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SEPO Community Emails: March 2024

Sent 2024-03-29: Easter Sunday Sunrise Service - 

This Sunday, March 31st, our Easter Service will be at the Gazebo beginning at 8:00am. Pastor Larry Allen will be delivering the message. 

The program is as follows:



Prelude – Linda Watson

Welcome & Prayer – Pastor Larry Allen

Hymn – One Day

Lord’s Prayer

Hymn – Christ the Lord is Risen Today

Message – Pastor Larry

Hymn – Christ Arose

- Randy Davis

Sent 2024-03-27: CORRECTED & APPROVED: WC - Minutes from 2024-02-16 - 

The minutes from the Women's Club meeting on Friday, Feb 16, 2024 were corrected during the Mar 15, 2024 meeting and then approved. These corrected/approved minutes are available on the Sunshine website HERE.

- Karen Baase,     WC Secretary (in February 2024)

Sent 2024-03-27: 2024 SEPO Summer Handicapped Golf League - 



Tuesday Mornings - Beginning April 2nd.  Everyone welcome to play!!!!


Tee Time-9:00 a.m.- No Pre Payment or Pre-Sign up Necessary


Teams will be drawn at 8:45 a.m.- NO Entries for that day allowed after 8:45 a.m.


Flights for Both Men & Ladies

(Separate Flights, Prize Funds & CTP'S for Both) Number of CTP'S based on number of entrants.


$1.00 Per Week Entry Fee-(Paid back 100%)


* There Will Be an Optional League Tournament Some Time in October- You Must Have At Least 4 Official League Scores to Play in Tournament.


Questions???     Matt Lyne (308) 870-1423

                       Nancy Lyne (308) 870-4286

                       Jerry Wetherbee (425) 418-3345

Sent 2024-03-27: REMINDER: Women's Club Volunteer Luncheon - 

Just a reminder!   The Women’s Club volunteer luncheon is tomorrow from 12 to 2 PM! See you all there!!!

- Pam Davis

Sent 2024-03-25: THANK YOU - DONATIONS: Eyeglasses & Hearing Aids -  

I wanted to thank everyone who donated used eyeglasses and hearing aids after the reminder email was sent on Mar 15. The box filled up and it's contents were taken to Rotary. The box is always on the South side of the library for anyone to donate at any time. Your donations are much appreciated by the Rotary.

- Jean Burgoine

Sent 2024-03-25: Going Home Letter - 

To all Sunshine residents,

- Many are in the process of packing up to head elsewhere or will be soon, and we wanted to remind you to do that last weeding or grass cutting before you leave. 

- And if you haven't already, arrange for those things to be taken care of while you're away. 

- Also deck and lawn furniture, pots and decorations, that might blow away, stored safe from the Texas breeze.

- Safe travels and see you next season!

SEPO Board

Sent 2024-03-22: LUAU / POOL CLOSING - 

The pool/ pavilion will be CLOSED Sat. March 23 from 3:30 - 5:00pm during the Luau.


South and East gates will open for Luau at 3:45 pm. Social hour starts at 4pm. Program and Best Dressed Contest will be held during that social hour time. Dinner and dance to follow inside Retzlaff Hall.  BYOB.

- Denise Utterback, Chairperson

Sent 2024-03-21: Resident Passing - 

I have been informed Dennis Welckle passed away on March 19.     - Valerie Basaldua

Sent 2024-03-21: Neighborhood Watch - Block Captains meeting - 

Dear Friends - 

- You are all cordially invited to a NW Block Captains meeting on March 25th  Monday  at 3pm in Retz Hall.

- The purpose of the meeting is to line up those who may wish to assist with this aspect of NW.  As many residents are gone, it is good to have extra eyes and ears in Sunshine.  Also, it is a good program for all to know about.

- Simple duty - watch out for suspicious activity, harden the target for the Bad Guys, open communication on your block (street) call me or 911 when needed.

- We have thorough guidelines from the National Block Captains programs.  They are simple and practical.


Plan:  See ya Monday

STREETS - if short maybe 1 or 2 volunteers needed but  if longer maybe 3 or so needed - just for convenience and not to be such a burden.     


Your ideas appreciated.

-- Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276

Sent 2024-03-21: CORRECTION TO LINK: Women's Club Bylaws - 

As was stated in the Women's Club (WC) meeting minutes from Mar 15, 2024, the revised WC Bylaws were approved at that meeting. They can be found on the Sunshine Website HERE at this corrected link. Please contact me with any questions.     - Lisa Perrier,   WC Secretary

Sent 2024-03-21: CORRECTION-Temp Web Page for Summary of 2024-2025 Winter Events/Mtgs - 

There have been lots of emails lately concerning the 2024-2025 Winter Season. I have created a temporary 'summary' web page that will, hopefully, make it easier for everyone right now to get your calendars updated.

That page is under the EVENTS tab and labelled "Upcoming (2024-2025)". The direct link to it is HERE.

- Beth Parrish,     SEPO Website Admin   Email:   314-960-6710

Sent 2024-03-21: UNAPPROVED: WC - Minutes from 2024-03-15 - 

The 'UNAPPROVED' minutes from the Women's Club meeting on Friday, Mar 15, 2024 are available on the Sunshine website HERE.     - Lisa Perrier,     WC Secretary

Sent 2024-03-21: UNAPPROVED: SEPO Board Mtg (Reg) Minutes, Mar 11, 2024 - 

The UNAPPROVED minutes from the Mar 11, 2024 Board Meeting (Regular) can be found on the Sunshine website HERE. Please call with any issues or questions.
- Scott Kronshage, SEPO Board Secretary (Assisted by Share Nelson)

Sent 2024-03-21: MARKET: Home For Rent - 

See our home at 4328 N Missouri St. that is for rent on the Sunshine MARKET.

- Lisa Wetherbee,     303-324-3707

Sent 2024-03-21: 2024-2025 Sunshine Activities & Meetings - 

I know - We still have some 2023-2024 Winter activities coming up. But as witnessed in the Mar 11 Board meeting, it's time to start thinking about the 2024-2025 Winter season. Dates for Board Meetings, the Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament and Women's Club Activities, which have the top priorities, have all been reviewed and approved by the Board. They are listed in the 2-pager whic is always available, with updates, HERE.

Now is everyone else's opportunity to get your plans for next winter down on paper and submitted to the office for approval. The process & forms to do this can be obtained from the office and are also HERE.

I have listed on the 2-pager (in light orange) everything which is already in the SEPO Calendar for next Winter. For everything else, please work with the office to get your activity approved and in the SEPO calendar. As is stated in the process above, at this point it's first come, first approved.

In case anyone is wondering, I obtained Board approval prior to sending this email. My motive for sending it is so I can start developing the website pages for next winter. These activity requests/approvals are the first step for me to do that. Please contact me with questions. Thx all.

- Beth Parrish,     SEPO Website Admin   Email:   314-960-6710

Sent 2024-03-21: Women's Club 2024-25 Activities - 

I'd like to thank everyone who came to our last Women's Club meeting. It was a great turnout! Below is the list of the upcoming events for the 2024-25 season.


October Saturday 5th - Health Fair Wednesday 16th - Oktoberfest Thursday 31st - Halloween Party


November Friday 8th - Chili Cook-Off Monday 11th - Veterans Day Saturday 23rd - Country Fair Thursday 28th - Thanksgiving Dinner


December Saturday 7th - Craft and Bake Sale Wednesday 25th - Christmas Dinner Wednesday 31st - New Year's Eve Party


January Saturday 11th - New Homeowners Party Saturday 25th - Taste of Sunshine


February Tuesday 4th - Brushes and Bubbles Friday 14th - Not So Newlywed Game Saturday 22nd - Casino Night


March Tuesday 4th - Mardi Gras/Shrimp Boil Sunday 23rd - High Tea


April Friday 4th - Farewell Party Tuesday 22nd - Earth Day Clean Up


Don't forget to mark your calenders! For those that are heading up north, have a fun, safe summer. For those that are staying, I'll see you around.

- Jill Ventrello     Women's Club Activity Director

Sent 2024-03-19: Women's Golf Updates - 

Hey gals, our Golf Meeting is this coming Wednesday March 20th, at 9:00 am in the Hall.  Donuts and Coffee will be served.  Golf play will be right after our meeting.  This is our last meeting of the year, we have a few items to finish up, and election of new officers.   We then will have one more official league play March 27th.  We continue to play on Wednesdays for fun action during April and May, then those who live here year-round continue to play all summer, usually at 8:00 before it gets too hot.  Official League starts back up November 6th, 2024.    


A reminder we have our Golf Award/Lunch this coming Friday, March 22nd, at 11:00 am in the Hall. Even if you did not play in the Tournament and are a paid woman golfer you are certainly welcome to attend the lunch.  We have awards to hand out for our 3-day tournament and to give a fair well wish to Helen Perry, who has been a welcome member of our Women's Golf League for many years.  Helen you are missed already.     Just a note we will need to be out of Hall by 1:00 pm, another group is needing to start preparation for another event.  


Again, thank you for a successful year and taking part of a great organization.  I enjoyed every minute working and being part of a great team.  


I want to personally thank my team who worked hard this year and assisted in many ways to help us all be successful.   Deloris Pearcy- Vice President, Marlene Hall-Secretary, Glenna Boardman-Treasurer, Donna Myers-Figures Handicaps.      Thank you again to Glenda Wetherbee Chairman, Nancy Sterling Co-Chair of Potatoe Bake Fund Raiser. Terry Debackere, Chairman of Good Neighbors' Lunch Fund Raiser.   We had others who sat on these two committees and many others who helped with preparation, clean up and supplying a great environment to work with.


We ended up with 40 Golfers of which I believe we had 9 new golfers this year.  Hope you all return next season!  

May God Bless you all and keep us all safe.    


Thank you to Tracy Wagner and Beth Parish for all of our help this year, enjoyed working with you both.  

- Sincerely Nancy Lyne, President,     Women's Golf League for the year 2023 -2024

Sent 2024-03-19: Resident Passing - Obituary - 

I wanted to send a copy of mom's obit to be published.

Kady Pohlmeyer 956-642-6003


Barbara Ann Carlson

Barbara Ann Carlson of Harlingen passed away quietly while surrounded by family on March 16, 2024 at the age of 84.


Barb was born the middle of three girls on June 20, 1939 in Peoria, Illinois to the late Hank Zipper and Katherine (McCann) Zipper. She spent most of her childhood playing with her two sisters Carolyn (Wally) Anderson and Bonnielyn (Bill) Witt. She loved playing jacks, kick-the-can, and even playing pranks while growing up. She also enjoyed playing baseball with the team of boys that her dad coached when they were short players.


After graduating from Peoria High School in 1957, she worked as a secretary, and then accountant at Hiram Walkers.


Barb met Carlton Toby Carlson in June 1958. They were married on Oct. 10, 1959, and honeymooned in New Orleans. The couple then moved to Evanston, Illinois where they had two children: Eric and Kady. In 1966, they moved to Toronto, Canada for two years, where Barb developed a love of the team sport curling. After that, the family settled in Minnetonka, Minnesota.


Barb and Toby spent many weekends in northern Minnesota on Howard Lake, first at Moore Springs Resort, and then at her parent’s cabin. There were many fond memories of playing cards, fishing, turtle hunting, and time with her sisters and family.


Before retirement, Barb worked as a head bookkeeper for Kraemer’s Hardware, and then at Opportunity Partners, a non-profit foundation. She was also a grief mentor for people who lost family members.


Barb loved traveling, which included cruises and trips to Africa, Alaska, Russia, and Asia, amongst many other places.


After Toby passed away in 2001, religion and faith became an important part of her life and she was confirmed at Zion Lutheran Church in Hopkins, Minnesota in Nov. 2001.


Barb moved to Harlingen in 2011, where she met the second love of her life, Jack Scott. They continued traveling –– going to China to see the Terra Cotta Soldiers, the Panama Canal, and their regular camping trips on South Padre Island.


Barb was preceded in death by her parents, her husband Toby, and brother-in-law Wally. The memory of Barb will be cherished by her friend Jack, son Eric (Janet) Carlson, daughter Kady (Terry) Pohlmeyer, grandchildren Bryce (Jenn), Shane (Stephanie), Paige (DJ), Tara (Alex), and Corey, and two great-grandchildren Isla and Quinn.


A memorial service will be held at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Harlingen on Saturday, March 23, at 11 a.m., with graveside services at Glendale Cemetery in Washington, Illinois at a later date. 


Instead of flowers, please donate to St. Paul Lutheran Church Backpacks of Love, an organization Barb regularly supported, at, noting “Give to Backpack Ministry”.

Sent 2024-03-18: Golf Course Closure - 

Tuesday after Men’s Golf League, the course will be closed to allow the Women’s Golf League to have a playoff. The estimated time for the course opening will be 1 o’clock.

- Randy Davis,     Golf Course Director

Sent 2024-03-18: Reminder: Men's Golf League Awards Luncheon Tuesday - 

This is a reminder that the Men's Golf League Awards Luncheon will be held on Tuesday 3/19 at 11:30 AM in the pavilion. There will be some business to attend to before we eat. Awards presentation will follow.

- Dan Boardman

Sent 2024-03-18: Neighborhood Watch meeting - today 3pm Y'all come - 

Dear Friends - The monthly Neighborhood Watch - CERT meeting is a 3pm today. See Agenda HERE. Please come - everyone invited.     -- Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276,     Coordinator


Sent 2024-03-18: Luau - 

ALOHA residents!

    Thanks to all  who surfed their way over to the library and signed up for the Luau.

    Due to your immense interest in the event, we have reached our ‘sold out’ point and signup is now closed. There are a few of you who have signed up but still need to pay. Please contact Beth Parrish (314-960-6710) to make arrangements to pay.

     On March 23 at 4pm (gates open at 3:45pm), we will Hang Loose 🤙 around the pool for social time and a short program that starts shortly after 4. Around 5 pm we will Shake off the Sand and enter Retzlaff Hall for a Hawaiian 🌺 Meal, surprise and Dance to DJ Brian.

     Looking forward to a Whale🐳 of a good time!

- Denise Utterback, Chairperson

Sent 2024-03-18: Wood Shop Orientation Class Thursday March 21st 5 pm - 

Woodshop Orientation Class Thursday March 21st 5 pm in the wood shop.
This class is a requirement for using the wood shop.
A one time attendance is required.
The shop will be closed during the class.
Call John Chajec 708-280-8940  with any questions.


Sent 2024-03-18: Women ‘s Club Luncheon - 

Hi Ladies! 

 If you volunteered to contribute to a Women’s Club event this past season, please sign up for the SEPO sponsored luncheon prior to Wednesday. The signup sheet is in the Library. We want you to know how very much you are appreciated and valued in this community! 

 The luncheon will take place Thursday, March 28th from 12PM until 2PM. We will provide tea, water and lemonade with the meal. Feel free to BYOB. 

 In addition to the meal, we are happy to announce that we have a special surprise! Brett, the piano player for Valley Voices and his musical partner, Roy will be providing us with entertainment. They are fabulous and it will be a treat to hear them! 

 This event is completely free to those who have contributed to making this such a successful season. Thank you for all of your hard work!


- Pam Davis,     Women’s Club President 

Sent 2024-03-17: Easter Sunrise Service - 

Greetings Neighbors - We will have a Sunrise Easter Service at the Gazebo March 31st at 8AM. The service will be provided by Chaplain Larry Allen. We will be collecting an offering for him as he is volunteering his services. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you! Sincerely,

- Pam Davis,     Women’s Club President

Sent 2024-03-16: Resident Passing - 

I have just been informed by Jack Scott that Barbara Carlson passed away about noon today. Our deepest condolences to Jack, Barb’s children and her sister Carolyn Anderson. - Cathy Richmond 

Sent 2024-03-16: Women’s Club Activities (2024-2025) - 

Hello neighbors! Thank you all so much for coming to the Women’s Club meeting yesterday morning! It was nice to see all of you! For those who were unable to attend, I have listed the upcoming activities for next season below. We hope we found an activity for every person. We look forward to your feedback. Sincerely,

- Women’s Club Board


Hello ladies of Sunshine!

    In case you weren't able to make it to the Women's Club meeting, I wanted to let you all know that the volunteer signup sheets for the 2024-25 Women's Club activities are up on our bulletin board in the library. There are 19 events scheduled and we have quite a few volunteers already, but the more the merrier. Please take a few minutes to check them out and see if there is anything you'd be interested in volunteering for. Not only will you be helping in raising money for our community but you may make a new friend or two along the way. 

- Jill Ventrello,   Women's Club Activity Director

Sent 2024-03-15: DONATIONS: Eyeglasses & Hearing Aids - 

Just a friendly reminder to some and new info to others.

There is a box on the South side of the library for anyone to donate used eyeglasses and hearing aids.

Your donations are periodically taken to Rotary. Thanks

- Jean Burgoine

Sent 2024-03-14: Luau - 

ALOHA residents!

    Catch a Wave over to the SEPO Office and sign up now for the LUAU season ending party. March 23 at 4pm we will Hang Loose 🤙 around the pool for social time and a short program. Around 5 pm we will Shake off the Sand and enter Retzlaff Hall for a Hawaiian 🌺 Meal, surprise and Dance to DJ Brian. Looking forward to a Whale🐳 of a good time!  Deadline to sign up is Monday. Cost $12

- Denise Utterback, Chairperson

Sent 2024-03-13: St. Patrick's Day Party - 

When: Sunday, March 17 - 4:00 PM

Where: Retzlaff Hall

- Free beer, wine, margaritas, soda, water, and PIZZA (at 6:00 PM)

- Bring: appetizers and finger food to share.

Janis McFee (for Dak)

Sent 2024-03-13: VIDEO: Residents' Mtg, Mar 12, 2024 - 

The video from the Mar 12, 2024 Residents' Meeting is now available for viewing on the Sunshine Web site HERE.


Per Beth - There appears to have been an issue with getting to the Google Meet session today when clinking on the link provided in the agenda. At first glance, Beth said there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the info provided in the link. However, she will investigate further.


Please contact Scott with any issues/questions about the meeting.

Please contact Beth for any technical issues with watching the video.
- Scott Kronshage,  SEPO Board Secretary (assisted by Beth Parrish)

Sent 2024-03-12: B and N Club field trip reminder - 

Greetings neighbors, Just a friendly reminder, coming up is our field trip to Resaca de Las Palmas State Park, March 14, 9 AM, admission $4.00. This is a guided tour led by Raul Garza, superintendent of the park.

We will meet at the club house parking lot at 8 AM to caravan or meet at Resaca de la Palma at 9 am.

Everyone is welcome!

Hope to see you there.

- Deb Jones

Sent 2024-03-12: Luncheon - 

Hello, I am pleased to inform you that the SEPO Board will be sponsoring a volunteer appreciation luncheon on Thursday, March 28th for all of the ladies who volunteered to chair, co-chair or work at one of our events in the 2023/2024 year.


We will be posting a signup sheet in the Library. Please write your name and the event in which you volunteered on the signup sheet so that we may have a proper head count and we will be sure to acknowledge you.


The Women’s Club and SEPO officers are so grateful and appreciative of all the efforts of our volunteers. It has been a wonderful season. Thank you!


- Pam Lacy,     Vice President of Women’s Club

Sent 2024-03-12: Women's golf tournament - 

A reminder our Women's Golf Tournament starts Wednesday, March 13th, runs 14th and 15th.  Please plan to be in Library by no later than 8:40 to get hole assignments on Wednesday March 13th, 2024.    Those who signed up by noon today Monday March 11th, are signed up to play tournament.  Teams will be made up by your Tournament Committee on Tuesday.  If something happens to come up and you are unable to play, please let me know.  You may reach me at 308-870-4286. 


I want to thank those who signed up for the Tournament, the weather looks good besides being a little windy with no rain at least at this time.  You will be playing with your own Class in Tournament Play.  'A' players will be playing with 'A', 'B' with 'B', 'C' with 'C' and 'D' with 'D'.  Enjoy your three days of playing.  Each day you will play with same squad and start time is the same.  EXAMPLE:  If you start on hole one on Wednesday, you then rotate two holes on Thursday, which you start on hole 3, then hole 5 on Friday.  That will be explained prior to leaving the library, if any other questions please feel free to ask prior to leaving to start play.  


Plan on coming into Library to get your score cards each day by no later than 8:40 so we then can proceed to holes to tee off by 9:00 am.  


Reminder our League Meeting will be held prior to play on Wednesday March 20th, 2024, at 9:00 am.  Please plan to attend. This is the day you elect new officers.  Our awards banquet will be Friday March 22nd at 11:00 am until 1:00 pm.   We will be serving for those who played in our Tournament Sandwiches, chips, and some type of dessert.  A box drink will be provided.  If you wish something else to drink please plan to bring your own drink.   We will meet in Pavillion, if too windy we will move to the Hall.  We will need to be out of the Hall by 1:00, another party needs to prepare for another event.


Please remember absolutely no glass of any kind in Pavillion area.  


Thank you again for your attendance.  

- Nancy Lyne,     (308)-870-4286

Sent 2024-03-12: Woodworker Meeting 3/15 @ 1:00PM - 

There will be a Woodworker’s meeting on Friday, March 15 at 1 PM in the woodshop. This will be our final meeting of the season.     - Chuck McEvoy, President

Sent 2024-03-12: Women’s Club Meeting - 

Hello Neighbors!   Please remember that our Women’s Club meeting will be held in the Hall, this Friday at 9AM. Every Woman who lives in our community is invited to attend.


We will have bear claws, doughnuts and coffee. We will discuss our very active calendar for next season and we have a couple of surprises up our sleeve for you!


Come see what we are all about, get some valuable information about our community and join in the FUN!!


We hope to see you there!


- Pam Davis     Women’s Club President

Sent 2024-03-11: VIDEO: Board Mtg (Reg) Mar 11, 2024 - 

The video from the Mar 11, 2024 Regular Board meeting is now available for viewing on the Sunshine Web site HERE.Please contact me with any issues/questions.
- Scott Kronshage,     SEPO Board Secretary (Assisted by Beth Parrish)

Sent 2024-03-11: Fishing club meeting this Wednesday, March 13th has been cancelled - 

Message from Bill Peterson, President:

The fishing club meeting for Wednesday, March 13th has been cancelled.

We apologize for any inconvenience.  We will plan to meet again in April and look forward to sharing stories and planning for next year. Thank you.

Deb DesLauriers-Eich on behalf of Bill, 715-821-4552

Sent 2024-03-11: Garden Club - 

We want to thank everyone in the community for your donated items and your very kind donations toward the Sunshine Garden Club. We look forward to keeping the grounds and the planters looking nice for everyone to enjoy. A huge thank you to all the volunteers throughout the seasons. We wish everyone a wonderful and safe summer. Thank you all, Sunshine Garden Club.     - Susanne Ulrich

Sent 2024-03-11: Sunshine Garden Club March Presentation - 

Just a friendly reminder of our speaker this Tuesday, March 12th in Retzlaff Hall at 3:00.

See details below.  Thank you.


Tight schedule with Resident's Meeting at 1:00, but I think we will be okay.


Sunshine Garden Club would like to introduce to you Chuck Malloy.  

Chuck Malloy from the Palm Society of South Texas will speak on “Palm Care and Maintenance,” Chuck Malloy, a knowledgeable expert on palms, will delve into various popular palm tree species that thrive in the Rio Grande Valley. Attendees can expect valuable insights on the appropriate time for pruning and feeding palm trees, considering the unique weather challenges in the region. Malloy will share tips on anticipating and combatting adverse weather conditions to protect palm trees, while also discussing the environmental aspects of safeguarding landscapes and creating habitats for wildlife.


Date:   March 12th, Tuesday

Time:   Golf Cart Tour of resident's palms in the community with a short discussion at each stop.  Meet at the Gazebo at 2:00pm.


Retzlaff Hall:  Presentation by Chuck Malloy, at 3:00pm.  Feel free to ask questions.


Special invitation to our Birding and Nature Club and the SEPO Board Members as well as all our community neighbors.  Snacks and refreshments will be provided.


Thank you, Susanne and Deb


Sent 2024-03-10: Resident Passing - 

Lowene Werkmeister,  passed away last night.  Services will be held next Saturday at St. Paul's Lutheran Church at 11:00 with luncheon to follow.     - Su McCurdy

Sent 2024-03-09: Men's Golf League Tournament Information - 

The teams and times of play for the Men's Golf League Tournament being held next Monday and Tuesday will be posted after the Saturday Scramble.


Please be sure to show up at least 20 minutes early to receive your scorecards. Each team will receive a copy of the rules at that time. As always no gimmes and we will play the sand as the ball lies. Please consult the provided rules or your fellow players if you have any questions. Each team will move ahead two holes at your next round.


Also we will be meeting for drinks (Bush beer) and pizza after the last team is finished on Tuesday - 3:30 or so. You can bring your own drinks if you would prefer something else. Hope to see you there. Good luck - play well.

- Dan Boardman

Sent 2024-03-09: UNAPPROVED: SEPO Financials, 2024-02 (Feb) - 

The UNAPPROVED February 2024 SEPO Financials are posted on the Sunshine Website HERE. Please let me know if you have any questions.     - Tracy Wagner,   SEPO Treasurer

Sent 2024-03-09: Irrigation Pump - 

The irrigation pump will be off Monday morning through Tuesday afternoon. Thank you for your patience

- Randy Davis, SEPO Board (from Facebook)

Sent 2024-03-08: Saturday Scramble - 

Saturday Scramble

Will resume tomorrow 3/9/2024 at 9:00.

Be in the library by 8:45 to get your hole Assignments. Hope to see everyone there. 

Deloris Pearcy,


Sent 2024-03-08: International Women’s Day - 

Hello ladies!                                    Happy International Women's Day! 

Just a reminder for all of our beautiful Sunshine Country Club Estates ladies to stop by the office today, Friday, March 8th from 2 PM to 4 PM to pick up a sweet treat and cup of coffee courtesy of The Women’s Club to let you know how very much we appreciate you! We hope to see you there!

- Pam Davis, Pam Lacy, Lisa Perrier, Marlene Parker and Jill Ventrello

Sent 2024-03-08: Sunshine Garden Club Garage Sale - 

You are invited to stop by 4329 N Missouri Street for a Garden Club Garage Sale on Saturday, March 9th.

Several garden items and a few plants will be available.  All proceeds will go to help support the garden club for future projects within our community.

Thank you,     Susanne Ulrich

Sent 2024-03-08: WC: Luau Signup begins soon - 

ALOHA -  It's getting close to LUAU time.


Signup for the Luau will start this coming Saturday, Mar 9. Sign up early and join the fun. See party details below. Hope to see you there.

- Denise Utterback,     (Luau Committee Chairperson)

Sent 2024-03-06: Dumping - 

Whoever dumped this needs to go back and pick it up. This is not a dumping site.

- Frank Tewell,     SEPO Board Director

Sent 2024-03-06: o'clockers golf - 

The O'Clockers golf scramble will move to 5:00 pm on Sunday March 10th due to time change. Open to all golfers in community. We meet beside the shuffleboard court at 4:45 for hole assignments. Come on out and have some fun.     - Questions call Donna Myers at 956 245 0188

Sent 2024-03-06: Golf Course Closures next week - 

Next week the golf course will be closed ALL DAY Monday and Tuesday (March 11 and 12) for the Men's League Tournament. Further, it will be closed until noon on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (March 13, 14, and 15) for the Women's League Tournament.     - Randy Davis,   Golf Course Director

Sent 2024-03-06: Karaoke & Pulled Pork in the Estates Again - 

Karaoke in the Hall will be Friday, March 15 with doors opening at 5:30 and singing starting at 6 PM. The Women’s Club will have pulled pork sandwiches and a bag of chips for $5.00. With the huge success last time, they will be prepared for the masses. As always, you don’t have to sing or dance, but both are encouraged. If you have any questions, contact me or your karaoke hosts, Phillip and Patricia Lay. It’s always a good time, so we hope to see you there.     - Randy Davis (from Facebook)

Sent 2024-03-06: REMINDER: Neighborhood garage sale - 

With everything going on, please remember that there will be a community wide garage sale this weekend March 8th and 9th in conjunction with Encore RV park next door. Everyone is invited to participate!


Any items you wish to donate after the event should be bagged up and left by the curb and will be picked up by a religious charity around 3PM. This will be organized by Lenore Combs. Please contact Jill Ventrello to coordinate any large furniture donations. This is shaping up to be another exciting weekend here at Sunshine.

- Pam Davis (from Facebook)



From: SEPO Community (Sunshine) EMails 

Sent: Friday, February 23, 2024 12:15 AM
To: SEPO Community
Subject: Neighborhood garage sale


We will be having a neighborhood garage sale Friday, March 8th and Saturday, March 9th from 8:00am to 2:00pm. If there are any leftover items that you want to get rid of, please set them on the curb and a local charity organization will pick them up on Saturday the 9th at 3:00pm. If you have any large ticket items, such as furniture left, let me know and I will contact Aguilar's to come pick them up.     - Jill Ventrello

Sent 2024-03-05: AGENDAs: Board Mtg (Reg), Mar 11, 2024 & Res Mtg, Mar 12, 2024 - 

There are two different meeting agendas in this single email.

A paper copy of both agendas will also be posted in the SEPO office, on the poolside door into Retzlaff Hall and by the mailboxes today.

This first agenda is for the Mon, Mar 11, 2024 SEPO Board (Regular) meeting at 1 PM is posted on the Sunshine website HERE.

- Scott Kronshage (SEPO Board Secretary),   assisted by Share Nelson (SEPO Board Secretary Assistant)

This second agenda is for the Tue, Mar 12, 2024 Residents' meeting at 1 PM and is posted on the Sunshine website HERE.

- Scott Kronshage (SEPO Board Secretary),     assisted by Beth Parrish

Sent 2024-03-02: Women’s Club celebrates International Women’s Day - 

Hi Ladies!   Friday, March 8th is a very special day~ a day that we pause to recognize all of the remarkable ladies who live in our community for International Women’s Day. It is a day filled with recognition and gratitude for all of our women. The Women’s Club would like to honor our beloved ladies . We are inviting every woman who lives at Sunshine Country Club Estates to stop by the library next Friday, March 8th from 2-4 for a free sweet treat and cup of coffee (while supplies last). Sincerely,

- Pam Davis,     Women’s Club President

Sent 2024-03-01: UNAPPROVED: Board Mtg (1st Required) Minutes, Feb 20, 2024 - 

The UNAPPROVED minutes from the Jan 20, 2024 Board Meeting (1st Required) can be found on the Sunshine website HERE and viewed/printed directly from HERE. They will also be posted in the office. Please call with any issues or questions.
Scott Kronshage, SEPO Board Secretary

Assisted by Share Nelson

Sent 2024-03-01: UNAPPROVED: Annual Mtg Minutes, Feb 20, 2024 - 

The UNAPPROVED minutes from the Jan 20, 2024 Annual Meeting can be found on the Sunshine website HERE and viewed/printed directly from HERE. They will also be posted in the office. Please call with any issues or questions.
Tony Adams, SEPO Board Secretary

Assisted by Share Nelson

Sent 2024-03-01: MARKET: Home For Sale - 

See our home at 1913 W Wisconsin Ave that is for sale on the Sunshine MARKET.

- Alice Gail & David Keith Foerste

Sent 2024-03-01: B and N Club meeting reminder - 

Greetings neighbors,

Just an friendly reminder, the Birding and Nature Club monthly meeting will be held in the library, Monday, March 4 at 7PM. This will be the final meeting of the season so hope to see you all there. Also, coming up is our field trip to Resaca de Las Palmas State Park, March 14, 9 AM, admission $4.00. This is a guided tour led by Raul Garza, superintendent of the park. Everyone is welcome! See you there.     - Deb Jones

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