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 SEPO Key Checkout/Checkin
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​SEPO Key Checkout/Checkin Process
(Apr 11, 2022)

- View/Print Checkout Process HERE 

Please note - Retzlaff Hall is available for use by Sunshine residents/renters and it is not 'owned/managed' by any SEPO Club or Committee.

The following is being provided to the Sunshine community in order:

  • to clear up any misunderstanding and/or

  • for anyone who -  

    • may not be familiar with or

    • has forgotten about

the 'key checkout & checkin' process when you are hosting/chairing an event in Retzlaff Hall.

This pertains to Retzlaff Hall Kitchen Doors, the Supply Closets and the big Freezer in the Storage Room. These areas must remain locked at all times when not in use. You must sign out the key(s) you need from the SEPO Office. All keys must be returned either immediately when you leave the hall or the day following completion of your event. In the event you require emergency entrance to any of the affected areas, and the SEPO Office is closed, please contact the SEPO Board Director in charge of Retzlaff Hall.

Exceptions to the 'immediate' return of keys are:

  • If you require in and out access for multiple days during setup of your event, the person who signed out the keys will be in charge of them during the entire time period of setup and the actual event.

  • If you have an event on a weekend, you may keep the key(s) until the Office reopens.

A checkout / checkin form is now available in the Office and below.

One final item: Do not duplicate any of these SEPO keys. If you have a duplicate of any of them in your possession at this time, you are requested to turn them in to the Office.

We thank you in advance for being respectful of and adhering to the above.

SEPO Board

​SEPO Key Checkout Form

(Apr 11, 2022)

- View/Print Form HERE -

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Key Checkout-Checkin Form_2022-04-11
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