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 SEPO E-News E-Mail Guidelines
"Do Not Reply"

Updated 04-01-2021 (Rev #1)

 Concerning Replies to SEPO E-Mails 

Hi All – I know we have had lots of new neighbors move into Sunshine this year. So, the following may be new to some of you. This is also a reminder to those of you who have seen my ‘do not reply’ request before.

My ultimate goal with these guidelines is to help you understand why you shouldn’t reply to a SEPO e-mail ( unless you are requested to do so. Here is how things work when you want an e-mail sent to the community.

  1. A resident sends information that he/she wants the SEPO Community to see by e-mailing that info to The Guidelines for requesting a SEPO e-mail to be sent are located on the Web site here.

  2. An e-mail request from the resident comes to the sepoenews mailbox, which is monitored by the SEPO E-Mail Admin. At the current time that is Beth Parrish.

  3. Upon receipt of an e-mail request, please allow 48 hrs for it to be sent out. However, they are often sent the same day. If your request is an emergency – please state that, and it will get sent out as quickly as possible.

  4. When preparing to send the e-mail a Resident requested, it is copied and pasted into a system called Send-In-Blue. That is why you see the ‘unsubscribe’ message and the sendinblue Logo at the bottom of each e-mail sent.

If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter, click here

Send-In-Blue E-Mail Logo.jpg

  5. When you receive a Community E-Mail from the Send-In-Blue system the following are constant:

  • The ‘From’ always says SEPO Community.

  • The ‘To’ is the e-mail address that you, as a Resident, has supplied to the e-mail admin.

So now – in ending this long explanation – here are the KEY points to remember:

  • The e-mail admin is the only one who receives REPLIES to the sepoenews mailbox.

  • That means the admin is the one who would need to ‘forward’ your reply to the composer of the e-mail - which is far too time consuming to do.

  • That is why it is so important to reply to the COMPOSER of the e-mail (unless you are requested to reply directly to All Resident e-mails that have been supplied to the e-mail Admin are HERE.

I am sure most of you know the Communications Manager does spend a lot of time working on SEPO E-Mails, the Web site and the Newsletter. That person is happy to volunteer to do this, but also wants you to understand some of what is done and why the request is made 'not to reply’ to the e-mails sent out.

Thanks for your understanding with this matter.

Beth Parrish
SEPO E-Mail E-News Admin

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