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EXHIBIT “B”                       2016



Building Conditions and Improvement Regulations


Article V of The Extension and Amendment Of The Declaration Of Covenants, Conditions And Restrictions Of Sunshine Country Club Estates Units 1, 2, 3, Cameron County, Texas “A Senior Housing Community” in essence states………Any lot owner desiring to build or improve upon lots covered by said Amended Declaration of Covenants shall submit plans, specifications and detailed description of the location of such proposed improvements and the method of installation (plans) to the Architectural Control Committee.  No work shall be commenced until such time as such approval in writing is obtained.  Plans shall be approved by no less than three (3) members of the Architectural Control Committee.  The Architectural Control Committee has been charged with the authority and duty to approve only such plans that meet the requirements and maintain the dignity and decorum of the lot owners and residents of Sunshine Country Club Estates.  To better understand and clarify these requirements, the following regulations have been adopted by the Architectural Control Committee:


  1. Plans shall contain specifications showing nature, kind, shape, height, materials, color and location of building or improvements and shall be submitted on the form provided.Any proposed change of existing outside color schemes must be approved in advance, prior to beginning such work.

  2. All permanent structures or outbuildings shall be ten (10) feet back from front and side streets and five (5) feet from interior or rear property lines.

  3. All buildings and improvements shall be single story and nine (9) feet to the top of the plate shall be the maximum.The structure shall be no more than thirty (30) feet from the ground at its highest peak. 

  4. Homes shall have a gabled or hip roof with a 4-12 maximum roof pitch.The use of any material other than composition shingles on roofs must have the approval of the Architectural Control Committee.Steel roofs are allowed but must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee and must be constructed by a professional installer.

  5. Any eave overhang shall be limited to 18 inches over setback.

  6. Only new mobile homes may be placed on a lot.

  7. Only one home shall be placed on any one lot.

  8. No single wide mobile home having a width of less than fourteen (14) feet, nor a length of less than forty-four (44) feet shall be placed on a lot.

  9. No double wide mobile home having a width of less than twenty-four (24) feet, nor a length of less than thirty-six (36) feet shall be placed on a lot.

  10. Homes located on lots 40 feet by 60 feet or smaller must have at least 560 square feet of livable floor space.

  11. Homes located on lots 50 feet by 80 feet or larger must have a minimum of 728 square feet of livable floor space.

  12. The bottom edge of mobile homes shall be no higher than twenty-four (24) inches above ground at the highest point, nor lower than twelve (12) inches above curb top.

  13. Custom homes and mobile homes must be enclosed from bottom of home to ground within ninety days after home is placed on lot.

  14. No structures of a temporary character, basement, tent, shack, barn, servants' quarters or other outbuildings shall be used on any lot at any time as living quarters.

  15. Each owner shall, within ninety days after a home is placed on a lot and occupied, provide concrete parking facilities for off-street parking for owner’s vehicles.

  16. No fence, wall or hedge shall be built or maintained nearer than ten (10) feet to the front curb line of any lot, or side curb line on corner lots.An exception shall be retaining walls of not over twelve inches above the ground.

  17. No fence, wall or hedge or shrub planting which obstructs sight lines shall be placed or permitted on corner lots.

  18. All fences shall be approved prior to construction.

  19. No lot owner shall impair any easement.No fences, walls or improvements shall be built or constructed on any easement.Sidewalks, patios or landscaping constructed on easements must have Architectural Control Committee approval prior to construction.If concrete patios or sidewalks are approved, the lot owner shall assume liability for the cost of removing the concrete when necessary to repair, remove or install any electric, water or communication lines or cables.This liability shall be passed on and assumed by any future owners for as long as it exists.To avoid this problem, the lot owner is urged to use patio blocks or bricks that are easily removed.Lots on the perimeter of the Estates are required to stay back six (6) inches from rear lot line to allow for any future fencing.

  20. Residential storage buildings must be attached to the home and have the same siding as on the home.

  21. Owners of homes on lots contiguous to the golf course that have St. Augustine or Floratam grass must keep their grass from creeping onto the golf course.This may be accomplished by setting a one inch by eight inch board on its edge which is six inches deep into the soil on the lot line, then nailing a decorative log on the inside of the one by eight board.Other grass control methods may be used if submitted and approved prior to installation.

  22. For orderly and safe arrangement of storage buildings in the RV Storage Area, the maximum size of the building shall be no larger than ten (10) feet by ten (10) feet and side walls a maximum height of eight (8) feet and from the skid deck to the peak must be no more than twelve (12) feet.They must have a gable roof with no more than 5 on 12 pitch, painted or color fast sheet metal sidewalls, a sheet metal or asphalt shingle roof, wood floor on skids, 2” x 4” frame.Color must be earth tones of tan, brown or gray (Chaparral or Morgan Style Prefabs are acceptable).There must be at least two tie downs on opposite corners of the skids of driven reinforcing steel rod or screw type 36” in length.Buildings must be at least five feet from the rear line and there must be sufficient walk space between the buildings.

  23. Any lot owner may request a variance to the rules and regulations contained herein.Such request must be made in writing to the Architectural Control Committee and will be reviewed by the Committee for a decision.

  24. Any lot owner wishing to appeal a decision of the Architectural Control Committee must request, in writing, a hearing before the full Architectural Control Committee.Further appeal must be in writing to the Board of Directors of Sunshine Estates Property Owners.Any decision made upon hearing the appeal by the Board of Directors shall be final.

  25. Any action of noncompliance to these Building Conditions and Improvement Regulations shall be submitted to the Board of Directors by the Architectural Control Committee setting forth the violation with at least three signatures of the Committee.The Board of Directors will review and take necessary action. 


These Guidelines shall be and become a part of the Extension and Amendment Of The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions And Restrictions Of Sunshine Country Club Estates Units 1,2,3, Cameron County, Texas “A Senior Housing Community” and may be amended in accordance with SECTION 9.3 thereof.


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