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 SEPO Board Nominating & Election Committees 

 For 2020 Board Election 

Sunshine Estates Property Owners, Inc., (SEPO)

governs Sunshine Country Club Estates (SCCE).

(The following information is presented in chronological order within EACH Committee .)


 Jan 7, 2020: Board & Residents Meeting Minutes -  

John called Chuck McEvoy, election committee chairman to speak. Chuck explained the ballot process. Please read instructions carefully and deposit your signed proxy envelope with ballot envelope inserted inside the proxy envelope. Please only vote for 4 candidates. Spoiled ballots will not be counted. Ballot box is located outside Valerie’s office. Do not give to Valerie, but place envelope in ballot box.


 Jan 9, 2020: SEPO Election: Nominee Update - 

Clint Wunderlich has withdrawn his nomination for election to the SEPO board.

Chuck McEvoy   Election Chairman


We are preparing to mail ballots out for the annual SEPO election next week. Your ballot material will be mailed to your Sunshine Country Club address unless you instruct us differently. If you would like your ballot sent to another address please email that address to the SEPO office before 4:00 PM on Wednesday January 15, 2020. The SEPO office email is




 Oct 2019: In preparation for the February 2020 SEPO board election - 

A nominating committee needs to be appointed by the December board meeting. Anyone interested in serving on this committee please see a board member. There are four board positions open for election. The following board members are completing their first term: John Chajec, Dick Shelton, Lynn Swonger and Clint Wunderlich.

John Chajec   SEPO Board President

 Oct 28, 2019: The SEPO nominating committee for the 2020 board election is - 

  • Neil Morehead, Chairman: 815-535-3271

  • Jerry Drost: 231-588-6354

  • John Whitley: 956-551-0266

Please contact one of them if interested in running for the SEPO Board.

John Chajec   SEPO Board President


The following is from the -





1957 West Michigan Drive

Harlingen, TX 78550



Nominations and Ballots


6.01  The Board of Directors shall, at least sixty (60) days before the election, appoint a Nominating Committee of three (3) to five (5) members to submit a slate of nominees for Directors to be placed on a ballot for hand delivery or mailing to members.  The nominating committee shall post its selection of Nominees at least ten (10) days prior to the January Meeting of Residents and Directors.  The Committee shall submit its nominations to the members at the January meeting of Residents and Directors and nominations from the floor will be accepted.  The Board shall thereupon validate the status of members, as defined under Article II herein, and cause the committee report to be posted on the Club House bulletin board for a ten (10) day period.  At or about noon of the tenth day the report will be removed from the bulletin board.  A paper ballot shall be prepared, under the direction of the Board of Directors, to include the nominations of Directors and other items authorized to appear on the ballot.  The ballot must be hand delivered or mailed to all members of record (Article II) along with notice of the Annual Meeting.  Each returned  ballot will be held unopened until the Annual Meeting.  A tally committee of which no member shall be an interested person or related to an interested person, will be appointed  by the Board of Directors, from the attending members to count the ballots for Directors and other items that may be on the ballot. A PLURALITY VOTE, which is the largest number of votes to be given any candidate when three (3) or more choices are possible, will be the basis for election to the S.E.P.O. Board of Directors.  A majority vote will be needed for all other By-Law changes. Results are to be announced at the proper time in the meeting.  All votes cast shall be by ballot only.



 December 1, 2019: SEPO Election - 

The following is from the December Sunshine Newsletter:

There are 4 board positions open for election in February 2020. The following board members are completing their first term: John Chajec, Dick Shelton, Lyn Swonger and Clint Wunderlich. Anyone interested in running for the board please contact our nominating committee; Neil Morehead, Jerry Drost or John Whitley.


John Chajec   SEPO Board President

 December 12, 2019: SEPO Board Nominees - 

The 2019 SEPO Board Nomination Committee, consisting of Neil Morehead (Chairman), Jerry Drost and John Whitley, are pleased to submit the following candidate names in alphabetic order for the 2020 election of the SEPO Board of Directors. All of the candidates have been interviewed by one or more committee members, and were considered by the committee for nomination based upon their responses to the ‘SEPO Nomination Committee Board Candidate Interview Questions Guideline’ and their willingness to sign the ‘SEPO Board Candidate Pledge’.

We are pleased to announce these residents who met the requirements and are in good standing in the Sunshine Estates Community.  We encourage the current Board of Directors to include their names in the 2020 ballot. The nominating committee will make that motion during the January 2020 Board of Directors meeting.

John Chajec

Ron Clark

Mecca Henry

Lyn Swonger

Tony Tramel

Clint Wunderlich

Neil Morehead
2019 SEPO Board Nomination Committee Chairman


 January 6, 2020: Directors & Residents Meeting -

Nominating committee chairperson, Neil Morehead, along with John Whitley and Jerry Drost, were thanked by John for their service. Neil presented the candidates for the 2020 election. Mecca Henry, John Chajec, Lyn Swonger, Ron Clark, Clint Wunderlich, Tony Trammel.

John asked for nominations from the floor. No one came forward.


John Chajec   SEPO Board President



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