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Activities: Special (2020-2021 Winter Season)

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Wall Of Honor (Ongoing)


WALL OF HONOR (Started Jan 8, 2020)

You can find previous information concerning this Project HERE.

Sent 2020-11-14: Sunshine Heroes Wall of Honor - 

Project Background - It was decided here at Sunshine that we would recognize our neighbors, not for a single act of heroism but their heroic service. We wanted to recognize the people from our community who made a commitment to give part of their lives for the benefit of others. This is what the SUNSHINE HEROES Wall of Honor represents.  It is our way to recognize them and say thank you for your service. 
Last Spring in Retzlaff Hall, we unveiled our Sunshine Heroes Wall of Honor complete with their engraved names on an individual metal plate. There is also a Memory Book of photos of our heroes. This touching monument serves as a reminder that many of our residents sacrificed their lives for the freedom we enjoy today. (See picture below.)
You may support this wall by completing an application and some brief information (form available at SEPO Office). We would like a photo in uniform. Jim Tennant is available for questions 616 866 9960.
What is a Veteran?  - whether retired, discharged, active duty or reserve – is someone who at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to ”The United States of America” for an amount up to and including his or her life. (Author unknown)
What Is A Hero? - defines a hero as a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character.
A true hero is someone who gives of themselves for the benefit of others, sometimes at great personal risk. There are many in our community who have given parts of their lives in the service of our country regardless of the risk.  There are those who have chosen a career of community service – Law enforcement, First Responders and Fire Fighters are examples. All these people have given freely of themselves for the benefit of others. These are a few examples of what we can all recognize as heroes, but we do not usually honor them for their service.
If you save a person from a car accident or give CPR to someone you would be recognized for heroism. The person who donates blood to help others is a hero. A person who may donate an organ or bone marrow is a hero. Are these very special people any more heroic then the others who served us?
Jim Tennant


Sent 2020-03-21: SUNSHINE HEROES - 

As another winter season comes to a close, I just want to give you all a reminder about the SUNSHINE HEROES wall. In case you haven’t seen it, the wall is up in Retzlaff Hall and has 41 names on it. Those of you who have made a pledge for this project, I will be coming around this week to collect. I want to thank all those who have donated to this project both monetarily and with their time and labor. The applications are still available from Valerie in the SEPO office. When you complete your application return it to Valerie along with your picture. If you do not have a picture or prefer a current picture be sure to check the box on the form that you will need a picture taken. I will be contacting you upon my return in the fall to take a current picture for this book.

Remember as we travel home to be safe and when you get there find your favorite picture of you or your spouse, in uniform or not, to be placed in the book that is placed with the display wall.

I want to have this SUNSHINE HEROS display to represent all of the people who served.

Jim Tennant   4161 N Missouri   (616)866-9960   Email:

Calling all Dogs (and Cats) (2021-03-30)


Calling All Dogs (and Cats) (Mar 30, 2021)

Sent 2021-03-27: Calling All Dogs (and Cats) - 

Hey Everyone,
Sandra Delaunay will be available once again to trim our pet's nails. Sandra also works on cats. If you want Sandra to come to your home, the cost is $15. Some dogs or cats will be more comfortable at home. For many of our furry friends, having their nails clipped is a stressful situation. Any size dog, or any cat, is welcome. For special needs, the dog can remain in your vehicle. 
Date: Tuesday, March 30, 2021 
Place: Dog Park in the RV parking lot
Time: 1 to 4 pm
Contact: Text Pam Lacy @ 218-443-3416 to set up an appointment
Cost:  $10
Masks as always
Thanks, Marian Young, Pam Lacy, Marge Sandusky


90th Birthday - Gus Elliott (Mar 27, 2021)

Sent 2021-03-30: Thank You for saying Happy 90th Birthday - 

I would like to thank all of my Friends and Neighbors who came by Saturday to help me celebrate my 90th birthday.
Almost all of the beer was consumed, but we had cake left over. What does that tell you about this neighborhood.
Seriously, it was a lot of fun and I again, I thank you.

Sent 2021-03-24: Come say Happy 90th Birthday - 

WOW - Gus Elliott is turning 90.     Gus is opening up his garage (and as much of the street as possible without hindering traffic) so that you can come by his house (4333 N Minnesota) this coming Sat, Mar 27, from 2pm to 4pm and wish him a Happy 90th Birthday. He said he'd also offer you a beer if you came by to see him. Sounds like bribery to me - HA - But also a good offer. He will appreciate your visit thoroughly.
Beth Parrish (for Gus Elliott)

90th B-Day: Gus Elliott
Calling All Dogs (2021-02-23) (Complete)


Calling All Dogs (Feb 23, 2021)

Sent 2021-02-23: Calling All Dogs -

Our first dog nail clipping service with Sandra Delaunay was a success. Having one person come to the Estates, as far as Covid-19 is concerned, is better than 20 people going out to different places. We set appointments for everyone so there was never a crowd. In between each appointment, we used sanitizer and cleaned the table. Our next Spa Day for your Pup will be held this Tuesday. All sizes of dogs are welcome.
DATE: February 23, 2021
TIME: 1 - 4 pm
LOCATION: Dog park in the storage lot. 
CALL: Pam Lacy  @ 218-443-3416 to set up an appointment
COST: $10
Masks & SD 

Calling All Dogs (2021-01-28) (Complete)


Calling All Dogs (Jan 28, 2021)

Sent 2021-02-23: Calling All Dogs -

Hello Dog Lovers,
Sandra Delaunay has offered to come to our community to clip our dogs' nails. Sandra loves dogs, and has over 20 years of experience. All sizes of dogs are welcome.

PLACE: Small Dog Park in the Storage Lot
Date: Thursday, January 28, 2021 
Time: 1 to 4 pm
Contact: Text Pam Lacy @ 218-443-3416 to set up an appointment
Cost:  $10
Masks as always     Thanks,
Pam Lacy, Marge Sandusky, Marian Young

Meet & Greet: SEPO Board Candidates & Residents (2020-12-30) (Complete)


Meet & Greet: SEPO Board Candidates & Residents (Dec 30, 2020)

Sent 2020-12-24: REVISION, Meet and Greet: SEPO Board Candidates & Residents -

The Nominating Committee for the SEPO Board of Directors will be hosting a “Meet and Greet” for the candidates and residents of Sunshine Estates on Wed, Dec 30, 2020 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Texas Ave.
This event is designed for the residents to meet the candidates, ask questions and have a conversation before the election is held. These elections directly affect every resident in this community, as the Board of Directors is tasked with making critical decisions for our community. Use your voice! We strongly encourage all residents to attend if possible.
Please mark your calendar and take advantage of this one-time opportunity to meet.

This event is being held outside, with COVID-19 guidelines being enforced. The plan is for the candidates to be in golf carts along Texas Ave. Don't forget your masks. Let's have a safe event!
Dana Weise
2021 SEPO Board Nominating Committee Chairman

Toys for Tots (2020-11-15 thru 12-16) (Complete)


Toys for Tots (Nov 15 thru Dec 16, 2020)

Sent 2020-11-15: Toys for Tots - 

Dear Friends - I recently received permission to place this box in the Sunshine Library for our convenience. 
Contact me if you have any questions etc. Thanks     Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276









Hello Everyone here at Sunshine, 

Earlier today, the Harlingen Police Department dropped off a Toys For Tots box.  It will be in the Sunshine Library for the next few weeks just waiting to overflow. If you can find it in your heart to donate a toy for this cause, it would be deeply appreciated. The mission is to provide a tangible sign of hope to economically disadvantaged children at Christmas. It is one of the top rated charities and our PD teams up with the local Marine Corps League. It is also a 501 C (3). A donated ~ ten dollar toy of your choice will make some child’s day.   Just wrap it simply with a ribbon and place “BOY" or "GIRL" and the age visibly on the bottom.  Ultimately, Harlingen PD, with its partners, has access for the distribution plan which is usually mid December. I have worked a bunch of these and they are breathtaking – to see the kid’s eyes light up for a gift – and to see them sit on Santa’s lap for a photo op – wow!  Thanking you in advance for your marvelous generosity.
Lenore J. Combs  956 245 1276
Harlingen Citizens Police Academy Alumni Member

Newsletter 2021-01: Toys for Tots -

Hello everyone here at Sunshine,


December 2020 – Congrats - Thanks and Blessings to each and every one who participated in this year’s Toys For Tots initiative via the Harlingen Police Department.  Mission accomplished!  The goal is and has been to bring the joy of Christmas and send a message of hope to America’s less fortunate children, in particular for children in our area.


HPD came to Sunshine with some toys to be wrapped. They took back the equivalent of at least four topped-off huge boxes stuffed with beautifully wrapped donated gifts. On behalf of Assistant Chief of Police Miryam Anderson and Sgt. Fechner, our HPD District Representative, they are most grateful. You all outdid yourselves with love and generosity – but that has always been the Sunshine way. Thanks again. I have a few photos that Beth Parrish (SEPO Communications Manager) has posted below.


Lenore (SCCE contact)

Pic_Toys for Tots.jpg
Salvation Army Bell Ringing (2020-11-27) (Cancelled)


Salvation Army Bell Ringing (Nov 27, 2020)


Sent 2020-11-22: Bell Ringing - 

Hi Everyone, Due to a lack of interest, we will not be ringing bells at Wal-Mart on the 27th. If you're feeling generous this year, please remember the Salvation Army. Thanks,     Marian and Sally

Sent 2020-11-14: Salvation Army Bell Ringing - 

Hello Everyone,
For several years, we here at Sunshine have been bell ringers for the Salvation Army. Our usual day is the day after Thanksgiving. This year, Sally Dronen and I will be coordinating this event. 
Due to covid-19 and people being laid off, the food banks are low on food. 100% of the money collected stays in the valley. 
The North and South side doors at Wal-Mart have been reserved for our group. One or two people at each door, for one hour, are needed to ring the bells.
The times are from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. There will be a signup sheet in the library on the 14th. The date to ring bells is Friday, November 27, 2020. 
The Salvation Army will provide PPE (Personal Protective Equipment like gloves, masks, hand sanitizer), but if we supply our own, they can save their supply for others.
Questions: Sally Dronen  479-531-3421 or Marian Young 719-468-4556
Thanks in advance,

Sent 2020-10-01: Sunshine National Night Out - 


Sunshine National Night Out: (Oct 8, 2020)

Sunshine National Night Out (2020-10-08) (Complete)
NW CERT Virtual NNO 6 Oct 2020_1.jpg
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