Activities Schedule - Women's Club (2020-2021)

 Some "SCHEDULED" Women's Club Activities are CANCELLED until further notice. 

Some "NEW" Activities are being added that follow Covid-19 Guidelines.

 See below for Details of each Event 

Pictures of the Signup Sheets for the Originally Scheduled Activities for 2020-2021 can be found HERE.


   Date       Day          Event (Chairpersons)


10-30-20     Fri              Mexican Fiesta Chair (Nancy Luellen) 



10-31-20     Sat             MASK-O-RADE Golf Cart & Costume Event (Sue Swidryk, Pam Lacy, Lenore Combs & Sylvia Nelson) 

Sent 2020-10-26: Event Notice - MASK-O-RADE: Oct 31, 2020 - 


 Come Join in the Fun 
 (See Details Above)

Sent 2020-10-31: REMINDER: Women's Club MASK-O-RADE this evening AND Need for Pictures - 

Hi All - I'm sending this on behalf of the Women's Club and the SEPO Web site.

For the Women's Club:
This is a reminder of the MASK-O-RADE festivities this evening. Click HERE for attachment with details. I've been walking around the community and saw several homeowners decorating their golf carts. It should be loads of fun.

For the Web site:
The Sunshine Web site is thirsting for events this year. Due to the pandemic it hasn't received much relief. However, the MASK-O-RADE this evening is a perfect opportunity for one and all to help out. The Web site needs pictures - and lots of them - of this evening's festivities. Your pictures can be sent to Beth Parrish at the e-mail address below. Or give me a call and I can arrange to get them from you by other means (USB stick, etc).

Beth Parrish   314-960-6710


Sent 2020-10-31: Thanks for the MASK-O-RADE -

Congrats Sue Bob on the fist Women's Club event of this weird year. It was fun to watch. Thank you so much to the unknown woman who handed me a beautiful, illuminated balloon as the parade passed by. I hope you all had a nice time despite the necessary restrictions.     Lassey



11-11-20     Wed           Veteran’s Day (Lenore Combs & Marian Young) 

Sent 2020-11-04: Veterans Day tribute - forming a committee - 

Dear Friends, On Wednesday  11 November we will have a Veterans day tribute (sponsored by the Women's Club). See the Details above.


May I please have some volunteers to assist. 

  • Flag bearers for Branch Flags etc.

  • Ushers for the gazebo area.

Tentative game plan:  Golf Cart  procession down to the Gazebo, small tribute - see poster above.

If anyone wants to help please contact Lenore  956 245 1276
Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276
USAF Veteran * SCCE Resident

Sent 2020-11-07: Veterans Day Tribute - call out for helpers - Committee Meetings scheduled - 

Dear Friends, Planning is in the works for this Wednesday Veterans Day 11 NOVEMBER program
Meeting: Welcome for all those with interest and sharing of ideas  - meet at the Gazebo Sunday  8 Nov and Monday 9 Nov  3pm. Won't take long    😷     ❤ 
--  Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276     USAF Nurse Veteran, SCCE Resident

Sent 2020-11-10: Veterans Day - residents agenda - invitation - 

All the information you need/want to know about the Women's Club: Veterans Day Tribute can be found and printed HERE. Please call w/questions and I hope to see you at the Tribute tomorrow (Nov 11)

--  Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276

Sent 2020-11-15: Veterans Day Program: Video now on Web site - 

One of our Sunshine residents was able to capture on video some/most of the Women's Club Veterans Day Tribute last Wed, Nov 11, 2020. Today I figured out how to load it to the Web site (see below) for any of you who would like to view or re-view it. It's my first time loading a video out here, so if anyone has any issue viewing it, give me a call.

Beth Parrish
SEPO Web site Admin


 The remaining Women's Club Activities are CANCELLED at this time. 

   Date       Day             Event (Chairpersons)


11-22-20     Sun             Goofy Golf Co-chairs (Derek & Janis McFee)


11-26-20     Thu             Thanksgiving Dinner (NEED CHAIRs)


12-04-20     Fri               Craft & Bake Sale (Terry Debackere & Debbie Robins)

12-25-20     Fri               Christmas Dinner (NEED CHAIRs)


01-21-21     Thu             New Homeowners' (Vickie Jones & Sherri Gardner)


02-07-21     Sun             SuperBowl Party (Eileen Anderson & Pam Lacy)


02-26-21     Fri               Casino Night #1 (Roy & Debbie Robins)


02-27-21     Sat               Casino Night # 2 (Roy & Debbie Robins)


03-09-21     Tue               Hillbilly Hog Roast (Carolyn Anderson)


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