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 SEPO 2024 Election: Ballots 

Sunshine Estates Property Owners, Inc., (SEPO)

governs Sunshine Country Club Estates (SCCE).


Each Ballot to be voted on (excluding the SEPO Board Candidatesare listed below.

The following 'three' Ballots all pertain to the Covenants.

NOTE: If you do not submit any vote for a Covenant, it is counted as a NO vote toward the requirement to pass.

2024-03: NEWSLETTER - 

2024 SEPO Election

I want to personally congratulate the newly elected 2024 SEPO Board members: Tracy Wagner, Randy Davis and Scott Kronshage. And thanks to those who are retiring from the 2024 Board: Share Nelson and Mark Owen. I know from personal experience being on the SEPO Board is not an easy ‘volunteer’ job, but it can be very rewarding as well.

I want to again thank the many (25 or so) SEPO resident volunteers who assisted me on the 2024 SEPO Election Committee. All of that work could not have been accomplished without you. It was a learning experience for lots of us and we came away with some lessons learned, which I hope will make the process even smoother next year.


I published the election results in a SEPO email, but thought it was worthwhile attaching it to this Newsletter as well.

The results of the 2024 SEPO Election were presented during the 3 PM portion of the Annual meeting on Feb 20, 2024. Each of the three Board Candidates, Tracy Wagner, Randy Davis and Scott Kronshage were elected to fill the three open Board positions. Immediately after the Annual meeting the 2024 Board members held the Required Board meeting and determined which members would fill which Board positions. This document is available on the Sunshine Website HERE at the SEPO Board 'Contact Us' button.

The proposed Covenants descriptions and the tallies of the Ballots submitted and 'not' submitted' for all three proposals are below. To change a Covenant requires 205 'approvals' of the 306 possible ballots. As was emphasized before the election, if you did not submit a ballot for a Covenants proposal, it is an automatic 'DISAPPROVE' vote.

Any questions please feel free to contact me any time.
- Beth Parrish, 2024 SEPO Election Committee Chairperson

2024-02: NEWSLETTER - 

SEPO Board


We have an election coming up and with it three ballots to vote on.  I will address each briefly. 

                1.  A change to Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Rules in Exhibit B. of Covenants.  As it is currently written, colors of storage buildings must be earth tones of tan, brown or gray.  The change would be to allow the owner’s choice of color subject to final review of ACC.  As with any outside improvement in Sunshine, approval must be given by ACC.  As to houses in the community, they have posted in the library colors that are acceptable.  That differs from the rules set out in the ACC Rules for storage buildings.  Some storage buildings are already in colors other than in the Rules.  They did not receive approval for that.  Rather than make people re-paint their buildings to conform, we feel if the residents are alright with those colors, it should be changed to allow it in the Covenants.


                2.  Another change is in ARTICLE VI.  Currently anyone can reside here (longer than one month) who is 18 years of age and older as long as they are residing in a home with someone 55 years of age or older.  When you were looking for a retirement community, you weren’t thinking that your neighbors might be an 18-year-old, or a 20- or 25-year-old.  You were probably thinking they would be somewhat near your own age.  What would you have in common with that younger age group socially?  What if, for instance, Grandma has a college age grandson attending a local college and he has three or four friends who would all like to come stay with Grandma during school.  We have a pool, tennis, all kinds of great attractions.  Now we have the equivalent of a frat house.  And we would all love those weekend parties!  That may never happen, but it could.  The change would move the minimum age to live here with another person 55 or older to 40 years old.

                3.  The last change is in ARTICLE VIII.  It is simple.  House Bill 614 establishes enforcement policies and refers to fines.  It is already set out in our adopted “Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Non-compliance to Covenants Fee Schedule.”  Our attorney tells me the courts do not look at semantics, so our fee schedule is enforceable.  He would not and has not hesitated to take it to court.  This is simply to have our Covenants match the wording in the law. 

- Share Nelson, SEPO Board President

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