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Golf Events (Oct 2021 thru Mar 2022) 
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O'clockers Golf Scramble (Year-round)

Sent 2022-03-12: O'clockers golf - 

Due to daylight savings time the O'clockers golf scramble will move to 5:00 on Monday, March 14th.  This is a daily golf event that is open to all golfers in the community.  
We will meet next to the shuffleboard court at 4:45 daily to receive team assignments.  
This is a fun event.  No cost.  Hope to see y'all there.

O'clockers Golf Scramble
Women's Golf League



Women's Golf League (Starting Nov, 2021)

Newsletter 2021-04: Women's Golf League - 

The Sunshine Women's Golf League invites all new residents to join us in Nov for the 2021-2022 golf league season. All skill levels welcome. We want you to come and meet Sunshine residents. . . enjoy the camaraderie and have some fun. There will be a guest day and luncheon the first part of Nov (if Covid-19 restrictions allow). Date to be determined.


I hope you will give it some thought and join us in the fall.


Terry DeBackere

League President



Guys & Dolls Tournament

(Feb 11-12, 2022)


Guys & Dolls Tournament: Awards Happy Hour/Ceremony

(Feb 12, 2022)
Rain Dates are Feb 18-19 for Golf and Awards

Sent 2022-02-06: REMINDER: Guys and Dolls - 

            We want to remind everyone that the last full day to sign up for the tournament is Monday February 7th. The sheets will come down Tuesday morning so don’t miss out on the fun. There are Guys on the list that need a Doll to make a team, so ladies come in and sign up.   It’s not too late!     Deloris Pearcy

Newsletter: 2022-01 - 

This tournament will consist of one Guy (man) and one Doll (woman) on each team and will take place on Friday & Saturday, February 11 & 12. Rain dates are scheduled for Friday & Saturday, February 18 & 19. Start time for mornings is 9:30, afternoon start time is 12:30.


Signup sheets are posted in the library. There are two signup sheets - one for teams and one for singles without partners. Cost is $10.00 per person (cash only).


Saturday evening there will be an old fashion Happy Hour and awards ceremony. Bring your favorite finger food to share. BYOB.  It will be a lot of fun for all!!!!


Deloris Pearcy

Sent 2022-01-15: Guys & Dolls Golf Tournie - 


Friday and Saturday

February 11 & 12


  • Play will follow typical scramble format. Rules will be published to avoid any confusion.

  • Each team consists of one male and one female, so choose a partner. 

  • Sign-up sheets will be posted in the library before the first of February.

  • Watch for more complete information coming soon.

  • Rain out dates will be Friday and Saturday, February 18 & 19.

Guys and Dolls committee - Sent from Deloris Pearcy

Sent 2021-12-18: GOLF Event: Guys & Dolls - 

You will see on the various mediums that list this winter season's Sunshine activities, there is a spot slotted for the Guys & Dolls Golf Tournament & Banquet on Feb 19 & 20, 2022. But it also says "Need Chairpersons".

These dates were requested last March by me, only in order for this event to get on the calendar. We haven't had it for the last two seasons, due to Covid-19. So, I know there are residents who really want to see it started up again.

Although that seems like a long time off, if this event is going to take place this season, now is the time for residents to step and volunteer to chair it. If you have never chaired such an event there are several residents who have chaired this and other similar golf events. I'm assuming they would be more than happy to get you going and answer any questions you may have. I believe a committee of about six to eight people can put this on.

If you are interested, please contact me and I will assist you with getting the paperwork going for this.

I do not play golf, but I know the people who have played in this tournament in the past have enjoyed it immensely.

Thanks for your consideration.

Beth Parrish

Guys & Dolls
Good Neighbor Golf Tournament



Good Neighbor Golf Tournament (GNGT)

(March 3-5, 2022 w/Rain Dates March 10-12, 2022)

Sent 2022-03-06: CORRECTION - GNDGT: Day 3 - Closest to Pin, Longest Putt & Hole-In-One Winners- 

Here are the winners for Saturday AM & PM "Closest to the Pin" and "Longest Putt".

And, can you believe it, there was a 'Hole in One', not only in the AM but also in the PM.

Congratulations to all of the winners of this portion of the tournament for all three days.

Dick Parrish (by Beth)

Close to Pin & Longest Putt & Hole In One_Sat_1.jpg
Close to Pin & Longest Putt & Hole In One_Sat_2.jpg

Sent 2022-03-04:  GNDGT: Day 2 - Closest to Pin & Longest Putt Winners - 

Here are the winners for Friday AM & PM Closest to the Pin and Longest Putt.     Dick Parrish (by Beth)

Close to Pin & Longest Putt_Fri_1.jpg
Close to Pin & Longest Putt_Fri_2.jpg

Sent 2022-03-03:  GNDGT: Day 1 - Closest to Pin & Longest Putt Winners - 

Here are the winners for Thursday AM & PM Closest to the Pin and Longest Putt.     Dick Parrish (by Beth)

Close to Pin & Longest Putt_Thu_1.jpg
Close to Pin & Longest Putt_Thu_2.jpg

Sent 2022-02-27: Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament Registration - 

We are only accepting Standby Registrations for the Good Neighborhood Day Golf Tournament, which is located in the Library. We would love to have a few people on Standby in case the needed to fill a position(s) arises.

Sent 2022-02-24: FILLING UP FAST - Register Now: Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament - 

Due to an excellent response, registration for the Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament is nearing its goal. We encourage those interested to sign up as soon as possible, since we are filling up quickly. Please note that if your registration is received after the number of teams is established, you may be placed on our reserve/standby list.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact GNDGT Committee.

Sent 2022-02-23: Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament - 

The 2022 Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament registration is open to SEPO residents and their guests now!  Attached is a photo of the registration area located in the library. Get your registration in early. 
We are in need of resident’s golf carts for persons who need to use a golf cart in the GNGT. If you can make your golf cart available to GNGT players, please send an email response to:
Beer, sodas and water will be provided as we have done in the past.
Our Neighbors will be registering starting Thursday, the 24th. All registration ends on Monday, February 28th at 5:00PM.
Women’s Golf will be serving lunch on Thursday and Friday for a nominal cost.
We will be providing Closest to the Pins awards each day for the morning and afternoon groups.
Award prizes will be provided on Saturday after each group finishes their round.
We will be playing a “Florida” type scramble this year. These rules will be clearly explained before starting. 
Currently the long range weather forecast looks pretty good! 
Tony Tramel     2022 GNGT Chairman


Sent 2022-02-19: Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament Registration - 

Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament Registration

Registration for the Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament will begin on Monday, February 21, 2022 in the Library. This will be a self-registration process. Registration forms and envelopes will be provided on the bulletin board next to the door to the pool. The entry fee is $40.00 The white dropbox with the golfer silhouettes will be used as a depository for your registration envelopes. The tournament is scheduled for March 3,4,5, 2022.


Sunshine player registration will run from February 21 until noon on February 28. Outside player registration will begin on Thursday, February 24 and run until noon on February 28.


If you have any questions please contact Jerry Wetherbee, 425-418-3345 or Randy Davis, 214-783-4604.


Jerry Wetherbee



















Sent 2022-02-06: GNGT: March 3, 4 & 5, 2022 - Thursday, Friday & Saturday - 

I am happy to announce Good news and Good news.
The Good Neighbor Golf Tournament, and its name, is back. The event is scheduled for March 3, 4 & 5, 2022, which is a Thursday through Saturday.
The GNGT committee has decided to forge ahead with this event with a few modifications because of Covid.
It will be an outside event. We will be inviting our Neighbors to participate as in the past. We have plans to award daily prizes to both the morning players and the afternoon players. We will not, however, be having an awards dinner on Saturday evening.
Sunshine Women's Golf League has again agreed to prepare hot dogs / brats / sloppy joe sandwiches for $5 on Thursday and Friday.
It will be a Bring Your Own (alcoholic) Beverages (BYOB) for the tournament. Water and soda will be provided.
We will have registration for Sunshine players in the library beginning Feb 21st. Registration will start for outside players on Feb 24th. We are giving Sunshine the first opportunity to get in the game. So please register early. 
The registration fee is $40 a player. This gets you three (3) days of competitive golf, along with cash and golf prizes being awarded. We will pay out closest to the pin each day for the morning and afternoon sessions. Saturday we will determine the overall tournament award winners, again for the morning and afternoon groups.
The final day to register for our GNGT is Noon on February 28, 2022 in the Library.
Tony Tramel,     GNGT, Chair 2022,     Cell 337-693-6344

Newsletter: 2022-02-01 - Good News and Bad News - 

We will be having a golf tournament on March 3, 4, and 5, 2022, Thursday through Saturday. However, the committee decided we would call it the Sunshine Country Club Estates Golf Tournament, rather than the Good Neighbor Golf Tournament, for this year only. The name change is because of input from the organizing committee and others. We will be limiting participation to only residents/renters of Sunshine and/or their immediate family. Additionally, the golfers must be 55 years of age or older. We plan to host everything outside, so we will not have an awards dinner on Saturday. We hope to award prizes every day by drawings beginning the first day for the morning and afternoon participants. We moved the dates back a month in hopes of having great weather.


We will be reducing the entry fee as well. Stay tuned for more updates and details.


Tony Tramel,  2022 Sunshine Country Club Estates Golf Tournament, Chairman

GNDGT Registration.jpg



Good Neighbor Golf Tournament (GNGT) Lunch Stand

(Sponsored by Women's Golf League)

(March 4-5, 2022 w/Rain Dates March 11-12, 2022)

Sent 2022-03-01: GNDGT: Women's Golf League Luncheons - ​

The luncheons provided by the Women's Golf League for the Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament will be on Friday and Saturday this year. Friday's menu will include barbecues, chips and a drink. Saturday's menu includes brats and hot dogs, chips and a drink. Both days cost will be $6.     Glenna Boardman

GNGT WC Luncheons
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