   to call in at HPD   216 5940    report suspicious activity.
Have your story together – not an epistle.  You will be speaking to an Officer who simply wants to know what, where, who and how (any drugs or guns?)
Next meeting:   Monday  21 February  2022  3pm  Retzlaff

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