Meetings Info (2020-2021) 

 SEPO (2020-2021) 

 Board of Directors and Residents 

The Board is reviewing when/if to hold

Board Meetings this Winter Season.

      Date               Day       Time           Mtg Type                   Location

  • 10-12-20        Mon      1:00 PM      Board of Directors      General Purpose Room
    (Cancelled: Status Update was sent to Community and can be found HERE.)

  • 10-20-20        Tue        1:00 PM      Residents                   Retzlaff Hall

  • 11-23-20        Mon      1:30 PM      Board of Directors     Retzlaff Hall
    (Moved from 11-09-20) 

  • 11-17-20        Tue        1:00 PM      Residents                   Retzlaff Hall

  • 12-07-20        Mon      1:00 PM      Board of Directors      General Purpose Room

  • 12-14-20        Mon      1:00 PM      Residents                   Retzlaff Hall

  • 01-04-21        Mon      1:00 PM      Nominations              Retzlaff Hall

  • 02-16-21        Tue        1:00 PM      Annual Meeting         Retzlaff Hall

  • 03-08-21        Mon      1:00 PM      Board of Directors      General Purpose Room


 Women's Club (2020-2021)

 Meetings are CANCELLED until further notice. 

  • Pre Covid-19:

    • Meetings are normally held:

      • the 3rd Friday of each month

      • Oct thru Mar

      • 9-10 AM

      • Retzlaff Hall

    • All Female Sunshine Residents & Renters are welcome and encouraged to attend.

    • Coffee & Treats are available for free.

    • A prize is awarded to one lucky lady each month who is wearing her Sunshine Name Tag.

  • During Pandemic: Info on any Meetings being held will be posted here.

10-16-20 (Cancelled)
11-20-20 (Cancelled)

 Other Clubs & Committees (2020-2021)

 Meetings are CANCELLED until further notice except for any specific info listed below.


Sunshine Birding & Nature Club: (Contact - Jean Burgoine)

  • Pre Covid-19:

    • Meetings are held the 1st Monday of each Month (Nov thru Apr) @ 7 PM in the Library.

      • Open to all residents in the community.​​

  • During Pandemic:

    • ​​Meeting being held Monday, Nov 2 at 5pm in the gazebo on Texas Avenue

    • No meeting on Monday, Dec 7. A special meeting will be called a little later to finalize our plans for participating in the Christmas Bird Count. A notice will be sent out of the time and place.

Neighborhood Watch (NW): (Lenore Combs)

  • Pre Covid-19:

    • Meetings are held the 3rd Monday of each Month @ 3 PM in Retzlaff Hall.

      • Open to all residents in the community.

  • During Pandemic:

    • NW info is being distributed by Lenore via SEPO E-Mails and Newsletters.

Woodworkers: (Suzie Sawyer)

  • Pre Covid-19:

    • Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Friday of each Month @ 1 PM in the Woodshop.

  • During Pandemic:

    • Informational meeting will be at the Pavilion - Friday, Oct 23, 1 pm.

    • Meetings will be held the 2nd and 4th Friday of each Month, Oct to Apr @ 1 pm in the Pavilion.

      • Exception: No meeting on Nov 27 due to the Thanksgiving holiday.​

Men's Golf League Business Meeting: (Mark Owen but Need Volunteer(s))

  • Pre Covid-19:

    • Meetings are held every Tuesday following the 8:30 AM tee time group in Retzlaff Hall.

  • During Pandemic:

    • Meetings are held every Tuesday following the 8:30 am tee time group in the Pavilion.

Ladies Golf League Business Meeting: (Contact - Terry DeBackere)

  • Pre Covid-19:

    • Meetings are held the 3rd Wed of each month (Nov thru Mar) in Retzlaff Hall.

      • Nov 20 @ 10:30am

      • Dec 18 @ 8:30am

      • Jan 15 @ 8:30am

      • Feb 19 @ 8:30am

      • Mar18 @ 10:30am​​

  • During Pandemic:

    • TBD

Killer Bees Quilting: (Contact - Diane Tewell)

  • Pre Covid-19:

    • Meet every week on Thursday at 9 AM in Retzlaff Hall.

  • During Pandemic:

    • Meeting are being held every week on Thursday at 9 am via ZOOM.

Memorial Committee: (Contact - Irene Phillips)

NOTE: This Committee is looking for NEW MEMBERS ASAP

  • Pre Covid-19:

    • Meetings are held as needed.

  • During Pandemic:

    • TBD

Bible Study/Movie Group: (Contact - Warren Hertel)

  • Pre Covid-19:

    • Every Monday 6:00-8:00 p.m. in Retzlaff Hall Jan thru April

  • During Pandemic:

    • At this time all meetings are cancelled for the 2020-2021 Winter season.


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