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 Friday, Oct 16, 2020 

Greetings- A quick report as to what is happening in our Community
The Nominating Committee is progressing very nicely. Dana Weiss will be heading the Committee and may be reached at 775-470-9057 by phone or text. We thank Dana for his help and if you would like to help him or volunteer to be considered a member of the Board, please reach out to him, it would be much appreciated!!
Visited with Frank this morning, The folks from the gate company met with him this AM and we are still at the mercy of the manufacturer because they are not making any parts at this time.  Not only can we not get the part from any where in the US, there is not a new gate available in the whole country. This is due to the virus and the plants are closed.
Frank also mentioned that there will be some painting of gutters done around the office area next week. He does keep the buildings looking sharp.
Thanks and Stay Safe.  
Jim Kennedy
SEPO Board President




 Monday, Oct 12, 2020 

Residents of Sunshine Country Club Estates

Normally we have a scheduled Board Meeting in October and that date would have been Monday the 12th. But as you know, these are far from normal times. After visiting with some Board Members, it has been decided to postpone this meeting till a later date. There was nothing pressing at this time to warrant putting on an agenda.
Things have been progressing smoothly and things that do pop up can be handled internally.
Frank and Neil have been working on getting the front gate fixed. It has been a struggle getting the necessary electronic part to repair the gate and right now we are at the mercy of the manufacturer, who is, because of the virus, slowing production on these parts. We are also checking on the feasibility of purchasing a new gate.
Frank is keeping the pool and office area running very well. He and his helpers are painting and maintaining so things look great.
Lyn has been busy as usual with the golf course. The cart paths are all poured and look impressive. Course is in beautiful shape!!
Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding through these strange and difficult times. All of our guidelines such as: Residents Only!!, Retzlaff Hall remaining closed, masks, distancing and no groups larger than 10 are asked for our Residence.  Please stay safe everyone!!!!
Jim Kennedy SEPO President



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