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Clubs & Committees (2018-2019)

Additional Details


  • Contact:

  • Meets: 1st Thursday

  • Details: ???


  • Contact: ??

  • Meets: Tuesday & Friday @ 10 am Jan to March

  • Location ???

  • Details: ???


  • Contact: ???

  • Meets: 1st Thursday ???

  • Location: ???

  • Details: ???


  • Contact:

  • Meets: 1st Thursday

  • Details: ???



  • Contact: Heidi Dill (She will be your guide/instructor during each class.)

  • Meets: Every four to six weeks throughout the Winter Season

  • Location: Retzlaff Hall 

  • Details:

    • This crafting club is open to anyone who wants to join in the fun.

    • The club participants will be making something new every four to six weeks.

    • Each Project:

      • There is no obligation for anyone to attend any class other than the ones they are genuinely interested in.

      • The number of classes offered for each project depends on the number of people showing interest.

      • The number of class participates will be limited in order for Heidi to be able to provide everyone with the attention they require.

    • Details of what you will be making will be posted in the various SEPO news sources prior to each project.

    • When you sign up in the Library for each class you will need to:

      • Provide Heidi with any details she needs in order to purchase all of the materials for you.​ Your choices, i.e. color, height of project etc., will be posted.

      • Heidi anticipates you needing to pay at signup so she has the money to buy everyone's materials.


Please help Heidi make this Club a success by coming out and joining in the fun.​ 😁


  • Contact: Jan Baethke

  • Meets: Thursdays at 9 AM to noonish.

  • Location: Retzlaff Hall


  • Contact: Donna Myers

  • Meets: 10 AM Monday

  • Location: Retzlaff Hall

MEMORIAL COMMITTEE (Gift and Memorial Fund):

  • Contact: Irene Phillips (Chairman/Treasurer)

  • Meets: As Needed

  • Purpose:

    • Per the SEPO By-Laws - Article VII, Section 7.05 - 

      • All funds accumulating in this fund shall be administered by a committee of five (5) members to be appointed by the Board of Directors.  Each member shall serve for a term of three years with new members being appointed as vacancies occur. Duties of this committee include the keeping of detailed records of contributors including the names of those wishing to be remembered or in whose honor a contribution is made and the amount given. Although consideration will be given for a specific memorial item requested by a donor, the committee will not be restricted to that use taking into consideration the overall needs and appropriateness of particular memorials.  The committee shall act as an advisory committee to the Board of Directors in the use of said funds from time to time.


  • Contact: Lenore Combs

  • Meets: 3rd Monday of Month @ 3 PM in Retzlaff Hall

    • NOTE: The Jan 2019 mtg is being moved to Jan 28 @ 3 PM in Retzlaff Hall​

  • Location: Retzlaff.Hall

  • Purpose:

    • Security and safety are part of our daily lives albeit not necessarily convenient.  The SCCE Neighborhood Watch is a volunteer program and you are cordially invited to support it. There are no fees or dues - just asking for your time and talent for our projects. There is a complete description of our mission and projects posted on the NW bulletin board in the Library. Patrols can always use volunteers.

  • Goals & Objectives:

    • To assist with development and support of our NW

    • To promote public awareness and increase resident participation in crime prevention

    • To contribute to crime prevention practice and build a stronger Sunshine community

    • To promote community cohesion and increase confidence in local policing

    • To act as a forum - coordinate resources and partner with local Law Enforcement Agencies

  • The CERT Team - Community Emergency Response Team:

    • Volunteers trained in accordance with the Harlingen Fire Department "to hold down the fort until professional help arrives". We formed after Hurricane Dolly in 2008. We hold our annual Disaster Preparedness meeting each April. Everyone invited. The volunteer Harlingen CERT Team meets monthly at Station 8.

  • Many of us also are members in the Citizens Police Academy Alumni and meet with HPD monthly. Sgt. Michael Brooks and Officer Alicia Garcia are CPA liaisons and meet frequently with our NW.​


  • Contact: Jean Burgoine

  • Meets: 1st Monday each Month @ 7 PM

  • Location: Library

  • Details:

    • Do you have an interest in nature (expertise not required)?

    • The Sunshine Birding and Nature Club is open to all residents in the community.

    • We will be hosting a community wide pot luck on January 7th with a program.

    • Later in the spring we will have a field trip related to the program. Last year we had a speaker from the Turtle Rehab Center on South Padre followed by a trip to the Turtle Center and National Birding Center.

    • Occasionally, a birding walk through our community is hosted by someone with expertise in identifying birds.

    • We, also have an interest in the area along Texas Avenue. Have you noticed the plant and tree identification signs?


  • Contact: Debbie Robins

  • Meets: Meetings were held as needed.

  • Purpose: To learn how the current technology (microphones etc) work in the hall. To determine how to improve current and also incorporate 'entertainment' technology (such as a big screen TV) to be used in Retzlaff Hall & the Pavilion​.


  • Contact: Lassey Dahlstrom

  • Meets: As Needed

  • Details: This committee is working to create a video of 'Life at Sunshine'. Upon completion, a short version will be available on this Web site. They are also hoping to have a showing of a longer version to all interested residents at Retzlaff Hall.

    • Sunshine Video Committee Update (12-14-18):
      Good afternoon!  It is so exciting how Sunshine committees and residents are always busy finding ways to enhance or improve our community! With that said, The Sunshine Video committee is in the beginning stages of working on Lassey Dahlstrom’s brain child - our very own community advertisement!   

      You may notice at events or parties that one of our volunteer video persons may be recording. If for any reason you do not want to be in the video, please let the video person know and we will certainly respect your wishes! At our planned parties, i.e. Women’s Club events, there will be an announcement about the video(s) being taken, so you can let us know if it is indeed something you prefer not to participate in. Otherwise, please feel free to share your enthusiasm!!
      Irene Phillips, who you may have noticed is an avid photographer, has agreed to take care of many of the planned videos. We also have others on our committee who will be assisting.  Your cooperation and enjoyment of the production will be greatly appreciated, and we will have such a wonderful memory video!

      We would also like to invite you to submit any videos or still pictures that you think are exceptionally fun or interesting! They do not have to be recent as long as they are of good quality and, of course, of Sunshine people and/or activities. For instance, we know the cameras were out in full force at the Leslie Blassing concert/dance.

      The Video Committee will be gathering these videos and pictures and will then get to work on splicing, editing, etc.! The committee plan is for the end production to contain snippets of different activities and fun we have here at Sunshine; perhaps 15 to 30 seconds of different events, along with some still pictures. Stayed tuned for an announcement of when and where you will be able to view this marvelous production. But don’t hold your breath on the announcement, because this may take a few months to create.

      Please send any video/picture submissions to



  • Contact: Suzie Sawyer or stop by the shop.

  • Meets:  Business meetings are held 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month @ 1 PM

  • Location: Woodshop.

  • Hours: Woodshop is open for use Monday thru Friday from 8:30 AM to noon AND 1 PM to 4 PM as long as a 'monitor' is available.

  • Details:

    • No fee (most HOAs, RV resorts charge a fee).

    • Shop is open to members year around.

    • Shop is a 40' by 60' building.

    • Woodworking building holds the latest and some of the best woodworking tools around. The lathes are used often. Click here for pictures of the shop.

    • Members can work with power equipment after attending a Safety and Information class.

    • Every 1st Wed of the month is shop cleanup @ 8 am.

  • Seasonal Activity:

    • The Woodworkers sponsor a Spaghetti Dinner every winter for the residents.

      • All proceeds are utilized for equipment, supplies etc in the Woodshop.


  • Contact: Eileen Anderson (President)

  • Meets: 3rd Friday of Month (Oct-Mar) @ 9 AM.

  • Location: Retzlaff Hall

  • Details: All Female Sunshine Residents are automatically a member.

    • Women's Club Standing Committees:

      • Purchasing

      • Activities

      • Bulletin Board Decorations

      • Newsletter

      • Librarian

      • Memorial - Karen Basse

      • Historian

      • Summer Potlucks

      • New Homeowner’s Orientation

      • New Homeowner’s Photos

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