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Here you will find E-Mails that have been sent to the SEPO Community in July 2019. 

NOTE: All SEPO E-Mails sent concerning the rains in June 2019 can be found here. Several e-mails were added daily so please view them if you haven't already seen them or if you need a refresher on the information that was sent out.

Thx - Beth Parrish (314-960-6710) 

Sent 07-25-2019: POTLUCK - 

Save next Thursday, Aug 1 for a POTLUCK.  Same as usual,  Retzlaff Hall, Social at 4:30. Eat at 5:30.
Marian Young and Jean Fredericks 

Sent 07-23-2019: Palm Tree Trimmer no Longer for Hire - 

Mr. Dimas has just completed all the palm tree trimming and I want to apologize that it has taken over two months to get this done. It has been like pulling teeth with this man. Therefore, Sunshine Estates will no longer hire him for any trimming nor will we refer him to any of our residents. If you are still in need of any sort of trimming you can get a hold of Azael @ 956-454-9932 Or Call the office and I should have information for another Trimmer.     Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager

Sent 07-22-2019: Dick Shelton Update - 

It would seem my back surgery has gone very well I am up walking around doing small exercises. Kidneys are working which was of course a big concern and I am moving from the hospital to the rehab center on Monday.
Dick Shelton

Sent 07-22-2019: Water Works Outage - 

You may or may not be affected by the water outage today. Harlingen waterworks will be disconnecting the water today for about two hours in order to replace a fire hydrant valve, taking place on Minnesota Street.

Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager

Sent 07-20-2019: Jan Pemberton Update #2 - 

The latest on Jan PEMBERTON is that she is in HARLINGEN Medical Center with Pneumonia. Planning on sending her to Retama Nursing Home. Their daughter, Greta, is here much to Ron’s relief. Keep praying for healing.      Lorraine Lewis


Sent 07-19-2019: Doug Almond - 

Doug has successfully recovered from bacterial pneumonia (staph) and a hospital stay and continues to recover at home despite the flood that did not affect our home (God is good).     Linda Almond


Sent 07-19-2019: Dee Novak Upd #3 - 

Dee is in room 205 at Harlingen Medical Center and is in good spirits. She is waiting to go to Retama for rehab. Please continue your prayers and sending get well wishes!     Cathy Richmond


Sent 07-19-2019: Ann Hudgions - 

Ann had successful back surgery on July 11 and is in Mercedes for extended rehab. She would appreciate your prayers and positive thoughts!     Cathy Richmond

Sent 07-19-2019: For Sale: Tickets for Shrek, The Musical on July 20, 2019

We have four tickets to Shrek, The Musical showing at the Harlingen Community Theatre located at FairPark Avenue.  Picture of the tickets can be found here.


Time: 7:30 pm - gives you time for dinner then the show

Where: Harlingen Community Theater, FairPark Avenue

When: Saturday, July 20

Price: $20 a ticket

Contact: Tom and Debbie Gossman

Address: 1952 W Iowa Avenue

Phone:  956 371-9299  (Please leave message) 


Have a great and wonderful time enjoying this night out. Thank you.


Tom and Debbie Gossman   956 371-9299


Sent 07-19-2019: Jan Pemberton Update - 

Jan was picked up about 6:30 pm Thu evening, July 18, taking her to Harlingen medical by ambulance.

Bob Saylor


Sent 07-18-2019: Prayers needed for Ron and JAN PEMBERTON - 

Jan was discharged From Valley Baptist Hospital on Tuesday after spending five days there. She is being treated for a severe infection.  I’m sure that she needs our prayers for healing , perhaps visits, cards, offers of help, or anything else you can do for them.     Lorraine Lewis


Sent 07-18-2019: If your msg to SEPOENEWS is time sensitive - 

Hi Everyone - I am on my PC a lot. But if you send me something to send to the community that is Time Sensitive and I haven't sent it out by the time you need it to be sent, please text or call me at 314 960 6710 and, if at all possible, I will get it out immediately. But also remember, if at all possible, please send your emails to me so that I have some time to get your notice and send it out before the information gets stale. Thanks     Beth Parrish

Sent 07-15-2019: Neighborhood Watch update 17 July 2019 - 

Dear Friends,


Combes has a current truck route for our flood stuff -  they will be in here for debris pick up shortly (Combes section)


Harlingen water - there is an "out of order" collar on our fire plug.

Called Hgn yesterday - they are looking into it.

Systems were purged and chemicals checked but I don't know results and the plan.


🚔  🚒    🚑  🚁  🚲   🚤

National Night Out  Tuesday 6 August 6- 8p  at Lon C Hill Park just passed the Police Department on Fair Park Blvd.  Would you please support this.  John and I have a family reunion and will be out of town.  The PD has arranged for a shady spot with tables and chairs (bring your lawn chair if u wish).  You don't have to be a NW or CERT volunteer, just come and sit a bit, share your stories and our NW endeavors with Harlingen residents.  easy and fun.  


All LE and Emergency will strut their stuff, free food, music - great night to send the Bad Guys a message.    Photo op - in a cartel Corvette now a Police car !  


Combes will probably have their National Night Out in September.- so good practice


Got word thru a Veterans group that Habitat for Humanity has a Disaster Recovery Program.  They are accepting applications from affected families who may be eligible for assistance.  It is not only for Veterans - it is a eligibility thing.  You may be able to receive assistance with replacement and installation of insulation, drywall, sofas, mattresses, box springs, fridges, and stoves.  956 686 7455


📝CERT Class starting - 20 hours  Harlingen Fire Dept

Contact Lenore  956 245 1276

Sat 27 July  8a - 5p    Sat 3 Aug  8-5     Sat 10 Aug 8 - 12n (mock drill) & lunch 

Stay tuned for more details.

Community Emergency Response Team - hold down the fort until the professionals arrive!

Light Search & Rescue, Fire Safety, Disaster Medical Ops, Disaster Psychology - all good stuff to know for a rainy day.  Taught by the CERT Team and the Harlingen Firefighters.

free 😊


Let's hear it for our Neighborhood Watch who have persevered thru floods and 'skeeters for our safety and security.  THANKS heroes.


Please be watchful for "vendors" coming in.  Vendor vehicles should be properly ID'd with an Orange Card from Neighborhood Watch via you or from the Office.  They could be Bad Guys in disguise.


There is a No Soliciting sign at the Front Gate.  Call the Cops for your concern or at least get the PLATE etc.       📄  Suspicious  Activity 956 216 5940


Sunshine depends on each one of us in this time - actually all the time.. 


RIP ❤ Konnie Gush - Ambassador Emeritus NW Vendor Program


Thank you
--Lenore J Combs  956 245 1276
Coordinator NW - CERT


Sent 07-16-2019: Pool Rm / Card Rm Update -

We will have to arrange another date for the stripping/waxing of the floors due to technical difficulties. The pool room and card room will be open for use on 7/16/2019. We will notify you when SEPO will resume work.     Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager

Sent 07-15-2019: Neighborhood Watch meeting Monday 3pm Retz Hall - 

Dear Friends, Please take time out of your busy hot day and enjoy ice cream and a meeting.
Meeting Agenda can be found here:
-Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276


Sent 07-15-2019: House for Sale in Sunshine - 

I was informed yesterday that the home of Tony & Sue Trahan is for sale. I have listed it along with the contact info on the Web site here.     Beth Parrish   Sunshine Country Club E-News   E-Mail:


Sent 07-15-2019: Former Resident turns 103 - 

Former resident Clarence Eich will turn 103 years young on Tuesday, July 16. On Sunday many members of his family helped him celebrate his birthday, including current residents Duane & Mary and Dennis & Jean Eich. He has often mentioned how much he loved his time at Sunshine and how happy he is that his two oldest sons are currently enjoying Sunshine Estates.

See his party picture by clicking here:

Jean Eich

Sent 07-12-2019: Memorial Fund - 

Dear Sunshine Residents -  few people have inquired about this subject, so I hope this will help.


The purpose is to provide a means to honor the departed loved ones of the community and give a lasting tribute here among friends and neighbors.

When you enter the library door, directly to your right you will see the Memorial Fund Committee envelopes, a slot to drop your completed envelopes (-Deceased one's name that you are donating to, your name, and enclose donation of cash or check made out to SEPO Memorial Fund), a Memorial album and a bulletin board with a temporary sheet of recently passed. Also, in the album is a list of Memorial committee members if you have any questions.


If you would like to send a donation in honor of a friend and you are away from Sunshine you can mail a donation addressed to:   



1957 West Michigan Drive

Harlingen, Texas 78550


Please include my name. I do the bookkeeping and collecting and we also have a Women's Club Memorial Committee that gets confused with our committee at times. The Women's Club Memorial Committee is not involved with the SEPO Memorial Fund Committee. So, including my name will direct it to the correct location.  


Happy Summer and best wishes!     Irene   214 549 3993

Sent 07-11-2019: Dee Novak #2 - 

Correction from original e-mail concerning Dee Novak - She is in Harlingen Medical Center.

Lenore J Combs

Sent 07-10-2019: Dee Novak update - 

Dear Friends, After inquires about Dee's cardiac event surfaced and questions about how Paul is doing - here goes. Dee is at Valley Baptist ICU under exceptional care.  No visitors. She will be in a medically induced coma which is a common protective procedure following an incident such as Dee experienced. Paul has sufficient goodies at home and will be in contact with her Docs. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  And thanks for worrying about them. Sure is great to have neighbors like you guys. 😇  

Lenore J Combs  956 245 1276   Resident, messenger

Sent 07-10-2019: AGAIN - PLEASE REVIEW FOR CORRECTIONS: Residents/Renters E-Mail Addresses Updated - 

Please discard the previous e-mail and use this one for links to go to on the Web site.

Today I updated the E-mail Address list on the Web site with any information I have received since April 2019. It has been uploaded to the Web site in the Resident's Only section. Go here

( for instructions on how to obtain the password OR
go directly to here ( and enter the password.

All residents - Please review the document on the Web site for accuracy and let me know if any updates are needed by replying to this e-mail.

All non-residents/renters - When you get this e-mail, that's the address on the list. If that needs updated, please let me know.


Beth Parrish

Sunshine Country Club E-News



Sent 07-10-2019: Wax Work in Sunburst - 

Next week the Card Rm will be closed Monday & Tuesday and the Pool Rm will be closed Wednesday & Thursday for waxing.     Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager


Sent 07-10-2019: Name Tag Alert - 

In the office the following badges are ready for pick up :

  • Bass

  • Bricker

  • Boardman

  • Albert

  • Bjornson

  • Hall

  • Ciotti

  • Mcafee

  • VanCleave

Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager


Sent 07-10-2019: Dick Shelton: Medical Info - 


For those of you who aren't aware, Dick Shelton has undergone back surgery. He just got out of surgery and is still very weak. He will be recovering in the hospital and doing rehab in their hometown.

Cards etc can be sent to him at 4663 Aspen Dr, Huron SD, 57350.

Katrina Shelton


Sent 07-10-2019: Konnie Gush - Celebration of Life this Saturday 12 noon Retzlaff Hall - 

Dear Friends, Plans are in the works for Konnie - via Teresa, her wonderful daughter and family. She wanted us to have some good grub from Longhorn Cattle Company. Call out is for desserts - a dozen brownies, a dozen cookies and or a dozen ice cream cups or all three. yum yum Coffee & Iced Tea  is planned. Eulogy.
Konnie's wishes are for us to remember her and the fun times, wear a funny hat, big sun glasses and a wig, dress comfortably, have fun and no tears - her words. 😇

Respectfully, Lenore J Combs  956 245 1276


Sent 07-06-2019: Obituary for former resident's loss - 

Here is the link to Bonnie Heath's son's obituary:     Kent Dart


Sent 07-05-2019: Thank you from Rosalie Garrett - 

Dear Friends, I want to thank you for all the phone calls and wonderful cards I received for my 90th Birthday .

They made me feel so special that you would remember me. I am so blessed to belong to such a caring community. Hope to see you all this fall. Sincerely     Ro Garrett


Sent 07-03-2019: Found frog - 

A green ceramic frog is in the library looking for his owners. Found on Montana.

Cathy Richmond

Sent 07-03-2019: Pot Luck: July 4, 2019 - 

4th of July Pot Luck - 4:30 Social Hour - 5:00 Dinner - @ Retzlaff Hall     Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager


Sent 07-03-2019: Celebration of Life: Konnie Gush - 

There will be a lunch set up by the Family of Mrs. Gush at Retzlaff Hall Saturday, July 13 from 12-3 to celebrate the Life of Konnie Gush. As per Mrs. Gush she did not want a Memorial Service held, but to have all her friends at Sunshine Estates to come together and Celebrate.     Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager


Sent 07-02-2019: Former resident's loss - 

For those of you who know Bonnie Heath who lived here and Stuart place. She was part of the quilting group here. Her 59 year old son, Toby, died this morning of a blood clot getting loose in the leg causing a heart attack and brain damage. They have not had time to make funeral arrangements.     Carolyn Clements


Sent 07-01-2019: Re: Konnie Gush - 

Dear Friends,

Saddened to say, Konnie passed away peacefully today - Saturday 29 June 2019. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers. Memorial Service preparations are pending but will be here in Retzlaff Hall. --  

Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276

Sent 07-01-2019: NW - CERT comms - July 2019 - 

If you would like to view/print the original document you can download it by clicking here. If not, it has been recreated below.


Sunshine Neighborhood Watch – CERT Team  (Est. 2008)
SCCE - Harlingen’s premier NW & CERT Team.
Lights On -- Lock Up  and Look Out for each other!
Communication note:  1 July 2019

Lenore J. Combs,  Coordinator  956 245 1276
Sgt. Michael Brooks,  NW HPD District Representative

Dear NW-CERT Volunteers and Friends,

The July Patrol is posted in the Library.  I believe it is up to date reflecting a few changes for vacation etc.  A special THANKS for a job well done under adverse conditions.
Patrols are vital to our NW mission.  However, you are number ONE.  If you cannot perform a patrol, please, if possible, at least try to check and lock up the buildings.  Having said that, the mosquitos are out in force - do not place your health at risk.  Hopefully they will be a force to keep the Bad Guys at bay.  Any concerns, call me.
The treasure hunters will be enticed to check out our flooding situation.  Please be on alert – they are trespassing and they are stealing.
Mario did brakes and bushings on the McGruffmobile.  There are new flashlights.  Let me know what you think.  If something is of concern, call me.  Keep communication open.
These next few months will be a clean-up area and there will be lots of imitation contractors.  Don’t be sweet talked into a deal.  Please check with your insurance and make sure you are arranging repairs safely, that are reimbursable by your insurance and that the vendor is covered.  Some of these Bad Guys are well schooled in “nice”.
By hook or by crook, all of you are responsible for the safety and security in Sunshine.  If you see somethig g– say somethin!.  Tell Valerie, a Board member or me – or the Cops.
The Board, your NW – CERT Team, the Harlingen Police, the Combes Police all have our backs.  Say a prayer of thanks for them. 
Combes residents - Chief Quill wants you to register (flood damage etc.) at their City Hall today!
OK – something fun!   National Night Out Tuesday 6 August  6PM - 8pm at Lon C. Hill Park.  Please call me - there is a sign-up sheet in the Library for volunteering.  Come out and sweat with the best of us.  Simple - have a fun time, meet the other Harlingen NW groups, get acquainted, share stories, pass out literature, inform the public on stuff you know all about…..
Tuesday 6 August  6PM - 8pm at Lon C. Hill Park just up from the Police Department.  Harlingen PD will have a set of tables & chairs under a huge tree for several Neighborhood Watch groups.  Norm Pankow (NW Coordinator at Encore and a Citizens Police Academy Alumnus) will be your point of contact with Officer Hector Villegas HPD because John and I are going to a family reunion.  (suggest bring your lawn chair).  There will be plenty of free food and beverages.

Next NW - CERT meeting 15 July  3pm  - Retzlaff Hall  -- Ice Cream Social        Don’t forget!


Lenore J Combs

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