Potluck Dinner Details 
 (Summer 2021) 
Potluck Dinners are normally held monthly during the Summer Season.
You will see below that other 'special' Potlucks
are also scheduled periodically throughout the summer.


  • Contact: Marian Young

  • Location: Retzlaff Hall

  • Time:

    • 4:00 pm, Doors Open

    • 4:30 pm, Happy Hour

    • 5:00 pm, Eat

    • 6:00 pm, Cleanup

  • Summer 2021 Dates:

    • Apr 29  - Monthly (Cancelled)

    • May 27 - Monthly (Combined w/May 31)

    • May 31 - Memorial Day (Complete)

    • Jun 24   - Monthly (Complete)

    • Jul 3      - After Golf Scramble (Moved from Jul 4)

    • Jul 4      - Fourth of July (Moved to Jul 3)

    • Jul 29    - Monthly

    • Aug 26  - Monthly

    • Sep 6     - Labor Day

    • Sep 30   - Monthly



Potluck (after Golf Scramble)

(July 3, 2021)

Sent 2021-06-22: CALL ME TODAY PLEASE: POTLUCK help/volunteers needed - 

Dear Friends
This note is a call-out for assistance with POTLUCKS. Your help will only be needed for a short duration while Marian Young is tending her leg injury.
There is s POTLUCK scheduled for this Thursday 24 JUNE 2021.
Please let me know TODAY where you can help to make it happen.
Many hands make light work.
Note - We can use some help with the Golf Potluck piece on Saturday 3 JULY too, please.

HONEY-DO list:
I will get the key to Retzlaff from Valerie today.

Put out table numbers - Lenore or someone can call Table numbers.
They are in the Storage Room with the deck of cards.
(The last 2 tables called usually get their choice of dessert first.)
Friendly reminder to all - take what you will eat.
Invocation ????? who
Ice - 1 bag 20 lbs - put in cooler with a scoop
Iced Tea - Make in advance - 5 pitchers (make ahead of time and keep in fridge in Retzlaff).
Coffee - Make coffee in the Bunn  - someone keep an eye to refill as needed.
Tables - Set up 3 tables down the middle for food  - serving pieces etc.
Card Table - 1 card table at the beginning for plates, KFS etc napkins S&P.
**  Leave 1 table by the Kitchen window for desserts.
     Just cut them up - let the guests pick what they want.
People tables - usually 7  with Table numbers on them.
Air Conditioning - Usually we have it on 75 or so to cool off Retz - then about 2p or so check the temp - may have to be set at 70 degrees.
Someone for dessert monitoring - when desserts come in - set them out etc.
POTLUCK FOOD - Helpers to assist guests with food to place on table.
Clean-up crew - 
1.  Utensils need to be washed and put up.
We do not wash the dishes of the guests - they take them home to wash.
2. Wipe down tables.
3.  Take the garbage out to the back of the Kitchen for proper disposal.
Misc: check toilets, lights out. a/c to 79 degrees  and Lock up  AMEN
Leave the Hall as it was found - neat and clean.  Thanks.
No help - no Potluck - hope this is not the case.
Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276



Sent 2021-06-21: Golfing and Pot Luck -- Saturday JULY 3rd 2021 - 

Dear Friends,
Mark your calendars - Everyone invited.  
There will be a Sunshine Saturday Golf scramble on Saturday 3 JULY 2021.
Tee time 9am - to be followed by a community Potluck at 5pm (social 4:30pm).

We hope to see many of you participate.
Per Marian Young:

  • The JUNE Community Potluck is still on for the 24th of June.

  • The JULY Potlucks are now as follows:

    • The July 4th Community Potluck is being moved to July 3rd.

    • The second Community Potluck for JULY is still on for the 29th of July.


Back to the 3rd of July.........
You can do one or both events -- Golf Scramble and/or Potluck OR both.

  • There is a sign-up sheet in the Library for the Golf and for the Potluck.

    • Judy Parker and Lenore Combs will do Golf sign-up.

    • Grace and Warren Clark will do the Golf Pairings.

    • There is a $5.00 Golf Entry Fee for awards - and an envelope provided.

      • Please put your name and $5.00 for each Golfer in the envelope.

      • Drop your envelope in the designated locked box.


Social 4:30pm & Potluck 5pm in Retzlaff Hall - Marian Young  
Business as usual, thanks to Marian.
The reason for the sign-up sheet is for us to set out enough tables etc.
There is no fee, but bring a dish to pass to serve 6 - 8 folks, please.
One more thing:  FYI
The City of Harlingen is hosting Freedom Fest on July 3rd 4pm - 9pm.
Lon C. Hill Park
Fireworks begin at 9pm.
So who says Harlingen is a sleepy little town with nothing to do ?????
God Bless America 😊❤     Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276 (scribe)




Summer Potluck

(Monthly: June 24, 2021)


Sent 2021-06-26: Thanks for the POTLUCK + other Misc stuff- 

Dear Friends - Thanks to all who came out to our community Potluck. The food looked gorgeous and tasted fantastic.  There were almost 80 residents present.  
With several little tasks, the entire plan came together, thanks to Marian's coaching, and Lupe and Valerie's assistance.  Vic Hillman gave the invocation.  Irene Philips did some of the decorations.  Your hosts were Cathy Richmond, Judy Parker, Joy Olson, Brenda Crothers, Kathleen Sunders, Mary Grande and Nancy Lyne. Several newer residents introduced themselves, their new abode and their furry friends.
(BTW Marian is 1st VP of our Women's Club and Cathy is the Treasurer).
The helpers prepared the Hall, dressed the tables and assisted in placing the dishes when brought in by our residents. Clean up was easy as many chipped in.
It was a huge success - THANKs - to all.   --     Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276  😊❤ 



Summer Potluck

(Memorial Day: May 31, 2021)


Sent 2021-05-24: Save The Date: Upcoming Summer Potluck - 

Hey Everyone,
Our first Summer Potluck will take place on Memorial Day!  I have reserved Retzlaff Hall from 4 to 6 pm. 
Because May 27 and Memorial Day are so close together, I decided to start on the 31st. 
The Thursday night social hour in the pavilion will still take place.
Date: Monday May 31, 2021 
Social half-hour start time is 4:30 pm. So come and find a place to sit, and visit with your neighbors.
Bring a dish, or two to share with everyone.
Time to Eat: 5:00 pm 
At about ten minutes till five, we will introduce guests and new residents.
The Women's Club provides coffee, iced tea, plates, napkins, plastic utensils, and serving utensils. 
Feel free to bring your own plates, drinks, and silverware if you wish. 
Call or text me with any questions. 719-468-4556.   Hope to see everyone there!   Marian Young