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Media System Equipment Guide - 
Retzlaff Hall

(Created January 26, 2020)


  1. For the TVs:

    • The remote (which is used for both TVs) will say “TCL ROKU TV”.

    • Point the remote at one TV at a time and press the Red On/Off button.

    • The ‘TV’ sound volume is located on the side of this remote.

  2. For the Sound Bar:

    • The remote will say “LG SOUND BAR”.

    • Make sure the volume is turned down before you turn off the sound bar. Otherwise, when the next person turns it on, they will blow the speakers.

    • Please turn OFF the Sound Bar after each use.

  3. For the DVD player:

    • The remote will say “SANYO BLUE RAY DISC PLAYER”.

    • Please turn OFF the Sound Bar after each use.



  • After turning on the TV select from the Home screen menu what you would like to watch or listen to, i.e. DVD Player for watching movies etc.

  • To leave a channel you have selected, hit the button with the picture of the house. (Top right side of the TV remote under the Red On/Off button). Then use the purple arrows to scroll to the TV home page.

  • Each square in the TV Home screen menu provides you with a different experience.

    • “ET Live” - Entertainment, Interviews and News 

    • “TUBI” gives you movies to watch, use arrows to scroll the menu.

    • “PANDORA” is not available.

    • “iHeart radio”- Music

    • “VEVO” - Music station with videos

    • “PLUTO” - TV guide will automatically pop up. 

    • “ROKU” is the same as Pluto.

  • While watching normal TV the two televisions will not be in sync. But when using the DVD player they will be in sync.

If you would like to print a copy of this Equipment Guide, click on the icon below.

Media System Equipment Guide (01-26-2020)
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