SEPO E-News E-Mail Guidelines
"Do Not Reply"

Created 11-11-2020

 Concerning Replies to SEPO E-Mails 

Hi All – I know we have had lots of new neighbors move into Sunshine this year. So, the following may be new to some of you. This is also a reminder to those of you who have seen my ‘do not reply’ request before.

My ultimate goal with this e-mail is to help you understand why you shouldn’t reply to a SEPO e-mail unless you are requested to do so. I am going to attempt to explain how things work when you want an e-mail sent to the community.

  1. A resident sends information that he/she wants the SEPO Community to see by e-mailing that info to The Guidelines for requesting a SEPO e-mail to be sent are located on the Web site here. (NOTE: These guidelines were updated today, 11-11-2020)

  2. The e-mail request from the resident comes to the sepoenews mailbox, which is monitored by the SEPO E-Mail Admin. At the current time, that is me, Beth Parrish.

  3. Upon receipt of an e-mail request, please give me 48 hrs to send it out. However, I often get them sent the same day. If your request is an emergency – let me know that and I will get it out as quickly as I can.

  4. When preparing to send the e-mail a Resident requested be sent out, I copy and paste it into a system called Send-In-Blue. That is why you see the ‘unsubscribe’ message and Logo at the bottom of each e-mail sent.

If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter, click here

  5. When you receive a Community E-Mail from the Send-In-Blue system the following are constant:

  • The ‘From’ always says SEPO Community.

  • The ‘To’ is the e-mail address that you, as a Resident, has supplied to me.

So now – in ending this long explanation – here are the KEY points to remember:

  • I am the only one who receives REPLIES to the sepoenews mailbox.

  • That means I am the one who would need to ‘forward’ your reply to the composer of the e-mail. I do forward them sometimes, but I cannot guarantee all your replies get to the person you had intended to see it.

  • That is why it is so important to reply to the COMPOSER of the e-mail, unless you are requested to reply directly to All Resident e-mails that have been supplied to me are HERE.

I am sure most of you know I do spend a lot of time working on SEPO communications – E-Mails, Web site and the Newsletter. I am happy to volunteer to do this, but also want you to understand some of what I do and why I request ‘no replies’ to e-mails sent out. OK – I’m done now. LOL.
Thanks for your understanding with this matter.

Beth Parrish
SEPO E-Mail E-News Admin


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