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SEPO Community E-Mails: August 2021

Sent 2021-08-31: UPDATE: Resaca Water - 

We now have Resaca water and are no longer limiting residence use of the Resaca.     SEPO Board


Sent 2021-08-29: Blackie has come back - 

We are in luck. An old friend has decided to come back and visit our neighborhood. Blackie has been seen a few times around the neighborhood recently and we haven't seen blackie for some time. That's really unfortunate because blackie is perhaps one of the best friends in nature that we can have.
Blackie is officially known as a Texas indigo snake. Now you are probably repulsed by the idea of a snake being our best friend. But do not fear but rarher respect blackie because blackie eats other snakes, poisonous ones as well as a wide variety of other small creatures.  Blackie is neither poisonous nor aggressive but really a very placid creature.  Blackie is the subject of a Texas Parks and Wildlife brochure from which I will share some excerpts with you.
"Indigo snakes are big snakes. Most adult indigo snakes grow to between 5½ and 6½ feet in length. The longest recorded indigo snake was nearly 8½ feet long.  Texas indigo snakes are diurnal predators, meaning they are active during the day.  They will eat almost any vertebrate animal they can subdue with their strong jaws, including toads, frogs, salamanders, lizards, turtles, birds, small mammals and other snakes.  One specimen was found with three mice, two Mexican burrowing toads and two juvenile snapping turtles in its stomach.  They are also known to eat rattlesnakes and copperheads, which can be three to four times heavier than an indigo snake.

“It’s a gorgeous snake, and it’s not aggressive,” says Andy Gluesenkamp, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department herpetologist. “If you’re nice to the snake, it’ll give you a chance to look at it.”

Texas indigo snakes are listed by the state as a threatened species, and because of its protected status, it is illegal to harm, kill, collect or sell Texas indigo snakes.

The Texas indigo snake is revered in South Texas, where many ranchers are aware of its propensity for eating predatory rattlesnakes.  Ranchers have a fondness for the Texas indigo snake,” Gluesenkamp says. “It’s a true South Texan snake: charismatic, big and tough.”
So - since we have seen Blackie around the Estates lately, I would ask you to "just let it be" if you see it.  It is your friend, even if it is a snake.

Take Care     Pat Harvey   Birding and Nature Club

Sent 2021-08-28: AMENITIES: Pics of Pool Area on Sunshine Web site - 

I warned everyone I was going to be diving into the Web site soon. Well - I started in the Amenities section and have added a page to display our beautiful Pool, Hot tub and Pavilion. Please take special note of the renovated Showers by the pool. I can't wait to get back to TX and get over there.

  • Amenities List page HERE

  • Pool, Hot tub, Pavillion page HERE

If any of you have additional pictures I can post on this page, please send them to me or give me access to pull them from wherever you may have them stored in a Cloud. The more I can put out there, the better.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-08-28: REVISED - MORE INFO: Gold Colored Sunshine Medallion for Display outside of Golf Bags - 

There are many new people in Sunshine who may not know that all residents, renters, and their guests are required to display the “Gold Colored Sunshine Medallion” on their golf bag. It identifies them and allows them full access to the golf course. The medallion should be highly visible and not stuffed in a golf bag pocket.

Also concerning Guests from the SEPO Policies & Procedures:
3. …… If your in-house guest wishes to play golf you must obtain a yellow tag which must be displayed on the golf bag. The tag must be returned to the SEPO office. If an owner wishes to pay for their house golf guest they may do so by keeping track of the number of times their guest plays and pay the proper amount after the guest leaves.

The medallions are free and can be obtained from the office. Your name will be put on the medallion before you exit the office. Guest medallions must be returned to the Office after they are no longer needed.
Players on the Sunshine course without this identification may be stopped and questioned.
Thanks to everyone for displaying your Sunshine golf medallion.     SEPO Board

Sent 2021-08-28: Neighborhood Watch/CERT Report - September 2021 - 

Watch – CERT Team  (Est. 2008)
SCCE - Harlingen’s premier NW & CERT Team.
Lights On --  Lock Up  and Look Out for each other!
      Lenore J. Combs,  Coordinator  956 245 1276

SEPO Board Report for Sunshine Neighborhood Watch - CERT Team   Sept 2021

Dear Friends - Again a huge THANKS to all our volunteers - unsung heroes for being Sunshine’s eyes n’ ears, encouraging residents to stay alert and threatening fear into local Bad Guys,.
Meetings will resume the 3rd Monday monthly in Retzlaff Hall at 3pm.  These are open meetings.  Please join us on Monday the 20th of September as we can discuss and review plans for interventions, changes, schedules and etc. October is Fire Prevention Month and Harlingen’s bravest will visit with us at that meeting. 
Would also like to discuss a Finger Lickin’ Chicken for November (or a better month) as a fund raiser.  The Fire Dept will grill the chickens safely on their massive BBQ grill and we can be COVID-19 compliant with delivery and pick-up.  Your input please.
National Night Out -  was Tuesday the 3rd of August 6p – 9p  at Lon C.Hill Park. 
We were signed up with Officers Bravo and Moreno HPD. Many LE Agencies were represented as well as other groups like ours.  There was plenty of food and entertainment and educational booths - even COVID-19 vaccines.
Harlingen Fire Department – CERT Team   (Station 8) 

Meetings have been reinstated  - every 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Emergency Ops & Training Center on 24200 North FM 5092. You’re invited. Check out the web site on for an application and training etc. 
The CERT Team - Learn how to “hold down the fort until profession help arrives”. This is a nationwide approach to volunteer training that civilian responders can rely upon during disaster situations. Some topics – Disaster Preparedness, Fire Safety, Light Search & Rescue, Team Organization, Disaster Medical Ops and more. This is a 20 hour course over two weekends with a fantastic Fire House BBQ to follow.
Check out IS 317 Intro to CERT - an independent study course on basic CERT training.
That’s all folks - see ya the 20th of September - 3pm.
Sincerely,     Lenore J. Combs 956 245 1276   Coordinator NW-CERT

Sent 2021-08-26: ACTION NEEDED: Yellow Golf Bag Medallion Resident Identifier - 

At the July 15, 2021 SEPO Board meeting it was brought up that, since the Golf Trail Fees were eliminated in 2020, we don’t have any way of identifying if someone playing golf is a resident or not. It was suggested the board come up with another way of identifying all residents playing golf on the Sunshine course.


Since that meeting a Yellow Golf Bag Medallion has been created. If you play golf on the Sunshine course, please obtain one of these medallions from the Office (they are free), print your name on it (where you see the white strip in the picture below) and attach it to your golf bag so that is visible to everyone.


Thanks for your cooperation with this matter.     SEPO Board

Sent 2021-08-26: AGENDA for Board Meeting on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 @ 1:00 PM CT - 

Due to all of the the data and graphics listed in the agenda for this meeting you may want to view/print the agenda from the Sunshine Web site HERE. Please let me know if you have any issues with getting to the document if you wish to go that route. Valerie will also be posting the agenda below outside her office and on the poolside door to Retzlaff Hall by end of day on Friday, August 27, 2021 at the latest.
Beth Parrish     SEPO Board Secretary   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-08-26: W IN Circle Construction Project: Pictures now on Web site - 

If you aren't physically in Sunshine to see how the construction is coming along on W IN Circle, you can view pictures on the Web site HERE. You can tune in to the SEPO Board meeting next week (Agenda to be provided to you in a few minutes) to hear a status update on the project.     SEPO Board

Sent 2021-08-24: REPLIES WELCOMED: Web site Cleanup will start Tuesday, August 31, 2021 - 

Hi Everyone - Hope you have been enjoying your summer.

I've started looking at the Web site more closely this month and there is a lot of info out there from years past - going back to Dec 2018 on some pages. I will be taking a deep dive into the site starting next week and will be deleting lots of data prior to the start of the 2019-2021 winter season, which is prior to October 1, 2019.

If there is something that you feel strongly about that you believe should be left on the site prior to Oct 1, 2019, please let me know prior to next Tuesday, August 31, and I will consider it. I do know I will not be deleting anything from the 'In Memoriam' page.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2021-08-24: August Potluck - 

Hey Sunshine Residents, our next Summer Potluck will be this Thursday evening at the hall. We are starting a half hour earlier so the golfers still have time to play at 6pm. Bring a dish to share with others. Coffee, tea, and ice will be provided as well as plates, napkins, and utensils. If you wish, you may bring your own plates, drinks, etc.

  • Date: Thursday, August 26, 2021 

  • Place: Retzlaff Hall

  • Time: Social Hour 4:00, Eat at 4:30

 Any questions, call me 719-468-4556. Hope to see everyone there!     Marian Young

Sent 2021-08-23: Sunshine Golf Course - 

When you are on the golf course please remember to do the following:

  • Put the rake's in traps parallel to the fairways

  • Fix your divets on the greens

Thanks for your attention to these matters.     Lyn Swonger

Sent 2021-08-21: Invitation: 20th Anniversary of 911 Patriot Day - 

Hi All - This is Beth Parrish. The below was sent to me by Lenore Combs. She asked if it was something I could share with all of you. Although it is outside of the normal SEPO E-News E-Mail guidelines I felt strongly enough (and I know she does too) about something like this that I needed to loosen the reins this time and share it with all of you.


The City of Harlingen is doing a "20th Anniversary of 911 Patriot Day" on Saturday the 11th of September at 10 am at the Valley International Airport - North Tarmac area.- which is roughly behind the Marine Military Academy. Heidi Dill will be singing our National Anthem. I am on the committee. Everyone is invited. Hope to see you there.

Lenore Combs

Invitation_Sky line_Final.jpg

Sent 2021-08-21: Resident Passing - 

Valerie (SEPO Office) has been informed that Adrian Box passed away on August 19, 2021.

Sent 2021-08-21: Resident Memorial Service - 

A memorial service to celebrate the life of Lois Humburg will be held at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Harlinigen, TX, on Wednesday August 25, 2021 at 11 AM. Memorials can be directed to - St. Paul Lutheran Church, 602 Morgan Blvd
Harlingen, TX 78550     Carolyn Anderson
A document containing the full Obituary for Lois can be found HERE. The Sunshine Web site In Memoriam section of this Web site has also been updated to contain this document.      Beth Parrish (Sunshine Web site Manager)


Thursday, August 26, 2021 @ 10 AM
SEPO Board Only via Google Meet

This is a formal notice to the Sunshine community that SEPO Board President Tony Tramel has called an Executive Board Meeting to be held next Thursday, August 26, 2021 at 10 AM for all Board Members via Google Meet.

This is a closed session as permitted by Texas law since the meeting pertains to potential litigation issues.
This meeting will consist of discussions, resolutions and / or identification of action plans regarding issues noted above.

Tony Tramel
SEPO Board President

Sent 2021-08-19: Free: From a Sunshine Resident - 

I have some Symbicort that I will give to anyone who uses it. My phone number is listed in the Sunshine directory.    Dee Novak

Sent 2021-08-14: Changes in your access to the Sunshine Woodshop - 

Because of the changes being brought about by the Delta variant of the Covid virus, the Woodworker's club is implementing some changes in access to the woodshop.

Starting Monday 8/15/21, you will be asked to show the on-duty Monitor either a copy of your Vaccination Record Card or a copy of a recent Negative Covid test. Should you need one, tests are available free from both Walgreens and CVS.

We are truly sorry for this change but then, we are even more sorry that the Delta variant is creating such rapid increases in infections in society. The number of positive tests in Harlingen has increased 19 fold in the last 2 months - going from just 2 new infections per day to 38 new infections per day since mid June. The Woodworkers club will review this change on a monthly basis as needed.

Let's all try to stay safe.     Pat Harvey

Sent 2021-08-14: SEPO: July 2021 Financials - 

Hello Fellow Homeowners - I am sending out the July Financials. They are posted on the Web site HERE. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks    Mecca Henry   SEPO Treasurer

Sent 2021-08-13: GARAGE SALE - 

Garage sale at 2032 W Montana on August 13 and 14 from 8 to 12. Mary Tamayo

Sent 2021-08-12 (Resent on 2021-08-13): Thank you - 

We are leaving with a heavy heart.  After so many years and so many friends it is really hard to say "good bye".  We will miss you all and hope we will meet again sometime.  Thank you all again for your friendship and your caring all these years.     With Love Sylvia and Stan Nelson


Sent 2021-08-09: ACTION REQUIRED: Update on Resaca Water - 

Cameron County Irrigation District has advised Sunshine Estates that it will be rationing water available to us from the resaca. As you know, the resaca provides water for our golf course, as well as, individual sprinklers systems. We are therefore requesting that our residents who use resaca water don't use their sprinkler systems until further notice. We intend to use whatever water is available to us to maintain our golf course, which is one of the most valuable assets of the SEPO community. -- Thank You for your cooperation with this matter.   -- Tony Tramel     SEPO Board President

Sent 2021-08-09: Resaca Water - 

Until further notice no Resaca water for Residential use.     Lyn Swonger

Sent 2021-08-09: MARKETPLACE: “For Sale” – Total Gym XLX - 

  • Contact: Sharon Schaub (254) 744-8981

  • Description:​ Includes: 6 workout videos & all the Attachments and Instructions

  • Pricing: Sells on Ebay for $550. Will sell for $300.00​

See Pictures on Web site HERE.     Sharon Schaub

Sent 2021-08-08: Update on NW Patrol and Indiana Circle - 

Dear Friends - Hope there is no confusion about this new decision.   🤔   There will be NO Patrols on Indiana Circle past the cul de sac - and that includes going behind those homes.
The rationale is for safety reasons - in the dark, construction materials, some volunteers are not familiar with the back of these homes, there is new grass laid and the sprinklers go on - just to name a few.
It became clear when several residents and Board members expressed concern.  So, to play safe - patrol on Indiana only up to the cul de sac and stay on the left hand side as you head toward it and use the same side to exit.  
Shan was on last night and was aware.  Kat, Marian, Mary and I explored possibilities and we are in agreement with Tony Tramel (Board President) and Lyn Swonger (Board Golf Course Director) - SAFETY FIRST.
Thanks - contact me if you need.   😊
Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276
NW Coordinator and SEPO Board Member

Sent 2021-08-07: Neighborhood Watch Patrol and the construction site on Indiana Circle - 

Dear Friends - This memo is informational and instructional for all Residents.
The NW evening patrol is instructed to ride the south side of Indiana Circle for safety reasons while construction is ongoing.  
NW Volunteers: To patrol around the homes at the circle, - enter at the Golf Cart path by Nelson's home at 1929 W. Indiana Circle - head around the rear of the homes in the grass past the affected homes and exit at the end of Hole 4 onto Indiana Circle leading to N. Missouri Street.
Stay on the Cart path best you can, ride on the grass as necessary. Check the Golf Carts parked behind the homes and the rear of the homes best you can.  Use the flashlight only if needed.
Their keys should not be left in the Golf Cart and hopefully that will be a given. It is not your obligation to check them..  

If this message needs improvement, please CALL or email me.
Any questions or concerns - CALL or email me.
Thanks     -  Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276     Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

Sent 2021-08-06: Resident Passing - 

Mr. Paul Novak passed away this evening 6 August 2021

He is an U.S. Army National Guard Veteran and has been a Sunshine resident for several years.

Please keep Dee and family & friends in your prayers

Rest in peace dear friend.   God Bless America

Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276


Sent 2021-08-01: ALL Sunshine Directories updated on Web today - 

I know some of you have been inquiring about updates needed to the Sunshine Directories on the Web site. I had been making them near the middle of each month AND at the end of each month. However, for July I only did them once - today. I updated ALL of the directories with the latest info I have received from the Office.

They can be found on these two pages DIRECTORIES and PHOTOS & DIRECTORY LIST.

Please review each of them carefully to ensure the info listed for your household is up-to-date. If anything needs changed please send those updates to both:



Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin     E-Mail:     314-960-6710

Sent 2021-08-01: MARKETPLACE: Sunshine Home for Rent - 

The listing below has been posted on the Sunshine Web site MARKETPLACE page.

  • 4112 N Missouri St -

    • Home Owner: Sam Davis

    • Contact:​

      • 956-425-4193 (Home)

      • 956-244-4682 (Cell)

    • Description:

      • Mobile home with carport

      • One bedroom

      • One bath

      • Fully furnished, New windows, New blinds, New curtains

      • Cable TV included

      • Golf Cart included in Rental

      • No smoking

      • No pets

Sam Davis

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