SEPO Community E-Mails: August 2022

Sent 2022-08-07: MARKET: Home For Sale - 

Please visit the Sunshine Market to view information about our home that is For Sale.
- Margo & Bobby Crouch   512.423.7855

Sent 2022-08-06: Thank You - 

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers during the loss of my husband Paul. They were all very much appreciated!     Viola (Oley) Reuter

Sent 2022-08-06: ATTENTION: Overwatering of lawn during a time of drought - 

Some farmers in this area have had their water allotments cancelled due to the drought. They cannot grow crops without irrigating.

You may have noticed when you drive down our streets that there is standing water in them due to residents over-watering. Anyone who is watering their lawn should limit it to twice a week. Watering more often than that saturates the ground, and it will not be able to soak up water when it rains. This adds to our flooding situation.

Thank you for your cooperation.
- SEPO Board

Sent 2022-08-04: MARKET: Home For Sale - 

Please visit the Sunshine Market to view information about my home that is For Sale.
- Tiffany Prater     Call or text 956-574-1010

Sent 2022-08-01: SEPO Activities Calendar - 

Last spring it was suggested by more than one resident that the 2-pager that has been used for years wasn't very 'friendly' to read/interpret. After some research, it was decided to start adding all of the SEPO activities, meetings etc that were requested (see request process HERE) to the SEPO G-Mail Office Calendar.

I do believe Valerie has been posting that calendar (by month) in the library all summer. Although I had never gotten around to putting it on the Web site - low and behold - both August & September are out there as of yesterday. (see this page) When you look at it for the first time you will probably say - I can't read that!! Simply enlarge the document on your computer or other smart device to view the details. I have also included the 'color legend' of where the activities take place on page one of each month's calendar.

Please review the calendar carefully to ensure the activites, etc you have previously requested are listed correctly - days, dates, times, descriptions etc. Please let the office know if something needs added, deleted or changed.

I know things are pretty much status quo for the next couple of months, so I probably won't be updating these two documents on the Web site. However, with the winter season rapidly approaching, I need to figure out a 'not so labor intensive' method of keeping the updated monthly calendars on the Web site.

Please contact me with any questions or issues you may have.
Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710