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February 13, 2024

(All previous Policies & Procedures are replaced by this Update of February 13, 2024.)


AUTHORITY for these policies and rules is contained in Section 2.1 and Section 8.1 of the

Covenants and Section 4.01 of the Bylaws which provide that the affairs of Sunshine Country Club Estates shall be managed by its Board of Directors and that the Board shall have the responsibility and authority to prescribe rules and regulations covering the use of the common areas, streets, utilities and any other portions of the properties.

The Sunshine Estates Property Owners Association does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or military status, in any of its activities or operations. As a senior community, we specifically reaffirm our policy of nondiscrimination and welcome any and all new property owners and residents in the future on this same basis.

Pursuant to SEPO Covenants, Article VI, Sec. 6.1 anyone planning to reside in any property located within the subdivision must provide proof of age that will be kept on file in the business office of SEPO.


To comply with Texas Property Code, Sec. 207, because we are a Subdivision subject to mandatory membership in a Property Owners’ Association, we require that any owner selling his residence must provide a resale certificate to the buyer prior to closing. This must be done whether by sale through a realtor, or a private sale between individuals.  This will be provided by SEPO not later than ten days following a request for same at a cost of $250.  The resale certificate will provide, in part, the following information:  Financial condition of the association, any unpaid amounts due the association on the property, any known violations of noncompliance for the property of the rules (Covenants) of the association.

The term ‘Common Area’ refers to all real property contained in Sunshine Country Club Estates, Units 1, 2, & 3 other than numbered lots and includes the central area buildings and grounds, golf course, streets, RV storage area, maintenance area, woodshop and all other property deeded to SEPO.

The Immediate Family is defined as the lot owners’: mother, father, sons, daughters, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, and the spouse of any of the preceding persons.


  1. Guests other than immediate family shall pay green fees for golfing.

  2. Only owners, their guests, and their employees shall have access to the storage area.

  3. Only owners and SEPO employees shall have access to the maintenance area.

  4. Only owners and their guests shall have use of the tennis courts, pickle ball courts, shuffleboard courts, pool, and hot tub.

  5. Persons in charge of scheduled events in the Lounge, Retzlaff Hall or in any other common building shall determine if they wish to invite persons other than owners to attend their function.

  6. Private Parties –
    a. Persons holding private parties or other events shall determine if they invite persons other than owners to attend their function.
    b. Any one household may not reserve the ‘same’ Common Facilities, i.e., Retzlaff Hall or the Pavilion, for private parties, on consecutive days, consecutive weekdays, or consecutive weekends during any one month. This restriction mitigates the potential for a few persons to reserve our Common Facilities for extended periods.
    c. The Pool and Hot Tub are Common Facilities which can only be reserved for Board approved SEPO events.

  7. Streets shall be open to the public during the hours the front gate is open.

  8. Residents of ENCORE SUNSHINE RV PARK located in Harlingen, TX (hereinafter called ENCORE) shall be allowed to walk or bike on SCCE streets at all times.

  9. Bicycles and golf carts must use lights at night.

  10. Rollerblading, roller skating or skateboarding is NOT allowed.

  11. ENCORE residents wearing their badges may use the golf course during open hours by filling out a green fee tag, displaying it on their bag and depositing the correct green fees in the mailbox used for collection located at Number One tee. All outdated green fee tags must be removed from their golf bag. Use of the golf course by ENCORE residents will be reviewed at least annually by the Board of Directors and will be restricted or eliminated if the Board finds the course is overcrowded or such restriction is needed for any other reason.

  12. Organizers of approved golf tournaments shall be allowed to invite persons other than owners to enter and play golf in tournaments subject to paying the appropriate green fees. In the event an Owner is the single owner/occupant of a home, then he or she is allowed to invite one guest to accompany him or her in the use of the common facilities at any time.


A. Streets defined: Any and all streets, right-of-way, or thoroughfares platted as part of SCCE.

B. Vehicle defined: Any motorized or non-motorized vehicle or conveyance designed to move on wheels, i.e., cars, trucks, boat trailers, golf carts, motor homes, motorcycles, etc.

  1. Pursuant to Article VI, Sec. 6.4 of the Covenants, there is to be no overnight (from midnight to 6 AM) parking of vehicles on the streets. When parking a vehicle overnight alongside a street, it must be parked in a way that the tires are not resting on the asphalt/blacktop of the street. However, the tires may rest upon the gutter along the street. An exception to this overnight parking rule is that RVs and Cargo Trailers may be parked on the street for up to three days for the purpose of loading or unloading. An extension may be granted for unusual circumstances or in the case of overnight guests as to parking on the street. Apply in the office for permission.

  2. No vehicle may be used at any time for the purpose of residence, temporary residence, or additional living space or used as any type of living quarters when parked on any street or driveway or the storage area in SCCE.

  3. Failure to comply with any or all of the above will result in the vehicle being tagged, showing date, time and violation. The owner will then be responsible for a $20.00 per day fee for each violation. This fee will be due by the 10th day of the month following the violation. All violation fees not paid within 30 days of due date will be assessed an 18% per annum penalty and possibly result in SEPO filing a lien against the owner’s property.

  4. SEPO is authorized to have a commercial towing service remove any vehicle of a non-resident in violation of these regulations 24 hours after posting notice of noncompliance on said vehicle.

  5. All lot owners or residents desiring to appeal any assessment for an on-street parking violation shall do so in writing to the SEPO Board for consideration at the next Board meeting.

  6. No one under the age of 16 years shall be allowed to operate a golf cart or motorized vehicle of any type, unless accompanied by a resident, anywhere on SCCE property.


  1. An incidental guest is defined as not being a member of your immediate family and who resides within a 50 mile radius. Guests who wish to play golf must be accompanied by the host resident and no more than three (3) guests may play with the resident. Such incidental guest is limited to no more than two occasions per year of use of the common facilities. Private party guests in Retzlaff Hall or the Lounge, Sunburst and the Pavilion are excluded from this rule. Greens fees are set forth under GOLF.

  2. A temporary guest is defined as not being a member of your immediate family and who resides outside of a 50 mile radius. Such temporary guest includes those staying with the owner in his home or elsewhere while visiting. If the guest is staying outside the resident’s home, the resident must accompany the guest while playing. This temporary guest is limited to use of the common facilities for no more than thirty consecutive days per year. Greens fees are set forth under GOLF.

  3. A badge is no longer required for in-house overnight guests who are entitled to use all facilities in the common area. All children under age 16 years must be accompanied by an adult. If your in-house guest wishes to play golf you must obtain a yellow tag which must be displayed on the golf bag. The tag must be returned to the SEPO office. If an owner wishes to pay for their house golf guest they may do so by keeping track of the number of times their guest plays and pay the proper amount after the guest leaves.


Residents who own a home at Sunshine Estates and rent out their house must instruct the renters to come to the office and fill out the appropriate renter’s forms. Forms will include verification of over 55 years of age and the Renter’s Emergency information form. They must also sign a waiver form that they have received the Bylaws, Covenants and Policies & Procedures and have read them and agree to abide by same.

Homeowners are responsible for providing copies of the Bylaws, Covenants and Policies & Procedures to their renters. There are available on our Web site here (


Sunshine Estates Property Owners, Inc. is a non-profit corporation. As such, all clubs, groups, or other organizations existing and approved by SEPO must also be strictly non-profit.

To request the formation of a new Club/Group, the resident(s) should complete a SEPO Suggestion/Complaint/Idea form available in the SEPO Office or on the Sunshine Web site (


To establish guidelines for groups wishing to form a Sunshine Club, the following is required:

  1. Membership must be open to only residents/renters.

  2. Invitation to non-residents/non-renters to participate in the Club must be approved by SEPO.

    • If approved, residents/renters always have priority pertaining to club activities.

      • This approval request must be made by completing a SEPO Suggestion/Complaint/Idea form available in the SEPO Office or on the Sunshine Web site (

      • Immediate family of Residents/Renters are always welcome.

      • Invitations to non-residents/non-renters must be made by a resident/renter to an individual. There can be no ‘blanket’ invitations from Club members, i.e., hanging a poster at an RV park to join the club or putting an invitation in a newspaper.

      • Any non-resident/non-renters, other than immediate family, must be 55+.

    • Guest speakers are not required to be approved by SEPO.

  3. Any money collected from resident/renter club members can only be used to cover the cost of equipment and supplies used during club activities. No profit can be made by anyone.

  4. Scheduling of “fundraising” events that will take place within Sunshine Country Club Estates for the purchase of the club’s equipment or supplies must be approved in advance by SEPO. The request process is defined on the Sunshine Web site ( The request form is available there and in the SEPO Office.

  5. Any bank accounts established for the club cannot be in the name of Sunshine Estates Property Owners, Inc. and must be in non-interest-bearing accounts.


Pets are allowed as long as they do not become a nuisance.  All pets must be kept on a leash except when located on the owner’s lot or within the SEPO designated dog parks (which are the north side of Texas Avenue and the fenced area within the storage area built for that purpose). At no time can pets be allowed to enter other people’s property without their permission.  Owners are responsible for cleanup or damage caused by their pets.  Never place cleanup (poop) bags into another resident’s garbage can without permission.  Pets are never allowed on the golf course, in any SEPO buildings or in the Pool/Pavilion area. Pets that are fostered (given temporary shelter and not owned) shall be counted as part of the two pets allowed at any one time (Section 6.10 of the Covenants).  Owners in violation of any of these provisions may be subject to fine or penalty.


  1. It is the responsibility of all property owners to see that their property and yard are maintained, mowed, and trimmed AT ALL TIMES. If it becomes necessary for SEPO to care for an owner’s property at any time, a service fee of $50.00 for mowing and $75.00 for weed removal of non-grass yards will be made each time such services are performed. There will be a service fee of $75.00 per incident to pick up fruit that has fallen from your fruit tree onto any Owner’s property or the street. Initial notification to owner must be attempted via phone call from the SEPO office. Whether communication is completed or not, a written notice will follow on that same date referencing the aforesaid phone call or attempt thereof and the issue that needs to be addressed. This written notice may be handed to the owner of the premises or sent via e-mail or regular mail, or by posting the notice on or near the front door of the resident’s home at the property location. Owners will be given seven (7) days from the date of said phone call and notice to bring the premises into compliance before the SEPO services are scheduled. All owners must furnish SEPO office personnel with up-to-date information as to who is responsible for their property during the owner’s absence.

  2. It is a violation of SEPO rules to throw vegetation or refuse into the streets.

  3. All owners desiring to extend their ground care to walkways, utilizing any type of trim enhancement, must have permission from the SEPO Board. The property owners will be asked to sign a release stating if it becomes necessary to use this area with heavy equipment and the two feet of property they are maintaining becomes damaged, they are aware this is SEPO property and there will be no recourse for any damage that may have occurred.

  4. No placement of any type of enhancement on the golf course area (flagpole, bird house, tree, shrub, flower, etc.) is allowed without approval of the SEPO Board.

  5. In order to control water pressure for the golf course, owners are prohibited from watering their own yards using Resaca water between the hours of 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. Noncompliance may result in the capping off of the Resaca water to their property.


Owners wishing to make additions or any outside improvements/changes to their property must complete a proposal form obtained at the SEPO office to receive permission from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and may not commence work until the necessary ACC approval has been obtained.

Owners who proceed without ACC approval are subject to imposition of the “Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Non-compliance to Covenants Fee Schedule” and legal intervention as identified in these SEPO Rules, (adopted August 31, 2021). See document at this link: (


In the event of noncompliance with the foregoing paragraphs the Architectural Control

Committee shall report such conduct to the SEPO Board who will in turn issue a STOP WORK

ORDER until approval is obtained from the ACC. In the event work continues, then the SEPO Board may impose FEEs in the amounts defined in the Non-compliance to Covenants Fee Schedule (linked to above). If the fees are not collected, a lien may be placed upon the owner’s property. You may not expand upon or change that work which has been approved without submitting a new plan.


As to fences, Exhibit B of the Covenants states in paragraph 16, “no fence, wall or hedge shall be built or maintained nearer than ten (10) feet to the front curb line of any lot, or side curb line on corner lots. An exception shall be retaining walls of not over twelve inches above the ground.” Paragraph l7 states, “No fence, wall or hedge or shrub planting which obstructs sight lines shall be placed or permitted on corner lots.” Paragraph 18 states, “All fences shall be approved prior to construction.” Paragraph 19 states, in part, “No lot owner shall impair any easement. No fences, walls or structural improvements shall be built or constructed on any easement.” For clarification, our lots have a ten foot utility easement from the lot line across the front and a five foot utility easement from the lot line across the back. That in itself declares no fences will be allowed within the five foot rear lot easement adjacent to the golf course.

New fences installed in Sunshine Country Club Estates, governed by Texas Senate Bill 1588, must have prior approval for the materials the fence will be constructed of.  Going forward, in order to help keep a uniform appearance for our community, the Architectural Control Committee has adopted the following policies regarding these fences.


1.  All fences installed alongside the golf course, or any fence installed in the front yard of any residence will be made of black ornamental iron with a height of 5 feet, flat top and bottom rails and a minimum picket size of 5/8” square.  Walk gates are permitted to be constructed from the same materials.  All iron tubes of fence mut be galvanized internally and must have a minimum of 2 coats of powder coating externally.


2.  Fences installed on the side and back yards of homes outside of the golf course may be constructed of the materials described in paragraph 1, black or galvanized colored chain link, or vinyl picket with colors approved by the Architectural Control Committee.


3.  All fences installed must use the same materials throughout the entire area to be fenced and must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee.

The above policies were approved by the Sunshine Country Club Estates Architectural Control Committee on December 5, 2023.

Owners are allowed to erect a barrier for golf ball protection. They must be approved by the ACC. Protective measures for golf balls can include a type of netting or other material but cannot be intrusive on neighbors. All Fences and Barriers must be approved by The ACC prior to installation.


The disposal of any residue from a resident/homeowner’s construction site is the responsibility of the property owner. It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain the site in an orderly and safe condition. Any building material (nail, screw, etc.) originating from the site that might puncture a tire found on an adjacent street or driveway and turned in to the SEPO Office shall result in a fine of $10 per item. The fine shall be added to the homeowner’s monthly or annually assessed association fees.


  1. The golf course may NOT be reserved for private parties. It may only be reserved for SEPO events, with SEPO Board approval.

  2. Sunshine Country Club Estates’ guests (not qualifying as immediate family members of owners) as well as ENCORE residents are required to pay green fees before starting play. ENCORE residents must wear their RV name badges and display the green fee tag on their golf bag.

  3. All golfers are required to have their own clubs and bag or other appropriate carrier.

  4. Foursomes are suggested when the golf course is busy except during league play. More than five should never play at one time.

  5. Play is required to start at the number one tee at all times from October 1st through April 30th. However, persons may join players already in progress as long as it is agreeable to those players and does not make more than a foursome.

  6. Use of a tee is required at all times when teeing off.

  7. Practice is not allowed on any part of the golf course except on the putting green by number one tee box.

  8. Keep riding carts on cart paths when teeing off and 20 feet from greens when possible and practical.

  9. Replace divots on tee boxes and fairways. Repair ball marks on greens.

  10. Do not trespass upon owner’s property at any time except to retrieve straying golf balls. Never hit the ball out of an owner’s yard.

  11. Do not rake for balls during active play.

  12. Everyone is required to wear appropriate clothing including shirts at all times on the golf course.

  13. No bicycles or motor scooters are allowed on the golf course.

  14. Anyone wishing to use a riding golf cart to play golf may do so by paying an annual Golf Course Improvement fee. A sticker must be purchased each year and placed in plain view on the windshield of the cart.

  15. All Golf Course Improvement Fees collected shall be used for the construction/continued maintenance and repair of:

    • future/existing concrete golf cart pathways/trails,

    • water features on the golf course, including, but not limited to, masonry walls of the golf course ponds and aeration pumps/fountains,

    • water irrigation and pond lighting improvements.
      All of these improvements shall be located within the limits of the golf course.

  16. When the golf course is closed because of excessive rain accumulation or for maintenance procedures, signs will be posted in front of the Office and at the number one tee box. At times when the course does remain open there may be posted restrictions on the use of riding golf carts even though walkers are permitted. If in question, you should check the office area before proceeding to the first hole to play, in the event you are not starting on the number one tee in league play.

  17. The golf green fee for a temporary guest as defined under GUESTS is $2.00 to play in scramble for nine holes, which includes tournaments and guest days. The green fee for a temporary guest to play nine holes is $5.00. These fees are paid at the office.

  18. The golf green fee for an incidental guest as defined under GUESTS is $10.00 for nine holes and $15.00 for eighteen holes. This same fee will apply to residents of ENCORE.

  19. You may only enter or exit the golf course by means of a cart path, never from your backyard or a neighbor’s back yard. There are cart paths leading from each street to enter and exit the course. The course is for playing golf. It is not a shortcut from one street to another.

  20. The SEPO golf course is restricted during Men’s and Women’s Golf League play as follows:

    • During the months from April 1 thru September 30 the SEPO golf course is restricted for:

      • Tuesday Men’s League play from 8:30 to 10 AM.

      • Wednesday Women’s League play from 8:30 to 10 AM.

    • During the months from October 1 through March 31 the SEPO golf course is restricted for:

      • Tuesday Men’s League play from 8 AM to Noon.

      • Wednesday Women’s League play from 9 AM to Noon.

    • If you are not participating in the Men’s or Women’s scheduled Golf League play, you must wait until the entire League play is completed before gathering to play. Golfers who wish to play ‘after League play has completed’ are requested not to stage at Hole #1, as this has shown to prevent League players from using the cart paths to advance on the course.

    • Non-League golfers should gather on Michigan Avenue, away from the cart path, in anticipation of League play completion, in order to reduce congestion on Hole #1 tee box

  21. “Feeding ducks on the golf course is prohibited.” Per the TX Parks & Wildlife, it is an offense to feed or offer any wildlife or exotic wildlife unsecured in a manner that makes food available to wildlife or exotic wildlife unless specifically authorized. The feeding of birds can be permitted using feeders that contain food in a specific area.


  1. Treatment of courts: Proper footwear is to be worn at all times. Shoes with abrasive soles of any kind and shoes with black soles should not be worn on the courts.

  2. Shufflers should walk on the concrete area between the courts when changing ends. Do not use the Courts as a short cut. The green surface is a very specialized cover and may be damaged just by walking.

  3. Any activity other than tennis and pickleball on the tennis court and shuffling on the shuffleboard lanes is forbidden. These areas may be reserved for private parties using the same method as the Lounge and Retzlaff Hall, but all rules must be observed as set forth above.


  1. Shower before using pools to remove any lotions. Soap is not allowed in the showers.

  2. Diving into the pool is not allowed.

  3. Running in the pool area is not allowed. If your guests are young children, keep them under control and have an adult supervising them.

  4. Throwing any object into the pool or pool area is not allowed.

  5. No bicycles or skates are allowed in the pool area.

  6. Anyone displaying rowdy behavior may be asked to leave by any resident owner.

  7. These areas may NOT be reserved for private parties. They may only be reserved for SEPO events, with SEPO Board approval.



  1. Reservations for use of either space will be made through the SEPO office. No fee will be charged for private parties if no supplies are used. However, you are responsible for turning off lights, fans, air conditioning and P/A systems, so make arrangements for getting help.

  2. Only 206 seated people are allowed in Retzlaff Hall at one time in compliance with the Harlingen Fire Code.

  3. A limited number of older brown tables are available for loan. No white tables may be borrowed. The white chairs may be borrowed at a cost of $1.00 each and must be signed out from the office in advance and returned in 48 hours. Ask at the office for information. Tables will be delivered and picked up by SEPO employees. There is a $2.00 charge per table, a two table limit and a two day table use.

The following three areas are all located within the building adjacent to the postal area.

  • POOL ROOM. Guests under age 16 years must be accompanied by a resident adult when using the Pool Room. Care and consideration of others should be taken when utilizing the Pool Room and equipment.

  • EXERCISE ROOM. Guests under age 16 years must be accompanied by a resident adult when using the Exercise Room. The equipment located in this area must be utilized in the manner for which it was intended. Residents are responsible for themselves and should know their limits to avoid injuries.

  • CARD AND ACTIVITIES ROOM. Scheduled card games and other activities occur in this room. Other than weekly scheduled activities, the room may be reserved by contacting the SEPO office.



This area is designed to provide a covered space extending beyond the pool for entertaining and lounging and will include storage. It may be reserved for private parties using the same method as the Lounge and Retzlaff Hall.


This room is located between the Pavilion and the Fitness Room and can be used for multiple purposes including to store mail packages too big to fit in your mailbox. This room is locked at all times with a keypad lock. If you would like to reserve this room you need to follow the normal Activity Request process.


  1. The storage area is a gated area with the gate operated by the same opener that will open the front entrance gate.

  2. Deposit all brush, clippings, weeds, etc. on the northeast side of the storage area in either the spot marked City of Harlingen or City of Combes, depending on where you live. These cities will pick up this debris periodically. They will not pick up any other items such as appliances and pieces of building material.

  3. Do not pull brush across the streets or across the marked areas for RV parking.

  4. All RVs, trailers and storage shed spaces must be assigned from the office. Prices vary according to the lot size. All lots are rented on an annual basis and the rent on your designated lot including those with storage buildings must be paid in full by January 20th each year. Inquire in the office regarding space availability and prices.

  5. In the event a certain section of the Storage Area becomes filled and there are residents that desire to rent a space in that area, then a list will commence for the opportunity to rent the first available space. Any resident desiring to rent a space in an area that is currently filled must go to the SEPO office and register. In the event a space becomes available the first person whose name is on that list will be notified and given the opportunity to rent the space. The SEPO office must receive rental for the space within fifteen (15) days of notification. If he declines or fails to pay rent when due, the SEPO office will call upon the next name on the list.

  6. Some of the materials and properties stored within the SEPO Storage Lot shed area, which is located north of W Iowa, Ave are sand for our golf course bunkers, rocks, lumber used to create forms for our golf cart pathways and other stone and brick materials. These items are all SEPO property used by the Board Director in charge of the golf course to operate and maintain our Par 3 nine-hole golf course. These materials located here are not available for use by SEPO residents at their home. They are owned by SEPO and should not be removed.


  1. All storage area buildings and location thereof must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee.

  2. Storage buildings may be no larger than 10’ x 10’ and sidewalls a maximum height of eight (8) feet and from the skid deck to the peak must be no more than 12’. They must have a gable roof with 5 on 12 pitches, painted or color fast sheet metal sidewalls, a sheet metal or asphalt single roof, wood floor on skids, 2” x 4” frame. Color must be earth tones of tan, brown or gray (Chaparral or Morgan Style Prefabs are acceptable). There must be at least two tie downs on opposite corners of the skids of driven reinforcing steel rod or screw type 36” in length. Buildings must be at least five feet from the rear line and there must be sufficient walk space between the buildings pursuant to the Covenants and placed only on those lots designated for storage buildings.

  3. All storage buildings placed anywhere in the storage area are required to be tied down with Hurricane ties. Gasoline or other flammable materials must be stored only in containers approved for such storage. All boats, utility trailers, camper tops, and anything that might blow away must be tied down and no loose material is to be left outside in the storage area. Anything left loose or not tied down will be removed.

  4. Proof of liability insurance on all storage buildings is required.

  5. Negotiations for any structure existing on a lot that is changing renters must be between the previous renter and the new renter. In the event a previous renter vacates a lot and abandons the structure, it will become the responsibility of the new renter to demolish or maintain and insure the structure.


  1. All residents of SCCE are entitled to the use of the Woodworkers’ Shop and membership in the Woodworkers’ Club.

  2. Residents may have use of the shop only when a qualified monitor is present.

  3. Prior to the use of the Woodworkers’ Shop a resident must read and accept by signing the Rules and Regulations of the Woodworkers’ Shop.

  4. Entering and using the Woodworkers’ shop when another person is not present is strictly prohibited.


All residents are entitled to use the gazebo located on Texas Avenue when it has not been reserved using the same method as the Lounge and Retzlaff Hall. Contact the SEPO office for scheduled activities and availability.


All of the buildings of the Common Area are declared to be smoke free as well as the area contained within the walls, gates and fences surrounding the Pool and Pavilion. Smoking will be allowed on the Golf Course but no cigarette butts may be discarded on the grounds. Consideration should be given to nonsmokers if riding in the same golf cart. Extinguished cigarette butts may be placed in the cup holders used for broken tees.


SEPO shall not employ, either part of full time, a close relative of an existing employee or member of the board of directors. Close relative includes spouse, sibling, child, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or cousin.


When an individual, committee or organization purchases “something” for SEPO, then ownership becomes SEPO’s unless explicitly noted otherwise. Once accepted by SEPO (either explicitly or implicitly), future maintenance, usage, replacement or removal will be SEPO’s responsibility and expense. If SEPO has ownership, the board will have sole discretion for its usage and whether replacement or removal is in SEPO interest at that time. There is no guarantee of replacement. If ownership remains with the donor, then future maintenance, usage, replacement and removal will be the owner’s responsibility and expense, however, SEPO may request its removal at any time for any reason or no reason.


  1. All checks should be signed by the Treasurer unless the Treasurer is unavailable. If that occurs, the next available persons, in the following sequential order shall be sought out to sign requested check(s): President, 1st VP, then 2nd VP.

  2. Invoice related payments will normally be issued only once a week on Fridays. In the case of a COD or an emergency, accommodations will be made to issue payment. Ideally this needs to be coordinated with the Treasurer.

  3. Invoices and timecards must be approved by a Board Member.

  4. Credit card charges must have a receipt.

  5. Board Members should not, under normal circumstances, use their personal funds and later seek to be reimbursed by SEPO. Only in emergencies should this occur.

  6. All backup documentation should be reviewed by the check signer prior to signing checks.

When SEPO Equipment or Property is no longer required by SEPO, in order to give everyone a fair chance to procure it, if they wish, we will use the process defined as follows:

  1. The community will be informed via Community E-mail and physical posting that an item is available for inspection at a ‘specified location’ until a ‘specified Day, Date and Time’.

  2. Anyone can send an e-mail (or handwritten bid with a legible signature) to a ‘designated person’ with the amount they are offering by a ‘specified Day, Date and Time’. The ‘designated person’ receiving the bids is not eligible to submit a bid.

  3. On a ‘specified Day, Date and Time’ the ‘designated person’ will look at the offers and announce the name of the purchaser to the community via e-mail and physical posting.

  4. Concerning any item that fails to receive a bid, the Board will vote on how to dispose of it.

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