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 SEPO Rules
Proposed Amendments to Bylaws & Covenants for 2022 Vote

Click on the links below to view/print the documents.




The documents linked to below contain proposed amendments to the SEPO Bylaws and the SEPO Covenants. The ballots for voting on these amendments, along with voting instructions, were mailed to the entire community via US Postal Service on Friday, January 14, 2022.

These documents are also available in two other locations:

  1. posted outside the SEPO Office

  2. available to each SEPO street address, starting on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, if you wish to request a printed copy from the SEPO office (956-425-1420)

PLEASE NOTE: Although the Owners had previously been provided access to documents containing all amendments being considered by the Board, not all of those amendments ended up being included in what you are being asked to vote on.

  • Amendments to our existing Bylaws can only be made if 51% of the total votes cast are yes.


  • Amendments to our existing Covenants can only be made with at least 66% yes votes from the owners (202 yes of the 306 owner votes).

All proposed amendments originated from:

  • The Review Committee of knowledgeable Owners (Share Nelson, Pat Harvey, Jerry Wetherbee, Earl Weir and Steve Fransene).

  • The SEPO Attorney from the Law Firm LADD & THIGPEN, P.C., who included items which are required for us to be in compliance with TX Property Code.

  • Corrective, editorial, and / or changed for clarity (without changing the intent).

After several intense Board reviews and consideration of Owners’ comments, the Board approved to ‘move forward for a vote’ the proposed amendments in both documents (see below).

The Board also plans to hold a series of Open Forums to enable Owners to inquire / become knowledgeable about the final proposed amendments to the SEPO Bylaws and Covenants 'prior to’ you voting. Watch for details to be communicated concerning these forums.



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