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Here you will find E-Mails that have been sent to the SEPO Community in August 2019. 

Sent 2019-08-29:Sunshine Directory & E-Mail List Updated - 

Based on everyone's input the last couple of weeks, the Resident and E-Mail lists have been updated and I just put them on the Web site. The files can be found in the 'Residents Only' section of the Web site - ( Thx so much.

    Beth Parrish   Sunshine Country Club E-News   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2019-08-29: Neighborhood Watch Sept 2019 comms - 

Sunshine Neighborhood Watch – CERT Team  (Est. 2008)

SCCE - Harlingen’s premier NW & CERT Team.


                    Lights On --  Lock Up  and Look Out for each other!


News Notes for September 2019


Lenore J. Combs,  Coordinator  956 245 1276


Dear NW-CERT Volunteers and Friends,


The September schedule is posted with changes in the Library.  Thank you for a huge job. I want to express my thanks for all your support during this long, hot summer.


I am still working on the lights for the McGruffmobile and researching a decent flashlite for you.


The Town of Combes is celebrating their National Night Out on Thursday 12 September 6p-9p at the Combes Community Park.  Y’all come.  Let’s show our support for the Combes PD who have patrolled our community thru thick and thin.  Chief Patrick Quill and their staff have worked tirelessly to bring this opportunity to you.  It is our night to “take a bite out of crime” and for the Combes Police to host all other LE and EMT agencies.  So a show of support is in order!  Our Neighborhood Watch will have a table (under the shady tree) along with the CERT Team and the Citizens Police Academy and many other participants.  Lots of info and free stuff – yum, yum.


I am requesting volunteers as usual for several NNO opportunities:  All jobs have instructions.

1. Sitting at our table – any and all of you – come, take turns or stay the entire time as their will be plenty of getting together and sharing stories etc.  Show off our NE and CERT Team – lead by example – you are the premier group in the area.


2. Parking – roughly – get there at 5:15 pm or so – shuffle patrons into a designated parking  lot. 

Done by 6pm or so.


3. Also, we need a few roving Golf carts –

Job:  A)  guide special guests (PDs  FDs,  EMTs,  etc.) into their special area behind the Pavilion

         B)  Safety patrol


Tentative plan:  Combes PD will escort you and your Golf Carts on Thursday morning -  9am to Combes PD Parking Lot – where we can charge them for that evening.  Then on Friday early we will have a PD escort back to Sunshine.   Don’t forget to haul your charger!

4.  I need your shirt size – pronto!              Call me please 


Thank you Marsha Santow for representing SCCE CERT Team at the 10th Year recognition recently with the Mayor.  Stop by and see the article on the bulletin board in the Library.

Lenore Combs


Sent 2019-08-29: Potluck Dinner - 

Hey Everyone - We will be having a Labor Day pot luck dinner on Monday, September 2nd at the hall. Social Hour starts at 4:30 and we will eat at 5:00. After the meal, there will be a Shuffleboard Tournament with prizes for the winners. There will be a sign up sheet in the library for teams or singles. Hope to see you there!   Marian Young   719-468-4556  


Sent 2019-08-26: Canon Inks (2019-08-26) -

I have two sets of Pixma251 inks that someone can have. I ordered the incorrect number for my printer.    Lassey

Sent 2019-08-26: Former Resident Death - Dorothy Halbrook - 

Former resident Dorothy Halbrook passed last week. She and her husband Bill lived a number of years on Nebraska street.    Cindy Shriver


Sent 2019-08-26: Letter from President of the Board - 

This is to inform you that even though I have sincerely enjoyed serving on the board as your president I am going to have to resign as your president. I am resigning due to medical issue both for Katrina and I, we are both in rehab, Katrina for a very complicated knee surgery and me from major back surgery. It is with regret that I feel that I must resign, but it maybe that we will be unable to make the trip to Texas this year and even if we can it will be late in the season. I feel there needs to be an onsite president especially for the elections. 

To the board members, you have been a great board with which to work. To the residents of sunshine I am pleased to have served as your president.  Dick Shelton


Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager     956-425-1420


Sent 2019-08-25: Rent/Sale Info on Sunshine Web site - 

As a follow-up to the e-mail I just sent out for the SEPO Office, Valerie could also just point a potential renter or buyer to the Sunshine Web site ( However, that means those of you who have houses for sale or rent need to supply Beth Parrish (me) with the information to list out there. If you don't wish to have your sale/rent info on the Web site, please follow Valerie's process.

If anyone has questions please feel free to contact me.

Beth Parrish    Sunshine Country Club E-News   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2019-08-25: LOOKING TO RENT - 

I have had several calls to the office about homes for rent, I do not have a listing of that sort so I thought it would be best to put it out for residents. If the client fits what they are asking for I will include their phone number so you can reach them personally. (with their permission of course). Once you have established an agreement with a potential renter, please send them my way to update our Renters List.


Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager     956-425-1420

Sent 2019-08-25: House for Sale - 

Brick Home for Sale:

- On the golf course 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, Sunroom overlooking the 4th green

- Contact Arv Russell  956 357 7302


Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager     956-425-1420


Sent 2019-08-25: Resident Passing - Charlie Vickers - 

I received a call yesterday from Shirley. She said that Charlie had died earlier (8/24/19).   Linda Jones

Sent 2019-08-25: Resident Passing - Dana Thornton - 

Dana Thornton Passed away 08/21/2019. If you would like to send a card with your condolence’s to Mr. Thornton and his family you can do so  to the address as follows:

     770 Lehman Dr.

     Chester Illinois  62233


Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager     956-425-1420   


Sent 2019-08-25: NEED VOLUNTEER to send SEPO E-mails Dec 8 thru Dec 16, 2019 - 

I know December seems like a long time off, but I also know how it is sometimes difficult to get backup assistance for certain tasks. So I'm putting out my plea for a backup SEPO E-Mail manager while I am on vac this coming Dec 8 thru Dec 16. I will not have Wi-Fi access during this time period. If at least one or two people volunteer I will train you as soon as we are both/all back in TX. It's not that difficult and you won't have to worry about updating anything on the Web site. I will do that when I return.   Thx in advance for any help you can give me.


Beth Parrish   Sunshine Country Club E-News   E-Mail:   314-960-6710


Sent 2019-08-21: Good Contractors - 

Since the flood there have been a number of new contractors in our neighborhood doing recovery work.  Many of these contractors are not on our SEPO Mr. Fix It List.   As some of our neighbors return from up north, they too will need those same services.


If you were happy with the contractor(s) that helped you, Please pass the information onward.  Just send an e-mail to: and include the contractor's name, phone number and a short description of the work that was done.

The MrFixItList will then be updated on the SEPO web site ( You may also obtain a paper copy of the Mr Fix It list from Valarie at the SEPO Office. Your Neighbors will thank you.   Regards   Pat Harvey

Sent 2019-08-21: MISSING - 

Did anyone at Happy Hour last Thursday, mistakenly take my silver pie server home with them?  Please call Lorraine Lewis @ 956 244 2094. Or bring it back to the hall with them Thurs.   Thanks , Lorraine 

Sent 2019-08-17: PLEASE VERIFY: Sunshine Directory Updates - 

Valerie and I have been working together this summer to get/keep the Sunshine Resident Directory up-to-date. I have been gathering those updates and have finally got them on the Sunshine Web site. I am asking everyone to please check the document for accuracy - as there were many buy & sell transactions made over the summer. One file is sorted by Last Name. The other file is sorted by Street then #. However, they both contain the exact same data.

The files can be found in the 'Residents Only' section of the Web site - 

So, as most of you already know, you will need the Resident Password to access the page containing the documents. If you don't already have that password, instructions on how to obtain it are on the page I linked to above.

If you see anything that needs correcting please send that information to both myself and Valerie at: AND By sending the corrections to both of us we can keep our documents in sync easier.

Thank you so much in advance for helping us maintain accurate information concerning all of the great Sunshine residents.

One final quick thing. I am working on updating the E-mail List and will have it back out on the Web very soon. I will notify everyone when it is out there.


Beth Parrish   Sunshine Country Club E-News   E-Mail:   314-960-6710



Sent 2019-08-17: Neighborhood Watch meeting this Monday 3p Retz Hall - 

Sunshine Neighborhood Watch – CERT Team  (Est. 2008)

SCCE - Harlingen’s premier NW & CERT Team.


                    Lights On --  Lock Up  and Look Out for each other!


Meeting Agenda – Monday 19 August 2019


Lenore J. Combs,  Coordinator  956 245 1276

Sgt. Michael Brooks,  NW HPD District Representative


Dear NW-CERT Volunteers and Friends,

Welcome, Pledge of Allegiance, Moment of Silence – thoughts for special intentions


Ice Cream Social – everyone welcome    Coffee n Cookies too!




Introduction of guests or new residents


This is an open meeting and we welcome everyone.  We are enjoying ice cream and sharing stories.  The agenda is a planning guide.


Treasury Report


New Business

Thanks to all who participated in the Harlingen National Night this past month.  HPD is most grateful – and so am I.


*National Night Out:  Town of Combes – Thursday 12 September 2019   6p – 9p 

We have been invited by Chief of Police Patrick Quill, to participate at their event held in the Town Hall area.  We – NW and CERT will have a table at NNO.  In the past we have also helped with parking.   Mark your calendars.  Please come out and visit with our neighbors, Neighborhood Watch volunteers and lots of Law Enforcement/ Fire Department and EMS partners  – great time to share experiences and meet our Combes Police Department.  Details to follow.


The September patrol schedule will be at the meeting for any updates and then to be posted.  Please notify Lenore for any changes or concerns and I shall be calling just to say thanks for your hard work this past long, hot summer.


Old Business

Reminder:  (still an active concern) VENDORS and CONTRACTORS – must report to Office for Orange Cards.  It is each resident’s responsibility to make sure they report in.  I thought earlier we may even need to hire a guard to check IDs at the Front Gate but so far so good.  Please call Lenore and I can also get you these ID cards. Emphasis – if there is a vehicle in here without ID – consider it suspicious.  Inquire nicely as to the nature of their business – if it smells fishy – get the PLATE!


Summer Patrols  (locking up the buildings) – main job


McGruffmobile – please notify Lenore if there are any concerns with the golf cart or its equipment. 


Generator  - Wade has the key and will check it monthly during the summer.


Buzzers and solar lights…..   still a good idea – some areas are still very dark.


Block Captains – who’s where?

Montana Nebraska Missouri  Michigan  Indiana  Wisconsin  Iowa  Minnesota  Kansas


IR Sensaphone – Storage Lot

See ya at 3pm on Monday 


Lenore J. Combs,  Coordinator  956 245 1276


Sent 2019-08-16: Lalo and the Gazebo - 

About 10 days ago, Lalo let me know that he intended to stain the Gazebo this week.  I told him that I would help.  I've watched Lalo work before and I should have known better.  We started at 9:00 and by 2:00 we were finished.  The last time it was stained, it took 3 days with 3 volunteers staining.,h_3072/Gazebo_aft%20Stain_2019-08.jpg


He used his own airless sprayer and mostly what I did was move the drop clothes and ladders - just a helper function. Oh - and that 5 hours includes lunch and staining the benches and tables from the Gazebo.  So - The next time you see Lalo - congratulate him on a job well done.   Take Care   Pat Harvey


Sent 08-15-2019: Katrina Shelton -  

Katrina recently had surgery to remove her knee prosthetic and has had an antibiotic spacer inserted while they try to get rid of the infection. She is going to have a long road ahead of her and prayers would be appreciated! Dick is still in rehab as well so it’s quite the time for them.   Tomorrow is their 60th Anniversary to boot!

Well wishes can be sent to:

4663 Aspen

Huron, SD. 57350

Catherine Richmond

Sent 08-06-2019: Good Neighbor Golf Tournament - Gift Baskets - 

Good Neighbor Golf Tournament 2020
Thursday, February 6 through Saturday, February 8, 2020
Gift Baskets
Hello Sunshine Estates friends:
Well as you might know Paula and I are full time residents, and it is hot here.  We survived a once in 500 years rain event, but let’s get on with the real reason for this  email.


As you may recall, Larry Keller has headed up an effort in providing unique prizes for the Good Neighbor Golf Tournament and we want to continue this tradition


Once again I am assuming the Chairman position for the Good Neighbor Golf Event for the dates noted above, with Jerry Wetherbee's continued guidance, so mark your calendars. 


Since many of you are now “back home in the northlands”, we are again soliciting your help in continuing the practice of preparing “Gift Baskets” of items that are found locally in your area during your summer stay.  We suggest selecting items which set your home area apart from others.  These gift baskets will be awarded as prizes at the end of the Tournament.  Based on history, the recipients of these unique gift basket prizes welcome this approach and truly appreciate our generosity.

I most recently lived in Lafayette, Louisiana. So, we hope to put together a basket of “Cajun items”; seasoning, rice, Tabasco /hot sauces, Beignet mix, cook books, and local brewed beer / wine for our gift basket.

Just think of items your area is famous for and start accumulating them to bring back with you.  We would like the baskets to be in the $50 value range. By preparing the baskets we are also providing a showcase for various products that are in North America where Sunshine Estate residents live during the summer time.

Hope to see everyone in the Valley in a few weeks.

Tony Tramel
Cell 337-693-6344
August 5, 2019

Sent 08-03-2019: August Woodshop Hours -

The woodshop will be open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 9:00 AM this month. The shop may close before noon depending on how much activity there is, so don't wait until to close to noon if you need something.   If you have any comments on the scruffy, junky sign on the Woodshop, please let me know. Ignoring the ink-jet printer lettering, it is a "sample" of what a permanent sign might look like (size, color and wording). Thanks Pat Harvey

Sent 08-03-2019: Flatware left after Potluck - 

Someone left one set of flatware when they were at the POTLUCK Thursday.  The knife has a bamboo design.  It is in Retzlaff Hall on the ledge in front of the big kitchen window.     Jean Fredericks

Sent 08-02-2019: Jan Pemberton - 

I would like to thank everyone that sent cards and prayers to Jan Pemberton during her illness.  She came home on Wednesday.     Ron Pemberton

Sent 08-02-2019: Pea Rock - free - just get it yourself - 

Dear Friends:   This is a re-posting from the McCorkle's: 1957 W Iowa Ave (918 915 0671) - 
They plan to plant grass and are going to replace the Pea Rock - therefore the offer.
                        PEA ROCK - 650 square feet - hardly used
If you wish to take advantage of the offer, please notify them for the details, otherwise just pass the word.  Thanks.     Lenore J Combs


Sunshine Directory & E-Mail List Updated

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